Top 170+ Angelic Names for Girls and Boys With Meanings

Choosing a name for your newborn can be as enchanting as it is challenging. Angel names have always been a popular choice for parents looking for a name that represents beauty and grace. Our list of angel names is a tribute to celestial beings, such as Gabriel and Seraphina, with names that embody the positive virtues and divine kindness that angels are known for. Whether you’re looking for a name that represents a well-known archangel or guardian angel or simply one whose meaning evokes angelic qualities, we’ve got heavenly options for both boys and girls.

Female Angel Names

If you’re drawn to names of female angels thanks to their beauty and grace, these baby girl names can offer timeless tales and heavenly virtues for your little girl. Names like Seraphina, with fiery roots in the hearts of seraphim, promise passion and warmth. Gabriella, inspired by the messenger of God, is filled with inspiration and good tidings. So, wrap yourself in these darling angel names and their meanings. 1. Anaita. In Zoroastrianism (one of the world’s oldest known religions), this girls’ name is that of a high-ranking guardian angel, emanating a sublime elegance. 2. Arcangela. This name combines the strength of archangels with the name Angela—and can you guess what the name Angela means? That’s right, “angel”! Crown your girl with the aura of a guide, an archangel watching over her fated path. 3. Dina. Dina is another name for Jophiel, a male angel in Christian and Jewish belief. This female angel name can also be found worldwide as a short and cute moniker. 4. Erela. This beautiful-sounding name is possibly from a Hebrew word meaning “hero” or “angel.” It sounds similar to the popular girls’ name Ella; however, it’s a unique option for your little angel. 5. Gabriella. Drawing from the might of the famous Archangel Gabriel, Gabriella is a great girls’ name starting with G that suggests your daughter may be a harbinger of hope and good news. It also offers many cute diminutives such as Gabi, Gaby, Brie, or Briella. 6. Gabrielle. Just like Gabriella above, this female form of Gabriel carries with it a breath of the divine messenger’s spirit. 7. Michelle. Michelle is a feminine and French twist on Michael, one of the archangels in Hebrew tradition. Michelle captures the protector’s strength in a softer light, with chic celestial flair. 8. Raphaela. Here’s another female form of an archangel name from Hebrew tradition. Raphaela is the feminine version of Raphael and the beautiful angel name means “God heals.” 9. Seraphina. If you’d like a unique baby name that means “fire” while still retaining an angelic nature, here’s one you might like. Derived from Hebrew for “fiery ones,” this name is associated with the highest order of angels, often portrayed as having six wings. It’s a name for a girl who radiates an inner fire and has a bold spirit. 10. Zeraphine. Embodying French elegance, this angel name for girls is derived from Seraphina (see above). Zeraphine is a name that could give your daughter the wings of the seraphim, ensuring her spirit soars high with a fiery passion.


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Names of Angels for Boys

If you’re curious about the realm of celestial names for your boy, you might consider male angel names. Just as angel names for girls convey beauty and grace, names for boys carry the might and valor of archangels like Michael and Gabriel. Keep reading for names that have stood the test of time, embodying the protectiveness and wisdom of guardian angels. 11. Adathan. Adathan is an uncommon boys’ name found in Mandaeism that belongs to a guardian angel who stands at the Gate of Life. 12. Azrael. Known in various traditions as the angel of death, this male angel name has a significant and dignified presence, being the angel who accompanies souls in their final transition. Why not let your baby boy breathe life into this unique name? 13. Bartleby. This angel name for boys is likely a diminutive variant of Bartholomew. It was popularized the fallen angel in the movie Dogma, played by Ben Affleck, making it a cute and playful angel name. 14. Castiel. You can find Castiel as the name of an angel on the TV show Supernatural. Castiel is apparently the angel of Thursdays—so if your little one is born on this day of the week, why not give him this angel name for boys? 15. Dudley. Another angel name from popular culture is this Old English name meaning “Dudda’s clearing.” In the 1947 movie The Bishop’s Wife, Cary Grant plays a guardian angel named Dudley, giving this name added charm and Hollywood glam. 16. Gabriel. If you’re looking for a popular archangel name for your baby boy, Gabriel is one of the most well-known angels and messengers of God in Hebrew tradition. It means “God is my strength” and represents a powerful, confident, and determined angelic figure, often associated with delivering important messages. 17. Jophiel. Derived from Hebrew scriptures, this male angel name means “beauty of God” and is often depicted as the angel who guarded the Garden of Eden. 18. Loki. Traditionally the mischievous Norse god, Loki is also the character of a fallen angel (played by Matt Damon) in the movie Dogma, alongside Bartleby (also in this list). This angel name for boys embodies whimsy, rebellion, and a playful intellect, making Loki an ideal name for a boy with a spark of independence. 19. Lucifer. Despite its infamous reputation as the name of the angel who defied God, this male angel name carries with it an allure. Bearing the meaning “light-bearer” in Latin, your baby boy might just reclaim the name’s original luminous significance. 20. Michael. A classic and popular baby boys’ name, Michael is known the world over as an archangel, a mighty protector, and an embodiment of righteousness. It’s an angel name that has stood the test of time, a fine choice for a son you wish to have the heart of a guardian. 21. Raguel. Another celestial name from the ancient texts, Raguel is an archangel of harmony and fairness in the Book of Enoch. Interpreted as “friend of God,” Raguel is a touching tribute for a boy who might grow up valuing justice and harmony. 22. Raphael. Here’s another well-known and strong archangel name, derived from Hebrew scriptures, meaning “God heals.” Raphael is known as the archangel of healing and medicine in Christian traditions, embodying compassion, empathy, and divine intervention. 23. Uriel. This unique U name for boys is also derived from Hebrew scriptures, and means “God is my light.” he is depicted as the angel who guards the gates of Eden with a flaming sword. 24. Zadkiel. An angel name less commonly heard, Zadkiel resonates with soft power and benevolence, meaning "righteousness of God" in Hebrew.

