Top Baby Girl Names That Start With O

The letter O is an interesting letter for a girl’s name. The number one name in the United States starts with the letter O, but only 10 names beginning with O make it into the list of top 1000 girls’ names. See our list of names from the most popular and unique girls’ names that start with the letter O to cool, pretty, and international names, and more!

Popular Girl Names That Start With O

There may only be 10 popular baby girl names starting with O among the top 1000 girl names in the United States. Still, the most popular O name sits at the no. 1 position out of all the names in the alphabet, showing it’s quality and not quantity that matters. Check out the top names beginning with O in the United States:

1. Olivia. This lovely name tops the list for girls’ names that starts with O! Olivia likely comes from the Latin name Oliva, meaning “olive.” However, one of the first uses with this spelling most probably comes from William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. The name has been used in the English-speaking world as a girls’ name since the eighteenth century but gained popularity in the latter half of the twentieth century. Famous Olivias include actress Olivia de Havilland, Oliva Newton-John, and Olivia Wilde. 2. Olive. Olive comes from the English and French word for the Mediterranean tree, from the Latin word oliva. It ranks at no. 2 for the most popular girls’ names beginning with O in the United States. One of the most famous uses of the name comes from the cartoon of Popeye the Sailor Man, with Olive being his love interest. 3. Oakley. Many cool and popular names come from surnames, and Oakley is no exception. Like most surnames that become first names, it comes from a place name. It means “oak clearing” in Old English. American sharpshooter Annie Oakley had this as her surname. If you’re looking for a cool, unisex name that begins with O this is a good choice. 4. Oaklynn. This trendy name comes from Oakley but added a lynn to the end of the name to make it more feminine. 5. Octavia. This name has its roots with the Ancient Romans, being the feminine form of Octavius. In history, Octavia was the wife of Mark Antony and the sister of the emperor Augustus. Since this name means “eighth,” it was often used for the eighth child in the family—Octavius for a boy and Octavia for a girl. Today it’s a pretty name that can be used no matter which order your little girl was born in. One famous modern example of this lovely name is actress Octavia Spencer. 6. Ophelia. This name comes from the Ancient Greek word opheleia, meaning “help” or “advantage.” It was made famous by Shakespeare’s Hamlet and all the Pre-Raphaelite art that came after that. Although Shakespeare popularized it, fifteenth-century poet Jacopo Sannazaro brought this rare ancient Greek name back in his poem, Arcadia. 7. Oaklyn. This is another popular variant for the name Oaklynn. 8. Oaklee. If you like the name Oakley and want a different spelling, you can try it like this with the double E. 9. Opal. Coming from the Sanskrit word for “jewel,” the name Opal makes you think of the beautiful iridescent gemstone. If your little girl is a jewel—or is born in October (opal is the birthstone for that month), you may want to name your little darling after this gorgeous stone. 10. Oakleigh. This name could come as a variant of Oakley, but there are some cases where the names Oak and Leigh have been put together to make this pretty and trendy name.


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Unique Girl Names That Start With O

One thing you can be sure, O girls’ names are pretty unique. Although most names on this list are unique girls’ name, here’s our pick of unique girls’ names that start with O.

11. Ocean. A name as serene as the large body of water it’s named for, Ocean comes from the ancient Greek word Okeanos, meaning the “body of water thought to surround the earth.” It’s a poetic and lovely name, but one that will definitely set your little girl apart from the rest. 12. Odalis. This is a name used in Latin America and comes from the Germanic name Odilia. 13. Odessa. This unusual and refined name could be the feminine form of Odysseus, but it’s also the name of a seaside city in Ukraine on the coast of the Black Sea. 14. Odilia. This lovely and unusual name that rolls off the tongue means “fatherland” and “wealth” or “fortune” in Old German. 15. Oenone. Coming from the Latinized form of the Greek name Oinone, this name has vinicultural roots as oinos means “wine.” In mythology, Oenone was a mountain nymph married to Paris before meeting Helen. 16. Ofeliya. If you love the name Ophelia and are looking for a more unusual spelling, then maybe Ofeliya is a unique choice for you. It’s actually the Azerbaijani, Russian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian form of Ophelia. 17. Oighrig. Oighrig comes from Scottish Gaelic and has been Anglicized into the name Euphemia. It comes from an older Gaelic name Aithbhreac, which is made up of the ath, which usually acts as the prefix “re-” and the word breac, meaning “speckled.” 18. Odharnait. This rare Irish name comes from the Gaelic word odar, meaning “greyish brown” or “tan” and combines with a diminutive suffix. It’s also the name of an early Irish saint. 19. Olalla. This pretty Spanish variant of Eulalia, originally means “sweetly-speaking.” 20. Olwen. This name means “white footprint” in Welsh, and in Welsh mythology, in the tale of Culhwch and Olwen, she was a beautiful maiden. Her father insisted her beloved, Culhwch, complete several seemingly impossible tasks before letting them marry. It’s a romantic and unique name and may be a beautiful choice if you or your family have Welsh heritage.

