Top Baby Girl Names That Start With X

While awaiting your new arrival, there’s nothing more exciting than choosing a name to fit your baby girl. If you’re drawn to female names with the X-factor, or perhaps X names run in your family, we’ve got some great choices of popular, unique, cute, cool, and even some pretty girl names that start with X and their meanings.

Our Top Girl Names That Start With X

X girl names are unique by nature, with only two of them ranking in the top 1000 girl names for 2020. However, we’ve come up with some of our own top girl names starting with X: 1. Ximena. This Spanish baby girl name pronounced khee-MEH-na, was the top X girl’s name in the United States for 2020. It’s the feminine version of Ximeno meaning “son,” and was the name of the wife of Castilian knight and national hero, El Cid.

2. Xiomara. One of only two X names in the top 1000 girl names of 2020 was the pretty Xiomara, pronounced syo-MA-ra. This popular Spanish name means “famous in battle,” and with cute nickname choices such as Xio or Mara, it’s a hard name to resist.

3. Xandra. A short form of Alexandra meaning “defender,” this could be a cool and unique option if you want to name your little one after a family member named Alexandra or Sandra.

4. Xanthe. If you’re looking for a beautiful X name for your golden-haired baby girl, look no further than this Greek name meaning “yellow or golden.” Xanthe also features in Greek mythology as a water-nymph, or one of the Amazons, giving this name an ethereal and strong feel for your little warrior.

5. Xara. This sweet name with an edgy X at the beginning is potentially a version of Zara or Sara meaning “bright,” or “princess.”

6. Xayah. Although the origins of this name are uncertain, it possibly comes from the Japanese name Saya meaning “sand,” or the Mongolian name Zaya meaning “destiny.” Either way, this is a beautifully feminine sounding name with a cool twist.

7. Xavia. Do you have family members with the popular male name Xavier? Well, perhaps you’d like to honor them with this feminine version of the name. Naming your baby after a family member always adds a special touch to a name.

8. Xena. It’s difficult to hear this name without thinking of Xena the Warrior Princess from the 1990s TV show. If you want strong female role-model for your own little warrior, you’ll find one with this cool name!

9. Xianna. This modern name comes from Xuliana, the Galician version of the classic name Juliana, meaning “youthful.” You could even choose a cute nickname like Anna.

10. Xion. If you’re looking for a unique spin on a biblical baby name, Xion is variant of Zion, an alternate name used in the Bible for Jerusalem and the land of Israel.


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Unique Girl Names That Start With X

Women’s names beginning with X are already quite uncommon, but we’ve come up with some of the most unique girl names that start with X to help inspire you: 11. Xaawo. Believe it or not, Xaawo is the Somali form of Eve meaning “life.” Perhaps this version could breathe new life into the biblical classic.

12. Xadriana. This unique name is a blend of Xavier and Adriana, meaning “new home” and “from Adria.” It’s a fun choice if your baby girl has parents or grandparents with those names.

13. Xanh. In Vietnamese, this name pronounced SAN means “green” or “blue.” It’s a unique and cute moniker for a baby girl with green, blue eyes.

14. Xanna. Possibly based on the name Zanna, subsequently from Susanna meaning “lily” in Hebrew. Xanna makes a great alternative to the old-fashioned girl’s name.

15. Xanthi. This is the modern Greek version of the mythological baby name, Xanthe. Either choice, meaning “golden,” is a unique winner for your golden child.

16. Xiang. Pronounced SHYAHNG, this is the name of a river in Southern China, as well as a name meaning “good luck,” or “fragrant.”

17. Xinlin. Another unique Chinese name is this beautiful sounding name, usually pronounced SHEEN-LEEN. The first part of the name means “dawn,” “wealthy,” or “heart,” whereas the lin ending means “forest.” There are plenty of lovely meanings for this interesting girl’s name starting with X.

