Top Baby Boy Names That Start With X

If you’re looking for boys’ names beginning with X—because you like this unique letter or you have a family tradition of naming your boys with the letter X—we’re here to help. Take a look through this list of X names for boys, and hopefully, you’ll find inspiration to get you started on your baby naming journey.

Unique Boy Names That Start With X

Although you’ll be guaranteed to find a unique baby boy name if you pick one starting with the letter X, consider these X boy names for even more ideas rare and special ideas for your little one.

1. Xanthippos. This name comes from the Greek elements meaning “yellow” and “horse. It was the name of a fifth-century BCE Athenian general.

2. Xbalanque. Xbalanque comes from the classic Mayan words balam, which means “jaguar,” and k’in, meaning “sun,” or kej, “deer.” In the sacred book of the K’ich’e Maya, the Popol Vuh, Xbalanque was one of the figures in the book.

3. Xenocrates. Xenocrates has its roots in the ancient Greek words meaning “foreigner” or “great” and “power.” This was also the name of a fourth-century BCE Greek philosopher.

4. Xever. This is a variant of the name Xavier, which originates from the Basque word meaning “new house.”

5. Xhemal. This is the Albanian form of Jamal, which means “beauty” in Arabic.

6. Ximeno. Ximeno is a medieval Spanish or Basque name with an unknown meaning. However, some say it could be a form of Simon or that it has its roots in the Basque word seme, meaning “son.”

7. Xi-wang. Xi-wang means “desire,” “wish,” or “hope” in Chinese.

8. Xochipilli. Xochipilli means “flower prince” in Nahuatl. According to Aztec mythology, Xochipilli was an Aztec god of love, flowers, and games.

9. Xylon. This name derives from the Greek word xylon, meaning “timber.”

10. Xystos. This Greek name means “scaped” or “polished.” It morphed into the moniker Sixtus in the Late Roman period, a name used for five popes.


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More Unique Boy Names That Start With X

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Cool Boy Names That Start With X

You’ll find some pretty cool names that start with X for a boy. Enjoy perusing these cool boy names that start with X and see if you can find the right first name or even middle name for your baby boy.

21. Xander. Xander is the short form of Alexander and became a popular name in the English-speaking world, thanks to Xander on the 1990s TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

22. Xandros. This is a form of Alexander or the Hungarian name Sandor (also coming from Alexander).

23. Xavier. Xavier comes from the Basque place name Etxeberria, which means “the new house.” It’s most associated with the Jesuit priest Saint Francis Xavier, who came from a village with this name. Since then, his surname has been used as an adopted first name, particularly among Catholics.

24. Xenagoras. Xenagoras means “foreign” or “strange” and “assembly” or “marketplace” in Greek. This was also the name of a second-century BCE historian.

25. Xenophon. You might recognize this name from the fourth-century BCE Greek historian Xenophon. It means “foreign” or “strange” and “voice” in Greek.

26. Xerxes. Xerxes is the Greek form of the Persian name Khshayarsha, which means “ruler over heroes.” In the fifth century BCE, Xerxes was the king of Persia and was a figure in the Battle of Thermopylae. The legend of the 300 Spartans originated from this battle and inspired popular culture, like the graphic novel and movie 300.

27. Ximun. This is the Basque form of Ximeno, relating to the name Simon and meaning “son.”.

28. Xoán. This is the Galician form of John, which means “Yahweh is gracious” in Hebrew.

29. Xolotl. This name has Nahuatl origins, but its meaning is unknown. Some say it could mean “servant” or “corn stalk.”

30. Xquenda. This name comes from the word guenda, which means “spirit,” “soul,” or “essence” in Zapotec.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With X

International X Names for Boys

For some great international names, you’ll find a selection of boy names that start with the letter X from all around the globe, including the Basque country, Albania, Somalia, and China.

41. Xabier. If you’re looking for a unique Spanish baby boy name [], then you may want to try Xabier, which is the Galician version of Xavier.

42. Xandinho. Xandinho is the Portuguese diminutive of Alexandre, referring to Alexander and meaning “defending man.”

43. Xandro. This is a Portuguese diminutive of Alexandro and also means “defending man” like the previous name, Xandinho.

44. Xasan. This is the Somali form of Hasan, which means “handsome” in Arabic.

45. Xathieur. Xathieur is an alternative spelling for the Basque name Xavier, meaning “the new house.”

46. Xaver. Xaver is the German version of Xavier, also meaning “the new house.”

47. Xenophanes. Xenophanes comes from the Greek words xenos, meaning “foreigner” or “stranger,” and phanes, meaning “appearing.” It was borne by an ancient poet and philosopher from the fifth century BCE.

48. Xesús. This name is the Galician form of Jesus.

49. Xhafer. This is the Albanian form of Jafar, which means “stream” in Arabic.

50. Xinyi. Xinyi has several different meanings depending on the character. It could mean “happy,” “joyous,” and “delighted,” or “joy” and “harmony” in Chinese.

More International X Boy Names

Cute Boy Names That Start With X

For cute boy names starting with X, look no further. From diminutives to names that sound cute or have a sweet meaning, you’ll find excellent cute boy names that start with X, and maybe even find the right one for your adorable baby boy.

61. Xaime. Xaime is the Galician form of James and a variant of the Biblical Latin form Iacobus (Jacob), meaning “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.”

62. Xan. This name can be a short form of Xander or Alexander or even a diminutive for the Galician name Xoán.

63. Xandy. This can be used as a diminutive for Alexander or Alexandra, making it a cool unisex name.

64. Xanti. Xanti is the Basque form of Santiago, which is the Spanish for Saint James.

65. Xanto. This is the Italian form of Xanthus, meaning “yellow” or “fair-haired.”

66. Xavi. This is the Catalan diminutive of Xavier (meaning “new house.”)

67. Xaviell. This is a variant of Xavier (meaning “new house.”)

68. Xavion. Xavion is an alternative spelling of Savion, a modern name likely derived from the Basque name Xavier and made famous by tap dancer Savion Glover.

69. Xiao-ping. This name means “small peace” in Chinese, but it also has other meanings depending on the characters. For example, it could also mean “dawn,” “daybreak,” “know,” “level,” “even,” or “peaceful.” It can also be written as Xiaoping, like with Chinese political leader Deng Xiaoping.

70. Xochitl. Xochitl, pronounced “Sho-cheech,” means “flower” in Nahuatl. If you like names connected to nature, you can also consider Hawaiian boy names.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With X

Even More Boy Names That Start With X

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