More Unique Girl Names That Start With O

It can be fun, yet a challenge, to choose the name of your baby. Need some extra tips? Watch this video to learn some exciting facts to help you find the perfect baby name!

Cute O Girl Names

From baby lambs and golden girls to diminutive names and names that just sound sweet, here are cute girl names that start with an O to inspire you.

31. Oanez. Baby lambs are pretty cute, and this Breton name comes from the word oan, meaning “lamb.” It’s also the Breton form of Agnes. So, if you’re looking for an adorable but different name, Oanez is a cute choice. 32. Odetta. Odetta has a lovely ring to it, and this Latinate form of Odette, the French diminutive of Oda, is a sweet name for your little girl. 33. Olesya. Olesya is the Ukrainian diminutive of the name Oleksandra. It was the name of a nineteenth-century novel by Russian writer Aleksandr Kuprin. 34. Olgica. Coming from the Slavic name Olga, Olgica is a sweet diminutive that’s commonly used in North Macedonia and Serbia. 35. Oni. This West African name has a cute ring to it. It means “born in a sacred abode” in the Yoruban language. 36. Oralee. This is a rare and lovely name that comes from the name Aurelie. 37. Orietta. From Italy, Orietta is the diminutive of the name Oria, an Italian name coming from the Latin aureus, meaning “golden.” 38. Ollie. If you’re looking for a cute, unisex name, then Ollie—which can come from the diminutive of Olivia, Olive, or any other similar names—is a lovely choice. 39. Olya. Olya is the diminutive of Olga, and has an affectionate, cute tone to it. 40. Oluchi. This name means “God’s work” in Igbo, a language that’s spoken in Nigeria. If you have roots in Nigeria or West Africa, this is a cute name that begins with O.

More Cute Girl Names That Start With O

Cool Girl Names That Start With O

From gender-neutral names to celebrity names, we’ve got all the cool O girl names to help you pick the best name for your little girl.

51. Oprah. Everyone knows Oprah Winfrey, but did you know that her real name was Orpah? Oprah came from the name being mispronounced and stuck. Oprah didn’t just invent the name, she made it a household one. 52. Odell. Like many names that ooze cool, Odell comes from a surname that was originally the name for a place. It comes from the Old English wad, meaning “woad,” a plant that produces blue dye the Celts used as their warpaint, and hyll, meaning “hill.” 53. Olga. It’s the Russian form of the Old Norse name Helga. You’ll find Olga all across Slavic, Scandinavian, and Baltic countries. One famous example is tenth-century Saint Olga of Kyiv, the wife of Igor I, ruler of the Kievan Rus. She ruled as regent after her husband died and was baptized in Constantinople. Nobel Prize–winning Polish author Olga Tokarczuk also shares this cool name. 54. Olympias. This feminine form of the name Olympos—the name of the mountain home to the Greek gods—was shared by the mother of Alexandra the Great! 55. Omega. Omega is a unisex name that comes from the last letter of the Greek alphabet. It’s a unique, strong name that is often seen as a symbol of completion. 56. Oneida. This is a beautiful and strong name that comes from a Native American tribe. It most likely means “standing rock.” 57. Onóra. This cool name is the Irish form of the name Honora, which has its roots in the Latin word for “honor,” “esteem,” and “dignity.” 58. Oona. This name is used in Finland and Ireland. It comes from the name Úna, meaning “lamb” in Old Irish. 59. Ophir. Although the meaning of this Hebrew name is unknown, it’s a unisex name with roots in the Bible. Although it’s given to the son of Joktan in the Old Testament, it’s also a place name. Today it’s used by both boys and girls. 60. Oriana. This name is popular in Italy and Spain and comes from the Latin word aurum, meaning “gold.” Oriana was also the wife of Amadís de Gaula, the hero of the fourteenth-century Spanish chivalric romance.

More Cool Girl Names That Start With O

International Girl Names That Start With O

If you want to give your baby a cosmopolitan name, maybe you’ll want to pick an international name for your little girl. From Spanish baby girl names and Italian girl names to Ukrainian and Eastern European girls’ names, take your pick of names beginning with O.

