129 Best Baby Names That Mean Fire for Girls and Boys

If you’re in search of a unique and vibrant name for your soon-to-be-born baby, consider choosing from our list of names that mean “fire.” Any of these fiery names, full of energy and warmth, could be the perfect choice for your little one, symbolizing their potential to shine bright and make a mark in the world. Whether you're searching for girl, boy, or gender-neutral names that mean “fire” or simply exploring names relating to fire, we've got you covered. So, keep reading to learn about fiery monikers that stem from various cultures, languages, and mythologies.

Girl Names That Mean Fire

Names that evoke fire are perfect choices for babies born under fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius or simply to reflect your baby girl’s fiery personality. Some of these names have the specific meaning of “fire,” while others are connected to fire in some way, such as “sun,” “light,” or even “firefly.” Our list features popular girl names as well as unique female names from various cultures that mean “fire” or are related to the powerful fire element. Explore our list and find a name that adds spark and energy to your little girl!

1. Adsila. If you’re looking for a lovely Native American name that means “fire” for your baby girl, you could choose Adsila, which means just that in Cherokee. It can also mean “flower” or “blossom.”

2. Brenda. From Old Norse, this girls’ name comes from the name Brandr, meaning “fire,” “torch,” and “sword.”

3. Brinley. Want a modern, fiery name for your baby girl? Brinley, meaning “burned clearing,” originated as an Old English place name and surname, but now it’s a trendy given name.

4. Eldbjørg. As well as meaning “fire,” this Old Norse name for girls means “help” and “rescue.”

5. Fiamma. Here’s an Italian girls’ name that means “flame.”

6. Hotaru. If you’re looking for Japanese girl names that mean “fire,” consider Hotaru. It's almost there with its adorable meaning of “firefly.”

7. Hurik. This is a unique Armenian name that means “small fire.”

8. Ignacia. Here’s a cool Spanish name meaning “fire.” It’s a form of the masculine Roman name Ignatius, which resembles the Latin word for fire.

9. Iskra. While this isn’t a name that exactly means “fire,” it does mean “spark.” This adorable girl’s name is used in Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Macedonia.

10. Mahtab. Mahtab is a celestial girls’ name that means “fire” and “moonlight” in Persian.

11. Narine. Though this is an Armenian name meaning “pomegranate,” it’s also an Arabic girls’ name that means “fire.”

12. Nina. Nina is a common name across Europe and the United States and is usually a short form of a name that ends in -nina. It’s also a Native American name that means “fire” in Quechua and Aymara. A famous bearer is the singer and songwriter Nina Simone.

13. Nuria. Although Nuria doesn’t mean “fire,” it does shine just as much with its meanings of “luminous” and “bright” in Arabic.

14. Seraphina. If you’re looking for rare girl names meaning “fire,” Serpahina may be a great option. It’s derived from the Hebrew word seraphim, meaning “fiery ones,” which is a word found in the Bible to describe an order of angels.

15. Shula. Here’s another sweet girls’ name that means “flame” in Arabic.

16. Sua. Derived from Basque, this adorable name simply means “fire.”

17. Sunniva. This unique Norwegian name means “sun gift.” It was the name of an English saint who was shipwrecked in Norway.

18. Titania. Titania is the mother of Titans in Greek mythology and is the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. It’s also a fire element name that means “to burn.”

19. Ugnė. Here’s a unique girl’s name that means “fire” in Lithuanian.

More Girl Names That Mean Fire

If you’re enjoying the heat, check out even more names about fire for girls. We’ve got plenty of fiery yet cute girl names to choose from:


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Fire Goddess Names

Discover the captivating realm of fire goddess names from diverse cultures worldwide. These powerful deities, linked to the element of fire, inspire curiosity and awe. Embark on a journey through ancient myths, exploring the profound symbol of fire, and find a name for your own little goddess.

29. Agneya. In Hindu mythology, Agneya is the daughter of Agni, the Hindu fire god.

30. Amaterasu. In Japanese mythology, Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun and a major deity in Shinto mythology.

31. Brigid. If you’re a fan of Irish mythology and you’re looking for a magical Irish girls’ name that means “fire,” go with Brigid, which embodies all of that. Brigid (or Brigit) is the goddess associated with fire, healing, and poetry.

32. Dziewanna. This is the name of the Slavic goddess of fertility and abundance, who rules over forests, water, and fire. She was a protector of crops during times of drought or other natural disasters.

