200+ Unique and Cute Country Boy Names You’ll Love

Country boy names are inherently old-fashioned and tend to evoke a simpler time, such as running barefoot through a field while catching fireflies and listening to crickets. There’s beautiful countryside in all 50 states, though many people connect country names with the West or South. No matter what the geographical reference, these monikers can be classic staples, unique and rare, cute and cool, or even a nod to your favorite country singer! Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got quite the selection of evocative country-inspired baby boy names.

Popular Country Boy Names

To an extent, what a country name is or isn't can be a matter of interpretation. You might associate a country boy name with old Western movies or Southern charm. Or perhaps a country name is simply one that seems old-fashioned and classic to you. We scoured the most popular names in recent years and found those that might take you down memory lane.

1. Elijah. A Hebrew name and biblical baby name, Elijah means “my God is Yahweh,” referring to the Hebrew God. Eli or Ely is a cute nickname that still maintains those country vibes. 2. Jack. Jack is actually a diminutive of John, a Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is gracious.” Jack is a cute boys’ name in general but fits well into the country theme. As the two most popular names on the list, Elijah Jack would make a pretty good pair for country boy first and middle names. 3. Jackson. As a surname, Jackson literally means “Jack’s son” or “son of Jack,” so it also ties to the name John, meaning “Yahweh is gracious.” 4. James. James is the Latin form of the Hebrew name Jacob, which means “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.” For some country boy name trivia, James Dutton is a fictional character in the shows 1883 and Yellowstone, which use the real-life Chief Joseph Ranch to tell the story of the origins of Yellowstone National Park. 5. Levi. Another Hebrew name, Levi means “joined, attached.” Levi’s jeans became a popular country staple during the California Gold Rush in the mid-nineteenth century and again during the dude ranch craze in the 1930s. 6. Logan. A Scottish Gaelic name, Logan means “little hollow,” as in the hollow of a tree, which definitely provides country vibes. 7. Luke. Often short for Lucas, Luke comes from a Greek name meaning “from Lucania,” a region in present-day southern Italy. You might think of Luke Bryan, a famous country singer. 8. Mason. What’s a good name for a country boy? Since it means “stoneworker,” the name Mason already has a country connection! Fun fact: Mason Ramsey is the young boy who went viral for yodeling at an Illinois Walmart in 2018 and is now a country singer. 9. Oliver. Oliver has been a popular name for quite some time, and it simply means “olive tree.” As nature is often associated with the country, it could be a cute name for your little boy. 10. Wyatt. From the Old English name Wigheard, Wyatt means “battle” and “brave, hardy.” The name exudes old country-western vibes, especially for a boy, as Wyatt Earp was a famous lawman and gambler of the American West.


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Classic Country Boy Names

As mentioned above, to some, a country name might simply be a classic name, one that's stood the test of time. Our list includes some staples that make you think of the expansive countryside, such as Sawyer or Shiloh.

11. Beau. You might think of Beau if you’re a fan of Gone With the Wind, which connects to the Southern United States and countryside. However, Beau is a French name that means “beautiful,” so you get a rustic country name for your boy with a sweet meaning. Beau and Belle would be a cute pair for twin names! 12. Carter. Carter is an English surname with a very literal meaning, “one who uses a cart,” but also has country connections. Carter is also an option for presidential baby names, for former president Jimmy Carter. 13. Clarence. Though it isn't associated with a particular meaning, Clarence was used by British royals, and you’ll find many Clarences in the United States. Clarence Henderson is a famous civil rights activist who participated in the Greensboro sit-in at the Woolworth’s diner. 14. Cody. From an Irish surname, Cody means “descendant of the helpful one.” If you like the history of the Wild West, you may remember “Buffalo Bill” Cody, a frontiersman who helped establish the town of Cody, Wyoming. 15. George. It’s hard to brainstorm country boy names without thinking about George, as in George Strait, a country music legend. Though George is an excellent choice for your little country boy, the name actually comes from Greek but aptly means “farmer” or “earth-worker.” 16. Hunter. Hunter is certainly a rustic country boys’ name, simply meaning “hunter, huntsman.” Hunter Hays is a famous multi-genre singer, though he started in country music. 17. Maddox. Maddox derives from a Welsh name meaning “good, fortunate.” You’ll find this name throughout the Southern United States, as the Maddox Family was one of the first to settle in the area known as “Carolina” in the seventeenth century. 18. Sawyer. Meaning “sawer of wood,” Sawyer is a country boys’ name famously featured in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which takes place in Mississippi in the 1840s. 19. Shiloh. A Hebrew name, Shiloh means “tranquil” and was often used in the Old Testament. You may recall the name from Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s novel Shiloh, which takes place in the hills of West Virginia. 20. Willie. You can probably guess that Willie is short for William, which means “will, desire” and “protection.” If you’re a fan of the legendary musician Willie Nelson, you know why this makes for a good classic country boy name.