18. Xosha. Pronounced Zo-sha, Xosha is a variant of Xhosa, the name of an ethnic group and language used in South Africa. A famous bearer of this name is The Mindy Project and Precious actress Xosha Roquemore.

19. Xquenda. From the indigenous Zapotec people of Mexico, this name meaning “spirit,” and “soul” is certainly unique sounding but with a heavenly touch due to its meanings.

20. Xue. If your little one is born in winter, this Chinese name pronounced SHWEH means “snow.” It’s a sweet and unusual name for your little Snow White.

More Unique Girl Names That Start With X

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Cool Girl Names That Start With X

Are you looking for a name with some serious X-factor? Perhaps you’d like a cool meaning or a strong female namesake. If so, we’ve got some inspiring and cool girl names that start with X: 31. Xainte. This cool variant of the French girl name Sainte comes from the Latin sancta meaning “sacred” and “holy.” If you’re looking for a cool spin on a religious name, Xainte might be for you.

32. Xanadu. Xanadu is the name of the ancient summer capital of Kublai Khan's empire in China. English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge based his 1816 poem “Kublai Khan” on a dream he had after reading about Xanadu. A cool and interesting choice for poetry lovers.

33. Xand. This short name is a great choice if you’re looking for a strong gender-neutral name. It’s a diminutive of Alexander and Alexandra, meaning “defender of men.” In mythology, Alexandra was the epithet given to the Greek goddess of family and childbirth, Hera, a wonderful namesake to honor the process of your little goddess entering the world.

34. Xaniyah. If you’re a fan of celestial names, Xaniyah is a cool variant of the name Zaniah, which itself is another name for the triple star system in the constellation of Virgo. You could give this name to a Virgo baby.

35. Xanthippe. This ancient Greek name meaning “yellow horse” is famously the wife of the philosopher Socrates, known for her spirit and ill-temper. Hopefully your little lady will be more spirited than bad-tempered.

36. Xasmina. If you’re looking for a unique twist on flower names for girls, Xasmina is the Galician form of Jasmine, the fragrant flower often used in perfumes. This sweet-smelling name is also reminiscent of Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.

37. Xatia. Xatia is a Georgian name and a variation of Khatia meaning “icon,” or “to be painted.” Perhaps your baby girl will grow up to become an artist with this cool name.

38. Xayide. For fans of fantasy, this cool X girl’s name has a dark twist. Xayide is a powerful and evil sorceress, the Mistress of Emptiness, in Michael Ende's 1979 novel The Neverending Story. A must for fans of the classic novel and movies.

39. Xenopatra. From the Greek xenos meaning “foreign,” and patra meaning “fatherland,” Xenopatra is also found in Greek mythology. It’s also hard not to be reminded of the name Cleopatra when you hear this name, so, consider it a unique version of the royal ancient Egyptian name.

40. Xitlali. This is a variant of the Native American, Nahuatl name Citlali. It’s meaning of “star” gives it a cool and bright vibe for your baby girl.

More Cool Girl Names That Start With X

Cute Girl Names That Start With X

If you’re looking for a girl’s name that is as endearing and sweet as your little lady, then check out our list of the cutest girl names that start with X: 51. Xalila. This cute name is the Uzbec form of the Arabic name Khalilah meaning “friend.” It’s ending can be pronounced LIE-la, or LEE-lah, both of which give the name a sweet touch.

52. Xalwo. If you have a sweet tooth, Xalwo simply means “sweet” in Somali. It comes from the name of a popular Somali dessert eaten on special occasions.

53. Xami. In the eastern Indian state of Mizoram, this short and cute name means “full of wisdom.” It could be used as a unique version of Sam, or Sammi, meaning “flower.”

54. Xan. Pronounced ZAN, this one-syllable girl’s name may be the short form of Xanthe, Alexandra, or any names containing xan. It’s cute, strong, and zingy!

