Top 200 Korean Girl Names and Their Meanings

One of the most exciting parenting tasks is deciding on your new baby’s name. But finding that ideal moniker isn’t always easy! If you are looking for Korean girl names, use our list of popular, cute, sweet, beautiful, and powerful names (with their meanings) to help you along the way!

Selecting Korean Names for Girls

As you start to consider Korean female names for your baby girl, you might be interested in learning about the naming process and traditions in Korean culture. Perhaps you’re already familiar with these traditions, but if not, the following could help you make your decision and understand the meanings of Korean girl names:

Syllables and Characters

Korean names often include two Sino-Korean roots known as syllables or characters (though one-character and one-syllable names are also common). For example, the name Ji-a can be written with a hyphen and with or without the second capitalization, or the two syllables can be written separately (Ji a or Ji A), or they can be combined (Jia). Since the letter combinations create a name’s interpretation, the spelling doesn’t necessarily impact the meaning.

So, although you have what appears to be two names, they’re considered to be one unit. A related point is that middle names for girls (and boys) are rare in the Korean culture. This is certainly in contrast to many Western cultures, which emphasize the importance of middle names (and sometimes use multiple middle names!).


If you’re familiar with the Korean alphabet, you likely know it as Hangul; an individual letter is called hanja. There are 24 basic letters and 27 complex letters. Korean girl names are unique because the hanja combination usually comes with several meanings. In the name Ha-eun, for example, ha and eun both have 30 hanja readings, meaning they can have numerous interpretations. However, parents tend to settle on positive meanings (regardless of other meanings) that will bring their children good fortune.

Take the name Eun-Ji, for example:

  • Eun combines three hanja (e, u, and n), which, when combined, have several potential meanings: “kindness,” “mercy,” charity,” “silver,” “attentive,” and “careful,” among other interpretations.

  • Ji uses two hanja, and when combined, can mean “wisdom,” “intellect,” “earth,” “soil,” “purpose,” “ambition,” etc.

Parents can choose a name based on its hanja combination and select the meaning they enjoy most, typically one having a positive interpretation. However, some specific combinations can mean something particular, and you’ll see that in the list below.


Some hanja characters have similar pronunciations; these can change the meaning or expand the interpretation. Also, keep in mind that different regions have different dialects, leading to variations in pronunciation and meaning.


Although there is a conventional naming system that reflects traditional gender roles, you don’t have to choose a Korean name with a feminine or sweet meaning for your baby girl. Some families follow this tradition; others may be drawn to gender-neutral names, such as those you'll find on this list.


Korean culture has embraced modern times, so not all families follow conventional naming methods. Families that do embrace traditional practices may choose a name with the same number of strokes (as in the number of strokes needed to write the hanja combination, such as 나리for the name Nari) as their baby’s birthdate or time of birth. Other parents prefer to get the help of a shaman or fortune teller in choosing a name. Both of these tactics are meant to guarantee extra luck for the baby.

Searching for your baby girl’s name can be a more rewarding experience once you know more about Korean names and cultural traditions. We’ve included 200 Korean names for girls, highlighting some of the potential meanings of different hanja combinations. We included some of the more common interpretations but also gave multiple meanings if you’d like to get creative!