More Classic Country Boy Names

Classic names are hard to beat, and many continue to work in today’s modern world. We’ve continued our list of classic country boy names below!

Choosing a baby name can be fun and sometimes a little overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect name for your country boy!

Unique Country Baby Boy Names

What’s nice about country baby boy names is that many are unique and rare, offering a sense of individuality. Because these monikers tend to transport us back in time, your little country boy could have a nostalgic name as unique as he is! 31. Axel. Axel definitely has a country sound, but its origins are surprisingly unique. It’s the medieval Danish form of Absalom, a Hebrew name meaning “my father is peace.” 32. Bentley. Although the name of a luxury car manufacturer, Bentley has unique country boy origins. An English place name, it means “bent grass” and “woodland clearing,” which undoubtedly encompasses the countryside. 33. Brycen. Unique baby names often use rare spellings to create a slightly different version of another moniker. Brycen is an excellent example of this, as it’s a variant of Bryson, which means “son of Brice.” 34. Jaylen. Likewise, Jaylen is a variant of Jalen, the name of basketball player Jalen Rose. His name is a combination of two country boy names belonging to his father and uncle: James and Leonard. 35. Kaison. Another unique country boy name is Kaison, a variant of Kyson and Cason. Kyson combines sounds similar to those in Tyson and Bryson, and Cason uses sounds like Mason and Jason. 36. Kamden. Another unique boy name, Kamden is a variant of Camden, an Old English moniker giving off country vibes, as it means “enclosed valley.” 37. Landon. It doesn’t get much more country than Pa Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, played by the late Michael Landon. He’s also known for his work on the Western TV series Bonanza, one of the first shows broadcasted in color. Landon is a place name meaning “long hill” and is a standout among unique Western boy names. 38. Malakai. A variant of the Hebrew name Malachi, this unique moniker means “my messenger” or “my angel” and makes for a very sweet country boy name. 39. Rowen. Rowen is a variant of Rowan, a name that comes from the Irish and Old Norse languages and means “red.” It’d be the perfect country name for a little redheaded boy! 40. Zachariah. Another Hebrew name, Zachariah means “Yahweh remembers.” We love it as a long baby name and one with a bit of country to it. Zachariah was a popular Western film released in the 1970s.

More Unique Country Boy Names

Trends come and go, but the following unique and rare country boy names still haven’t topped the name charts in quite some time.

Nature-Inspired Country Boy Names

Do scenes of forests, fields of wildflowers, or chirping birds appeal to you? If you associate the country with nature, you have many cute and nostalgic baby boy names to consider.

