Top 200+ Irish Girl Names and Their Meanings

According to recent data, about 32 million people (nearly 10 percent of the population in the United States) identify as Irish American. It’s no wonder Irish girl names (or the anglicized versions of traditional Irish monikers) are quite popular. You can always go with a common Irish girl name, but we’ve included more than 200 options, from unique and rare to those with pretty and powerful meanings.

Popular and Common Irish Girl Names

Did you know that Caitlin, Bridget, and Erin—some of the top baby girl names in the U.S.—are Irish? Chances are you know someone with one of these names, especially if you were born during the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s. There are several other common Irish girl names that are more popular in Ireland, which we’ve included in our list. Perhaps they’re ready to come over stateside!

1. Aoife. Pronounced EE-fa, this name comes with a lovely meaning for your little lady: “beauty.” The moniker originates from the old Irish girls’ name Aífe and the word oíph. You’ll find Aoife in several Irish legends, including the Children of Lir.

2. Aisling. This is the Irish name for Ashley and is pronounced ASH-lyeen with a soft n sound. It’s a relatively common Irish baby girls’ name that means “dream” or “vision.”

3. Bridget. Bridget was a very popular Irish American name for girls in the 1970s; it’s the anglicized version of the old Irish name Brighid. The old Celtic name Brigantī means “the exalted one.” In Irish mythology, Bridget was the daughter of Dagda and the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.

4. Caitlin. In the 1980s, Caitlin was one of the most popular names for girls. Interestingly, it’s the anglicized version of the Irish girls’ name Caitlín, a form of the French name Katherine, which means “pure.” There are several variant spellings of Caitlin, including Katelyn, Kaitlyn, and Caetlin. There are also popular variants in other cultures and languages, such as the Hawaiian girls’ name Kakalina.

5. Erin. The name Erin could be the perfect Irish American girls’ name for those with Irish heritage, and you'll find it’s a popular choice in the United States, Canada, and Australia. It’s the anglicized form of Eireann, meaning “Ireland,” from the Irish Gaelic word Éire.

6. Fiona. Fiona was once quite a common name in Ireland and the British Isles but fell out of style in those regions in the early 2000s—which is when its popularity started to take off in the United States! Perhaps we can thank the character Fiona from the Shrek movies for its sudden surge. As an Irish girls’ name, Fíona derives from the word fíon, meaning “wine.”

7. Maeve. Maeve, pronounced MAYV, is a beautiful one-syllable girls’ name with a unique meaning: “intoxicating.” It’s the anglicized form of the Irish girl’s name Medb, who, according to legend, was the female Celtic warrior queen of Connacht, the country’s western province.

8. Mona. Mona is quite the old-fashioned moniker, and it’s the anglicized form of the Irish girls’ name Muadhnait, which means “little noble one.” But you’ll find the name used outside of the Irish language and in other cultures, including as an Italian girls’ name.

9. Niamh. Irish boy names and girl names are known for their unique pronunciations, and Niamh might be one of the most interesting! Pronounced NEEV, it means “bright.” In Irish mythology, Niamh was the daughter of Manannán mac Lir, the sea god.

10. Saoirse. If you’re a fan of actress Saoirse Ronan, this name might not be too difficult to pronounce, but the actress has comically corrected the pronunciation time and time again! Meaning “freedom” in Irish Gaelic, this girls’ name is pronounced SHEER-sha.


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Unique and Rare Irish Girl Names

Ireland has some seriously deep cultural roots, so there’s no shortage of unique and rare Irish girl names! If you’re looking for unique baby names, you might consider one that hails from the Emerald Isle.

11. Africa. As quite the unique girls’ name in Ireland, Africa is the anglicized form of Aifric, the Old Irish word for the African continent.

12. Aithne. Pronounced EH-nye, this rare Irish girls’ name is a variant of the more traditional spelling, Eithne. It means “kernel, grain” and was once quite popular among historical figures, legendary characters, and saints.

