Top Baby Girl Names That Start With V

While awaiting your new arrival, there’s nothing more exciting than choosing a name to fit your baby girl. If you’re drawn to girl names starting with V, or perhaps V names run in your family, we’ve got some great choices of popular, unique, cute, cool, and even some pretty girl names that start with V and their meanings.

Popular Girl Names That Start With V

If you’re looking for a popular female name that starts with the letter V, then check out the top 10 V girl names in the United States for 2020:

1. Victoria. Hitting the top spot is this classic name meaning “victory” in Latin. The Roman goddess of victory gives this name its strength and power, whereas its royal namesake, the long-reigning Queen Victoria lends a regal touch to this old-fashioned girl names. Victoria is a popular and well-known name choice in many European countries, as well as the United States and Canada and even has some cute nicknames such as Vicky or Tori.

2. Violet. This pretty flower name meaning “purple” has recently made its way into the top 50 in both the United States and England. Violet has some fun fictional namesakes for your little lady, like Violet Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Violet Parr in the movie The Incredibles, and Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

3. Valentina. A beautiful name that is currently ranked highly in Spain, Chile, and the United States. Valentina, meaning “strength” and “health” comes from the name Valentine, associating it with romance and love. In 1963, Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. She’s an inspiring namesake for your little adventurer.

4. Vivian. From the Latin vivus meaning “alive,” Vivian was once both a masculine and feminine name but is now more popular as a V girl’s name. In Arthurian romance, this was the name of Lady Vivian, daughter of King Olaf, who tried to enchant Arthur to make him fall in love with her. Vivian is also the main character in Pretty Woman, as well as a name in 1990s TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

5. Valerie. This English and German form of Valeria means “strength,” and “health,” making it a powerful girl’s name due to its association with the word valor. You may recognize this name from the song “Valerie” by the Zutons, later covered by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse.

6. Valeria. Sitting right next to Valerie in our list of popular V girl names is the variant, Valeria. This feminine form of Valerius has the same meaning as the previous name but with more of a unique flair, for those who are fans of Italian or Spanish baby girl names.

7. Vanessa. A classic female V name that was likely created by author Jonathan Swift for his 1726 poem Cadenus and Vanessa. He dedicated this poem to his love interest Esther Vanhomrigh, by combining the first syllable of her last and first name. A century later, Vanessa was used as a genus of butterfly. A famous namesake is actress Vanessa Hudgens.

8. Vera. Of Russian origin meaning “faith,” Vera has a vintage vibe due to its popularity in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The name is found in Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace and was also the name of the popular British singer during the Second World War, Vera Lynn. Fashion designer Vera Wang and actress Vera Farmiga add some style to the name.

9. Vivienne. This sophisticated French version of Vivien and Vivian meaning “life,” has a modern and fashionable vibe due to fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie chose this version for their twin daughter.

10. Veronica. For photography fans, you might be pleased to learn that Veronica is the patron saint of photographers, due to its Latin meaning “true image”. It’s believed that Veronica was the woman who wiped the face of Jesus and found his image miraculously imprinted on her cloth. You may recognize this name as the teen private investigator Veronica Mars from the TV series of the same name.


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Unique Girl Names That Start With V

Are you looking for a unique girl name that makes your little trailblazer stand out from the crowd? From mythological to vintage names, we’ve got some of the most vivaciously rare and unique women names that start with V:

11. Vale. This truly unique name conjures up images of nature, due to it being the poetic and literary word used for a valley. Rivers often run through valleys, making this a unique choice for a water sign baby (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or if you’re looking for nature-inspired names.

12. Valli. Another rare girl’s name starting with V inspired by nature is Valli, meaning “creeping plant” in Dravidion. Valli is a Hindu goddess and wife of the god Murugan. She was the head of a mountain tribe and a huntress.

13. Valpuri. This Finnish version of the German name Walburga means “ruler of the fortress.” It was the name of an eighth-century English saint who did missionary work in Germany. A unique and saintly name choice.

14. Vanadís. Vanadís was another name given to the Norse goddess Freya, a goddess of the Vanir associated with love, beauty, fertility, and the future. A romantic and unearthly name for your little goddess.

