One Syllable Boy Names and Their Meanings

When it comes to naming your child, you may be seeking a name that embodies your hopes and dreams for your little one. In the realm of boy names, simplicity has captured the hearts of many, and one-syllable boy names offer a distinct charm. Take a look at our list of popular, unique, strong, cute, cool, and biblical one-syllable boy names, and find something simple yet significant for your new arrival.

Popular One-Syllable Boy Names

Are you on the lookout for the year's most popular boy names? If so, check out our compilation of the top single-syllable boy names based on the latest statistics in the United States. From the classic James to the unique Gael, we’ve got some great choices for you to choose from. 1. James. Currently the top one-syllable boys’ name in the United States, James is a classic name of Hebrew origin, derived from the name Jacob. Famous namesakes include British actor James McAvoy, Irish poet James Joyce, and fictional spy James Bond. An interesting fact: James has been in the top 20 popular boy names in the United States since these records began in 1880! 2. Jack. Jack is a popular one-syllable boy's name of English origin, derived from the name John, meaning “God is gracious.” Famous namesakes include actor Jack Nicholson and former president John F. Kennedy, who was often called Jack by friends and family. 3. John. Here’s another top one-syllable boys’ name starting with the letter J. John is a timeless name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.” Famous namesakes include musician John Lennon and actor John Travolta. 4. Luke. Meaning “from Lucania” or “bringer of light,” Luke is a popular one-syllable boys’ name, perfect for the little man who’ll bring light into your life. Famous namesakes include actor Luke Wilson and the biblical figure Luke the Evangelist. 5. Kai. Kai is a one-syllable boys’ name of Hawaiian, Japanese, and Scandinavian origins, meaning “sea,” “forgiveness,” and “earth,” respectively. 6. Brooks. Here's a name that means “of the brook” or “small stream” in English. Famous namesakes include country singer Garth Brooks and professional golfer Brooks Koepka. 7. Beau. Your baby boy may just be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen—so why not give him a name to reflect that? Beau is of French origin, meaning “handsome” or “beautiful.” 8. Jace. Jace is a one-syllable boy's name of English origin, derived from the name Jason, meaning “healer” or “the Lord is salvation.” 9. Gael. Of Breton origin, Gael has recently seen a rise in its popularity in the United States. It was originally used as a name for speakers of the Gaelic language. 10. Chase. This one-syllable boy's name of English origin means “to hunt/chase” and was originally used as a nickname for a huntsman.


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Unique and Rare One-Syllable Boy Names

If you're seeking a truly distinctive choice, look no further than our curated list of unique and rare boy names with one syllable.

11. Bay. Meaning “berry” in Latin, this unique one-syllable boys’ name is perfect for lovers of the water and is a nice alternative to the names River and Lake. 12. Bram. Reminiscent of the Dracula author, Bram Stoker, this cool and unique one-syllable boys’ name is actually a short form of Abraham, meaning “father of many” in Hebrew. 13. Cade. Cade comes from an English surname that was originally derived from a nickname meaning "round" in Old English. 14. Dex. Dex was used as an occupational name in Old England, meaning “one who dyes.” This single-syllable boys’ name is the short form of Dexter. 15. Fang. If you love unique baby names from around the world, choose this one-syllable Chinese boys’ name that means “fragrant, virtuous, beautiful.” 16. Freyr. Unique and cool, Freyr is a one-syllable boys’ name that means “lord” in Old Norse. It’s the name of the Norse god of fertility, sunlight, and rain. He was also the husband of Gerd, the giantess. 17. Graeme. From a Scottish surname meaning “gravelly homestead,” Graeme is a variant of Graham. The unique spelling of this one-syllable boys’ name is what makes this name stand out from the crowd. 18. Gwyn. Gwyn is a rare and unique one-syllable name for baby boys. In Welsh mythology, this name belonged to a king of the otherworld and leader of the wild hunt. It also has the beautiful meanings of “fair” and “blessed.” 19. Mars. Meaning “male,” Mars is the name of the God of war in Roman mythology. And it’s also the fourth planet in the solar system—making it an appropriate choice if you love celestial-inspired names. 20. Tyne. From the name of an English river, Tyne is a rare one-syllable boys’ name that’s perfect for water sign babies (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

More Unique and Rare One-Syllable Boy Names

Embrace individuality with even more unique one-syllable boy names:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Classic and Old-Fashioned One-Syllable Boy Names

