Pretty, Beautiful, and Cute Boy Names and Their Meanings

If you’re searching for a baby name for your little man, you may want something that not only sounds cute and pretty, but also holds a beautiful meaning. With endless options available, it can be a big task to narrow down the list. Fear not! We've compiled a list of the most adorable and sweet boy names that are sure to steal your heart. From traditional to modern, each name not only is pleasing to the ears but also carries a special significance.

Top Cute Boy Names

Looking for a cute boy name that's both trendy and timeless? Look no further than some of the top names on the U.S. Social Security Administration's list of most popular boy names in 2022. These good boy names are not only popular but also incredibly adorable, making any of them a perfect fit for your little one.

1. Asher. Asher is a Hebrew name that means “happy” or “blessed.” It’s also the name of a biblical figure who was the son of Jacob and Zilpah. With those adorable meanings, it’s no wonder this cute boys’ name is so popular. 2. Ben. This is the cute short form of the name Benjamin, which is currently in the top 10 boy names in the United States. It’s of Hebrew origin and means “son of the right hand.” Famous namesakes include the American founding father Benjamin Franklin and actor Ben Stiller. 3. Caleb. If you want a cute meaning, this boys’ name means “whole of my heart” in Hebrew, or alternatively, it may mean “dog,” which is perfect for dog lovers. In the Bible, Caleb was a companion of Joshua and a notable spy who was praised for his loyalty to God. 4. Cooper. This is a sweet and playful English name that originally denoted a barrel-maker or a repairer. It has become a popular choice in recent years and is shared by notable figures like actor Bradley Cooper. 5. Daniel. Here we have another classic Hebrew boys’ name. Daniel means “God is my judge” and is the name of a biblical figure who was a wise and virtuous advisor to the Babylonian king. Famous Daniels include Daniel Defoe, the author of the classic novel Robinson Crusoe, and actor Daniel Radcliffe. Some adorable nicknames for this popular boys’ name include Dan and Danny. 6. Elias. Elias is a Greek variant of the Hebrew name Elijah, meaning “Yahweh is God” (Yahweh refers to the Hebrew God). It’s a cute boys’ name that has been increasing in popularity each year. 7. Ezra. Another Hebrew name that’s aesthetically pleasing is Ezra. Meaning “help” this boys’ name is adorable for your sweet little helper as he grows up. 8. Gabriel. Meaning “God is my strength,” Gabriel is an archangel in the Bible who serves as a messenger of God. The Irish actor Gabriel Byrne and the Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez also bear this cute and angelic boys' name. 9. Henry. If you’re looking for a cute yet regal boys’ name, go with Henry, an English name of Germanic origin meaning “home ruler.” Many kings and famous figures have held the name, including the English king Henry VIII and the naturalist and author Henry David Thoreau. 10. Isaac. Derived from the Hebrew name Yitzhak, Isaac means “he will laugh” or “son of laughter.” Isaac is a significant biblical figure and the name of many renowned individuals, such as physicist Sir Isaac Newton and science fiction author Isaac Asimov. 11. Jack. Jack, a charming and timeless boys’ name, is a cute diminutive of John, meaning “God is gracious.” The name has been popular for centuries and is associated with famous figures like American actor Jack Nicholson and British author Jack London. 12. James. With origins in the Hebrew name Yaakov, James means “supplanter” or “one who follows.” This name for boys has a classic and cute appeal; famous namesakes include U.S. presidents James Madison and James Monroe, author James Joyce, and actor James Dean. 13. Leo. A cute and powerful boys’ name, Leo comes from the Latin word for “lion.” It has been a popular name for centuries, borne by numerous saints, 13 popes, and famous people like artist Leonardo da Vinci and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s also the fifth zodiac sign, so if your little one is born a Leo, why not choose this adorable boys’ name? 14. Liam. Liam is an adorable Irish diminutive of the name William, meaning “strong-willed warrior” or “protector.” The name's popularity has soared in recent years and it now sits on the top spot in the United States. 15. Lucas. Of Latin origin, this cute boys’ name means “light-giving” or “illumination,” adding a bright and cheerful quality to the name. Lucas is popular worldwide and is the name of many famous personalities, including American filmmaker George Lucas and Brazilian soccer player Lucas Moura. 16. Mateo. An endearing Spanish form of Matthew, Mateo means “gift of God.” The name exudes warmth and charm and has been growing in popularity in recent years. 17. Noah. Noah, a name with a soft and gentle sound, is of Hebrew origin and means “rest” or “comfort.” In the Bible, Noah is a righteous man chosen by God to build the Ark. The name has become increasingly popular and is shared by notable people like American actor Noah Centineo and Canadian singer Noah Reid. 18. Oliver. A cute and classic boys’ name, Oliver means “olive tree.” The name is associated with peace and prosperity and is borne by author Charles Dickens' character Oliver Twist and American actor Oliver Platt. This is the most popular boys name starting with the letter O. 19. Samuel. Samuel, an endearing Hebrew name, means “asked of God” or “heard by God.” The name has a rich biblical history, as Samuel was a prophet and judge in ancient Israel. And for extra cuteness, you can use the short forms, Sam, Sammy, or Sami. 20. Theo. This lovable and friendly name is a short form of Theodore, meaning “gift of God” in Greek. The name's simplicity and adorable charm make it a popular choice for baby boys.