15. Vellamo. There’s something alluring and whimsical about Greek mythology names, and Vellamo adds to that with its ties to Finnish mythology. She’s the goddess of the sea, water, and lakes, respected by fisherman and sailors for her ability to control the storms and waves. A beautiful namesake for lovers of the water!

16. Venus. Another unique name steeped in mythology comes from Venus, the Roman goddess of love and desire, as well as the planet that was named after her. This romantic and celestial name is a powerful female choice, with namesakes like tennis champion Venus Williams.

17. Verena. This unique, vintage name is of Late Roman and German origin meaning “true”. Verena was the name of an Egyptian-born nurse and saint from the third century who travelled with the Theban Legion before their martyrdom. She is believed to have spent her final days as a hermit, performing miracles, fasting, and in prayer.

18. Vesta. Vesta, meaning “hearth,” or “pure” was the Roman goddess of the hearth or household. The Vestal Virgins tended the eternal flame in the Temple of Vesta in Ancient Rome. The flame signified Vesta’s protection over the city.

19. Vienne. Are you a fan of beautiful European cities? Well, if the Austrian city of Vienna captures your heart, this French variation of the name is perfect. Another variant is Vianna, a character in the novel and movie Chocolat.

20. Vita. A feminine form of the Ancient Roman name Vitus, meaning “life,” Vita is a vivacious V name for a little girl who’s full of life!

More Unique Girl Names That Start With V

Do you want even more unique baby names ? Check out our list below:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Cute Girl Names That Start With V

It’s hard to find anything that compares to the cuteness of your baby girl, but we’ve tried our best with these short and cute girl names that start with V:

31. Vana. This cute little name is possibly a diminutive of the names Ivana and Jovana, meaning “God is gracious.” In Norse mythology, Vana was the wife of Sveigðir and mother of Vanlandi.

32. Vashti. If you’re looking for a biblical baby name as well as a strong female role model, Vashti gives you both. In the Old Testament, Vashti was a strong-willed queen who refused to obey her husband’s orders. Perfect for your strong-minded baby girl.

33. Vasia. Vasia is the cute diminutive of the Greek name Vasiliki, a version of the masculine name Basil meaning “regal.” You could also use cute variants such as Vaso or Kiki for your little queen.

34. Veda. This cute V girl name of Sanskrit origin meaning “knowledge” has a modern feel and has started to see some action in the baby name rankings. You could also choose the version Vada if you’re a fan of the classic movie My Girl.

35. Velma. Velma is possibly a variation of the German girls' name Wilma, derived from Wilhelmina. Its fictional namesake Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo lends this name a smart and cute vibe.

36. Vered. If you’re looking for a sweet twist on a flower name, Vered means “rose” in Hebrew. It’s also related to the Arabic girl’s name Warda, also meaning “rose.” No matter which version you choose, they both smell just as sweet.

37. Verna. From the Latin word vernus meaning “spring,” Verna is a unique and cute name for a springtime baby.

38. Veva. This cute and fun name can be used as a diminutive of the more sophisticated name, Genevieve. Meaning “kinswoman,” Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris.

39. Vida. Vida is a stylish and vivacious name with various origins, most recognizably of Spanish origin meaning “life,” it also means “visible” in Persian. An inspiring namesake was Australian suffragist and social reformer Vida Goldstein.

40. Viola. Whether you’re won over by flower names, you’re a musician, or even an avid literature fan, Viola has it all! From the purple flower “violet,” this name is also the protagonist in Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, wherein she disguises herself as a man. Influential actress Viola Davis adds to the strength of this versatile name.

More Cute Girl Names That Start With V

If you were won over by these cute and short baby names, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:

Cool V Girl Names

Do you want a name that will reflect the strength of your little warrior? From powerful mythological names to beautiful international names and city names, we’ve got some of the coolest V girl names to help inspire you:

51. Valencia. If you’re a globetrotter with an appreciation for Europe, this dreamy name comes from the Spanish city that lies on the Mediterranean coast. Meaning “strength and vigor,” Valencia is a strong and unique alternative to the more vintage names, such as Valerie.

52. Vairë. For Tolkien fans, this ethereal name pronounced vy-reh, is found in The Silmarillion. Also known as Vairë the weaver, she is the wife of Mandos and weaver of all the stories of the world. An enchanting name for your future storyteller.