Popular Korean Girl Names

If you’d like to name your daughter something modern and trendy, consider one of the most popular Korean girl names. These names have topped the charts in recent years, meaning your little gal will fit well into her generation. 1. Ha-eun. The name Ha-eun offers an excellent example of how hanja can have multiple meanings. Ha can mean “summer,” “great,” or “talented,” and eun can mean “kindness,” “mercy,” “charity,” “silver,” and “money,” among other combinations. So, you can select the meaning that speaks to you, such as “great, charity.” 2. Ha-rin. As mentioned above, ha typically means “summer,” “great,” or “talented.” But this is the perfect option for a unique Korean girls’ name with a rare meaning, as rin means “female unicorn.” 3. Ha-yoon. Ha-yoon is a good option for a strong Korean name for girls, as you can combine the meanings of ha (“great, talented”) with yoon (“to allow, consent”). Ji Ha-Yoon is a famous singer and member of the Korean group Brave Girls. 4. Ji-a. Give your little girl the name Ji-a for some of the cutest interpretations! Ji is a fairly common Korean name for girls and boys and can mean “wisdom,” “intellect,” “perceive,” “comprehend,” “will,” and “ambition.” Combine those strong meanings with a (ah), which can mean “beautiful,” “bud,” “sprout,” “elegant,” and “graceful.” 5. Ji-an. Ji-an is another good example of Korean naming traditions. Though composed of different hanja, the similar pronunciation of this name and the one above (Ji-a) gives both names the same meaning. If you like the idea of using last names as first names, you could choose Ji or An (Ahn), both of which are common Korean surnames. 6. Ji-woo. A gender-neutral name, Ji-woo can have several meanings. If you’re reading this list in full, you know by now that ji can mean “wisdom,” “intellect,” “ambition,” and more. When used as a surname, Ji can also mean “pond.” Woo is another version of u, which means “rain,” “house,” or “universe.” 7. Ji-yoo. Although Ji-yoo sounds similar to Ji-woo, these popular Korean girl names have slightly different meanings. Of course, ji has the same interpretation, but yoo stands on its own and can mean “abundant, rich, plentiful.” 8. Seo-ah. Seo is a common hanja in Korean girl names, and you’ll see it appear on this list quite a few times. It means “felicitous omen” or “auspicious.” And as you may remember from the name Ji-a, ah or a means “beautiful,” “bud,” “sprout,” “elegant,” and “graceful.” 9. Seo-yun. Again, seo means “felicitous omen” or “auspicious,” whereas yun can mean “soft, sleek,” among other meanings. This makes quite a cute Korean name for your baby girl! 10. Soo-ah. For a popular yet beautiful Korean girls’ name, Soo-ah is a great choice. Soo can mean “water” or “bank,” which is quite pretty when combined with ah, meaning “beautiful,” “bud,” “sprout,” and “elegant.”


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Unique and Rare Korean Girl Names

If you’re set on choosing a unique baby name, you’ll find plenty of options for your little girl in the Korean language. All of these Korean girl names are rare or come with uncommon meanings. 11. Bora. The name Bora simply means “purple” in Korean. This would be a rare Korean name for your baby girl—and a cute one if your favorite color is purple! 12. Du. This is also quite a rare Korean girls’ name, as Du simply means “head.” This would be a good selection if you want leadership and intellect to be reflected in your daughter's name. 13. Duri. Among unique names for girls, one rare and cute option is Duri, which means “two” in Korean (in the Gyeongsang dialect). This would be a fun name for a second baby! 14. Eun-Kyung. For a unique and sweet Korean girls’ name, consider Eun-Kyung as an option. A typical meaning for this combination of hanja is “graceful gem.” It was a very popular name for girls in South Korea in the 1970s and 1980s. 15. Gyeong. This unique Korean girls’ name has a few different meanings. Gyeong can mean “capital city,” “scenery, view,” or “respect, honor.” You could give this name to your little city girl! 16. Iseul. If you’re interested in nature baby names, you could pick Iseul, which has the very sweet meaning of “dew.” This is a good example of a modern, monosyllabic name rather than a traditional combination. 17. Mi Cha. Combine mi and cha together to get one of the sweetest Korean names for girls. Mi means “beauty” and cha means “daughter,” which is perfect for your very beautiful daughter! 18. Seo-Yeon. This unique Korean girls’ name is also a pretty one. Seo means “felicitous omen” or “auspicious,” and when combined together, yeon means “beautiful.” 19. Woong. Since your little one is such an exciting addition to your family, you could give her the name Woong, which means “grand and magnificent.” 20. Young-Soon. For a pretty and rare Korean girls’ name, consider Young-Soon. When these hanja combine, they can have the sweet meaning of “mild and flowery.”