51. Bear. What’s a good name for a country boy that’s also super cute? Bear comes from several languages, including German and English, and means “the brown one,” as in a little brown bear. This could be a cute yet unique and strong country boy name. 52. Clay. As one of the cutest nature baby names, Clay also fits the country theme, as it’s short for Clayton. Clayton Moore was the actor who played the title character in the popular western TV series The Lone Ranger. 53. Darwin. Of course, this name was borne by the naturalist Charles Darwin, so it fits the nature theme perfectly. Darwin is an Old English name that means “dear friend.” 54. Finch. Finch could very well be the perfect country boy name—it has it all! The moniker gives off country vibes relating to the finch bird but also gained popularity after the publishing of Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus Finch and his children are the main characters of the story, which takes place in Alabama during the Great Depression. 55. Forrest. This name is an excellent choice for a cute and nature-themed country boy name. Of course, Forrest (a variant of Forest) refers to a woodland, specifically “outer wood,” like the edge of a forest. 56. Reed. Besides referring to a thin plant found in a pond or wetlands, the name comes from a Middle English word meaning “red.” It’s another good option for a little redhead! 57. Skylar. A variant of Skyler, Skylar is a gender-neutral name. Skylar Grey is an American singer and songwriter who took inspiration from country folk singers. 58. Sterling. This unique country boy name has been a staple in the United States for quite some time. Sterling has origins in Scottish, English, and Norman languages, with the meanings of “excellent” and “little star.” The late actor Sterling Hayden is known for his work in 1950s Westerns. 59. Woods. Like the name Forrest, Woods simply means “wood,” as in a woodland. It’s a cute and simple option for your country boy! 60. Wren. Also a unisex name, Wren is a favorite among one-syllable girl names but also works well for a little country boy. The name refers to the small songbird.

More Nature-Inspired Country Boy Names

There are even more nature-inspired country boy names that will make you and all your son’s future friends smile.

Cute Country Boy Names

It turns out that country boy names are often extra adorable. Whether you’re looking for cute and short baby names like Gus or Finn, or those that have a cutesy sound like Percy or Beckett, you have plenty of choices.

71. Beckett. Beckett has a country-related meaning, as it’s a Middle English word that means “brook” or “stream.” You can shorten this country boys’ name to Beck to make it even cuter. 72. Cade. Meaning “round” in Old English, Cade is a cute country boy name. One of the most famous Cades is Cade McCutcheon, a champion horse reiner and actor in the TV series Yellowstone. 73. Calvin. Calvin is an all-around cute name, especially for county monikers. You may recognize the name from the daily comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. For a cute twist, consider the nickname Cal. 74. Chevy. The name Chevy conjures a couple of country vibes. First, the Chevy truck (short for the Chevrolet brand and company) is a popular vehicle choice for those living in the country in the United States, especially on farms and ranches. Second, the name comes from the wild Cheviot Hills on the Scottish-English border. So, you get a mix of cowboys and unruly nature. 75. Duke. Although Duke is a noble title meaning “leader,” we can’t ignore that the famous western actor John Wayne bore the nickname The Duke. 76. Finn. If you’re a fan of Mark Twain’s novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, you know why this is a cute pick for a country boy name. 77. Gus. Short and sweet, Gus has a couple of different meanings. It can mean “exalted” from Augustus or “strength” from the name Angus. Interestingly, it’s also a diminutive of the Greek name Constantine, which means “constant, steadfast.” These meanings make for a tough country boy name with a little cuteness on the side. 78. Ryder. This name simply refers to one who rides horses, meaning “mounted warrior” or “messenger.” What are old country names? Ryder is definitely one, as it was popularized by the Red Ryder cowboy comic strip, which was made into a Western movie series in the 1940s. 79. Wes. You may want to consider Wes for a short and cute country boy name, which is short for Wesley. Wes simply means “west meadow” or “west clearing,” perfectly representing the western countryside. 80. Zeke. This cute country boys’ name could also be considered an old-fashioned boys’ name. It’s the short form of the Hebrew name Ezekiel, meaning “God will strengthen.” The late Zeke Clements was a country musician known for his banjo and yodeling skills.

More Cute Country Boy Names

We’re keeping the adorableness going with even more cute country baby boy names!

Cool Country Boy Names

As baby-naming trends come and go, old-fashioned and country sometimes evolve into cool. So, some classic country boy names have entered the hip, cool, and trendy territory. With the following monikers, you can successfully evoke a sense of the past while still staying fresh.