53. Valkyrie. If you’re looking for a cool name, then look no further than Valkyrie, meaning “chooser of the slain.” In Old Norse myth the Valkyries were women who guided the spirits of fallen warriors into Fólkvangr or Valhalla.

54. Vanda. This form of Wanda is of Slavic origin, possibly meaning “wanderer.” The W version of this name belonged to the daughter of King Krac, the founder of Krakow, in Polish legend. Whether you choose Vanda or Wanda, they bring to mind Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Universe.

55. Varvara. If you want to name your baby after a family member, but with a unique twist, Varvara is the Russian, Greek, and Macedonian version of the old-fashioned name Barbara. Meaning “foreign,” Barbara is a popular saint name and patron saint of architects, geologists, and artillerymen. So, it’s up to you whether you go classic or cool!

56. Vega. Your baby girl will be the brightest star in your life, so, why not choose a name that reflects this. Vega is the name of the brightest star in northern constellation of Lyra, making it a cool choice for stargazers and lovers of astronomy. In Arabic, this name means “swooping eagle.” A bright name that dazzles!

57. Velda. Velda is a name with a strong meaning from the Germanic word wald, meaning “power,” or “ruler.” A great choice for a future female leader.

58. Venera. This is a variation of one of our unique V names, Venus, meaning “love” and “desire”. Venera was the name of a second-century martyred saint.

59. Verona. Fair Verona is where we lay our scene for this beautiful name. This northern Italian city is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, as well as being in the name of his play Two Gentlemen of Verona. The home to some Ancient Roman landmarks, Verona is a cool name for lovers of Shakespeare, or fans of Italian girl names.

60. Visenya. For fantasy lovers and fans of author George R.R. Martin, you may recognize this name as Visenya Targaryen, the oldest of the three Targaryen siblings. There isn’t anything cooler than being named after a dragon-rider.

More Cool Girl Names That Start With V

Pretty Girl Names That Start With V

Whether you’re looking for a pretty-sounding name, or a name with a beautiful meaning for your little beauty, we’ve got some of the most enchanting and pretty girl names that start with V:

71. Vaihere. This beautiful Tahitian name has the meanings of “water,” from vai and “loved,” from here. A lovely choice for your beloved water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) baby.

72. Vanna. A short form of the Italian name Giovanna, meaning “God is gracious.” Vanna is also of Cambodian origin, meaning “golden.” Perfect for your golden-haired beauty.

73. Velvet. A given name you don’t hear too often that conjures up the image of the luxuriously soft fabric. You may recognize it as the main character Velvet Brown from Enid Bagnold’s 1935 novel and the 1944 movie National Velvet.

74. Venetia. From the name of the Italian region encompassing Venice, Venetia is another romantic name for lovers of Italy. It’s also the name and title of Benjamin Disraeli’s 1837 novel Venetia, as well as celebrated beauty of the Stuart period, Venetia Stanley.

75. Verdandi. This unusual yet beautiful name comes from Old Norse, meaning “becoming,” or “in the making”. In Norse mythology, Verdandi was the goddess of destiny and one of the three Norns. Verdandi was responsible for the present.

76. Verity. If you honor truth and honesty above all else, Verity simply means “truth.” The Puritans adopted this as one of their virtue names, making it a unique alternative to names such as Hope and Faith.

77. Vesna. Vesna is a pretty choice for a springtime baby, as its meaning in many Slavic languages is “spring.” It’s also the name of an ancient Slavic deity associated with springtime. You can almost envisage the flowers blooming when you hear this name.

78. Virginia. Did you know that the state of Virginia was named after the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I? Making this name an unexpected royal baby name option. This vintage classic has the makings of a modern V name for girls, with interesting historical roots and namesakes such as writer Virginia Woolf.

79. Vivien. This variation of our popular names Vivian and Vivienne was possibly created by English poet Alfred Tennyson for his Arthurian epic Idylls of the King, wherein Vivien was the Lady of the Lake. It’s also the name of actress Vivien Leigh, best known for her role as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind.

80. Varda. In Hebrew, Varda means “rose.” This is a pretty V girl name for lovers of flowers, or a unique way to honor a family member with the name Rose.

More Pretty Girl Names That Start With V

There’re so many pretty girl names beginning with V! So, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:

Even More Girl Names That Start With V

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby girl names starting with V, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our unique girl names that start with W, or 1000 baby girl names to inspire you.

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