More Unique and Rare Korean Girl Names

Still on the hunt for a unique name for your daughter? These Korean girl names with rare and uncommon meanings may just melt your heart!

Choosing a baby name can be fun, but it's a big responsibility. Watch this video to pick up some fun facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Cute and Sweet Korean Girl Names

As you'll discover, there are plenty of cute and sweet Korean girl names out there. Your little one will surely be a cutie, and one of these options might be perfect for her! 31. Ae-Cha. This name could be a fitting Korean name for girls, as it means “loving daughter.” 32. Bong-Cha. If you want your little baby girl to stand out from the crowd, give her the Korean name Bong-Cha, which means “the ultimate girl.” 33. Dae. This sweet Korean girls’ name is a good choice for your little shining star. Dae means “the great one” or “shining.” 34. Eun Ae. There are plenty of cute Korean girls’ names to consider, but one of the most precious is Eun Ae, as it means “grace with love.” 35. Goo. If you’ve been awaiting the arrival of your daughter for a long time, you could commemorate the moment with the name Goo, which means “complete, someone who completes you.” 36. Gyeong-Ja. If you like long baby names, Gyeong is a great starter and can be combined with several hanja. In this form, gyeong means “congratulate, celebrate” or “respect, honor,” and ja means “child.” Surely you want to celebrate your new child! 37. Ha-Yun. If your sweet baby girl is born in the summer, you might like the Korean name Ha-Yun. When combined this way, it’s common for the hanja to mean “summer” and “sunlight.” 38. Hwa-Young. Some parents adore flower names for girls, and Hwa-Young might be the ultimate choice, as it means “little flower.” 39. Min Jee. Choose the name Min Jee to combine the very cute and prosperous meanings of “rightness” and “wisdom.” 40. Sang Hee. Another name with simple combinations, Sang Hee means “benevolence” and “pleasure.”

More Sweet and Cute Korean Girl Names

With meanings like “a perfect lotus flower” and “a wise and beautiful pearl,” these names just had to join our list of cute and sweet Korean girl names!

Pretty and Beautiful Korean Girl Names

In addition to the cute and sweet options above, you’ll also find plenty of choices for pretty and beautiful Korean girl names. Not everyone considers traditional gender roles when naming their baby, but these monikers might perfectly fit a beautiful little girl (or boy!). 51. Choon-Hee. This name has a beautiful meaning that could be appropriate for a springtime arrival. Choon-Hee means “a girl born at the time of spring.” 52. Hae. This beautiful name is also romantic and a bit poetic. Hae is a pretty Korean girls’ name that means “girl who is like an ocean.” 53. Jin Ae. If you want a name that conveys how much you adore your baby girl, consider the Korean name Jin Ae, which means “truth, treasure” and “love.” 54. Myung-Ok. This beautiful Korean girls’ name combines myung, which means “bright, luminous,” with ok, meaning “pearl.” Your sweet little one is clearly a bright pearl! 55. Nari. For a pretty floral name, try Nari for your girl, which means “lily” in Korean. Nari is an indigenous name from South Korea and can also be spelled Naree. This is an excellent option if you’d like an easy American name for your Korean girl, as Lily is a good Western counterpart! 56. Soon-Bok. Soon-Bok has one of the sweetest meanings for a baby girl. Soon means “gentle” and “blessed,” and when combined, bok means “one with a gentle soul.” 57. Sun Hee. This pretty Korean girls’ name was one of the most common monikers in South Korea in the 1940s, which makes it a fun and classic girl name. It has a simple meaning of “pleasure and goodness.” 58. Sun-Hi. Sun-Hi is an alternative spelling to Sun Hee above but comes with a different meaning: “one with a good and joyful demeanor.”

59. Yeong-Suk. You might remember yeong from some of the names above. It can mean “flower,” “petal,” “brave,” and “hero.” And when combined with yeong, suk can mean “good,” “pure,” “virtuous,” and “charming.” 60. Yun Hee. This is a gender-neutral name with a very pretty meaning for a girl or boy, as yun means “lotus flower,” and when combined, hee means “pleasure.”

