Top Baby Boy Names That Start With O

Picking the perfect name for your new arrival is an exciting time! If you’re drawn to boy names beginning with O, or perhaps O names run in your family, then we’ve got the perfect list for you. From the most popular, unique, and cool names that start with O, to some international, powerful, or cute names to help inspire you, we’ve got all the O boy names for your needs.

Popular Boy Names That Start With O

If you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and would like your baby boy to have a current name, check out the top 10 O names for boys in the United States that feature in the most recent Top 1000 list:

1. Oliver. Deservedly hitting the top is this name that enjoyed medieval success and is still popular internationally today. Derived from the Germanic name Alfher meaning “elf warrior,” Oliver is also associated with the Latin meaning “olive tree.” It had a boost in popularity due to the French epic La Chanson de Roland, and Charles Dickon’s novel Oliver Twist, and the name remains current.

2. Owen. This name of both Irish and Welsh origins means “born from the yew tree.” It’s the Anglicized form of Eoghan and Owain, both of which derive from Eugene. Owen is traditional with a modern vibe which probably adds to its popularity. Actor Owen Wilson adds some light-hearted fun to this historical name.

3. Oscar. With Irish charm, as well as Old Norse roots, this name meaning “deer friend,” or “God’s spear” has a lot to love. In Irish legend, Oscar was a mighty warrior, son of Oisín, and grandson of Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Some famous bearers of this name include Irish writer Oscar Wilde, actor Oscar Isaac, and fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.

4. Omar. This Arabic and Hebrew name means “flourishing,” which is exactly what this popular name is doing in the O boy name rankings, and a reflection on your blossoming baby boy.

5. Orion. If you’re looking for a mythical and celestial name, look no further than the beautiful and popular Orion. This mythological baby name belonged to a legendary hunter who was slain and placed in the night sky, creating one of the brightest constellations. It’s an evocative and strong choice for your rising star.

6. Odin. This all-powerful and popular name originates from Old Norse meaning “inspiration” and “rage.” Odin is best known as the supreme Norse god of war, wisdom, and death who presides in Valhalla.

7. Otto. Meaning “wealthy” in German, this cute name has recently been revived. The first Holy Roman Emperor was a bearer of this name, along with several other royals. With its simple spelling, this name has a modern vibe whilst retaining its wholesomeness.

8. Oakley. This earthy name from an English surname meaning “oak clearing” is a sturdy choice if you’re looking for a nature baby name.

9. Omari. Of Eastern African, Swahili origin, this boy’s name that starts with O is possibly a variant of the Arabic name Umar meaning “flourishing.” It’s similar to Omar, but with a sweet i ending.

10. Onyx. From the name of the gemstone that ranges from black to white in color, Onyx is an unusual and trendy name that’s climbing up the popularity ladder. The word is derived from Greek meaning “claw.”


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Unique Boy Names That Start With O

Are you looking for a unique boy’s name that stands out from the crowd? From rare biblical names to unusual mythological ones, we’ve got plenty of unique boy names that start with O to inspire you:

11. Obadiah. If you’re looking for an uncommon biblical baby name, Obadiah meaning “serving Yahweh” is found in the Old Testament, yet still feels unique.

12. Oceanus. For ocean-lovers or water sign babies (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), Oceanus is the Latin form of Okeanos from Greek mythology. In Ancient Greek, it was the word used for the body of water thought to surround the Earth and the Titan who personified it. You could try Ocean for short.

13. Odhrán. From the Old Irish word odar meaning “greyish brown, tan color,” Odhrán is pronounced O-rawn. It’s a popular O name for boys in Ireland and Northern Ireland, however, it has yet to gain recognition here. Why not try this charming and wholesome moniker?

14. Oedipus. Try not to let the unusual Greek meaning of “swollen foot” turn you off this interesting name. Greek mythology tells the tragic and dramatic tale of Oedipus, son of the Theban king Laius and Jocasta.

15. Olindo. If you’re looking for a unique Italian boy name inspired by literature, Olinda was used in Italian poet Torquato Tasso’s sixteenth-century poem Jerusalem Delivered.

16. Omega. Meaning “last,” this unusual gender-neutral name comes from the last letter in the Greek alphabet. It’s strange and unique enough to almost seem trendy and hip.

17. Onesimus. If you want a unique boy name that starts with O, look no further than this Greek name meaning “beneficial,” and “profitable.” It’s also the name of a saint who escaped enslavement and met Saint Paul while in prison.

18. Onuphrius. The meaning of this Egyptian name “he who is good,” and “he who is happy” make it a rare yet lovely choice for your joyful baby boy. A sixth-century Egyptian saint and hermit bore this name.

19. Origen. Derived from the name of the Egyptian god of light, Horus, combined with genes meaning “born,” this Greek name belonged to a third-century theologian from Alexandria. It’s also similar to Oregon, if you’d like to name a unique twist on the place name.

