Top 190 Scottish Girl Names and Their Meanings

If the idea of Scottish girl names conjures appealing visions of rugged coasts, snow-capped mountains, striking rock formations, and lush valleys, then why not consider these as inspiration for naming your daughter! In addition to being a country of so much natural beauty, Scotland offers unique culture, folklore, and history, which which you can find reflected in Scottish names for women. Our list provides nearly 200 options, including common, traditional, and classic Scottish girl names; unique and uncommon choices; and those with pretty and powerful meanings.

Popular and Common Scottish Girl Names

Some of the top girl names in the United States are just as popular in Scotland. Names like Emma, Olivia, and Sophie are all popular Scottish girl names and top picks in other countries, too. But there are several other top Scottish girl names that are more popular in Scotland, like Isla and Daisy, which we’ve included in our list.

1. Amelia. Though not of Scottish origin, the name Amelia is one of the most popular girl names in Scotland. It comes from a Germanic word meaning “work.” It’s also the feminine form of the Roman family name Aemilius, derived from the Latin word aemulus meaning “rival.”

2. Ava. Another Germanic name, Ava means “like a bird,” so it’s perfect for a free-spirited little girl! It’s quite popular in Scotland and is a variant of the name Avis.

3. Daisy. If you’re looking for a Scottish name with an American twist for your baby girl, Daisy is an excellent option. Of English origin, the name means “day's eye,” referring to the flower's habit of opening with the sun and closing at dusk.

4. Emily. You can find Emily as a girls’ name all over the world, and it’s popular in Scotland, too. Its Latin origins give it the meaning of “rival” or “rivaling,” similar to Amelia above. That’s because it also comes from the feminine form of the Roman family name Aemilius.

5. Emma. Though it sounds like Emily above, Emma has completely different origins. It’s a Germanic name meaning “whole” or “universal,” which is quite a sweet option for your little baby girl.

6. Isla. Interestingly, of the top 10 most popular Scottish girl names in Scotland, only Isla, pronounced EYE-la, has Scottish Gaelic origins! In the local language, it means “island,” linked to Islay, the name of an island off the west coast of Scotland.

7. Katie. This could be one of the most popular girl names in the United States, peaking in the 1980s. But for Scotland, the popularity behind Katie only started in the 80s, so it’s still having a moment. Katie is a sweet nickname for Katherine, and with its Greek origins, it means “pure” and “clear.”

8. Lucy. It doesn’t get much cuter than the name Lucy, both in sound and meaning. From Latin, it means “light,” and as the English form of Lucia, you could use Lucy as a nickname.

9. Olivia. The name Olivia seems to be everywhere these days, and it’s still growing in popularity in Scotland. With Latin origins, Olivia means “olive tree,” though it’s mostly known as the character in Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night and, in more modern times, the fictional character Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington.

10. Sophie. If you’re also interested in French names for girls, Sophie is a good choice. Its French origins give it the meaning “wisdom” and it’s also related to the Greek name Sophia.


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Unique and Uncommon Scottish Girl Names

Scotland has a long history with numerous linguistic influences, so there’s no shortage of unique and uncommon Scottish baby girl names! If you’re looking for unique baby names, you might consider one with a Scottish twist, like Eilidh or Mairi.

11. Ailsa. Unique and from Scottish origins, the name Ailsa, pronounced AYL-sa, means “from the island of Alfsigr.” The connection comes from the island of Ailsa Craig in Scotland, a name derived from Alfsigesey in Old Norse, meaning “Alvaldi's island.”

12. Caitlin. Though this is a common Irish girls’ name, it’s simply a variant of Katherine. So, like Katie above, it also means “pure” or “clear.”

13. Eilidh. If you prefer Scottish Gaelic names for girls, you can go with Eilidh, simply pronounced EH-lee. It means “from the island,” similar to Ailsa above because it’s a variant of the name Eilís, the Scottish form of the Irish name Ailís.