More Beautiful and Pretty Korean Girl Names

With so many options, we couldn’t leave names like Soo and Kyung Mi off our list, so keep reading for more beauty!

Powerful and Tough Korean Girl Names

Given that Korean culture focuses on the meanings of names, you might want to go with a powerful or tough girl name to give your little one a boost of strength! From short baby names like Eui and Gi to monikers that mean “kingdom” and “dynasty,” you have plenty of strong options. 71. Chae-Yeong. Chae means “color,” which combines well with yeong if using the meaning “jade,” especially if you like the color of jade. But yeong can also mean “glory and honor,” making Chae-Yeong a tough Korean girls’ name. 72. Eui. For a truly powerful and cool Korean girls’ name, consider Eui, which simply means “righteousness.” 73. Gi. Another cool Korean girl’s name, Gi is also quite uncommon and means “one who is brave.” 74. Haneul. If you want a powerful Korean girls’ name but also like pretty or beautiful meanings, Haneul might be the perfect moniker. It means “heaven, sky.” 75. Jee. Also spelled Ji and Chi, this is a common Korean surname that you could uniquely use as a one-syllable given name. Jee means “to know” or simply “wisdom.” 76. Ji-Won. This name has strong meanings. Interpretations for ji include “wisdom, intellect,” “will,” “purpose,” and “ambition.” And when combined, won can mean “beautiful woman” or “first, origin.” 77. Min Jung. You might be looking for a strong yet pretty Korean girls’ name. In that case, consider Min Jung, which means “bright” and “noble.” 78. Mishil. Mishil is an uncommon Korean girls’ name, as it follows the more modern and unique trend of using native Korean words as monikers. If you’re looking for royal baby names, you might like this one since it means “beautiful kingdom” or “admired dynasty.” 79. Yong. Another good example of Korean naming traditions, Yong has two common meanings: “brave” and “perpetual, eternal.” However, when Yong is used as a single-character name, you can choose just one interpretation, such as “brave.” 80. Young-Il. For a truly powerful and tough Korean girls’ name, consider Young-Il, which means “the most prosperous of all.”

More Tough and Powerful Korean Girl Names

There’s no shortage of powerful Korean girl names whose meanings suggest strength. Check out the list below for additional names with beautiful yet tough meanings.

Famous K-pop Korean Girl Names

Are you a fan of K-pop or want to use a famous singer for inspiration as you browse Korean girl names? K-pop (Korean Pop) has officially swept across the world, and you may like the following monikers from one of your favorite groups! 91. Dayul. Dayul has been a K-pop singer in numerous groups, including DAONBIN, Baby Boo, Crescendo, and Rockit Girls. Her birth name is Da-bin, which means “much, many” and “cultivated, well-bred.” 92. Eunbi. Some K-pop singers choose a stage name, but Eunbi is a fairly traditional Korean girls’ name. She’s in the group IZONE, and her name means “kindness, mercy, charity” and “rain.” 93. Irene. From the group Red Velvet, Irene is the professional name of the singer, rapper, and actress Bae Joo-hyun. Irene is a Greek name that means “peace,” and Joo-hyun (alternative spelling of Ju-hyeon) means “precious stone, gem, jewel” and “virtuous.” 94. Jisoo. Although born Ji-soo, Jisoo, a member of the group Blackpink, is the singer’s professional name. Ji means “will, purpose, ambition” or “wisdom, intellect,” and when combined, soo can mean “luxuriant, beautiful.” 95. Krystal. Krystal Jung is a Korean American singer based in South Korea with the group f(x). Her sister, Jessica, a former singer in the K-pop group Girls’ Generation, also has a Korean American girls’ name. Krystal is a variant spelling of the clear mineral crystal, but her birth name is Soon-jung, which is perfect, as it can mean “refined, elegant” and “crystal.” 96. Kyulkyung. PRISTIN is a South Korean K-pop group, and one of the singers, Kyulkkyung, is Chinese with the given name Zhou Jie Qiong. Zhou means “boat,” Jie means “heroic, outstanding,” and Qiong can mean “beautiful” or “red jade.” 97. Sana. Sana Minatozaki is a Japanese singer in the K-pop group TWICE. Though Sana is a Japanese name for girls, using hanja, it’s spelled 사나 in Korean. In Japanese, sa means “gauze, thread,” and na means “summer.” 98. Seolhyun. Born Kim Seol-hyun, Seolhyun is the mononym of the singer from AOA. There are many possible meanings for her name, but seol can mean “snow” and, when combined, hyun can mean “bright, brilliant.” 99. Somi. Although once a member of the disbanded group I.O.I, Somi is also a well-known Canadian Korean solo artist. She was born Ennik Somi Douma with the Korean girls’ name So-mi, which can mean “bright, luminous” and “beautiful, pretty.” 100. Tzuyu. The lead dancer and a vocalist in the K-pop group TWICE, Tzuyu is a good example of someone with a Korean American girls’ name in addition to other names. Born in Taiwan, her Chinese birth name is Chou Zi-yu, but her English name is Sally Chou, and her Taiwanese name is Tzuyu.