13. Eireann. As you may remember from the more common spelling of this name above, Eireann (pronounced like Erin) is the rare form of the moniker. This Irish girls’ name means “Ireland” in Gaelic.

14. Fedelma. This is a slightly rarer form of the name Fidelma, the purely feminine version of the gender-neutral name Feidlimid. It means “ever good” or “enduring, constant.”

15. Líadan. From the Irish word líath, meaning “gray,” Líadan is simply pronounced LEE-din.

16. Mavourneen. Not only is this Irish baby girls’ name rare, but it also has an adorable meaning. It comes from the Irish phrase mo mhúirnín, meaning “my darling,” and is pronounced mo-OOR-een.

17. Muadhnait. Unique and precious, this rare Irish girls’ name means “little noble one.” It comes from the Old Irish poetic word muad, so your baby will surelt be noble and poetic! The name is pronounced MOI-nets.

18. Rathnait. Another rare option among Irish girl names, Rathnait has a relatively straightforward pronunciation: RA-net. The name comes from the old Irish word rath and means “grace, prosperity.”

19. Róis. If you’re looking for Irish flower names for girls, this option is sweet and simple. It’s the Irish form of Rose, as the word rós simply means “rose” and has the same pronunciation.

20. Talulla. This cute and unique girls’ name is the anglicized form of several Old Irish female names, including Taileflaith, Tuileflaith, and Tuilelaith. These names combine the Irish words tuile and flaith, meaning “abundance” and “ruler, princess,” respectively.

More Unique and Rare Irish Girl Names

If you’re looking for unique girl names, the Irish language is your friend! Here are even more rare options for your little girl:

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Traditional and Old-Fashioned Irish Girl Names

Many Irish female names have a classic sound, such as Myrna, Dervla, and Moreen, and could be good choices among old-fashioned and traditional monikers that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Here are some vintage and classic girl names from the Emerald Isle.

31. Assumpta. This name is the Latin form of Asunción, a Spanish girls’ name meaning “assumption.” Interestingly, this form of the name has been used in Ireland in particular.

32. Aurnia. As the Latinized form of the traditional Irish name Órlaith, Aurnia is a girls’ moniker meaning “golden ruler.”

33. Clodagh. If you’re familiar with Irish geography, you might associate this name with the River Clodiagh in County Waterford, Ireland. Clodagh Beresford, the daughter of the Marquess of Waterford, born in 1879, was an early bearer of the name. Pronounced KLAW-da, Clodagh is one of the most traditional Irish girl names.

34. Deirdre. Pronounced DEER-dra, this name comes from the Old Irish moniker Derdriu. This name’s meaning is unknown, though many believe it could connect to the word der, meaning “daughter.” What a perfect traditional name for your little Irish girl!

35. Doireann. Though it looks similar to the name Doreen, Doireann has a very different pronunciation: DEH-ryen. Scholars believe the name links to two Irish words, der for “daughter” and finn for “fair.” Therefore, you have yourself a “fair daughter.”

36. Eithne. If you like the name Aithne from above but want a more old-fashioned Irish name for your girl, you could go with Eithne. Pronounced EH-nye, the name comes from the Irish word etne, meaning “kernel, grain.” You’ll find this word and meaning in several names on this list.

37. Étaín. Pronounced AY-teen, this Irish female name comes from the word ét, which means “passion.” It’s also an Irish mythological name from the ninth-century tale The Wooing of Étaín. Étaín was Midir’s second wife, transformed into a fly by his jealous first wife. As the story goes, she was reborn in the woman who accidentally swallowed her, eventually reuniting with her love, Midir.

38. Gobnait. This is the feminine form of the name Gobán, meaning “smith” after the Celtic smith god, a metalworker and weapon maker. It’s pronounced GAWB-neht.

