Top 150 Vietnamese Girl Names and Their Meanings

Vietnam is a country rich in culture, beauty, flavor, and smiling faces. So, it’s no wonder that you might be tempted to grace your baby girl with a special Vietnamese name. Whether you’re Vietnamese American, have Vietnamese heritage, or simply appreciate this beautiful country and culture, we have many popular, unique, and beautiful Vietnamese girl names and their meanings for you to choose from.

Selecting Vietnamese Names for Girls

Before selecting a Vietnamese name for your little one, you may enjoy learning a little more about the naming conventions in Vietnam.

  • Names are ordered as follows: family name, middle name, given name.

  • Children commonly inherit their father’s family name; however, these days many take both their mother’s and father’s family names.

  • Many Vietnamese given names are gender-neutral names, including Anh, Dung, Hong, and Khanh.

  • Given names can occasionally be two names.

  • People usually address one other by their given names.

  • Given names often represent a character trait that parents deem important, or a positive attribute or value. For instance, the name An means “peace and safety.” Given names can also represent beauty and nature, like the name Lien, which means “lotus.”

Pronunciation of Vietnamese Names

Vietnamese is a tonal language, so saying a word with a different tone can change the word completely. For example, the word bạn means “friend,” but change the tone to bán and it means “to sell.” Change it again to bàn and it means “table.” It’s all in the tone!

The Vietnamese alphabet has 29 letters, including 7 letters that don’t exist in the English alphabet: ă, â, ô, ơ, ê, ư, đ. And interestingly, the Vietnamese alphabet doesn't have the letters f, j, z, and w, as you may notice when you begin to check out our list of Vietnamese girl names.

The pronunciation of Vietnamese words also depends on where you’re from in Vietnam. The dialect differs in northern, central, and southern Vietnam.

Popular Vietnamese Girl Names

There are currently about 2.2 million people of Vietnamese descent living in the U.S.A., so, it’s likely you may have come across some Vietnamese female names in your time. Here are some of the most common and popular Vietnamese girl names in Vietnam in recent years.

1. Anh. One of the most common and popular name choices for both boys and girls in Vietnam is Anh. Pronounced AN or IENG, depending on the region you hail from, this sweet name is often used as part of a compound name, as in Anh Ngoc. Anh has various meanings, such as “flower,” “hero,” and “brave.” 2. Linh. Another popular Vietnamese name is Linh, with its simple yet profound meaning of “spirit” and “soul.” This beautiful name is easy to pronounce as either LING or LIN. 3. Hà. If you’re a lover of the water or you’re expecting a water sign baby (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), you could consider this short and sweet name meaning “river.” 4. Trang. This primarily female Vietnamese name is pronounced CHANG and means “adornment.” 5. Phương. If spelled like this, Phương can mean “direction”; if spelled Phượng, it means ”phoenix.” Either way you spell this name, it's pronounced FWUNG. 6. Thảo. If you feel connected to nature and greenery, why not try this name, meaning “grass” and “herbs.” It’s pronounced TOW, with ow as in town. 7. Ngọc. Another top baby girl name that works for both Vietnamese boys and girls is Ngọc. Once you get used to the pronunciation, NGOWKP, you’ll find this an intriguing choice, with its meaning of “jade.” 8. Thùy. Pronounced TWEE, this name is almost too cute to resist. It has the charming meaning of “friendship.” 9. Hoa. If you love names inspired by nature, you could go with Hoa. It means “flower” and is pronounced HWA. 10. Nguyên. Nguyen is actually the most common surname in Vietnam, belonging to 40 percent of the Vietnamese population; however, it can also be used as a girl’s or boy’s first name. This name is usually pronounced using one syllable, such as NWEEN, NWIN, or NWEN. The ng sound at the beginning of a Vietnamese word can be difficult for non-Vietnamese speakers to pronounce.

More Popular Vietnamese Girl Names

We’ve got even more popular Vietnamese girl names to inspire you:


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Unique Vietnamese Girl Names

If you’re familiar with many of the common Vietnamese girl names but you’d prefer something that stands out from the crowd and reflects how special your little one is, we’ve got some unique girl names for you to enjoy.