More K-pop Korean Girl Names

We can’t forget groups like LOONA and Apink, so we’ve extended our list of K-pop Korean girl names!

Good Korean Names for Girls

Hwan, Jae, Mi-hi—there are so many good Korean girl names to consider! International names are a great source of inspiration, as they often provide unique meanings, and these Korean female names certainly deliver! 111. Chae-Won. The name Chae-Won is a unique and powerful choice, as chae means “to collect, gather, and when combined, won can mean “source, origin, beginning.” 112. Eun-Yeong. Give your baby girl a cute Korean name with Eun-Yeong. Eun can mean “kindness, mercy, charity,” and yeong can mean “flower, petal” or “brave, hero.” 113. Hwan. Hwan is a common hanja combination and one with multiple similar sounds, so you have plenty of options for meanings. However, Korean parents tend to favor the interpretations of “shining, brilliant, lustrous.” 114. Hyeon. This is a powerful Korean girls’ name and one that’s pretty cute, too. It means “virtuous, worthy, able.” 115. Jae. For a short name with multiple meanings to choose from, consider Jae. Some interpretations include “talent, ability” and “wealth, riches.” 116. Kyung Soon. Set your daughter up for a peaceful future with the name Kyung Soon, which can mean “honored and mild.” 117. Kyung-Hu. If you live in a capital city and plan to raise a baby who loves her metropolis, you could use the name Kyung-Hu, which can mean “girl in the capital.” 118. Mi-hi. Among cute Korean girl names, this one might just top the list! The adorable name means “beautiful joy.” 119. Seong. You may prefer a single-character name, and Seong is a good one to choose, as it can mean “succeeded.” 120. Yeong. Another single character that stands strong on its own, yeong can mean “flower, petal” or “brave, hero.”

More Good Korean Girl Names

With meanings like “beautiful pearl” and “brightness, pleasure,” these Korean girl names had to make the list!

If you’d like some additional inspiration from other languages, check out these lists of international names:

Even More Korean Names for Girls

The combinations of Korean female names are nearly endless. Here are additional options for even more inspiration!

The Bottom Line

In Korean culture, parents often choose their baby’s name based on its meaning. But since there are so many combinations of hanja (Korean letters), the list of meaningful Korean girl names is almost endless! You can mix and match and use your creativity to pick your little one’s moniker, or go with one of the more common names or one-syllable girl names from our list.

If you’re simply using our list of Korean female names to inspire you, check out our list of Asian girl names or Hawaiian names for girls for even more ideas!

We hope you have the baby-naming inspiration you need! As you consider your choices, don’t forget to stock up on those baby essentials. And with the Pampers Club app, you get rewards for all those future diapers and wipes purchases.