39. Gráinne. The old-fashioned Irish baby girls’ name Gráinne (pronounced GRAW-nye) possibly means “grain.” If you enjoy Irish culture, you might have heard tales of Gráinne Ní Mháille, often called Grace O’Malley, a legendary sixteenth-century landowner and seafarer sometimes considered a pirate queen.

40. Muriel. It doesn’t get much more old-fashioned than Muriel, an anglicized Irish girls’ name meaning “bright sea.” Traditional forms of this name include Muirgel in Irish and Muireall in Scottish.

More Traditional and Old-Fashioned Irish Girl Names

Continue your search for something classic and vintage by considering the following traditional and old-fashioned Irish girl names:

Cute Irish Girl Names

Irish baby names for girls include a number of cute options. From adorable sounds to precious meanings, consider these lovely names, such as Alannah, Croía, and Keavy.

51. Alannah. This is a modern Irish girls’ name and one that Americans with Irish heritage seem to love. It might have come from the Irish Gaelic phrase a leanbh, meaning “oh, child” and can also be spelled without the h as Alanna.

52. Aoibhinn. Meaning “delightful, pleasant,” this is a very cute Irish girls’ name and has a lovely meaning. It’s pronounced EE-vyen.

53. Bláthnat. Another cute flower option among Irish girl names, Bláthnat literally means “little flower,” as it comes from the word bláth, “flower.” It’s pronounced BLAW-nath.

54. Caitria. This is an extra-cute version of the name Caitríona, the Irish form of the French girls’ name Katherine, meaning “pure.” It’s pronounced KAT-ree-a.

55. Croía. With the o-í Irish diphthong, this cute baby girls’ name is pronounced KREE-a. It’s a modern name from the Irish word croí, meaning “heart.” Of course, your baby girl will have your heart!

56. Damhnait. This adorable name comes from the Old Irish moniker Damnat, meaning “calf, fawn.” Any name relating to a baby animal is definitely a cute one! It’s pronounced DAW-nye.

57. Keavy. If you like the traditional Irish girls’ name Caoimhe (pronounced KEE-va) but want a cute nickname, consider Keavy. Just like Caoimhe, it means “dear, beloved” and “gentle.”

58. Maura. Pronounced MAWR-eh, this is the anglicized version of the Irish girls’ name Máire. Experts believe it connects to the Irish word mór, meaning “great.”

59. Nollaig. A truly adorable unisex name, Nollaig is the Irish word for “Christmas” and a twentieth-century translation of Noël. It’s pronounced NAW-layk.

60. Úna. Short, sweet, and cute, this is a medieval Irish name meaning “lamb.” You can call your adorable little lamb Úna, pronounced OO-neh.

More Cute Irish Girl Names

We couldn’t forget about cute monikers like Finola and Róise, so here are even more swoon-worthy Irish girl names.

Pretty and Beautiful Irish Girl Names

With such unique and beautiful meanings, tones, and folklore, Irish girl names are particularly pretty with romantic sounds. If you’re looking for a lovely name for your future baby girl, consider these sweet and charming options.

71. Áine. Here’s an Irish spin on a classic name, as Áine is the Old Irish spelling of Ann or Anne and shares the same pronunciation. Meaning “radiance, brilliance,” this name connects to Irish mythology. Áine is the goddess of love and fertility, thought to live on Cnoc Áine, a hill in Limerick.

72. Aoibheann. Pronounced EE-vyen, this name comes from the Old Irish monikers Oébfinn and Aíbinn. All three combine two words, oíb (meaning “beauty”) and finn (meaning “fair”). This was the name of a tenth-century princess, so it makes a great option for royal baby names!

73. Caoimhe. If you liked the cute name Keavy from above, you may remember that it’s a nickname for Caoimhe, pronounced KEE-va. It’s a very beautiful Irish girls’ name in both sound and its meaning of “dear, beloved.”

74. Eileen. This is the anglicized form of Eibhlín, pronounced IE-leen. It either means “desired” or “moon,” and makes for a sweet Irish American girls’ name.