In a world where trends come and go, why not embrace the timeless elegance of classic and old-fashioned boy names. If you’re seeking a touch of nostalgia and a nod to the past, you’ll find many classic one-syllable boy names to charm you, including regal Charles and down-to-earth Tom. 31. Bill. Borne by many famous faces, such as Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, this classic one-syllable name is the short form of William, meaning “resolute protection.” Perhaps it’s time to dust this name off and give it a new lease on life! 32. Burt. From the actor Burt Reynolds to the composer Burt Bacharach, this old-fashioned one-syllable boys’ name has a classic and iconic vibe thanks to its famous namesakes. 33. Charles. Looking for a royal baby name? Then why not celebrate the new king of England with Charles? This regal name has been used by many kings and Holy Roman Emperors throughout history. 34. George. If you come from an agricultural family, you may appreciate the meaning of this classic one-syllable boys’ name: “farmer, earth-worker.” George is also known for being the name of a saint who is believed to have defeated a dragon (in legends, of course). Other famous Georges include George Washington, musician George Harrison, and authors George Orwell and George Eliot (which were actually their pen names). 35. Hugh. Of Old German origin, Hugh has the sweet meanings of “heart, mind, spirit.” This classic single-syllable boys’ name was brought to England by the Normans. 36. Nick. This short form of Nicholas means “victory of the people” in Greek. It has remained in the top 100 boy names in the United States since 1972 and has many variations around the world. Saint Nick is the patron saint of children, sailors, and merchants. 37. Ray. This one-syllable boys’ name is the short form of the old-fashioned name Raymond, meaning “advice, decision” or “beam of light.” 38. Steve. Steve is the short form of Steven or Stephen and means “garland, crown” in Greek. It’s a classic and common one-syllable name borne by the late technology entrepreneur Steve Jobs and by movie director Steven Spielberg. 39. Tom. If you’re expecting double the fun, this short form of Thomas means “twin” in Aramaic. Famous bearers of this single-syllable boys’ name include actors Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks and football player Tom Brady. 40. Walt. Here’s a short form of another classic name: Walter. It’s a wholesome and old-fashioned one-syllable boys’ name that means “ruler of the army” in Old German. Vintage names are making a big comeback, so get this German boys’ name while it’s hot!

More Classic and Old-Fashioned One-Syllable Boy Names

Keep connecting with tradition with even more 1-syllable boy names:

Strong and Powerful One-Syllable Boy Names

Looking for a strong and powerful boys’ name for your little one? Check out these one-syllable options that pack a punch, conveying strength and confidence. From Bruce to Rex, these one-syllable boy names are sure to inspire and impress. 51. Brick. Brick is a strong and sturdy one-syllable male name thanks to its relation to the construction material. But Brick is actually an Anglicized form of various names, including the Slovenian name Bric, meaning “bridge.” 52. Bruce. This strong and masculine one-syllable boys’ name comes from a Scottish surname. Not only is it the name of actors Bruce Lee and Bruce Willis, but it was also the surname of the fourteenth-century king and hero, Robert the Bruce, adding to the name’s powerful vibe. If you like this one, you might enjoy our dedicated list of Scottish boy names. 53. Chad. This strong one-syllable boys’ name peaked in popularity in the 1970s but has been declining ever since. With its strong sound and meaning of “battle, warrior,” perhaps it’s time for Chad to make a comeback. 54. Drew. Meaning “strong” and “manly,” it’s no wonder this one-syllable boys’ name is on our list of strong monikers. It’s actually a short form of the classic name Andrew, which has Greek origins. 55. Hank. Hank is a short form of the medieval name Hankin, and more recently a diminutive of Henry. Meaning “home ruler,” this name of English and German origin has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. It’s a strong and sturdy one-syllable boys’ name for your own little home-ruler. 56. Mark. The name Mark likely comes from the Roman name Marcus, which itself may be derived from Mars (the Roman god). Meaning “warlike,” Mark has a strong and determined sound while remaining a classic boys’ name. 57. Neil. There’s some dispute about whether Neil is a one or two-syllable name—but it all depends on your pronunciation. It originates from the Irish name Niall, meaning “champion,” “passion,” or “cloud.” The American astronaut Neil Armstrong is a famous bearer of this Irish boys’ name. Your little one could make big steps with this strong name! 58. Rex. Looking for a name fit for a king? Rex simply means “king” in Latin. 59. Troy. Conjuring up images of the ancient city of Troy, the site of the Trojan War in Greek mythology, this one-syllable boys’ name oozes strength and determination. It means “of Troyes” (a city in France), and a famous bearer is actor Troy Donohue. 60. Ulf. This strong one-syllable boys’ name means “wolf,” giving it a fierce yet loyal vibe. It’s of Old Norse origin.

