126 Best Baby Names That Mean Moon for Girls and Boys

When searching for baby names, perhaps you’re looking for those with meanings that reflect your interests or conjure up certain qualities or traits. Moon-related names are a popular choice, as they evoke a sense of mystery and wonder while also channeling celestial beauty. So, if you’re wondering what names mean “moon,” what’s another name for the moon, or what is “moon” in different languages, we’ve got a whole host of celestial-inspired monikers for boys and girls (as well as gender-neutral options) for you to consider.

Beautiful Girl Names That Mean Moon

If you’re looking for beautiful girl names that carry a celestial meaning, you can find inspiration in our list of pretty moon-inspired baby names. From Greek to Turkish and Kazakh, many languages have their own unique take on the concept of the moon. These captivating girl names evoke feelings of mystery and night-sky beauty, making them perfect for your little star.

1. Aidana. A popular girls’ name in Central Asia, primarily Kazakhstan, Aidana translates to “wise moon” in Kazakh, indicating a bright and enlightened little one.

2. Aigerim. Another cherished name meaning “moon” in Kazakhstan, Aigerim means “wonderful moon” in Kazakh, signifying a radiant and guiding presence.

3. Aiman. In the Kazakh language, this is a girls’ name that means “beauty of the moon.” Celebrate your baby girl’s inner and outer beauty by giving her this radiant name.

4. Alcmene. Derived from Greek mythology, Alcmene was the mortal mother of Hercules. The name means “might of the moon,” symbolizing power and resilience.

5. Aureole. This unique and rare girls’ name means “radiant halo” and “golden” in Latin. While this name isn’t directly related to the moon, its meanings bring to mind the moon's glow.

6. Ayaru. A name of Kazakh origin, Ayaru simply means “beautiful moon.”

7. Belinay. The meaning of this name is almost too beautiful to resist. It means “reflection of the moon on a lake,” evoking images of nature and celestial beauty.

8. Chantrea. If you’re looking for names that mean “moonlight,” this Cambodian name gives you just that.

9. Feray. Here’s a pretty girls’ name that means “radiance of the moon” in Turkish.

10. Galadriel. While this name from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels doesn’t actually mean moon, it does mean “maiden crowned with a radiant garland.” It belongs to the fictional elven princess who was said to shine brighter than the moon.

11. Kamaria. If you’re searching for an African name that means “moon,” consider Kamaria, a beautiful choice from East Africa.

12. Maha. This name means “half-moon” and also means “beautiful eyes” and “oryx,” which is the name of an antelope in Arabic, representing beauty and elegance.

13. Menodora. What’s a Greek name for the moon? Menodora is derived from Greek and means “gift of the moon.”

14. Mitsuki. Here’s a Japanese girls’ name meaning “moon,” or more specifically, “beautiful moon.”

15. Nikini. This beautiful name is perfect for a baby girl born in August thanks to its meaning of “full moon in August” in Sinhalese.

16. Nuray. This is a pretty girls’ name that means “bright moon” in Turkish and Azerbaijani.

17. Sarangerel. This long and beautiful name means “moonlight’ in Mongolian.

18. Sasithorn. In Thai, Sasithorn is a poetic word that means “the moon.”

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Other Girl Names That Mean Moon

The moon symbolizes beauty, change, and feminine energy, and these names embrace all of that, as well as being adorable. With meanings such as “merry moon” and “moon-faced girl,” we’ve got plenty of cute girl names that mean “lunar” to win your heart.

30. Aiday. In Kyrgyz and Kazach, this is a cute name that means “moon-like.” Why not bless your little one with this name that represents brightness and wisdom?

31. Aizere. In Kazakh, Aizere translates to “golden moon,” which is a symbol of purity and a great choice for your golden-haired cutie.

32. Alina. This name has Russian origins and is a popular name in Eastern Europe, translating to “bright one” or “shining one,” which can be associated with moonlight. It also links to the name Albus, meaning “white.”

33. Aygül. A name of Turkish origin, this name is translated as “moonflower,” symbolizing beauty and grace.

34. Aygün. Your little one may shine twice as bright with this Turkish name that means “moon” and “sun.”

35. Bertha. With German origins, this cute name means “bright and shining one,” which could signify the moon. It also belongs to the German goddess of animals and weaving.