More Names of Angels for Boys

The list doesn’t stop there! We’ve got even more male angel names and their meanings to inspire you:

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Cool Gender-Neutral Angel Names

Let’s explore the celestial charm of gender-neutral baby names that represent angels. Names like Ariel, meaning “lion of God,” offer both a gentle yet strong nature, while Malak, the Arabic term for “angel,” brings a sense of serenity. These angelic names have an elegant blend of softness and might, suitable for any little one with a spirit as boundless as the sky. 35. Ainur. In J.R.R Tolkien’s works, the Ainur were angel-like immortal spirits thought to have become before the creation of the universe. This is a unique choice and perfect if you’re a lover of literature and fantasy. 36. Archangel. If you’re looking for an archangel name, you don’t get much closer than the word itself! Archangel is a unique name for your baby girl or boy that evokes the image of the commanding presence of the highest-ranked angels. 37. Ariel. A cool angel name of Hebrew origin meaning “lion of God,” Ariel has a gentle strength and is often associated with nature and harmony. 38. Camael. Meaning “he who sees God” in Hebrew, Camael is often on the list of archangels in Hebrew tradition. 39. Charlie. Not exactly an angel name; however, Charlie evokes the camaraderie and spunk of the classic TV and movie series Charlie’s Angels. It strikes a playful note while maintaining an air of classic charm. 40. Chepi. This Native American name is the name of a spirit or other-worldly creature (such as an angel) known for visiting medicine people and providing knowledge through dreams or visions. Chepi embodies the enchanting, mysterious, and ethereal qualities of angels. 41. Divine. This unique angelic name for girls and boys embodies the nature of angels with its meaning of “eternal,” “heavenly,” and “of God.” It’s simple, straightforward, and simply divine! 42. Kamalani. Not the name of an angel but it does mean “heavenly child” in Hawaiian. 43. Leilani. Akin to the essence of Hawaiian paradise and translating to “heavenly flowers,” Leilani suits a child with a natural beauty and a nurturing spirit. There are plenty of floral girls’ names out there, but if you enjoy this one for boys, check out our dedicated list of flower names for boys. 44. Malak. In Arabic, this cool yet angelic gender-neutral name simply means “angel.”

Names That Mean “Angel”