More Strong and Powerful One-Syllable Boy Names

Invoke strength in your baby boy with even more of the best powerful one-syllable names:

Cool One-Syllable Boy Names

Searching for a name that exudes an air of coolness and effortless style? Look no further than our curated list of one-syllable boy names that embody the essence of cool. 71. Ace. Meaning “one, unity” or “highest rank,” this one-syllable boys’ name is often used as a nickname; however, it can also be a cool given name for your number one baby boy. 72. Blaine. Originally a Scottish surname that came from the Irish given name Bláán, meaning “yellow.” It’s a cool one-syllable boys’ name that would be perfect for a blond-haired baby boy. 73. Boone. Of French origin, meaning “good,” or from the French town Bohon, this is a unique and cool one-syllable name for boys. And it’s a great choice if you love French boy names. 74. Cash. If you’re looking for a cool one-syllable boys’ name, consider Cash, especially if you’re a fan of the musician Johnny Cash—which also makes this a great country name for boys. 75. Chuck. Do you want a fun and informal version of Charles? If so, Chuck may be the one. Meaning “free man,” this cool one-syllable boys’ name belonged to legendary musician Chuck Berry and the pilot Chuck Yeager, who was the first pilot to travel faster than the speed of sound. 76. Flynn. Flynn is an Anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Floinn, which itself is derived from the name Flann, meaning “blood red” in Irish. 77. Heath. This strong and cool one-syllable boys’ name comes from an English surname used for someone living near a heath or a moor. 78. Mads. Looking for a cool and unique alternative to the name Matt? Mads is a Danish name that’s a short form of Mathias (Matthew), meaning “gift of God.” Adding to its cool factor is the actor Mads Mikkelsen. 79. Nur. This cool 1-syllable boys’ name is perfect for the little light of your life, thanks to its meaning of “light” in Arabic. If you love this name, check out more Arabic boy names. 80. Ziv. Meaning “brightness” and “brilliance” in Hebrew, this cool one-syllable boys’ name is sure to fit your bright little star!

More Cool One-Syllable Boy Names

Here are even more cool one-syllable names that will lend your son an unmistakable edge:

Cute One-Syllable Boy Names

In search of a name that radiates charm and adorable appeal? These names are short yet packed with delightful qualities that evoke warmth and endearment. From cute boy names such as Chip and Ike to adorable meanings like “bear” and “friend,” take a look at these one-syllable gems. 91. Art. A cute one-syllable boys’ name is this short form of Arthur. It also has the strong yet adorable meaning of “bear,” which may be derived from Old Welsh. 92. Bud. If you’re looking for a cute one-syllable boys’ name, you could go with this short form of Buddy, meaning “friend.” 93. Chen. This sweet Chinese boys’ name means “morning,” making it perfect for your early riser. It’s also associated with the dragon from the Chinese zodiac. 94. Chip. It doesn’t get much cuter than this one-syllable boys’ name. And you may recognize it as the name of the little teacup in Beauty and the Beast. Chip is actually a diminutive of Charles or Christopher. 95. Doug. Doug is a short form of Douglas, which originally comes from a place name meaning “dark water.” It was also the name of a powerful Scottish lowland clan from the medieval period. 96. Eun. If you’re searching for a cute Korean name for boys, choose this one-syllable moniker that’s also unisex. Meaning “kindness,” “charity,” and “money,” Eun can be combined with another character—for example, Eun-woo—or it can be used alone. 97. Finn. This adorable single-syllable boys’ name has been rising in popularity in the United States and many European countries in recent years. It’s the Old Irish form of Fionn, meaning “white, fair,” and is the name of a popular character in Irish mythology: Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool). 98. Ike. Another cute boys’ name with one syllable is this diminutive of Isaac. It even has the adorable meaning of “he will laugh/ rejoice,” making it perfect for your joyful baby boy. Ike was the nickname of the president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, due to the initial sound of his surname. 99. Pace. Cute and unique, Pace is an endearing one-syllable boys’ name that means “peace” in Italian. 100. Wynn. This Welsh name is simply a winner! It means “fair, pure” and “blessed,” which are perfect meanings for a sweet baby boy.

More Cute One-Syllable Boy Names

Adorn your baby boy with an irresistibly cute one-syllable name:

One-Syllable Biblical Boy Names

From revered prophets to noble disciples, the Bible offers a treasury of names that may honor your faith and tradition. Explore our collection of one-syllable biblical boy names, and the short forms of more classic monikers.