20. Ormond. This unique boy’s name that starts with O originated from the Irish name Ruadh meaning “red” which is often used as a nickname for redheads. So, if your little man has a fiery mane, Ormond or the R boy’s name Ruadh, might be excellent choices.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With O

If you enjoyed those unique baby names beginning with O, we’ve got even more for you:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Cool Boy Names That Start With O

If you’re looking for a hip name with tons of street cred, or a name inspired by your favorite rock star or myth, look no further than our list of the coolest boy names that start with O:

31. Oberon. Let’s kick off these cool names with this other-worldly name from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in which Oberon is the king of the fairies. It’s also the name of Uranus’s outermost moon. For a different variation, you could try the extra cool Oberyn, the Red Viper of Dorne in Game of Thrones.

32. Octavius. Meaning “eighth” in Latin, this Roman family name was often given for the eighth child. However, you might prefer giving this cool name to a baby born in the eighth month or day. The Roman emperor Augustus was born Gaius Octavius.

33. Oleksander. Are you bored of the traditional names? If so, you might want to try this trendy Ukrainian version of the common name Alexander meaning “defender of men.” And with cool diminutives such as Oles or Sander, it’s sure to be a winner with your little guy.

34. Olympos. From the name of the mountain home of the Greek gods, Olympos makes a strong boy’s O name for lovers of mountains or myths.

35. Omiros. This modern Greek form of Homer is a cool alternative that doesn’t recall The Simpsons’ character. It could also be a unique way to honor the Greek epic poet.

36. Ondrej. Here’s another cool O boy’s name that makes for an interesting alternative to a classic name. This is the Slavic form of Andrew meaning “masculine” and is pronounced AWN-dray, giving it a cool and unique vibe.

37. Ophiuchus. If you’re a fan of reptiles, this Greek name means “serpent bearer.” It also inspired the name of the large constellation on the celestial equator that depicts a man holding a snake.

38. Orazio. This Italian form of Horatius certainly has more flair and zing than the alternative with its trendy z and o ending. It possibly means “hour, time, season” from the Latin hora.

39. Orlando. Whether you’re looking for a place name or a poetic name from literature, including Shakespeare, this Italian version of Roland has it all. Meaning “famous throughout the land,” Orlando has featured in the Top 1000 boy names for numerous years. A handsome and current namesake is actor Orlando Bloom.

40. Ozzy. This short name screams cool—if you can hear it over the sound of electric guitars. Whether you’re a fan of the controversial rockstar Ozzy Osbourne or not, this name certainly has some cool factor with its double z’s. It’s the fun diminutive of Oswald or Osborn meaning “bear god” and “ruler.”

More Cool Boy Names That Start With O

If you couldn’t get enough of those trendy first names or cool baby boy middle names, continue reading for even more:

Cute Boy Names That Start With O

There’s no doubt that your baby boy will be the most adorable thing you set your eyes on, so, it’s likely that’ll you’ll want a name to match that. Check out our sweet list of the most short and cute boy names that start with O:

51. Odell. This sweet name has a melodic and unique feel. Originally from an English place name meaning “woad” and “hill,” Odell has the extra bonus of being a nature-inspired baby name. For football fans, this is the name of footballer Odell Beckham Jr.

52. Oisín. Another truly cute boy’s name that starts with O is Oisín, of Irish origin. Pronounced o-SHEEN, this name has the adorable meaning of “little deer” and is also a warrior hero and poet in Irish legend, adding a touch of strength to this name. If you have Irish heritage, or you’re a fan of the Emerald Isle, Oisín might be a charming choice.

53. Olaf. If you love fairy tale baby names, this fun name from Old Norse is the name of the loveable snowman in Disney’s Frozen. Olaf means “ancestor’s descendant” and was the name of several Norwegian kings and Saint Olaf.

54. Oli. Oli is the short form of our popular name that starts with O for boys, Oliver. Meaning “olive tree,” or “elf warrior,” this short can be used as a nickname or an extra cute and playful given name.

55. Om. This unusual and spiritual choice has Sanskrit origins and is a scared symbol of Buddhism, often used in meditation. It could be a sweet middle name choice if you enjoy connecting to your spiritual side.

56. Onfroi. Onfroi is the Norman French form of the old-fashioned boy’s name Humphrey. It has the adorable meanings of “peaceful warrior” and “bear cub,” making it an O boy’s name that is too cute to resist. You may even use it as a unique option for honoring a family member named Humphrey.

57. Ori. With the meaning of “my light,” Ori not only sounds adorable, but it also reflects how bright your life will be once your baby boy is in the world.

58. Orson. Meaning “bear cub,” this solid name of English and Latin origin has a sweet yet mature vibe. Director and actor Orson Welles gives this name a classic and iconic feel, while the meaning makes it wholesome and fun.

59. Orville. If you dream of your baby boy becoming a future inventor, this is the name of one of the Wright brothers who invented the world’s first successful airplane. Orville, meaning “golden city” in French, was likely created by the eighteenth-century writer Fanny Burney.