If you’re drawn to the purity and serenity of heavenly beings, names that simply mean “angel” are a perfect match. These names encapsulate the innocence of infancy and the blessings you want to bestow upon your little girl or boy. Let's delve into the tender charm of these angelic names. 45. Agathangelos. This unique girls’ name has Greek origins, sweetly meaning “bearer of good news”—a name that’s music to any parent’s ears and fitting for a little one with a sunny disposition. 46. Anahera. Anahera is a beautiful Maori name for girls that translates directly to “angel.” Picture your little girl with a nurturing spirit and the gentle grace of an angelic guardian. 47. Ange. Here’s a chic, gender-neutral name that’s the French form of Angel It has a certain je ne sais quoi, ideal for a child with a worldly charm. 48. Angel. If you want an angel name for your little one, go straight to the source by choosing Angel. But what does the name Angel mean? It actually means “messenger,” which is what biblical angels were thought to be. It’s simple yet celestial, perfect for a boy or girl with an otherworldly kindness. 49. Angela. Here’s a girl’s name with classic and timeless elegance. But what does the name Angela mean? It’s the feminine form of Angelus, meaning “angel” or “messenger of God.” 50. Angelo. Angelo sounds like a melody in an Italian aria, and like the name above, this strong moniker is a form of Angelus, meaning “angel” or “messenger of God.” 51. Anjelica. This is a modern twist on the girls’ name Angelica, exuding a certain charm and refinement for a little girl who could light up any room with her presence. And you guessed it—it’s a name that means “angel.” 52. Anxo. This is a cool and unique boys’ name of Galician origin, and a form of Angelo, made for a boy with a sense of independence and spirit of innovation. 53. Arcangelo. Here’s an Italian boys’ name that means “archangel.” It conjures an image of grandeur and tradition. 54. Engelbert. Engelbert comes from the heart of Germany and means “bright angel,” drawing from the Germanic tribe of the Angles. It’s a name with historical depth and a positive glow, especially if you’re looking for a baby name that represents light and angels. 55. Ingram. An English boys’ name with Germanic roots that means “angel” and “raven.” Ingram was brought to England by the Normans but is now a rare option for a boy who stands out in a crowd. 56. Malachi. Another Hebrew angel name for boys is this sweet moniker, meaning “my angel” or “my messenger.” Malachi can be found as a character in the Old Testament.

More Names That Mean “Angel”

There is a world of names that mean angel, so we had to keep on going! We’ve also added whether each name is male or female.

Pretty Angelic Names for Girls

Discover unique and pretty angelic names for girls from diverse cultures and beliefs, echoing the virtues and grace of their angelic roots. From the melodic name Auriel, meaning “light of God,” to the beautiful name Rosangel, our list contains plenty of options for your little angel. 68. Angelica. What’s the meaning of the name Angelica? Originating from Latin and Greek, it means “angelic.” Angelica, which can also be spelled Angelika, is a heavenly choice for a girl. If you were a fan of the animated TV series Rugrats, you might recognize this from the strong-minded character Angelica Pickles. 69. Angelina. With its roots in Greek, meaning “messenger” or “angel,” this angelic baby name dazzles with celestial grace. You may also know it as the name of actress Angelina Jolie. 70. Arella. Arella, of Hebrew origin meaning “angel,” evokes a sense of ethereal light, ideal for a girl who embodies the radiant glow of a guiding star. 71. Ariella. This melodious Hebrew name is a feminine form of Ariel, meaning “lion of God.” It blends divine protection with a quiet strength, a precious name for your little girl who may possess courage and majesty. 72. Auriel. A softer-sounding name for girls with an angelic whisper, Auriel means “light of God,” beautifully suited for a girl with an inner sparkle. 73. Evangeline. Meaning “bearer of good news,” this pretty angelic name for girls has Greek roots evoking the joy and hope of angelic heralds. It’s an elegant name with the cute option of Eva as a nickname. 74. Charmaine. A name with French and English lineage, translating to “delight” or “charm,” Charmaine symbolizes an enchanting personality, a darling and beautiful name for your little angel. 75. Dara. Hebrew in origin, Dara refers to “wisdom” or “compassion,” qualities often attributed to angelic beings. 76. Laila. With varied origins, this angelic baby name often means “night” in Arabic, giving it a celestial and cosmic vibe, evoking the quietest hours. 77. Parisa. This enchanting Persian name means “fairy-like,” embodying the magic and grace of celestial beings, an exquisite pick for a girl with an enchanting spirit. 78. Tiên. Here’s another fairy name for babies that translates to “fairy” or “celestial being” in Vietnamese. It celebrates ethereal beauty and otherworldly charm. 79. Rosangel. Combining the timeless beauty of a rose with the angelic realm, Rosangel is an exquisite blend perfect for a girl with a loving heart and heavenly spirit.