75. Eilís. Pronounced IE-leesh, this is the Irish Gaelic form of the girl names Elizabeth and, occasionally, Alice. Elizabeth means “my God is an oath,” and Alice means “noble type,” so you have your choice of beautiful interpretations.

76. Laoise. As the Irish form of Lucy or Louise, this name is likely a modern version of Luigsech, meaning “light, brightness” and “oath.” It’s pronounced LEE-sheh.

77. Moira. Moira is another anglicized form of Máire, the Irish name for Mary, which means “beloved.” However, it could also connect to the Greek name Μοῖρα, meaning “fate, destiny.” This could be a good option for a Greek mythological name, as Moira was the name for the Fates, three personifications of destiny.

78. Róisín. This name is a diminutive of Róis from above and is a perfect flower name for an Irish girl, as it means “rose.” The famous seventeenth-century song Róisín Dubh triggered its use as a given name.

79. Rosaleen. This is a variant of Rosaline and the Irish name Róisín above, meaning “rose.”

80. Sorcha. Meaning “radiant, bright,” Sorcha might be the most beautiful Irish name for girls, though it originates from Scottish Gaelic. In Ireland, it’s sometimes anglicized as Sarah, or as Clara in Scotland.

More Pretty and Beautiful Irish Girl Names

We can’t get enough of these beautiful Irish girl names, so we’ve kept the list going below!

Cool Irish Girl Names

Irish girls are inevitably cool, and there are plenty of hip names to consider. From trendy nicknames and short forms to charming meanings, these cool monikers are perfect for your little gal!

91. Biddy. With Bridget being one of the top Irish girls’ names, why not put a cool spin on it with the nickname Biddy? Like Bridget, it means “the exalted one.”

92. Ciara. This name is the feminine form of Ciar, which means “black” in Irish. If you’re a fan of the American singer Ciara, you might recognize this name, though in Irish, it’s pronounced KEER-a.

93. Clíodhna. Though its meaning is unknown, Clíodhna—pronounced KLEE-u-na—was the name of a beautiful and brave goddess from Irish mythology.

94. Dáirine. You can pronounce this cool Irish girls’ name DAW-reen. It was the name of king Túathal Techtmar’s daughter and means “fruitful.”

95. Fiadh. This super cool Irish girls’ name means “wild, untamed” and would suit an adventurous daughter! It's pronounced FYEE-eh and has been climbing the charts in Ireland since 2012, emerging as one of the most popular names in the country in recent years.

96. Naomh. This name is pronounced just like Niamh (NEEV) from our list above of popular Irish girls’ names. It means “holy” in Irish—it doesn’t get much cooler than that!

97. Saraid. Since this name means “excellent,” it could be the coolest moniker on this list! Plus, it has a pretty hip pronunciation as suh-RAY.

98. Síofra. If you think elves and mythical creatures are cool, this is the name for you! Pronounced SHEE-fra, it means “elf, sprite” in Irish.

99. Sive. Pronounced SIEV, this is an anglicized form of the Irish girls’ name Sadhbh. This cool-sounding name means “sweet.”

100. Tríona. If you want to shorten the traditional Irish girls’ name Caitríona and make it a bit cooler, go with Tríona. It’s pronounced TREE-na and means “pure.”

More Cool Irish Girl Names

Keep it cool with Irish girl names like Bridie, Keelin, and Shay, plus more below!

Short and Long Irish Girl Names

Short baby names make great options for middle names, though some can stand on their own, too. When it comes to Irish names, you have plenty of short and long monikers to choose from.

111. Alastríona. This pretty Irish girls’ name has a romantic sound to it. It’s pronounced al-as-TREE-na and is the feminine form of Alastar, which means “to defend, help.”

112. Cáit. Short, sweet, and meaning “pure,” this Irish form of Kate is a great nickname for Caitríona. However, it’s pronounced as KAT.

