205 Best Baby Names That Mean Love for Girls and Boys

Are you seeking a name for your baby that carries a powerful and positive meaning? Why not select a name that’s all about love, the most tender and universal of all emotions? On our list of names, you’ll discover monikers for boys and girls from various cultures and languages that mean “love” or signify “love and strength,” “love and beauty,” or the “heart.” Whether you're looking for a name that radiates strength, fondness, or a harmonious blend of both, we've got you covered.

Girl Names That Mean “Love”

Choosing a name for your little girl that means “love” can be a beautiful way to show your affection right from the beginning. So, what names mean “love”? Read on to find out how love can be expressed with girl names meaning “loved,” “heart,” “lovable,” and “beloved.”

1. Ai. If you’re looking for a Chinese or Japanese girls’ name that means “love,” Ai gives you both. In Chinese, this name is pronounced IE and means “love, affection” or “friendly, lush,” while in Japanese, it’s pronounced A-EE and means either “love, affection” or “indigo.”

2. Aimi. Here’s another Japanese girls’ name that means “love” and “beauty.” It offers a unique alternative to the classic name Amy, which is also on our list.

3. Ajei. If you want girl names that mean “heart” or “love,” look no further than this sweet Native American name meaning “heart” in Navajo.

4. Amanda. Meaning “lovable” and “worthy of love” in Latin, this name is a classic addition to our list and has been used in literature throughout the years, including as characters in Colley Cibber’s play Love’s Last Shift and Tennessee Williams's play A Glass Menagerie.

5. Amy. Amy is an English name that means “beloved” and a version of the French names Amée and Aimée. It was an especially popular baby girls’ name throughout the 1970s in the United States.

6. Angharad. In Welsh, Angharad is a girls’ name that means “much loved.” It’s also the name of a character from the mythical Welsh romance Peredur Son of Efrawg, adding to this name's romantic lure.

7. Beloved. If you’re looking for names that mean “beloved,” why not go directly to the source? This name is uncommon but could be a sweet middle name for a baby girl.

8. Caoimhe. Pronounced as Keeva or Kweeva, this beautiful Irish girls’ name means “gentle” and “beloved.” It’s popularly associated with kindness and love, adding a unique and loving touch to your child's identity.

9. Carina. As well as meaning “dear” and “beloved” in Latin, Carina is the name of a constellation in the Southern Sky. Stargazers will love this beautiful moniker.

10. Ceinwen. Are you searching for names that mean “lovely”? Look no further than this dreamy Welsh name meaning “lovely” and “blessed.”

11. Diletta. Here’s an Italian girls’ name that means “beloved.”

12. Fancy. From the English word fancy, meaning “love,” “inclination,” or “ornamental.” This rare name is cute enough to make a comeback.

13. Inanna. If you’re looking for a name that means (or represents) “love” and “beauty,” you could choose Inanna, the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of love, war, and fertility, also known as the “Queen of Heaven.”

14. Hólmfríðr. They say love is like an island—so why not choose this unique Old Norse name that means “small island” and “beloved”?

15. Koharu. If you’re expecting a springtime baby, consider this lovely Japanese name that means “heart” and “spring.”

16. Lempi. The girls’ name Lempi means “love” in Finnish.

17. Love. What better way to honor life’s greatest gift than the baby girls’ name Love, with a meaning that needs no explanation!

18. Mai. Another adorable Japanese name that means “love” is the irresistible Mai, which means “real love” or “dance.”

19. Mary. This popular biblical name, given to the mother of Jesus, may mean “wished for a child,” “rebelliousness,” or “beloved.” Famous namesakes include author Mary Shelley and Mary Queen of Scots.

20. Priti. With its pretty sound, you’re onto a winner with this Indian girls’ name that means “love” and “joy.”

21. Vaihere. Give your water sign baby (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) this sweet Tahitian girls’ name meaning “water” and “loved.”