36. Channary. Celebrate the pure light that shines from your little one with this name, meaning “moon-faced girl” in Khmer (the national language of Cambodia).

37. Hala. Hala is an Arabic girls’ name that means “halo around the moon.”

38. Helen. A Greek name for “moon” is the classic female moniker Helen. In Greek mythology, Helen is the daughter of Zeus and Leda.

39. Indu. The adorable-sounding Indu is an Indian name that means “moon” or “bright drop.”

40. Jaci. If you’re looking for Native American names meaning “moon,” this cute moniker means just that and is commonly used by the Tupi people of Brazil.

41. Killa. This is a cool and unique Quechua name that means “moon.”

42. Mahsa. The cute name Mahsa means “like the moon” in Persian.

43. Nilay. This moniker combines the name of the River Nile with the Turkish element ay, meaning “moon.” So, you could almost say this name means “moon river.”

44. Sanda. Sanda is a cute and pretty girls’ name that means “moon” in Burmese.

45. Şenay. Consider this adorable name for your joyful baby girl. It means “merry moon” in Turkish.

46. Tsukiko. Can you resist this adorable Japanese name for girls that means “moon child”?

More Girl Names That Mean Moon

Get swept away in the moon’s tides with even more cute names for females that mean “moon.”

Moon God and Goddess Names

Across the globe, various cultures have revered and worshipped the moon, often attributing it to certain gods and goddesses. This list of moon god and goddess names offers a unique blend of celestial charm and historical depth. Whether you're inspired by Greek mythology or drawn to the spiritual tales of Native American tribes, there's a beautiful moon god or goddess name waiting to be discovered.

58. Amaterasu. Although this name belongs to a sun goddess from Japanese mythology rather than a moon goddess, it does mean “shining over heaven,” which could also refer to the moon.

59. Artemis. Artemis is the goddess of the moon and hunting from Greek mythology.

60. Chandra. In Sanskrit, Chanda is a name that means “to shine like the moon.” It’s also the name of the Hindu moon god, who is also associated with plants and vegetation.

61. Chang'e. This Chinese girls’ name means “beautiful Chang,” which refers to the moon goddess from Chinese mythology.

62. Changxi. Speaking of the Chinese moon goddess, Changxi and Changyi are the names of this deity, who was the mother of 12 moon daughters in Chinese mythology.

63. Devana. In Slavic mythology, Devana is the goddess of the moon, hunting, and forests.

64. Diana. This classic girls’ name literally means “goddess” in Latin and belonged to the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, and the countryside. It also belonged to the Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer.

65. Iah. This is a rare boys’ name meaning “moon,” which was also the name of the moon god in Egyptian mythology.

66. Khonsu. Khonsu is the Egyptian moon god, and his name means “traveler.”

67. Luna. You may recognize this popular name as it’s in the top ten of girl names in the United States. But did you know that the meaning of the name Luna is “moon” in Latin, Italian, Spanish, and other Romance languages? Luna is also the name of the Roman moon goddess.

68. Marama. In the Māori language of New Zealand, Marama is a name that means “moon.” It also belongs to the moon god or goddess from Māori mythology.

69. Metztli. The name Metztli belongs to the Aztec moon god or goddess. It’s a Nahuatl (a Native American people from Mexico and Central America) name that means “moon.”

70. Ourania. This is a Greek female name that means “heavenly” and belongs to the goddess of astronomy and astrology in Greek mythology. If you like this name, you might enjoy our list of girl names that start with O.

71. Phoebe. One of Saturn’s moons bears this name, which was given in honor of the Titan from Greek mythology, who was associated with the moon. She is also related to the moon goddess Artemis.

72. Selene. In Greek mythology, Selene was the name of a moon goddess.

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Boy Names That Mean Moon

If you're looking for cool boy names inspired by the moon, you're in the right place. Our list of masculine names that mean “lunar” and “moon” ranges from popular boy names to less commonly used, unique monikers. We'll explore boy names that mean moon in other languages, as well as names that belong to actual moons. Check out this extensive list of moon-related names for your little one.

73. Aegaeon. Aegaeon is the name of one of Saturn’s moons and is from Greek mythology, belonging to the god of storms.

74. Aibek. Aibek is a Kazakh name meaning “moon chief.”

75. Aisultan. With the element ay, meaning “moon” in Kazakh, and the word sultan, this name basically means “moon sultan” or “moon king.”