60. Otis. This vintage variation of Otto meaning “wealthy” has recently begun climbing up the popularity ladder again. If you want to honor the soulful voice of singer Otis Redding, or the revolutionary James Otis, this O name for boys is sweet yet full of soul.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With O

If you were won over by those adorable O boy names, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:

International Boy Names That Start With O

If you’re looking for boy names that start with the letter O that honor your family’s heritage, check out our list of the best international names and their meanings.

71. Ọbatala. From African mythology, this name means “king of white cloth” in Yoruban. In Yoruba tradition, he is believed to be the creator of the Earth and humans.

72. Ohannes. If you’re looking for a unique alternative to a classic biblical name, Ohannes is the Armenian form of John meaning “God is gracious.” It has a beautiful ring to it for those with Armenian ancestry.

73. Okafor. In the West African Igbo language, there is a name for boys born on each day of the Igbo week. Okafor means “boy born on Afor,” with Afor being one of the four days.

74. Oldrich. This Slovak name is a form of the German name Ulrich meaning “prosperity and power.” It’s a strong and solid choice with the potential for a cute nickname such as Ric, or Oli.

75. Oleg. From the Old Norse name Helgi meaning “holy,” this Russian O boy’s name was brought to Eastern Europe by the Varangians.

76. Olegario. If you’re a fan of Spanish baby boy names and trendy O endings, Olegario has the flair that you are seeking. Meaning “old” and “spear,” this name borne by a bishop of Barcelona from the twelfth century.

77. Olek. This Polish name is a short form of Alexander and a unique alternative to Alex. So, if you have Polish heritage and you’re a fan of the strong, classic name meaning “defender of men,” Olek is a short and cool option.

78. Oles. Another short form of Alexander is this Ukrainian O name for boys. You may enjoy this cute name as a given name or as a nickname for Oleksandr, or Oleksiy.

79. Ottavio. Ottavio gives off a more relaxed and playful vibe than its serious Roman variant Octavius. It’s an Italian name meaning “eighth” which might make for a cool option for a boy born in the eighth month of the year.

80. Owain. If you enjoy the wholesomeness of Welsh names and the romanticism of Arthurian legends, this O boy’s name gives you all of the above. It’s a form of Owen meaning “well-born” and has a rich history, including a sixth-century prince of Rheged who was used in the Arthurian tale Yvain, the Knight of the Lion, among many other tales.

More International Boy Names That Start With O

For more names from around the world, keep reading:

Powerful Boy Names That Start With O

If you want a name that denotes strength and influence for your strong-minded little warrior, check out our boy names that start with O and their powerful meanings:

91. Odalric. This Ancient Germanic name is a form of Ulrich which has the strong meaning of “prosperity” and “power.” The element ric in a name means “mighty ruler,” so, if you use it your future leader can channel that vibe!

92. Odovacar. Meaning “wealthy” and “vigilant,” not only does this German name have a strong and determined sound, but it was also the name of a fifth-century leader who became the first barbarian king of Italy by overthrowing the Western Roman emperor.

93. Odysseus. From the Greek meaning “wrathful,” Odysseus almost feels like the personification of powerful. With its heroic namesake in Greek legend, it’s an O boy’s name that only the brave can take on.

94. Óengus. This Irish form of Aonghus has the powerful meaning of “one strength” and was the name of several Irish kings for those looking for a royal baby name. It’s also the name of the Irish god of youth and love, adding a sweet element to this strong name.

95. Ōkuninushi. Pronounced O-KOO-NEE-NOO-SHEE, this grand Japanese name means “master of the great country.” He can be found in Japanese mythology as the divine ruler of the land, before being overthrown by the heaven gods.

96. Ọlọrun. Another powerful name from mythology, but this time from African, Yoruban, meaning “ruler of heaven.” He is believed to be a manifestation of the supreme god. This boy’s name beginning with O is a mighty choice for a future leader.

97. Olympiodoros. Here’s an indomitable mountain of a name from the Ancient Greek meaning “gift of Olympus.” Mount Olympus is believed to be the home of the Greek gods according to legend. It’s a long baby name that’s perfect for a strong and sturdy little man.

98. Orestes. Another mountainous name is Orestes simply meaning “of the mountains” in Greek. It’s the perfect powerful name for those that appreciate the beauty and strength of mountains.

99. Orpheus. This other-worldly name is found in Greek mythology and means “the darkness of the night.” It is told in legend that the poet and musician Orpheus tried to retrieve his wife from the underworld. Although, this name has dark undertones, it has a strong and romantic feel.

100. Oswald. Simply meaning “God’s power,” Oswald is a vintage name that has the cool diminutives of Oz, Ozzy, or Ozzie.

More Powerful Boy Names That Start With O

We’ve got even more powerful boy names to inspire you:

Even More Boy Names That Start With O

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby boy names that start with O, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our unique boy names that start with P, or our French baby boy names.

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