More Girl Names That Mean “Love”

If you simply loved those names, here are even more to win your heart:


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Girl Names That Mean “Love and Strength”

The following girl names embody the tenderness of love but also the resilience and power of strength, striking a beautiful balance between the two. Some of these names are inspired by goddesses of love from various mythologies across the globe, adding an element of divine romance. Check out the following names, each with its own story of love and strength.

39. Aphrodite. If you want a name that denotes strength and peace and means “love and beauty,” you might like this popular name from Greek mythology. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty, and it was believed she was born from the foam of the sea.

40. Ástríðr. This is a cool and rare girls’ name that comes from Old Norse and means “god, “beautiful,” and “beloved.” It embodies Nordic strength and beauty.

41. Bastet. There’s little that conveys love and strength more than a name from mythology. Here is Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of love, felines, protection, and dance. It’s purrfect for your own little goddess.

42. Freya. This increasingly popular name means “the lady” and belongs to the Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and war. The goddess was believed to have ridden a chariot pulled by two cats—another fun snippet for feline lovers!

43. Hathor. In Egyptian mythology, Hathor is the goddess of love, music, dance, and the sky. Will your daughter take after her goddess namesake? Only time will tell!

44. Ingrid. Meaning “Ing is beloved/beautiful,” Ingrid combines the name of the Germanic god, Ing (the god of fertility), with the meaning of “beloved” and “beautiful” to create this lovely Old Norse name. The actress Ingrid Bergman is a famous namesake.

45. Jorunn. Channel strength and love with this interesting baby name that means “boar” and “to love” in Norwegian.

46. Kallisto. Kallisto (or Callisto) represents love, beauty, and strength. It’s a Greek girls’ name that means “most beautiful,” and is the name of the Great Bear constellation (from the Greek myth which tells of Kallisto being turned into a bear).

47. Kamakshi. Meaning “love” and “eye,” Kamakshi is the name of the Hindu goddess of fertility.

48. Manami. Manami combines love and strength thanks to its meanings of “love” and “ocean.” This Japanese girls’ name is a beautiful choice, especially for ocean lovers.

49. Oshun. In West African mythology, Oshun is the goddess of beauty, love, and water. She is a popular and revered goddess thanks to her strength and connection to love.

50. Parvati. If you’re seeking a name that means “love and strength,” Parvati may be the one for you. This Sanskrit name means “daughter of the mountain” and belongs to the Hindu goddess of love and power. She is also revered for her strength as the mother of the fierce and powerful Hindu god Lord Ganesha.

51. Prende. Here’s a name that represents love, beauty, new life, and the strength of women. In Albanian mythology, Prende is the protector of women and the goddess of the dawn, love, health, and fertility.

52. Torunn. Torunn comes from the Old Norse name Thor, the powerful god of thunder, combined with the element unna, meaning “to love.” This name certainly conveys both strength and love!

53. Venus. Venus is another strong and beautiful goddess name—this time, the Roman goddess of love. She even has a planet named after her! Do you like this unique girl name starting with V? We have lists from every letter of the alphabet!

More Girl Names That Mean “Love and Strength”

Are you drawn to girl names all about love and strength? If so, we’ve got more for you:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for exciting facts to help you find the perfect baby name!

Boy Names That Mean “Love”

Boys' names that mean “love,” “heart,” “beloved,” or “loved” are charming and carry a deep and meaningful sentiment. Any of these names, drawn from various cultures and languages, could be the perfect choice for your little boy, who will go through life with a name that embodies one of the most beautiful and universal emotions—love.

64. Agapito. Agapito is a rare and unique boys’ name that means “beloved” in Greek or Latin.

65. Amadeus. This is a captivating Latin name that means “love of God.” Most often associated with composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it communicates a deep sense of passion and dedication, especially for music lovers.

66. Amandus. Meaning “lovable” or “worthy of love,” this name comes from the Latin word amanda, which itself became a popular girls’ name. Amandus was borne by both fifth- and seventh-century saints.

67. Caleb. Here’s a popular baby boys’ name that means “whole of my heart,” which your little one is sure to be! This is another common biblical name.