76. Ayberk. Just like the name above, this moniker has the element ay, meaning “moon,” plus berk, which means “mighty” in Turkish.

77. Chandrakant. This is a long and powerful Indian boys’ name that means “beloved by the moon” in Sanskrit.

78. Chandrashekhar. Here’s the longest name on our list, and it’s similar to the name above, containing the name Chandra (the Hindu moon god). However, this name means “crown of the moon.”

79. Koray. Meaning “ember moon” in Turkish, Koray is a cool and trendy-sounding boys’ name.

80. Nima. Nima is a playful and cute boys’ name that means “half-moon” in Persian.

81. Oberon. Oberon is both a literary and a lunar name, meaning “elf ruler.” Shakespeare used this name for a character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the name was given to one of Uranus’s moons.

82. Rakesh. Give your little prince a name that means “lord of the full moon” in Sanskrit.

83. Ramachandra. If you have an eagle eye, you may notice this name contains the name of a Hindu moon god, Chandra. And it also contains Rama, the name of a Hindu deity, meaning “beautiful.” That’s two gods in one name!

84. Tharindu. Tharindu simply means “moon” in Sinhala (the language used by the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka).

85. Titan. Titan is a name from Greek mythology that refers to the immortal giants. It’s the name of Saturn’s largest moon.

86. Tsukuyomi. If you’re looking for Japanese boy names meaning “moon,” you’ve come to the right place! Tsukuyomi translates as “to read the moon” and was the moon god's name in Japanese mythology.

87. Tunkay. In Turkish and Azerbaijani, Tunkay means “bronze moon.”

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Moon

Gender-neutral name choices can include a wide range of unique and meaningful options, including those inspired by the night sky. In this section, we’ll shoot for the moon with a selection of gender-neutral names that mean “moon.” These stem from various languages and cultures, each carrying a touch of the celestial.

88. Ariel. Ariel doesn’t mean “moon”; however, it’s the name of one of the moons of Uranus. In Hebrew, this name means “lion of god.”

89. Aytaç. Meaning “moon” and “crown” in Turkish, this gender-neutral name has both regal and celestial vibes.

90. Badr. This is a short and sweet unisex name that simply means “full moon” in Arabic.

91. Chan. If you’re interested in learning what “moon” is in other languages, in the Khmer language of Cambodia, the name Chan means “moon.”

92. Eirian. In Welsh, this dreamy gender-neutral name means “bright” and “beautiful,” just like the moon.

93. Günay. This Turkish name contains the element gün, meaning “sun,” and ay, meaning “moon.”

94. Hilal. This is a gender-neutral Arabic name that means “crescent moon.” In the Islamic calendar, this name refers to the new moon.

95. Huang. Although this Chinese name doesn’t directly refer to the moon, the masculine version means “bright and luminous,” like the moon, while the feminine version means “phoenix.”

96. İlkay. Celebrate the new light in your life with this Turkish name, meaning “new moon” for girls and boys.

97. Monday. You know this name as the day of the week, but did you know it’s derived from the Old English words mona, meaning “moon,” and dæg, meaning “day”? You could give this sweet name to your little one born on a Monday.

98. Moon. If you want a name that means “moon,” why not go straight to the source and name your little one Moon? It could also work as a cool middle name for boys and girls.

99. Purnama. Purnima is a gender-neutral Indonesian name that means “full moon” in Sanskrit.

100. Qamar. Another gender-neutral name that means “moon” is this unique Arabic name. And check out our list of boy names starting with Q if you like this unique moniker.

101. Taqqiq. Here’s a Native American name meaning “moon” in Inuktitut (used by the Inuit people of the North American Arctic).

Even More Moon-Related Names for Girls and Boys

We can’t get enough of these adorable names meaning “moon” for both girls and boys, so here are a few more to consider:

The Bottom Line

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision, and names that mean “moon” offer a sense of wonder, beauty, and a celestial connection. We hope this list has shed light on the diverse array of moon-inspired names across languages, cultures, and genders. Whether you're drawn to the ethereal charm of lunar deities, captivated by the mystery of the night sky, or simply spellbound by the universal allure of the moon, these names hold a special magic.

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