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More Top Cute Boy Names

Here are even more cute boy names to help win your heart:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Pretty and Cute Boy Names

Pretty names aren’t just for girls—these cute male monikers have delightful sounds and meanings, too, such as sweet Finn from Irish mythology, or the nature-inspired Silas, meaning “of the forest.” Consider these pretty and cute boy names for your son:

41. Adrian. A strong and pretty name of Latin origin, meaning “from Hadria” or “dark one,” making it a cute option for your dark-haired baby boy. 42. Alexander. A classic and regal name of Greek origin, meaning “defender of the people.” Alexander also offers cute diminutives, such as Al, Ali, Alec, Alex, Lex, and Zander—giving this boys’ name an extra cute boost! Famous Alexanders include the ancient Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great and the American founding father Alexander Hamilton. 43. August. This is a sophisticated and charming name derived from the Latin word augustus, meaning “majestic” or “venerable.” And the fact that it’s also the name of a month makes this pretty boys’ name even cuter. 44. Beckett. Beckett is a cute and modern boys’ name of English origin, meaning “bee cottage” or “little brook”—now that’s cute! A famous Beckett includes the Irish playwright, Samuel Beckett. 45. Charlie. Derived from the classic name Charles, meaning “free man” in Old English, Charlie is a playful and cute boys’ name. Famous Charlies include actor Charlie Chaplin and musician Charlie Puth. 46. Declan. The boys’ name Declan has all the Irish charm with its cute meaning of “full of goodness.” That’s certainly a trait many of us wish for our children. 47. Elliot. Of English origin, meaning “Jehovah is God” or “strongly believing,” Elliot is both pretty and adorable as a boys’ name. Famous Elliots include the American actor Elliot Page. 48. Felix. A happy and lively name of Latin origin, meaning “fortunate” or “lucky,” Felix is one of the cutest boy names on our list thanks to its attractive meaning and delightful sound. 49. Finn. Finn is fast becoming a popular Irish boys’ name in many countries thanks to its cute spelling and adventurous vibe. It means “fair” or “white.” Famous Finns include the Irish hero Finn MacCool and the American actor Finn Wolfhard. 50. Grayson. This is a stylish and modern name of English origin, meaning “son of the gray-haired one” or “son of the steward.” 51. Harrison. If you’re a music fan, you might enjoy using this strong and handsome name to honor the Beatles' George Harrison. Harrison means “son of Harry” and also belongs to the American actor Harrison Ford. 52. Jasper. A cute and sophisticated boys’ name of Persian origin, Jasper means “treasurer.” 53. Julian. Julian has a pretty and elegant vibe and means “youthful.” Famous Julians include the Roman emperor Julian the Apostate and the British author Julian Barnes. 54. Kieran. Another sweet and friendly boys’ name of Irish origin is this cute moniker, meaning “little dark one.” Will you pick this for your handsome dark-haired boy? Actor Kieran Culkin is a famous bearer of this name. 55. Maxwell. Here’s a dashing name of Scottish origin, meaning “great stream” or “Mack's stream.” And, of course, for extra cuteness, you can use the adorable short form of this boys’ name, Max. 56. Orion. If you’re looking for a pretty boys’ name, you can’t go wrong with names from Greek mythology. Orion is a unique and celestial name of Greek origin, inspired by the constellation Orion, the name of a mythological hunter. It has the beautiful meaning of “light of the heavens” or “son of fire.” 57. Roman. This powerful and noble name of Latin origin means “citizen of Rome.” And just because it’s a strong name for boys doesn’t mean it can’t also be cute. 58. Silas. There’s something extra pretty about nature-inspired boy names, and Silas is no exception. Meaning “of the forest” in Latin, Silas comes from the name Silvanus, which is the name of the Roman god of forests. If you love nature, this might be the name for you! 59. Tristan. Tristan is a romantic and cute boys’ name of Celtic origin, meaning “noise” or “sorrowful.” Tristan is the legendary Cornish hero from the medieval tale of Tristan and Isolde. 60. Xavier. A cute and intriguing boys’ name of Basque origin, meaning “new house” or “bright.” And as boy names that start with X are relatively rare, this is perfect if you want something unique.

