Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Q

Whether you’re looking for a classic or a modern moniker, you’ll find plenty of great boy names starting with Q. Perhaps it’s a family tradition to pick Q names for boys, or you just like rare and unique names beginning with that letter. Check out this list of boy names that start with Q and their meanings.

The Best Boy Names That Start With Q

From the most popular Q boy names to some of our top picks, take a look at these boy names that start with the letter Q.

1. Qadir. In Arabic, this Q boys’ name means “capable,” “powerful,” or “mighty.” It’s a strong name choice for a formidable little guy. The name has many variant spellings, but Qadir is the most common transliteration. The name is also no. 1 of the 99 names for Allah in Islam.

2. Qasim. This name is used in both Arabic and Urdu languages. It means “one who divides goods among his people” and stems from the Arabic word qasama, which means “to share or divide.” Qasim was also a son of the Prophet Muhammad.

3. Qing. In Chinese, this name that starts with Q works well for a boy or girl, making it a good gender-neutral choice if you’re waiting to find out the gender of your baby. It can mean “blue,” “green,” or “young.”

4. Quang. This Vietnamese Q boys’ name means “bright” or “clear.”

5. Quasimodo. Coming from the name for the Sunday that follows Easter Sunday, Quasimodo means “like the way that newborn infants do.” It was also used by the French author Victor Hugo in his novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Choose this name if you’re a fan of literature or just love the adorable meaning.

6. Quentin. This is the French form of the Roman name Quintinus. The Normans brought the name to England, and it eventually made its way across the pond. Famous bearers include a third-century saint, Quentin Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt's son), and film director Quentin Tarantino.

7. Quincy. Originally an English surname from the place name Cuinchy, this name was made famous by John Quincy Adams, sixth president of the United States. His middle name came from his great-grandfather and Quincy, Massachusetts, the town in which he was born. A modern bearer of the name is musician Quincy Jones.

8. Quinlan. Deriving from the Irish surname Ó Caoindealbháin, this name eventually became a given name. The Q boys’ name means “handsome image,” an ideal meaning for your handsome little guy.

9. Quinn. Quinn comes from the Irish surname Ó Cuinn, which itself derived from the given name Conn. This name that starts with Q has always been considered a male name until 2010, when the TV show Glee used it for the female character Quinn Fabray. Quinn can either mean “sense, reason” or “head, chief.”

10. Quinton. This is a popular variant spelling for the Q boys’ name Quentin above.


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Unique Boy Names That Start With Q

If you’re looking for something even more different, you may want to look at some unique Q names for boys. These unique baby boy names may be the perfect pick for your baby.

11. Qadry. This male Arabic name that starts with Q means “capable” and is likely derived from the similar Arabic boys’ name Qadir.

12. Qinglong. This Chinese name stems from Chinese mythology and refers to the Azure Dragon, a Chinese deity. The name literally means “blue dragon.”

13. Quennel. This Old French name refers to someone who lives by small oak trees. The name has become popular in the Black community.

14. Quigley. This is the English version of the Irish name Ó Coigligh, which means “descendant of Coigleach,” originally a given name that meant “untidy.” Choosing this name may just foreshadow your teenage son’s bedroom!

15. Quiller. This English Q boys’ name refers to a scribe.

16. Quim. This is the Portuguese and Catalan short form for the name Joaquim, a biblical boys’ name that means “Yahweh (God) establishes.”

17. Quinby. Of Old Norse origin, this boys’ name means “estate of the woman” or “queen’s settlement.” The name is considered unisex as it can also be used for girls.

18. Quinctilius. This Ancient Roman name stems from the given name Quintus, which means “fifth.” However, your son doesn’t have to be the fifth-born child to bear this mighty-sounding name.

19. Quirijn. This is the Dutch form of the Late Roman name Quirinus, which likely means “spear.”

20. Q'uq'umatz. In Mayan Mythology, this boys’ name means “feathered serpent.” The name, pronounced kwOOk-oo-mah-ts, also likely refers to a Mayan god. If you’re looking for something truly unique, this boys’ name could be your best Q option.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With Q

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Cute Q Names for Boys

For something cute, peruse these boy names that start with Q:

29. Qaftzi'el. Pronounced KAF-kah-zee, this is the Hebrew form of the name Cassiel, which likely means “speed/cover of God.” The name appears in Judeo-Christian-Islamic legend as an angel.

30. Qamar. This cute boys’ name that starts with Q simply means “moon” in Arabic.

31. Qays. Meaning “measurement” in Arabic, this was the name of a character in the twelfth-century Arabic poem Layla and Majnun.

32. Qemal. This is the Albanian form of Kamal, which means “perfection” in Arabic.

33. Qismat. This name simply means “fate” in Arabic. You may also recognize the name as the English word kismet.

34. Quickley. More often used as a surname that meant “quick,” this given name derives from an Old English word meaning “alive.”

35. Quintilian. This Roman Q boys’ name derives from the names Quintilianus, Quinctilianus, Quinctilius, or Quintus. A notable bearer was the first-century rhetorician Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, better known as Quintilian in English. Quintus means “fifth” in Latin.

36. Quinto. This is the modern Italian form of the name Quintus, meaning “fifth” in Latin.

37. Quiomars. This Tajikistani name comes from the epic Persian poem Shahnameh.

38. Quique. This is the diminutive of the Spanish boys’ name Enrique, which most people would recognize as Henry in English.

More Cute Boy Names Starting With Q

Cool Boy Names That Start With Q

Whether you’re hunting for cool middle names for boys or you’re looking for the right first name, take a look at these cool-sounding boy names that start with the letter Q.

47. Qabil. This is the Arabic version of the Hebrew biblical name Cain, which means “acquired.” Cain was the first son of Adam and Eve.

48. Qemu'el. This is the Hebrew spelling of the biblical name Kemuel, which means “raised by God.” It was the name of a nephew of Abraham in the Old Testament.

49. Qiang. In Chinese, this boys’ name means “strong,” “powerful,” or “energetic.”

50. Qillaq. In the Greenlandic language, this name means “seal hide.” You might like this name for your son if you have indigenous roots.

51. Qinnuajuaq. This gender-neutral indigenous name means “rough-legged hawk” in the Inuktitut language.

52. Quanah. Deriving from the Comanche word kwana, which means “fragrant” or “smell,” the name was famously borne by Quanah Parker, a nineteenth-century chief.

53. Quest. This English boys’ name simply means “to seek” or “mission.” It’s a great choice for an inquisitive boy.

54. Quetzalcoatl. From Aztec mythology, this boys’ name means "feathered snake" in the Nahuatl language and is pronounced keh-tsash-KO-ach. Quetzalcoatl was the god of the sky, wind, and knowledge and was associated with the morning star. What a cool and wonderful name choice for your son, who will undoubtedly be your morning star!

55. Quidel. In the Mapuche language, this boys’ name means “burning torch.” You might like this name for your boy if your family has Native American roots.

56. Quispe. In the Quechua language, this boys’ name means “free” or “glass.”

More Cool Boy Names That Start With Q

40 More Names Starting with Q for Boys

The Bottom Line

Still want to keep looking for the perfect name for your baby boy, maybe one that doesn’t start with Q? You can continue to the next letter of the alphabet: boy names that start with R.

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