91. Ace. Does it get any cooler than Ace? The name comes from the English word meaning “highest rank,” so you know it’s a good one. For a little fun country trivia, Ace the Wonder Dog was a canine actor in Western films such as Home on the Range and God’s Country. 92. Grady. Grady has been a boys’ name in the United States for a long time and is now having a cool moment. It’s an Irish name meaning “noble, illustrious.” 93. Greer. For cool middle names for boys, Greer is a winner. It sounds hip and works well between almost every first and last name. It’s derived from a late Greek name meaning “watchful, alert.” 94. Huck. Much like the country boy name Finn, Huck gained popularity from Mark Twain’s Adventure of Huckleberry Finn. In the story, Huck is Huckleberry’s nickname. 95. Hudson. This is a cool country boy name with a sweet meaning. Names with -son at the end often mean “son of” someone. So, in this case, Hudson is the “son of Hudde,” a diminutive of Hugh, which means “heart, mind, spirit.” 96. Jace. Jace is short for Jason and means “healer.” if you’ve heard of the popular radio-to-TV series Tales of the Texas Rangers, you know that Jace is definitely a country boy name and a cool one at that. 97. Jed. Cool and a little hip, Jed is the short form of the Hebrew name Jedidiah, meaning “beloved of Yahweh (God).” 98. Mack. In British English, Mack is a slang term for “man,” but can also mean “son” when used in Irish Gaelic surnames as Mc and Scottish Gaelic as Mac. Mack could also be the short form of Mackenzie (“handsome”) or Magnus (“great”). Hip, cool, and with great meanings, as far as cool country boy names go, this one is a winner. 99. Paxton. Paxton sure sounds cool, and it’s a great option for last names as first names. For example, Tom Paxton is an award-winning American folk singer. Still, you might be a bigger fan of Bill Paxton, who played Morgan Earp in the American western film Tombstone, among many other famous roles. 100. Tyrell. Tyrell is a common southern name used in the 1970s and 1980s, primarily within the Black community in the United States. It originates from the name Terrell, which you might recognize from the NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens, who was born in Alabama and played for five different teams.

More Cool Country Boy Names

It’s hard not to love this dichotomy of country and cool, so we’ve added even more hip yet old-fashioned names for you to consider.

Boy Names of Famous Country Singers

If you’re a music fan, then perhaps the idea of a country boy name directly connects with a country singer. We’ve already mentioned a few legends above, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the most famous male country singers of all time to offer some musical inspiration.

111. Blake. Country music singer Blake Shelton was born in Oklahoma and made his music debut in 2001. Today, you might recognize him as a judge on the TV competition show The Voice. Plus, Blake is a perfectly cute country boy name! It means “black” or “pale.” 112. Conway. Throughout his career as a musician, Harold Lloyd Jenkins used the stage name Conway Twitty. Although he started in rock and roll (inspired by Elvis Presley), he eventually became a country singer and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Conway would make a unique country boy name, which means “holy water” in Welsh. 113. Garth. It’s hard to think about country music without envisioning Garth Brooks, a true icon! His biggest achievement is having the greatest number of diamond-status albums in the United States, surpassing the Beatles. He’s married to another music legend, Trisha Yearwood. Garth has a lovely meaning—“garden” in Old Norse. 114. Hank. What are old country names of legendary singers? Leave it to Hank Williams for this one! Hank was born in Alabama and played country music in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. The name Hank is related to Henry, which means “home-ruler.” 115. Johnny. Johnny is a cute country boy name, but so is Cash—and you can’t go wrong with an icon like Johnny Cash. His talents went beyond country music, as he was also a blues, folk, rock and roll, and gospel singer and was a fervent activist supporting Native Americans, telling stories through song and film. Of course, Johnny comes from John, a Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is gracious.” 116. Keith. Keith originates from a Scottish surname meaning “wood,” but country boys probably think of Keith Urban. Born in New Zealand, he mastered American country music and was also a judge on American Idol. Today, he produces his own line of guitars. 117. Kenny. Kenny comes from a Gaelic word meaning “handsome, fair.” Born in Tennessee, Kenny Chesney has produced more than 20 studio albums—quite an impressive number in the music industry! You may remember his songs from the 1990s and 2000s, when he was a regular chart-topper, but to this day he’s still making music, with his most recent album debuting in 2020. 118. Nelson. Whether you go with Willie or Nelson, you’ve got yourself a perfect country boy name! And who doesn’t love Texas-born Willie Nelson, a musician, actor, author, and activist? He wrote his first song when he was just 7 years old but really got into country and folk music during the outlaw-country era of the 1970s. Fittingly, Nelson means “passion” or “hero.” 119. Tim. If you don’t know Tim McGraw from his own musical success, you might remember him from Taylor Swift’s song titled “Tim McGraw.” Either way, he’s been producing country music for four decades and has 25 no. 1 hit singles. Timothy is a Greek name meaning “honoring God.” 120. Waylon. If you like the idea of outlaw country with Willie Nelson, then you must also love Waylon Jennings, the leader of it all. Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and others produced country music outside of the traditional Nashville scene as “outlaws” to have more freedom and individuality. Waylon is certainly a country boy name with a lot of grit and an apt meaning of “skilled, artful.”