55. Xana. In Asturian mythology, Xana is a beautiful, fair-haired female creature who lives in waterfalls, fountains, or rivers. This mythical name may be derived from the name of the goddess Diana. It’s a beautifully ethereal choice for a blonde-haired water sign baby.

56. Xia. Pronounced SHYAH in Chinese, this adorable little moniker means “summer,” or “rosy clouds.,” making it a lovely choice for a summer baby. In English, you may also pronounce this name as ZEE-ah and use it as a short form of Alexia.

57. Xinyi. Another endearing Chinese name is Xinyi, pronounced SHEEN-EE. It has the delightful meanings of “joyous,” “heart, mind, soul,” and “harmony.”

58. Xiu. Not only does this short baby name have a sweet spelling, but its pronunciation of SHYO is also hard to resist. Meaning “luxuriant,” or “elegant,” Xiu is perfect for your graceful little princess.

59. Xuân. For a springtime baby, this Vietnamese name pronounced SWUN simply means “spring.”

60. Xulia. Pronounced SHOO-lyu, Xulia is the Galician form of the endearing classic name Julia. Perhaps you could use this cute and unique version to honor a family member named Julia.

More Cute Girl Names That Start With X

Pretty Girl Names That Start With X

Whether you’re looking for an attractive name inspired by nature and flowers, or an X girl’s name that simply has a beautiful ring to it, check out our list of pretty girl names that start with X: 71. Xandrella. This rare Portuguese name with an unknown meaning, has the attractive and popular ella ending which adds to the attractiveness of this X girl’s name. It’s reminiscent of the famous fairy tale name Cinderella, or Ella for short.

72. Xanım. Of Azerbaijani origin, this unusual name means “lady” and comes from the Turkish word hanım, referring to a royal or aristocratic female.

73. Xantiana. If you want a pretty X girl’s name that’s also a flower name, the Clarkia xantiana is a species in the evening primrose family, and Chaenactis xantiana is from the Asteraceae’s family. A cute nickname for Xantiana could be Tiana, another popular princess name from the movie The Princess and the Frog.

74. Xenia. This beautiful Ancient Greek name means “hospitality,” giving it a sweet, homely vibe. It’s a name that’s often used in Russia, Ukraine, and Spain, with various spellings such as Xeniya, or Ksenia also available.

75. Xhesika. A pretty name of Albanian origin, Xhesika is a variant of Jessica meaning “to behold.” Xhesika Berberi is an Albanian model who was crowned Miss Universe Albania in 2011.

76. Xiadani. In the Zapotec, Native American language, Xiadani means “the arrival of the flower,” evoking images of springtime and blooming flowers. This pretty X name could honor the arrival of your own little spring flower.

77. Xiulan. If you want a name that evokes beauty, Xiulan pronounced SHYO-LANH literally means “beautiful,” “elegant,” and “orchid.” If you’re a lover of the elegant orchid flower, this name is a pretty choice for your baby girl.

78. Xiuying. The xiu part of this name has the same meaning as the Xiu in Xiulan, “beautiful,” and “elegant,” whereas the second half of the name changes and means “flower” or “hero.”

79. Xoana. This Galician name is ultimately derived from John, meaning “God is gracious.” It could be a unique alternative to the classic Joanna or the equally pretty Hawaiian girl’s name Moana.

80. Xochiquetzal. If you’re a fan of unique long baby names, this name pronounced sho-chee-KEHT-sash was the name of the Aztec goddess of love, beauty, art, and flowers. An evocative and other-worldly namesake for your own goddess.

More Pretty Girl Names That Start With X

Get inspired and feel the beauty with even more of our pretty girl names that start with X:

Even More Girl Names That Start With X

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby girl names starting with X, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our unique girl names that start with Y , or if you’re expecting twins, we’ve got the top twin baby names for your sweet pair. Now is a good time, whether you’re early in your pregnancy or getting ready to pack your hospital bag, to download the Pampers Club app so you can get rewards and discounts for your diapers.

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