68. Caomh. Pronounced keev, this is a rare Irish name that means “gentle” and “beloved.”

69. Dragoljub. This unique Slavic name means “precious” and “love.” It’s also the Croatian and Serbian word for nasturtium, the flowering plant.

70. Eldad. Eldad is a Hebrew name meaning “God is love.”

71. Erasmus. Meaning “beloved” in Greek, Erasmus is a classic and scholarly name, gaining prominence in the Middle Ages through the influential Dutch humanist and theologian Desiderius Erasmus.

72. Goteleib. If you’re looking for a unique moniker that means “love of god,” this German boys’ name contains the elements got, meaning “god,” and liob, meaning “beloved.”

73. Habib. Why not give your little one a name that means “love” or “darling” in Arabic? Habib is often used as a term of endearment in Arabic-speaking countries.

74. Hubert. Watch your baby boys’ love shine through with this classic name that means “bright heart” in Old German.

75. Kalyan. What name means “lovely”? This Indian boys’ name does!

76. Kevin. Celebrate your baby’s birth with this English name that means “beloved birth.” Kevin comes from the Irish name Caoimhín, which belonged to a sixth-century saint.

77. Leofwine. Give your friendly and loving baby boy this Old English name meaning “beloved friend.”

78. Lovemore. If you’re seeking a name with a clear and straightforward expression of love, this English name directly translates to “love more.” It’s a common name in South Africa.

More Boy Names That Mean “Love”

Give your baby boy the gift of love with these names, meaning all things love-related!

Boy Names That Mean “Love and Strength”

Are you seeking a boys’ name that means “love and strength”? If so, take a look at these names, which capture the warmth of love and also exude a sense of power and resilience. This list also includes names inspired by gods of love from various mythologies, adding an element of divine charm and historical depth. Read on for a perfect blend of affection and bravery.

92. Aziz. This is a strong yet tender Arabic boys’ name that means “respected,” “powerful,” and “beloved/cherished.” It holds a spiritual connotation, often associated with divine love and power.

93. Bes. Although this name doesn’t specifically mean “love and strength,” it belongs to the Egyptian god of music, love, and dance. Bes is believed to be a defender of the home and protector of all things good.

94. Caratacus. Looking for a boys’ name that means “love” and also signifies strength? Caratacus, meaning “loved,” has a strong sound and was the name of a British chieftain from the first century who stood up against Roman rule.

95. Chadrakant. If you’re looking for names that mean “moon” and “love,” Chadrakant might be the one for you. It means “beloved by the moon” in Sanskrit.

96. Corentin. Here’s a French boys’ name that means either “love” or “hurricane/storm.”

97. David. You’ll be familiar with this common boys’ name, but did you know that it means “beloved?” This “love” name belongs to a popular biblical figure and has been borne by saints and kings throughout history.

98. Epaphroditos. This is a powerful boys’ name that means “lovely” and “charming” in Greek. It comes from the name Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

99. Eros. Here is the name of the Greek god of love (and son of Aphrodite), known as Cupid in Roman mythology. He is known for his wings and signature bow and arrow, which he uses to make people fall in love. Eros and Cupid are often associated with Valentine’s Day.

100. Heremoana. You may recognize the second half of this name from the Disney movie Moana—but did you know that the name means “ocean”? And you guessed it—the first part of this name means “loved.” This beautiful Tahitian name combines love with the strength of the ocean. What an inspiring choice for your little water sign baby!

101. Philadelphos. This long, strong name could be just right for a baby boy who is going to be a brother thanks to its meanings of “to love” and “brother” in Greek. If you like this boys’ name starting with P, you can check out more in our alphabet-inspired lists!

More Boy Names That Mean “Love and Strength”

Set a strong and loving foundation for your little boy's identity with even more options:

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean “Love”

This list includes names that transcend traditional gender boundaries as they convey a universal sentiment of love and affection. These gender-neutral baby names, from various cultures and languages, offer an appealing array of options that mean “love,” “heart,” or “beloved.”