More Boy Names of Famous Country Singers

Because there are so many country music legends out there, we had to extend our list of these famous country boy names.

Country Boy Place Names

Instead of envisioning a country singer, perhaps you picture a place when thinking about country boy names. Luckily, place names are trendy, and many cool country boy names link to actual cities or states.

131. Arlington. More than 20 U.S. cities and towns are called Arlington, with the two largest being in Texas and Virginia. It comes from an English word meaning “settlement.” 132. Austin. Of course, Austin is the capital of Texas and a trendy city, but the name originates from the Roman moniker Augustus. It means “exalted, venerable.” 133. Dakota. Dakota is the name of the Native American people living in the northern Mississippi Valley. In the Dakota language, the word means “allies, friends.” If you’re picturing North or South Dakota, you’ll undoubtedly envision beautiful countryside! 134. Dallas. Dallas is another Texas city, and with Gaelic origins, it means “meadow dwelling.” 135. Denver. The word means “Dane ford” in Old English. Denver is a major metropolis, but as the capital of Colorado, it still gives off those countryside and cowboy vibes. The singer Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. changed his name to John Denver in honor of his favorite state. 136. Easton. Like Wes above, which refers to the west, Easton refers to the east, “east town,” precisely. It’s a great country boy name if you hail from the eastern United States. 137. Houston. The city of Houston’s title came from the state’s president Sam Houston when Texas was a republic in the mid-nineteenth century. However, Houston means “Hugh’s town,” and Hugh means “heart, mind, spirit.” 138. Montgomery. In its origins, Montgomery means “man” and “ruler, mighty,” but we know it best as the capital city of Alabama. 139. Nash. Nash is one of those perfect country boy names. It originates from Middle English and means “at the ash tree,” but it can also be a short form of Nashville, the country music capital of the United States. 140. Tyler. One more nod to Texas, as in the city of Tyler, Texas, the capital of an area known as the birthplace of many celebrities, including country singers LeeAnn Womack and Miranda Lambert (both great country girl names), plus Matthew McConaughey. The name Tyler means “tiler of roofs.”

More Country Boy Place Names

Honor your city or state with these additional country boy place names.

Even More Country Boy Names

Country names can be adorable, classic, hip, trendy, nostalgic, and unique. If country baby boy names are resonating with you, check out our list below. We’ve added 60 more names below so that you have over 200 options to consider.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a name for your future baby boy is a very special moment in your parenthood journey. If you’re looking for some old-fashioned nostalgia or a name that takes you down memory lane, consider a cute country boy name from our list. Whatever you choose, know that it’s a unique decision you made for your sweet little boy. For even more naming inspiration, consider checking out other themes, like Spanish boy names, French boy names, and Hawaiian boy names.