More Pretty and Cute Boy Names

With endless cute names and pretty meanings, the list just keeps going:

Beautiful and Cute Boy Names

Like the pretty boy names listed above, these beautiful monikers have bundles of charm. From celestial names such as Sirius to classic names with adorable meanings like Arthur, meaning “bear,” we’ve got plenty of options to melt your heart.

81. Alfred. Alfred is a classic English name with royal connotations, meaning “wise counselor.” Famous namesakes include the renowned poet Alfred Tennyson and the legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, adding a touch of sophistication to this cute boys’ name. 82. Altair. Of Arabic origin, this beautiful boys’ name means “the flying one” or “bird.” Altair is also the brightest star in the constellation Aquila. 83. Arthur. Steeped in history and mythology, Arthur is a charming boys’ name of Celtic origin that has the adorable and fierce meaning of “bear.” It is most famously associated with the legendary King Arthur of Camelot, making it an enchanting choice for a little boy. 84. Bodhi. Derived from Sanskrit, this beautiful boys’ name means “awakening” or “enlightenment” and is often associated with spiritual growth and understanding. 85. Casimir. Derived from Slavic, this cool and unique boys’ name means “bringer of peace.” Casimir Pulaski, a Polish nobleman and American Revolutionary War hero, is a famous namesake. 86. Caspian. Bringing to mind the Caspian Sea, this name carries a connection to water and the vastness of nature, making it a beautiful name choice for your baby boy. 87. Ellis. Of Welsh origin, this cute name means “benevolent” or “kind.” What a charming name for a sweet baby boy. 88. Forest. With English roots, this name means “woods” or “forest” and evokes the beauty and serenity of nature. Nature-inspired names are a winner if you’re looking for something beautiful and strong for a baby boy. 89. Heath. Of English origin, this cute, one-syllable boys’ name means “moorland dweller” or “heathland.” 90. Indigo. This unique and cute boys’ name, of Greek origin, refers to the deep blue color often found in nature, giving it a vibrant and creative vibe. 91. Jonah. There’s little more beautiful than peace—and this name symbolizes just that! With Hebrew roots, Jonah means “dove” or “peace.” 92. Linden. Derived from English, this beautiful boys’ name refers to the linden tree, known for its fragrant flowers and heart-shaped leaves. Linden is often associated with love and tranquility. 93. Marlow. Of English origin, this cute male name means “remnants of a lake.” It’s a charming name that evokes images of peaceful waters. 94. Oakley. With English roots, this cute name means “oak tree clearing” and is a strong, nature-inspired name for a little guy. 95. River. This nature-inspired name has its roots in English and is often used for those who feel a strong connection to flowing water and the tranquility it provides. 96. Sirius. Of Greek origin, Sirius means “glowing” or “scorching.” This boys’ name is also the brightest star in the night sky and is known as the Dog Star, adding to its beautiful vibe. This is the name of Harry’s godfather in the Harry Potter series. 97. Stellan. Derived from Swedish, this boys’ name means “calm” or “peaceful one,” which are beautiful meanings for a child. Stellan Skarsgård, a Swedish actor, is a well-known bearer of this name. 98. Vale. With English roots, this cute boys’ name means “valley” or “dweller in the valley.” Vale is a serene name that evokes images of peaceful landscapes—perfect for nature-loving families. 99. Zephyr. Derived from Greek, this name refers to the west wind and is often associated with gentle breezes and the soft movement of air—a beautiful image, especially for an air sign baby (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius).

More Beautiful and Cute Boy Names

Embrace the beauty with more cute boy names with their beautiful meanings:

Sweet Boy Names

We’ve gathered some of the most charming and sweet-sounding boy names that would be perfect for your little angel. Each name holds a special meaning and is sure to make your heart smile every time you call out to your little one. So, let's take a look at these sweet boy names and find the one that perfectly suits your bundle of joy! 115. Archer: Derived from English, this name means "bowman" or "archer." It evokes images of the skilled hunter and a connection to the natural world. 116. Archie. An adorable and playful boys’ name, Archie is actually a shortened form of Archibald, which has Germanic roots, but has become common as a British boys’ name. It means “genuine” and “bold.” Its recent resurgence in popularity can be attributed to the British royal family, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle named their firstborn son Archie. 117. Bram. With Hebrew roots, this sweet and unique boys’ name means “father of many” and is a short form of Abraham. Bram Stoker, the Irish author of Dracula, shares this name. 118. Cedar. This nature-inspired name comes from the cedar tree, known for its beauty and strength. 119. Dorian. Of Greek origin, this sweet and ethereal name for boys means “child of the sea” or “gift of the ocean”—a lovely choice for ocean lovers or water sign babies (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Dorian is the name given to the main character in Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. 120. Elio. With Italian roots, this name means “sun” and carries a sense of warmth and light for a sweet baby boy. 121. Flynn. Derived from Irish, this name means “son of the red-haired one” or “bright red.” If you’re a family of redheads, this might be a sweet choice. 122. Hugo: This German boys’ name is a form of Hugh and means “mind” or “intellect,” carrying a sense of wisdom and intelligence, while also being cute and charming. 123. Michael. Michael is a sweet and timeless boys’ name with Hebrew origins, meaning “who is like God?” With its strong biblical association and numerous famous namesakes, this classic name remains a popular and endearing choice for boys. 124. Milo. Of German origin, this name means “merciful” or “soldier,” carrying a sense of compassion and bravery. 125. Otis. This sweet boys’ name means “wealthy” or “fortunate” and is often associated with success and happiness. A famous bearer of this name is the iconic singer Otis Redding. 126. Peregrine. If you love to travel, consider this unique name, which means “traveler” or “pilgrim” in Latin. 127. Quill. Of English origin, this literary name refers to a feather used for writing and is often associated with creativity and expression. Why not pick this for your future author? 128. Rowan. Rowan means “little red one” in Gaelic and refers to the rowan tree, which has red berries and is considered sacred in Celtic mythology. 129. Sage. Derived from Latin, this sweet boys’ name means “wise.” Sage is also an aromatic plant used for its culinary and medicinal properties. 130. Skyler. With Dutch roots, this name means “scholar” or “protection.” 131. Tadhg. Pronounced TIEG, this adorable Irish name is perfect for lovers of literature as it means “poet” or “philosopher.” Tadhg Furlong, an Irish rugby player, is a famous namesake. 132. Thomas. If you’re expecting double the fun, you might like this classic name that means “twin.” And you may find its adorable counterpart on this list, or in our list of cute girl names. 133. Wren. From the name of the small, melodious songbird, Wren is a charming and sweet name for boys and girls that is often associated with joy and music. 134. Zane. Of Hebrew origin, this name means “gift from God.” A sweet choice for your own special little gift!

More Sweet Boy Names

Got a taste for something sweet? Here are even more tasty treats for you to check out:

Nice and Adorable Boy Names

These boy names not only are nice-sounding but also hold delightful meanings, such as “peace” or “little star.” Whether you prefer classic names or unique monikers, these nice and adorable boy names are sure to capture your heart. 150. Atticus. This name, of Latin origin, means “man of Attica.” Atticus Finch is a well-known character from Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird. 151. Edward. A nice and elegant boys’ name with Old English origins, Edward means “wealthy guardian.” It has been borne by many English kings and literary characters. And why not try out Ed or Eddy for some extra cuteness? 152. Evander. With Greek roots, this name means “good man” or “strong man.” Evander Holyfield, a retired American boxer, is a famous namesake. 153. George. The name George is a nice boys’ name with a wholesome vibe thanks to its meanings of “farmer” or “earthworker.” It has been a popular choice among British royalty for centuries. 154. Lev. If you want a unique alternative to the name Leo, this Russian boys’ name might be for you. Meaning “lion,” Lev is as adorable as it is fierce! 155. Micah. Derived from Hebrew, this adorable boys’ name means “who is like God?” 156. Rigel. Of Arabic origin, this unique and adorable boys’ name means “foot” and refers to the bright star in the constellation Orion. 157. Sol. Meaning “sun” in Spanish or “peace” in Hebrew, this adorable name is a nice choice for a bright and serene baby boy. 158. Sterling. The meanings of this boys’ name add to its adorable vibe for your nice little guy. Sterling means “little star” or “genuine, of high quality” in English. 159. Umar. If you have Arabic heritage, you might enjoy this adorable Arabic boys’ name, meaning “life.” What a great way to celebrate the new life entering the world! 160. Wyatt. Derived from English, this boys’ name means “brave in war” and carries a sense of courage, while also being cute thanks to its short and sweet spelling.

More Nice and Adorable Boy Names

Even More Pretty, Beautiful, and Cute Names for Boys

The Bottom Line

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a significant decision, and we hope we helped make this process a bit easier with our list of pretty, beautiful, and cute monikers. Each name carries a special meaning or significance that may melt hearts or make your little one stand out. So, whether you choose a beautiful celestial name, a classic name steeped in history, or simply a short and sweet-sounding moniker, we hope you enjoy this baby naming journey! And for more inspiration, try our Baby Name Generator. And if you’ve got some spare time on your hands (before your little one arrives), download the Pampers Club app to get rewards and discounts on all those diapers your little guy needs.