113. Caoilfhionn. If you’re looking for long baby names, this might be a winner with 10 letters! Though it looks intimidating, the pronunciation is actually quite simple as KEEL-een. It comes from two Old Irish elements: cáel meaning “slender” and finn meaning “fair.”

114. Dearbháil. This name means “daughter of Fál,” which is the legendary name for the country of Ireland. Pronounced DYA-ra-wal, it’s an excellent option for a unique, cool, and beautiful Irish girls’ name.

115. Deirbhile. This long name combines some of the more complicated sounds in Irish—it’s pronounced DYEH-rye-vye-lye. It means “daughter of a poet,” as in Old Irish, der means “daughter” and fili means “poet.”

116. Ena. As the anglicized form of Eithne, Ena is pronounced EH-na. Likewise, it also means “kernel, grain.”

117. Fionnuala. If you like the names Finola or Nuala from above but want a longer version, consider Fionnuala. Like the other monikers, it means “white shoulder,” and Fionnuala is the exact spelling of one of the four children of the sea god Lir, who were transformed into swans for 900 years.

118. Íde. This short Irish name for girls means “thirst” and is pronounced EE-da. If you’re looking for twin names for girls, perhaps the Irish monikers Ena and Íde are a good pair!

119. Orla. This short moniker is one of the more classic anglicized names for Irish girls. Like its Irish version Órlaith, Orla means “golden ruler.” If you’re a fan of the series Derry Girls, you may recognize the name as one of the main characters, along with her best friends, Michelle, Erin, and Clare.

120. Síle. In the Irish language, an s before the letter i or e creates the sh sound, so this name is pronounced SHEE-la. As the Irish form of Cecilia, this name connects to the legendary martyr who is the patron saint of music and musicians.

More Short and Long Irish Girl Names

There seems to be no shortage of long and short Irish female names, so we’ve added a few more, including favorites like Enya and unique options like Éadaoin.

Strong Irish Girl Names

If you’d like to bestow a sense of strength on your little girl with her name, you can count on the Irish. You’ll find plenty of Irish girl names that offer strength and power in their meanings.

131. Ailbhe. Pronounced AL-va, this Celtic girls’ name comes from the root word albiyo, meaning “world” and “light,” and the Irish word ail, which means “rock.” According to legend, Ailbhe was the name of a female Celtic warrior from the Fianna, a warrior-hunter band during the Iron Age.

132. Aran. If you’ve ever visited the rocky, windswept Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, you know how strong this name is! It’s a unisex option and a great choice for a nature baby name.

133. Brighid. Bridget (meaning “the exalted one”) is one of the top Irish girls’ names, but for a more traditional spelling, you could go with Brighid, pronounced BREEDG. The variant spelling Bríd has been more popular since the Irish spelling reform in 1948.

134. Treasa. For a strong Irish girls’ name in the literal sense, try Treasa, which means “strength.” Pronounced TRA-sa, it’s an Irish form of Theresa.

135. Scáthach. With the mysterious meaning of “shadowy,” this is the name of another female Celtic warrior. It’s pronounced ska-HA.

136. Órlaith. You’ve seen a few anglicized forms of this Irish girls’ name on our list, but we had to include the old spelling, too. Plus, its meaning, “golden ruler,” connotes strength. It’s pronounced OHR-la.

137. Fianna. If you’re reading this list in full, perhaps this name sounds familiar; Fianna is the name of the band of warrior-hunters that Ailbhe belonged to. Surprisingly, it’s actually a more modern Irish girls’ name, pronounced FYEE-eh-neh and meaning “band of warriors.”

138. Ríoghnach. Pronounced RIEF-nyak, this strong Irish girls’ name simply means “queen.” Obviously, your little queen will rule your house, too!