33. Gabija. In Lithuanian mythology, this is the name of the spirit of fire and goddess of the home, meaning “to shelter.”

34. Hestia. In Greek mythology, Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and home. She is also known as Vesta in Roman mythology.

35. Jowangsin. This interesting name comes from Korean mythology and is the goddess of fire and the hearth.

36. Loina. Loina is the Māori goddess of lava, fire, and volcanoes who was believed to be the creator of the islands in Polynesia.

37. Mahuika. Here’s another fire goddess name from Māori mythology.

38. Nantosuelta. In Celtic mythology, this beautiful and unique name belongs to the goddess of fire, nature, fertility, and the earth—an inspiring goddess for your little lady.

39. Ọya. Here’s a West African name that means “fire,” thanks to the warrior goddess of fire and wind in Yoruba mythology.

40. Pele. If you’re interested in Hawaiian girl names that mean “fire” or “lava,” you’re in for a treat with this hot name. Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, wind, volcanoes, and dance. She’s considered to be the creator of the Hawaiian Islands.

41. Váhula. This Slavic name belongs to the fire goddess of the hearth and home, who was also associated with love, marriage, fertility, and childbirth.

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Boy Names That Mean Fire

Are you looking for a bold and vibrant name for your baby boy? Check out our list of male names that mean “fire” or something associated with it, such as “sun,” “light,” or an explosive “volcano.” So, whether your baby boy is a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius), or you’re simply inspired by the power and symbolism of fire, check out our fiery boy names that will add energy and sparkle to your little one's life!

42. Aelius. Your little boy may burn bright with this Ancient Roman name meaning “sun.”

43. Akihiko. Why not choose a Japanese boys’ name that can be associated with fire due to its meaning of “bright prince.” Your little one will shine with this sweet moniker.

44. Aldebrand. Looking for a German boys’ name that means “fire?” Check out this strong moniker that means “old,” “torch,” as well as “fire.”

45. Antinanco. Here’s a powerful Native American boys’ name that has a meaning almost cooler than “fire”; it means “eagle of the sun” and is commonly used by the Mapuche people who mainly inhabit Chile and Argentina.

46. Birûsk. In Kurdish, this name means “lightning.”

47. Blaze. If you want a cool male name that means “fire,” choose Blaze, the English word used to describe a bright and fiercely burning fire. It’s a modern name that has recently become a popular boys' name in the United States.

48. Brando. This German name, which means “fire,” is the surname of the famous actor Marlon Brando, meaning it could be a cool choice for movie fans.

49. Cináed. From Old Irish, this is an interesting name that means “born of fire,” making it a great name choice for your little fire sign baby. It’s also a regal name, having been borne by the first king of the Scots and Picts in the ninth century.

50. Conleth. Here’s another Irish name for boys that means “fire,” or more accurately, “constant fire.”

51. Günay. This Turkish name shines twice as bright thanks to its meanings of “sun” and “moon.”

52. Haco. Of Celtic origin, this is a cool name that means “flame” or “fire.” This name also belonged to a mythical leader in an Old Cornish romantic tale.

53. Hinata. Hinata is a Japanese name that means “toward the sun” or “sunflower.”

54. Hubert. Put a little fire in your baby boy's heart with this name that means “bright heart” in German.

55. Ignatius. Here’s a great Latin name that means “fire” from the Latin word ignis. This name began as a Roman family name and is perfect for a fiery little guy.

56. IJsbrand. If you’re searching for a unique or rare boys’ name that means “fire,” IJsbrand means both “ice” and “fire” in Dutch.

57. Joash. Joash is a biblical name that means “fire of God.”

58. Naranbaatar. It may not mean “fire,” but this name sure is cool with its unique spelling and meaning of “sun hero” in Mongolian. It’s a great name to help lend strength and confidence to your little man.

59. Ognyan. Why not give your baby boy this interesting Bulgarian name that means “fiery”?

60. Panu. This is the Finnish word for “flame” and “fire.” As a given name, it’s also the Finnish short form of Urbanus, meaning “city dweller.”

61. Quidel. This Native American Mapuche name is all about fire with its meaning of “burning torch.”

62. Sam. In addition to the Hebrew version of this name, meaning “name of God” and “sun,” there’s a Persian version that means “fire.” You can take your pick of meanings with this adorable and classic moniker.