14. Eilish. Pronounced EYE-lish, this name is also a variation of Eilís. It connects to the Irish Gaelic forms of Elizabeth and Alice, so it can mean “my God is an oath” or “noble type.” Plus, your little one will share a moniker with the popular singer, Billie Eilish.

15. Fionnuala. This name gives you the perfect option for an old and unique Scottish girls’ name. From Irish, it’s pronounced fin-OO-la and means “fair, white” or “bright stranger.”

16. Freya. Freya is cute and still a bit unique, though it’s growing in popularity. With Norse origins, it’s the perfect Scottish name for your little girl, as it means “lady.” Freya is also the goddess of love, fertility, and war in Norse mythology.

17. Màiri. With Scottish origin, Màiri means “beloved,” as it’s a variant of Mary and derived from the Hebrew name Miryam. It’s a nice biblical name for babies with a Scottish twist. You can pronounce it MAY-ryi.

18. Moira. Pronounced MOY-ra, this rare girls’ name means “star of the sea.” Though it has a different meaning, it’s also a variant of Mary and derived from Miryam.

19. Morven. For a truly unique and uncommon Scottish girls’ name, you have the option of Morven. It’s pronounced MAWR-vehn and has Scottish origins that give it the meaning of “big gap” or “big mountain.” It’s the name of a hill and region in western Scotland, known as the palace of god in the Picts mythology.

20. Sorcha. Sorcha is an excellent option for old medieval Scottish female names. It originates from Scottish Gaelic and means “radiant, bright,” though sometimes anglicized as Sarah or as Clara.

More Unique and Uncommon Scottish Girl Names

With such unique sounds and spellings, there are plenty more Scottish girl names that might be brand new to you! Here are even more rare options for your little girl:

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Traditional and Classic Scottish Girl Names

Many Scottish female names feature Scottish spellings rather than anglicized versions, keeping them truly traditional. We’ve rounded up some classic girl names from Scotland that might pique your interest.

31. Athol. For a traditional and historical option, try Athol, which comes from a district in Scotland. The name also has a link to Scottish Gaelic, as the word Athall derives from the Old Irish ath Fhotla, meaning “new Ireland.”

32. Gormelia. This Scottish girls’ name is the feminine form of Gormley, which is Gormlaith in Old Irish. Gormelia has a pretty strong meaning as “illustrious ruler.”

33. Kirsty. Though you’ll find Kirsty in the United States, it’s actually quite the classic Scottish girls’ name. It comes from the Scottish name Kirstin, which is a form of Christine, meaning “follower of Christ.”

34. Mòrag. Put a Scottish spin on a classic name! Mòrag hasn’t been in use since the 1970s and has a couple of origins. It’s both a form of Margaret, meaning “pearl,” and a diminutive of the Scottish Gaelic girls’ name Mòr, Irish for “great.” When translated to English, it’s sometimes known as Sarah or Marion.

35. Niamh. Another Irish name with popularity in Scotland, this moniker is pronounced NYEEV and means “bright.” In Irish legends, Niamh was the daughter of Manannán mac Lir, the sea god.

36. Orla. Many Scottish names have ties to Irish names, just like this one. Orla is a form of Orlaith, which is perfect for a little girl, as it means “golden princess.”

37. Senga. A classic name with a unique twist? Leave it to the Scottish! Senga is a palindrome and an anagram for the name Agnes, and in Gaelic, the name means “fair one” or “slender.”

38. Sheena. This is an anglicized form of the Scottish name Sìne, which is also a form of Jane. It means “God is gracious.”

39. Teàrlag. Pronounced TYEH-ar-lekh, this Scottish girls’ name comes from the Old Irish name Tairdelbach, meaning “instigator.” It was a popular name used by many medieval Irish kings, often anglicized to Charles as an Irish boys’ name and Charlotte for girls.

40. Wilma. Cute and traditional, this Scottish girls’ name is simply a form of Wilhelmina, which means “determined protector.”