71. Obdulia. Although the meaning of this name is unknown, it’s a name that has its origins in Spain. In fact, a saint from the Spanish town of Toledo shared this name. 72. Oana. This is the Romanian short form of the name Ioana, which has its roots in the name John. 73. Octávia. Just add an accent to the first A and you’ve got the Portuguese form of Octavia! 74. Odarka. Odarka is the Ukrainian form of the name Dariya, which is the feminine form of Darius, coming from the Persian word that means “possessing goodness.” 75. Orsolya. This is the Hungarian form of Ursula, which means “little bear” in Latin. 76. Ognena. This name has its origins in the Bulgarian name Ognyan, coming from the word ognen, meaning “fiery.” Ognena is actually the North Macedonian feminine version of the name. 77. Oksana. Oksana is the Ukrainian form of Xenia, a Greek name that means “hospitality.” 78. Oleksandra. This name is the Ukrainian form for the Greek name Alexandra. 79. Oldřiška. If you’re looking for a Czech name that begins with O, then you may want to go for this feminine form of the name Ulrich, meaning “prosperity and power.” 80. Ofelia. Ofelia is the Spanish and Italian version of the classic name Ophelia, (and also Portuguese if you add an accent on the E).

More International Girl Names That Start With O

African Girl Names That Start With O

When it comes to O names for girls, West Africa, particularly around Nigeria, offers an impressive collection of names to choose from. If you or your family have connections to this part of Africa and want to connect your little girl to her culture, you may want to pick one of these beautiful African girl names that start with O.

91. Otobong. Coming from the southern coastal area of Nigeria, Otobong means “from God” in Ibibio. 92. Ogechi. Ogechi is the short form of the Igbo name Ogechukwukama, meaning “God’s time is the best.” 93. Onyekachi. This beautiful name means “who is greater than God” in Igbo. 94. Onyeka. If you like the name Onyekachi, but want something shorter, go for this diminutive form, Onyeka. 95. Onyekachukwu. This name is a variant of Onyekachi, meaning the same thing in Igbo. However, it uses Chukwu as the last element, which is an extended form of the word Chi, meaning “God.” 96. Oghenekevwe. This Urhobo name, coming from the people in Nigeria near the Niger Delta, means “God provided for me” in Urhobo. 97. Olamide. Olamide is the Yoruban name that means “my wealth has arrived” in Yoruba. 98. Olayinka. This is another prosperous Yoruban name that means “my wealth surrounds me.” 99. Oluwasegun. Olawasegun means “God has been victorious” in Yoruban. 100. Omolara. This name from the Yoruba tribe in West Africa means “a child is family.”

More African Girl Names That Start With O

Pretty Girl Names That Start With O

Still looking for a name for your daughter that starts with O? These pretty names from literary names and flower names for girls, have a look at these lovely names that start with O.

118. Ornella. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this pretty name was allegedly created by the Italian writer Gabriele d’Annunzio for the novel La Figlia di Jorio. Although the name has literary beginnings, it’s supposed to be inspired by the Tuscan Italian word ornello, meaning “flowering ash tree.” 119. Odette. The French diminutive of Oda, which has its roots in the Germanic word aud, meaning “fortune” or “wealth,” is most famous for Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake. Odette is the princess who was transformed into a swan in the iconic ballet. 120. Oébfinn. This is the Old Irish form of the name Aoibheann, meaning “beauty” and “fair.” 121. Orlanda. This pretty name is the Italian feminine form of Orlando, which has roots in the German words meaning “fame” and “land.” 122. Ofira. This Hebrew name is the feminine form of Ofir, whose meaning is unknown but is a variant of the name Ophir. 123. Ofra. Ofra is the feminine variant of the name Ophrah, which means “fawn” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Ophrah is both the name of a city in Manasseh and a man mentioned in the genealogies. Israeli singer Ofra Haza had this name. 124. Olivette. This is a literary name that’s the feminine form of Oliver. It was the title character in the French opera by Edmond Audran, Les noces d’Olivette. 125. Ondina. Ondina is the Portuguese and Italian form of Undine, a name that comes from the Latin word “wave.” 126. Ouida. This name comes from the nineteenth-century British author Ouida, whose name at birth was Marie Louise Ramé. She took the pseudonym after her middle name Louise, which she mispronounced Ouida. 127. Orinthia. Although this name is possibly related to the Greek word orino, meaning “to excite” or “to agitate,” it became used as a name mostly after George Bernard Shaw used it in his play The Apple Cart.

The Bottom Line

If you want to keep looking for different baby name inspirations, maybe you want to look at girl names that start with P. Or maybe you are looking for a biblical baby name, a name based on Greek mythology, or even a name inspired by fairy tales. Whether you are just calculating your due date or packing your hospital bag, download the Pampers Club app to save more on diapers and get parenting tips and advice.

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