21. Bian. Here is a very rare Vietnamese name meaning “secret.” Pronounced BEE-ANH, this sweet name is also a Japanese girl’s name meaning “beautiful” and “peaceful.” 22. Bích. Don’t be thrown off by the spelling of this name. It’s actually pronounced BIK or BIT and means “bluish green.” So, you can have a unique name and a color scheme ready for your little lady. 23. Cà. If your baby girl is your first child, this unique name could be appealing as it means “first” or “eldest.” 24. Dậu. Meaning “rooster,” Dậu, pronounced ZOW, is one of the Chinese zodiac signs and can be given to those born in the year of the rooster. 25. Diệp. A unique and nature-inspired Vietnamese girl’s name is Diệp, meaning “leaf.” It’s pronounced ZEEP in northern Vietnam and YEEP in southern Vietnam. 26. Gia. Meaning “excellent” or “family,” Gia could almost be mistaken for a Western name; however, it’s pronounced ZA or YA. Just like the letter D in Vietnamese, the Gi is also pronounced as Z in the north or Y in the south of Vietnam. 27. Loan. In East Asian mythology, Loan (pronounced LWAN) is the name of a bird. If you’re a fan of mythology or the symbolism of birds, this name might be an interesting choice. 28. May. This sweet name means “lucky,” or if spelled Mây, it means “cloud.” Both options add a charming element to this name, which is often used in English-speaking countries for those born in the month of May. This name is a sure winner for your baby girl. 29. Phúc. Here's a name that may seem unusual; however, it’s relatively common in Vietnam and has the lovely meanings of “happiness” and “good fortune.” The pronunciation is FUWKP. 30. Tuyết. Tuyết is a fitting option for a wintertime baby as it means “snow.” The pronunciation is TWEET, which gives it an adorable sound.

More Unique Vietnamese Girl Names

Check out more wonderful, unique Vietnamese girl names:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Beautiful Vietnamese Girl Names

Many Vietnamese names for girls have meanings that represent the desirable traits and values you hope for in your baby girl. Here are some pretty Vietnamese girl names that represent the beauty you see in your little one.

41. Châu. A pretty name that means “pearl” or “gemstone,” Châu is perfect for your precious little one. It's pronounced CHOW or CHUW. 42. Diệu. Why not choose a name for your little princess that means “mysterious” and “exquisite.” And the pronunciation, ZEEW or YEEW, certainly gives this name an exquisite edge. 43. Dương. This name has two meanings: “virile” and “willow.” Either way, this name is full of life. The willow tree is thought to ward off evil and symbolize rebirth. The pronunciation is ZWUNG or YWUNG. 44. Hồng. When you first meet your rosy-cheeked baby girl, you may be happy you chose this beautiful Vietnamese girls’ name meaning “pink” and “rosy.” And don’t be fooled by the g ending, which is basically silent—the name is pronounced HUWNGM. 45. Lành. If you’re dreaming of a sweet-natured little lady, perhaps this name can help you manifest that. Pronounced LIENG, LEHN, or LAN, this name means “favorable” and “gentle.” 46. Liên. Pronounced LEEN or LEENG, this pretty name means “lotus” or “water lily.” The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and strength, while the water lily symbolizes peace and pleasure. 47. Mai. Pronounced MIE, this sweet and simple name has the fruity meaning of “plum blossom.” If you’re also interested in Chinese girl names, you'll be glad to know that Mei is the Chinese version of this name, with the same meaning. 48. Mỹ. Simply meaning “beautiful,” Mỹ is pronounced MEE. It’s short and adorable. 49. Quỳnh. This name is very similar to the Irish girls’ name Quinn, and it’s basically pronounced in the same way: KWIN or KWING. It means “deep red,” giving it a passionate and fiery vibe, as well as being the Vietnamese name for a type of flower. 50. Tiên. If you’re looking for a beautiful, celestial Vietnamese girls’ name, choose Tiên, which means “fairy” and “transcendent.” This otherworldly name, pronounced TEEN or TEENG, might be a magical choice for your little one.

More Beautiful Vietnamese Girl Names

If you were won over by those delightfully pretty Vietnamese girl names, take a look at more below:

Cute Vietnamese Girl Names

There’s something especially adorable about Vietnamese names. Some have cute sounds and meanings, or simply just look short and sweet. Why not check out some of the cutest Vietnamese baby girl names we could find!