139. Neasa. Fans of Irish mythology might already be familiar with this infamous name. According to legend, Neasa (pronounced NYA-she) was the mother of Conchobar, a young king of Ulster. She was able to establish him as a ruler, initially for just one year. But then, she helped Conchobar rule so well that the people demanded he stay as their king, ousting her husband, Fergus mac Róich, from the throne.

140. Muirgen. Meaning “born of the sea” in Irish, Muirgen definitely gives us a sense of strength. In Irish mythology, Muirgen (pronounced MUHR-gen) was also the name of a woman transformed into a mermaid for 300 years.

More Strong Irish Girl Names

We’ve got even more strong Irish girl names for your consideration, perfect for a little Gaelic queen!

Irish Forms of Common Girl Names

As you may have already noticed, Irish girl names tend to have anglicized versions, connecting to common monikers. If you’re reading our entire list, you’ve already come across Áine as Ann, Róis as Rose, and Síle as Cecelia, and we have even more beautiful options.

151. Aignéis. Pronounced AJ-nyesh, this is the Irish form of Agnes, a Greek name meaning “chaste.” As Agnes is a bit old-fashioned, this could be a great unique option for the moniker.

152. Báirbre. After perusing this list of Irish girls’ names, perhaps you can guess the common moniker for this one? Pronounced BAR-brye, it’s the Irish form of Barbara, of course, which connects to the Greek word barbaros, meaning “foreign.”

153. Caitríona. We’ve already mentioned the Irish name Caitríona a few times in our list, as it has many short forms and fun nicknames. But it’s also a beautiful option on its own. Pronounced KA-tree-na, it’s the Irish form of Katherine, meaning “pure.”

154. Máiréad. A very traditional Irish Catholic girls’ name is Margaret, but you can use the Irish form to make it even more classic. Máiréad is pronounced MA-ryed, and you can also spell it Mairéad or Máighréad.

155. Isibéal. This one is easy, as it clearly mimics the name Isabel and shares its pronunciation. You can also spell it Sibéal, pronounced as SIHb-el. Isabel is a medieval form of Elizabeth, which means “my God is an oath.”

156. Máire. You might recognize this name from earlier in our list, as Máire is a form of Mary, another traditional Irish Catholic girls’ name. You have a few options for spelling. Máire and Muire are pronounced MAH-rye, while Máirín is pronounced MAH-ryeen. Mary means “beloved” or “love.”

157. Ráichéal. You can probably guess that this name is the Irish form of Rachel, a Hebrew moniker meaning “ewe.” Interestingly, it’s pronounced more like the Mexican girls’ name Raquel, as RAH-kel.

158. Séarlait. Though the spelling might not give you any clues, the pronunciation SHAR-lat sure does! Yep, it’s the Irish form of Charlotte, the feminine diminutive of Charles, which means “man.”

159. Síne. Though pronounced SHEE-na, this is the Irish form of Jane, which connects to the male biblical name John, meaning “Yahweh (the Hebrew God) is gracious.”

160. Éabha. This is the Irish form of the very common name Eve, a Hebrew name meaning “to breathe.” It’s pronounced EH-veh.

More Irish Forms of Common Girl Names

There are even more Irish forms of fairly common and traditional girl names. If you feel like you’re getting used to the Gaelic spellings, try to guess these Irish names:

Even More Irish Names for Girls

As it turns out, we’re big fans of Irish names for baby girls, and we hope you are, too! We’ve included 40 more options for you, meaning you have over 200 choices of beautiful, unique, and strong Irish names for your little girl!

The Bottom Line

Some of the best Irish girl names might already be on your radar, including Erin, Bridget, Fiona, and Caitlin. But consider our full list of beautiful, unique, and cute options as you make your decision; you can also check out our other lists of international names, including:

Choosing a name for your sweet girl is an exciting moment in your pregnancy journey. Have fun with the process and go with your gut. Little Aoife or Erin will be here before you know it! Prepare for their arrival by downloading the Pampers Club app, which gives you rewards for all those diapers and wipes purchases.