More Traditional and Classic Scottish Girl Names

Keep going with our list of traditional names that includes options like Beathag, Moire, and even more classic Scottish girl names:

Cute Scottish Girl Names

With unique and adorable sounds, Scottish baby names for girls sure are cute! Many even offer sweet meanings perfect for your little cutie pie. Consider these lovely names, such as.

51. Ailis. This cute baby girls’ name is the Scottish Gaelic form of Alice, though it’s pronounced AY-lish. Alice is an Old French name from the Germanic moniker Adelaide, which means “noble.”

52. Aberdeen. To really connect your daughter’s name to Scotland, you could choose a cute place name like this one. Aberdeen is the name of a city and means “mouth of the Don River” in Scottish Gaelic.

53. Effie. An adorable name with a sweet sound, Effie is pronounced just as it’s spelled, EHF-ee. It’s a diminutive of the Greek name Euphemia, which means “to use words of good omen.”

54. Elspet. Cute name alert! Elspet is the Scottish form of Elizabeth, pronounced EHLZ-peth. Elizabeth is a Hebrew name meaning “my God is an oath” and has several variations, diminutives, and spellings in other languages and cultures, among them Isabelle and Lillian.

55. Fenella. You might love the sound, spelling, and meaning of this sweet Scottish girls’ name. Fenella is a form of Fionnuala, which means “fair.”

56. Fiona. Pronounced fee-OH-na, this name like Fenella above means “fair.” Fiona is the feminine form of the name Fionn, which comes from the Old Irish moniker Finn.

57. Maisie. Like Elspet above, Maisie also offers a cute alternative to a more common name. Maisie is a Scottish form of Margaret, which means “pearl.”

58. Moyra. If you like the classic Scottish girls’ name Moira but prefer a cute spelling, you can go with Moyra. Of course, it also means “star of the sea,” so it has a pretty adorable meaning!

59. Sheona. This name has a very cute sound, as it’s pronounced SHEE-oh-na with an emphasis on the first syllable. It’s a variant of Shona and means “Yahweh is gracious.”

60. Úna. Short, sweet, and cute, this is an ancient Scottish girls’ name meaning “lamb.” You can call your adorable little lamb Úna, pronounced OO-neh.

More Cute Scottish Girl Names

Cute Scottish girl names seem to have no end! We couldn’t leave out these adorable options, so here are even more swoon-worthy Scottish baby girl names.

Pretty and Beautiful Scottish Girl Names

By mixing beautiful meanings, sounds, and folklore, Scottish girl names are quite pretty and romantic. If you’re looking for a lovely name for your future baby girl, consider these sweet and charming options.

71. Afton. Afton is a unisex baby name that has gained popularity in recent years. With its Scottish origins, it either refers to a river in Scotland or means “evening.”

72. Ainsley. Thanks to a character in the television show The West Wing, the name Ainsley jumped in popularity in the United States in the early 2000s. Perhaps you know someone named Ainsley, but did you know it’s a Scottish girls’ name? It combines Old English words to mean “solitary” or “hermitage” and “woodland clearing.”

73. Daviana. It’s hard not to love the sound of Daviana, which is a variant of Davianna. It’s a rare option that ultimately connects to the name David, which means “beloved.”

74. Eimhir. The name Eimhir, pronounced EE-mehr, is one of the most beautiful Scottish names for women. It comes from Irish mythology, as Emer (the Irish spelling) was believed to possess six gifts of womanhood, including beauty, wisdom, and voice.

75. Flora. If you like the name Fenella above but want the anglicized version with a pretty meaning, you can opt for Flora, an Italian girls’ name that’s also popular in Scotland. As you might be able to guess, it means “flower.”

76. Iseabail. This is an excellent option for those wanting a beautiful Scottish Gaelic girls’ name. Pronounced EE-sha-bahl, Iseabail is the Scottish Gaelic form of Isabel, which connects to Elizabeth, meaning “my God is an oath.”