More Pretty Angelic Names for Girls

Capture the beauty and grace of angels with even more angelic girl names and their meanings:

Angelic Baby Boy Names

From male names that contain angelic meanings to those that simply represent the bright and celestial qualities of angels, we’ve got a collection of angelic boy names that are simply divine, perfect for your little prince: 96. Angelico. This Italian boys’ name means “like an angel,” bringing to mind the classic paintings of cherubs and renaissance artistry. 97. Auberon. While not exactly an “angelic” name for males, Auberon gets its ethereal vibes from its meaning of “elf king.” With French roots, Auberon is the fairy king in the thirteenth-century epic Huon de Bordeaux. 98. Cáel. Rooted in Irish mythology, Cáel is the name of a legendary warrior whose name means “slender.” A fitting name for a boy with the spirit of a warrior and the grace of an angel. 99. Caelestis. Borrowing from the language of the ancient Romans, Caelestis means “heavenly.” It’s a timeless choice for a boy destined to rise above, reaching great heights. 100. Clarence. With its origins in Latin, meaning “bright,” Clarence is famously the name of the guardian angel in the heartwarming film It’s a Wonderful Life. 101. DeAngelo. This Italian name translates to “son of Angelo” or “from an angel.” It’s a great choice if your baby’s father is named Angelo, or you simply think your little one is a gift from the angels. 102. Evangelos. Hailing from Greece, meaning “bringing good news,” this angelic boys’ name is associated with joyous messages and the heralding of hopeful tidings. 103. Ezekiel. Derived from Hebrew scriptures, this angelic name for males means “God strengthens” and has various references to angelic beings in Christian traditions, symbolizing strength, guidance, and divine protection. 104. Javan. Here’s a Hebrew angel name meaning “Greece.” This boy name starting with J is thus associated with the guardian angel of Greece. It’s ideal for a boy with a sense of adventure and a noble spirit. 105. Michelangelo. This melodic amalgamation of Michael and Angelo, resonates with the strength of Archangel Michael and the creativity of the famous Renaissance artist, Michelangelo. Suitable for a boy with grand aspirations and a formidable spirit. 106. Nathaniel. With “gift of God” as its meaning, this Hebrew boys’ name carries angelic connotations for your little gift.

More Angelic Baby Boy Names

Heavenly Girl Names

With these heavenly girl names drawn from different parts of the world, you’re sure to find a celestial name that carries the essence of the skies and the expansive universe, giving your baby girl a touch of divine grace. 118. Alya. A name that whispers of the skies, Alya has its roots in Arabic culture, meaning “heaven” or “sky.” 119. Celeste. Reminiscent of the expansive universe, this heavenly girls’ name literally means “heavenly” in Latin, evoking the beauty and vastness of the heavens. 120. Ĉiela. Pronounced chee-ela, this is another girls’ name that means “heavenly,” offering a touch of the unique with its Esperanto roots. 121. Divya. Divya is a Sanskrit girls’ name meaning “divine” or “heavenly,” commonly heard across India. 122. Heavenly. Heavenly is a modern and evocative English name, quite literally signifying something “celestial” or “of the heavens.” It's tailor-made for a girl with a joyful aura that brightens the lives of everyone around her. 123. Hōkūlani. This beautiful combination of the Hawaiian words for “star” and “heaven,” evokes the meaning of “heavenly star.” This girls’ name symbolizes angelic hope and guidance, shining like a bright star in the darkest nights. For more names like this, check out our list of baby names that mean “star”. 124. Noelani. Another enchanting Hawaiian girls’ name is Noelani, meaning “heavenly mist.” Envision your little one as ethereal as the morning dew, gracing the world with her soft touch and gentle ways. 125. Ourania. With its poetic Greek origins, this unique angelic girls’ name means “heavenly.” As the name of the goddess of astronomy and astrology, it sets the stage for a girl fascinated by the stars. 126. Pualani. Translating to “heavenly flower” in Hawaiian, Pualani is a sweet flower name for girls with a celestial vibe. 127. Tsiuri. From the mountains of Georgia, this pretty angelic name means “celestial.” 128. Uʻilani. Uʻilani, a gender-neutral Hawaiian name bursting with femininity, means “heavenly beauty.” For the child who carries this name, the world may see a reflection of celestial grace in her every movement and smile.

More Heavenly Girl Names

From the radiance of baby names that mean “moon” to enchanting goddesses, we’ve got even more heavenly girl names:

Even More Angelic Baby Names

We have just a few more to add to our list of angel names.

The Bottom Line

Did you discover the perfect angelic name for your baby boy or girl? We hope these angel names and their majestic meanings were a source of inspiration for you. If you’re still searching, take a look at our baby names that mean “love”, or feel the warmth of our girl and boy names that mean “sun”. Whether you’re early in your pregnancy or getting ready to pack your hospital bag, why not download the Pampers Club app to get rewards and discounts on all those diapers and wipes.