111. Ben. This one-syllable biblical boys’ name means “son.” It’s a short form of the Hebrew boys’ name Benjamin, which is a popular biblical moniker. Benjamin Franklin is a famous bearer of this name. 112. Gad. If you’re looking for a unique Biblical boys’ name with one syllable, you might like Gad. It may also bring your little one “fortune” and “luck” thanks to its meanings. 113. Jake. Jake is a short form of the biblical name Jacob, which is of Hebrew origin and means “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.” Famous namesakes include actor Jake Gyllenhaal. 114. Mat. Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew, Mat is the short form of Matthew—the name of one of the 12 apostles. It’s a playful yet timeless one-syllable name for any baby boy. 115. Mike. Of Hebrew origin, this short form of Michael lends a more casual tone to the biblical version. In the bible, Michael is the name of an archangel who often plays a pivotal role. If you like Mike, you may also like Mick. 116. Paul. The name Paul means “small” or “humble” in Latin. It became popular among Christians thanks to Saint Paul, an important leader in the early Christian church. This 1-syllable boys’ name has been used by 6 popes. 117. Pete. This one-syllable short form of the biblical boys’ name Peter means “rock” in Greek. It belonged to one of the apostles, as well as other saints. And for some cute factor, the name was used in the movie Pete’s Dragon, the children’s stories Peter Rabbit, and for the magical tale of Peter Pan. 118. Sam. Sam is a short form of the name Samuel or the female name Samantha. Samuel is of Hebrew origin, meaning “heard by God,” and was borne by a prominent Old Testament judge and prophet.. 119. Sean. At first glance, you wouldn’t think of this one-syllable boys’ name as being biblical; however, it’s actually the Irish form of John. Meaning “God is gracious,” John was the name given to John the Baptist and the apostle John. Why not use Sean as a unique alternative? 120. Tim. This short form of Timothy means “honoring God” in Greek. It belonged to a saint and companion of Paul in the Bible.

More One-Syllable Biblical Boy Names

Delve into the rich tapestry of biblical heritage with even more one-syllable names:

Modern One-Syllable Boy Names

Our list of one-syllable boy names embodies the essence of contemporary style, offering a fresh and sleek approach to naming your son. Get ready to discover names that blend simplicity and modern appeal, making a lasting impression in today's ever-evolving world. 131. Ash. This is a great gender-neutral name for your little one. It means “ash tree” and is the short form of Ashley. You may also recognize it as the name of the character Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon series. 132. Baz. If you’re looking for a modern British boys name with one syllable, consider Baz, the British diminutive of the name Barry or Basil. 133. Claude. With its cool and modern European vibe, this one-syllable boys’ name wouldn’t be out of place strolling through the streets of Paris. It has been common in France since the Middle Ages and you may think of the artist Claude Monet. Perfect for your own budding painter. 134. Cole. Meaning “charcoal” or “victory of the people,” this modern-sounding one-syllable boys’ name has some cool namesakes, such as musician Nat King Cole, and the main character in the 90s movie Days of Thunder. 135. Cruz. If you’re looking for a trendy and modern Spanish boys’ name with one syllable, you might enjoy Cruz. Meaning “cross” (referring to the crucifix) in Spanish or Portuguese, this is the name of one of David and Victoria Beckham’s sons. 136. Dash. This modern one-syllable name for boys means “run, sprint,” from the English word. It’s also the name of a superhero with speedy powers in The Incredibles. 137. Ford. Derived from an English surname and place-name meaning “ford/ river crossing,” this one-syllable male name has a modern sound. This name brings to mind movie director Francis Ford Coppola and actor Harrison Ford. 138. Franz. Although Franz isn’t exactly modern, its final Z gives it a trendy vibe. It’s the German form of Francis, meaning “Frenchman,” and it belonged to many rulers of the Austrian and Holy Roman Empire. 139. Jude. While Jude is a one-syllable biblical boys’ name, it has still managed to retain a modern and cool vibe. Beatles fans will remember the band's famous song “Hey Jude.” The actor Jude Law is also a bearer of this cool name. 140. Ren. Meaning “love” or “lotus” (a symbol of purity and rebirth), this Japanese boys’ name is short, sweet, and trendy.

More Modern One-Syllable Boy Names

Keep things fresh with even more trendy and modern 1-syllable boy names:

Even More Single-Syllable Boy Names

The Bottom Line

The world of one-syllable boy names offers endless possibilities for your son's name, from rare gems to classic treasures. And whether you're set on a biblical name or something that embraces modernity, we hope you've found the perfect choice for your baby boy.

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