77. Malina. The pretty name Malina is the Scottish feminine form of Malcom, which means “dove” in Late Latin.

78. Marsaili. Another Scottish Gaelic girls’ name, Marsaili is a form of Marcella, which comes from an ancient family name derived from the Roman god Mars. The name has a beautiful pronunciation of MAR-sa-lee.

79. Neilina. A Scottish girls’ name with a beautiful sound, Neilina is the feminine form of Neil, which in Irish is Niall. It’s pronounced NAY-lee-na and means “hero” or “cloud.”

80. Sìneag. Use this unique spelling, pronounced SHEE-nyak, for the Scottish Gaelic form of Sìne. It’s a form of Jane, which connects to John and means “Yahweh is gracious.”

More Pretty and Beautiful Scottish Girl Names

We couldn't resist these pretty and beautiful Scottish girl names, so keep reading!

Cool Scottish Girl Names

It’s hard not to be cool with Scottish girl names, which just seem so hip and work well for a full moniker or even just a trendy nickname. Give your little gal a cool name with one of the options below!

91. Alba. Alba is a common name in many parts of the world, and a pretty cool option for Scottish girl names. It originates from the ancient Roman name Albus, meaning “bright.”

92. Arya. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, there might not be a name cooler than Arya. Now popular throughout the United Kingdom, Arya comes from an old Indo-Iranian root meaning “noble.”

93. Deòiridh. Give your little girl a cool and traditional Scottish name, as Deòiridh means “pilgrim,” as in traveling. It also has a unique sound, pronounced TYAW-ryiy.

94. Islay. Isla from above might be a popular Scottish girls’ name, but you can put a cool spin on it with this unique spelling. Pronounced IE-leh, it means “island.”

95. Kenna. The feminine form of Kenneth, the name Kenna is having a moment in the United States, growing in popularity. It’s probably because this hip girls’ name sounds cool, has Scottish roots, and means “esteem, respect.”

96. Mhairi. Though the name Mary might not offer those cool vibes anymore, this Scottish variant sure does! The name is pronounced VAR-ee and means “beloved.”

97. Mòr. There’s something about a one-syllable girls’ name that makes it the coolest option. Mòr comes from the Irish word of the same spelling, which means “great.”

98. Seònaid. Pronounced SHAW-na, this Scottish Gaelic girls’ name is a form of Jane, which originates from John, meaning “Yahweh is gracious.”

99. Shona. Though Shona also connects to the name John, like Seònaid above, and also has the meaning of “Yahweh is gracious,” it’s the Scottish form of Joan, not Jane.

100. Skye. If you’ve ever been to Scotland or wanted to visit the country, you’ve probably heard of the Isle of Skye. That’s where this cool name comes from, though you could also connect it to “sky.”

More Cool Scottish Girl Names

Find a hip and cool moniker for your daughter by choosing one of the following Scottish names for women, such as Ceit, Iona, and Nes!

Strong Scottish Girl Names

For a strong name, you can count on the Scottish, as you’ll find plenty of options for your little girl. Many of the options below offer strength and power in their meanings, which just might be the perfect pick for your courageous little baby!

111. Áedh. This is a strong ancient Scottish girls’ name from an Old Irish variant of Áed. More commonly used for boys, Áedh is a mighty option for your daughter, as it means “fire.”

112. Aimil. Pronounced AY-mehl, this strong Scottish girls’ name is often anglicized to Amelia or Emily. It’s derived from a Latin word meaning “rival.”

113. Brìghde. As the Scottish Gaelic form of the Irish name Bridget, Brìghde means “the exalted one.” It’s pronounced BREE-dah.

114. Fionnghal. From the Irish mythological name Fionnuala, this is the name of one of the children turned into a swan for 900 years. It’s pronounced FYOON-vehl.

115. Grizel. As the Scots form of Griselda, this name has the powerful meaning of “battle.” You might recognize its variants from medieval folklore.