63. Sirius. You might recognize this name as a character from the Harry Potter series, but did you know that it means “burning” and is the name of a star in the constellation Canis Major? If you’re a stargazer, this unique name is a great choice.

64. Vatroslav. This is a Croatian name that means “glorious fire.”

65. Volkan. Do you want a boys’ name that means “lava” or “explosive”? Well, you might enjoy Volkan, which simply means “volcano” in Turkish. Plus, it’s an edgy and unique boys’ name starting with V.

More Boy Names That Mean Fire

Did you enjoy those names based on fire? If so, keep the flame burning with even more boy names that mean “fire.”

If you still don’t know the sex of your baby, why not take a guess with our fun (and unscientific) quiz:

Fire God Names

Explore our list of names belonging to gods of fire or the sun from mythology from all around the world, conveying a sense of power and beauty. Whether you're looking for names meaning fire or for one that carries the strength of a mythological hero or a god, we have plenty to choose from.

78. Agni. Agni is the name of the Hindu fire god and one of the five elements in Indian religion, which include fire, space, water, air, and earth.

79. Aodh. This Irish boys’ name means “fire” and belongs to a god of fire in Irish mythology, as well as ancient royalty. It can also be spelled as Aed.

80. Baskhara. In Sanskrit, this name means “maker of light.” It’s a name given to the Hindu sun god.

81. Helios. Helios is the name of the Greek sun god, and his sister is the moon goddess. Helios is often depicted as driving a horse-drawn chariot across the sky.

82. Inti. Here’s the name of the Inca sun god from mythology. This Native American name means “sun” in Quechua.

83. Nyambe. If you’re looking for an African name that means “fire,” check out Nyambe, the name of the fire and sun god in Bantu mythology.

84. Prometheus. This powerful name comes from Greek mythology and belongs to a famous Titan. Prometheus is known for stealing fire from the Olympian gods and giving it to humankind.

85. Pyrrhus. Although this name doesn’t belong to a sun god, it does belong to the son of the legendary Greek warrior Achilles. Plus, Pyrrhus is a Greek name that means “red-colored” and “fire,” making it a great choice for your fiery-haired baby boy.

86. Ra. Ra is the name of the Egyptian god of the sun in mythology. It’s a strong yet cute boys’ name that is sure to stand out.

87. Ravi. Here’s another sun god name, this time from Hindu mythology. You could also choose the name Ravindra, which adds the name Indra (a Hindu god) to the end, giving it the meaning “lord of the sun.”

88. Surya. What better way to represent fire and heat than with a name that means that big ball of gas in the sky? Surya is the name of the Hindu son god.

89. Utu. In Sumerian mythology, Utu is the sun god and son of the moon god.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Fire

Gender-neutral names are becoming popular choices in our modern world, with their hip vibes and flexibility. So, adding that extra spark with names that mean “fire,” “flame,” or “morning sun” just makes unisex names even cooler. Here’s our short list of gender-neutral names containing the powerful element of fire.

90. Asahi. Asahi means “morning sun” in Japanese.

91. Azar. This is a cool unisex name that means “fire” in Persian.

92. Eirian. Although this gender-neutral name doesn’t actually mean “fire,” it still shines with its meanings of “bright” and “beautiful” in Welsh.

93. Keahi. Here’s a beautiful Hawaiian name for boys and girls that means “the fire.”

94. Lucero. Lucero is a dreamy name that represents the fire burning in your heart for your new arrival. This name means “bright star” and “light” in Spanish.

95. Shams. In Arabic, this is a gender-neutral name that means “sun” or “fire.” It also belongs to a pre-Islamic Arabian sun goddess.

96. Tonalli. Here’s a name that means “warmth of the sun” in Nahuatl (a Native American language) and represents heat and a new and beautiful day.

Even More Names Meaning Fire

Believe it or not, there are even more names for boys and girls that mean “fire,” so we’ve kept the going:

The Bottom Line

Our comprehensive list features a host of fiery monikers from various cultures and languages. If you're looking for a unique and vibrant name for your baby that symbolizes potential and warmth, consider selecting one of these fire-themed names or something related to fire. Fire is a powerful element, and as such, these names can be great choices.

For more name inspiration, you might enjoy searching our names by letter, from A to Z. And if you're in a fantastic and fiery mood, check out our boy names starting with F, as well as our girl names starting with F.

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