61. An. This super cute, one-syllable girls’ name is pronounced AN or ANG. It has the lovely meaning of “safe and secure,” which is the way your baby girl will feel when she’s in your arms. 62. Bảo. Just the look and sound of this name is adorable. With the pronunciation BOW and the meaning “treasure,” Bảo is hard to resist. 63. Bé. Your baby girl may feel so tiny in your arms, just like a little doll, so here’s a name that literally means “small.” If spelled , it means “doll.” 64. Cam. This name is actually the Vietnamese word for the fruit “orange,” giving this name a zesty vibe for your little one. 65. Chi. Pronounced CHEE, this cute name means “branch.” Spelled as Chị, this word is a pronoun used to refer to an “older sister.” 66. Huệ. Your little girl is going to be the shining star in your life, so you may want a name that reflects this. Huệ, pronounced HWEH, HWAY, or WAY, means “bright” and “intelligent.” 67. Thanh. Thanh is pronounced TIENG or TAN, and means “blue/green,” “young,” or “voice.” 68. Thi. If you’re a lover of literature, consider Thi, which has the charming meaning of “poetry.” This poetic name is also adorable due to its spelling and pronunciation, TEE. 69. Tú. Another cute Vietnamese women’s name is Tú, meaning “beautiful” and “elegant,” and pronounced TOO or TUW. 70. Vân. Soft, fluffy, and graceful pillows floating in the sky—that’s the image that clouds can conjure up for us, and this name has the simple and sweet meaning of “cloud.” It’s pronounced VUN or VUNG.

More Cute Vietnamese Girl Names

Check out this list of additional adorable Vietnamese girl names:

Cool Vietnamese Girl Names

A name can be cool in different ways, whether that’s by having a cool and strong sound, meaning, or namesake. Whatever your preference is, check out our cool and trendy Vietnamese girl names and their meanings.

81. Cảnh. If you’re a fan of landscapes, whether that’s photographing them or simply taking in the beautiful scenery, this name might be the one, as it means “scenery” and “landscape.” It's pronounced KIENG, KEHN, or KAN. 82. Chiêu. Meaning “luminous,” this name may suit your glowing baby girl. It is spelled in an interesting way and is pronounced CHEEW. 83. Chim. This cool name literally means “bird.” You can watch as your little one grows and spreads their wings. 84. Chính. A cool Vietnamese girl’s name that conveys a positive value is Chính, meaning “just.” Spelled as Chinh, the name means “journey,” and could be a good choice for those who love to travel. 85. Điền. Water sign babies (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) or lovers of the expansive oceans might enjoy this Vietnamese name, pronounced DEEN or DEENG and meaning “wide and boundless water.” 86. Khánh. When your little one enters the world, it’s certainly a time to celebrate. So, why not choose a name that means “celebrate!” This joyous name is pronounced KHIENG, KEHN, or KAN. 87. Minh. Minh means “bright,” and Chí Minh together means “bringer of light.” There’s no doubt your baby girl will be a bringer of light into your life. 88. Nguyệt. A lovely name for star gazers and lovers of all things celestial, Nguyệt brings a magical beauty with its meaning “moon.” It’s pronounced NGWEET or NGWEEK. 89. Thị. This short female Vietnamese name is both cute and cool. It's pronounced TEE and means “family.” 90. Vinh. Vinh has quite a strong sound as well as a strong meaning, “glory.” You can pronounce it as VING, VIN, or YIN. 91. Xuân. There’s something cool and trendy about girl names starting with X. Xuân, pronounced SWUN or SWUNG, means “spring,” so it’s perfect for a springtime baby girl.

More Cool Vietnamese Girl Names

If you were inspired by those cool and trendy Vietnamese names for girls, we’ve got even more:

Even More Vietnamese Girl Names

The Bottom Line

Choosing a name for your new arrival can be an absorbing and heartwarming process! You may be drawn to names with interesting meanings or values you hold dear, like some of our Vietnamese girl names. If you liked these, you might enjoy checking out our lists of beautiful Indian girl names and Korean girl names, or even broaden your search and span the continent with our list of Asian girl names.