110. Amor. As a given name, Amor is rare, but it literally means “love” in Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese. Amor is another name for Cupid, the god of love.

111. Ceri. Pronounced KEH-ri, this is a Welsh name for boys and girls that means “to love.” It may also come from the River Ceri in Ceredigion, Wales, making it a good choice for your water sign baby (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

112. Chikondi. This is a gender-neutral South African name that means “love” in Chewa.

113. Delshad. Bring joy to your newborn with this Persian name that means “happy heart.”

114. Fumnanya. This is a West African name that means “love me” in Igbo—not that you need any encouragement to love your beautiful new arrival!

115. Gurpreet. Gurpreet is an Indian name meaning “guru” and “love” in Sanskrit.

116. Harpreet. Another Indian name for girls and boys is Harpreet, from the name Hari (a Hindu god) and priti meaning “love.”

117. Ife. The name Ife means “love” in the West African language of Igbo.

118. Kaipo. Your little one might be the sweetheart of the family with this Hawaiian name that means “pure heart”!

119. Ljuba. The Slavic element lyuby means “love,” giving this gender-neutral name its cute meaning.

120. Ren. The adorable Ren is a Japanese name for boys and girls that means “love” or “lotus.”

121. Xinyi. Looking for a Chinese name that means “love”? Xinyi combines xīn, meaning “heart, mind, soul,” with , meaning “joy, harmony.”

More Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean “Love”

Embrace the diversity of love with even more unisex names:

Cute Male and Female Names That Mean “Love”

All of these cute names that mean “love” convey affection and fondness, striking a delicate balance between charm and sentimentality. Our list contains cute names for girls [https://www.pampers.com/en-us/pregnancy/baby-names/article/cute-girl-names] and boys that are sure to fill your heart with joy.

132. Aiko. As mentioned above at the beginning of our list, ai means “love, affection” in Japanese. The element ko in this sweet girls’ name means “child,” offering an adorable meaning of “child of love” for your little one.

133. Anbu. In Tamil (a language spoken in southern India and Sri Lanka), this name simply means “love.”

134. Armas. This cute boys’ name [https://www.pampers.com/en-us/pregnancy/baby-names/article/cute-boy-names] is made even cuter by its meaning of “beloved” in Finnish.

135. Ásta. Here’s another cute name for girls that means “love” in Icelandic.

136. Cara. This short and sweet girls’ name has two meanings. It means “beloved” in Italian and “friend” in Irish, so take your pick!

137. Carwyn. Meaning “to love” and “blessed” in Welsh, this cute boys’ name is a dreamy moniker for a lovely little guy.

138. Carys. This is a cute Welsh name for girls, meaning “love.” It’s a modern name, becoming common only in the twentieth century.

139. Erato. This is a Greek girls’ name [https://www.pampers.com/en-us/pregnancy/baby-names/article/greek-girl-names] that means “lovely” for a sweet little lady. It’s the name of the muse of poetry in Greek mythology, making it a great choice for poetry lovers.

140. Esmé. Meaning “loved” or “esteemed” in Old French, Esmé has become a popular name for girls in England and Scotland.

141. Kokoro. With its charming spelling and meaning of “heart, mind, and soul,” this Japanese girls’ name is hard to resist.

142. Libi. This adorable name means “my heart” in Hebrew.

143. Minna. Here's a charming Old German female name that means “love.” Simple and powerful, it's a versatile pick for parents all over the world.

More Cute Male and Female Names That Mean “Love”

We’re keeping the cuteness going with more male and female names, giving off all the love.

Even More Names Meaning “Love”

With so many options out there, we couldn’t miss out on these 50 more names meaning love:

Top boy and girl names that mean love

The Bottom Line

Choosing a name that means “love” for your child is a personal and meaningful decision. It's a lifelong reminder of your affection and hopes for them. We hope you've found the perfect name for your little one in our list of monikers that represent love, beauty, and strength. And if you enjoyed these names with their sweet meanings of “love,” you might like to add some light and heat by consulting our lists of names that mean “fire” and names that mean “star”.

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