116. Maeve. Though traditionally an Irish name, Maeve has gained popularity in Scotland in just the past few years. Pronounced MAYV, it means “intoxicating” and was the name of an Irish warrior queen.

117. Murdag. Give your girl a strong name derived from a Scottish Gaelic moniker meaning “sea battle.” The name is pronounced MEHR-dah.

118. Rhona. A name that may be considered a little old-fashioned in the United States, Rhona is actually a Scottish women’s name—and a strong one at that! It means “tough island” in Old Norse.

119. Ronalda. Pronounced rah-NAWL-da, this is the Scottish feminine form of Ronald. The name Ronald is used in Scotland in place of Ragnvaldr, an Old Norse moniker meaning “power of the gods” and “ruler.”

120. Tormod. This name is both Scottish and Norwegian, though mostly used for boys in Norway—so you could certainly consider it as a Scottish boys’ name, too. Tormod means “Thor’s wrath,” as in Thor, the god of storms, thunder, war, and strength.

More Strong Scottish Girl Names

We’ve got even more strong Scottish girl names for your consideration, perfect for a little Gaelic queen!

Scottish Forms of Common Girl Names

As you may have already noticed, Scottish girl names tend to have anglicized versions, connecting to common monikers. If you’re reading our entire list, you’ve already discovered Ailis as Alice, Iseabail as Isabel, and Mairi as Mary, but we have even more options below.

131. Aileas. There are a few different Scottish Gaelic forms of Alice, but this one is the most common. Pronounced ay-LEEZ, it means “noble.”

132. Annag. If you like the common name Anna, you can always add a letter to make it Scottish! Annag is pronounced AN-ehg and comes from the name Hannah, meaning “favor, grace.”

133. Beitris. You might be able to guess this one correctly, as Beitris is the Scottish Gaelic form of the girls’ name Beatrice. It means “voyager, traveler” and comes with a slightly different pronunciation, BEY-treez.

134. Cairistìona. Swap the common name Christina for this beautifully spelled Scottish version. Pronounced kehr-ish-TEE-na, it means “anointed.”

135. Caitríona. This beautiful Scottish girls’ name has many short forms and fun nicknames, but it’s also an option on its own. Pronounced KA-tree-na, it’s the Irish form of Katherine, meaning “pure.”

136. Ealasaid. Though you’ll find plenty of variations of the name Elizabeth on this list, Ealasaid might be one of the more traditional options. It’s pronounced EHL-eh-seht and, of course, means “my God is an oath.”

137. Máiréad. Margaret is a very traditional girls’ name, and the Scottish and Irish form Máiréad is even more classic. Máiréad is pronounced MA-ryed.

138. Ishbel. This one is easy, as it clearly mimics the name Isabel and shares its pronunciation. You can also spell it Sibéal, pronounced as SIHb-el. Isabel is a medieval form of Elizabeth, which means “my God is an oath.”

139. Nandag. Though Annag above is an excellent variation of Anna, you also have the option of Nandag, pronounced NAN-dehg. It also means “favor, grace.”

140. Síne. Pronounced SHEE-na, this is the Irish form of Jane, which connects to the male biblical name John, meaning “Yahweh is gracious.”

More Scottish Forms of Common Girl Names

There are even more Scottish forms of fairly common and traditional girl names. If you feel like you’re getting used to the Gaelic spellings, try to guess these options:

Even More Scottish Girl Names

Haven’t found just the right Scottish name for your baby girl yet? Check out 40 more options below. You'll end up with nearly 200 choices of beautiful, unique, and strong Scottish names for your little girl!

The Bottom Line

Choosing a Scottish name for your baby girl is an excellent way to honor your heritage or love for the beautiful country, and ensure your daughter has a unique and meaningful name. With so many options to choose from, you can be sure your little lady will be proud of her name and the story behind it. If you felt nostalgic for mountains and lush valleys while reading this article, you might enjoy our country girl names.

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