Top Baby Boy Names That Start With U

Picking the perfect name for your new arrival is an exciting task! If you’re drawn to boy names beginning with U, or perhaps U names run in your family, then we’ve got the perfect list for you. From our top picks to some unique, cute, cool, international, and powerful names that start with U to help inspire you, we’ve got all the U boy names for your needs.

Our Favorite Boy Names That Start With U

U names are rather unique in nature, with only three in the top 1,000 boy names in the United States in recent years. Because they’re not quite as popular as other letters, we’ve included a few of our favorites in addition to some of the most common boy names that start with U!

1. Uilliam. If you’re looking for an interesting twist on the classic name William, this Irish version might be a great option for a U boy’s’ name. Meaning “resolute protector,” it’s a strong male name and a unique way to honor any Williams in your family, or perhaps a famous William that you admire.

2. Ulises. Although its the variant of Ulysses is more recognizable, this Spanish baby boy name is the more popular choice. It ultimately stems from the Greek mythological name Odysseus, a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan Wwar.

3. Ulrich. This German boys' name has a strong and determined vibe that almost feels timeless. Meaning “prosperity and power,” Ulrich is a saintly name, as well as being borne by Swiss Protestant Reformation leader Ulrich Zwingli.

4. Ultán. Although this name is unique, it has a classic vibe with some Irish charm. Originating in Ireland, it means “man from Ulster,” Ulster being aas in the Ulster region in the North of Ireland. Perhaps you can trace your ancestors back to one of the Ulster counties, making this U name for boys a cool choice.

5. Ulysses. This Latin form of Odysseus means “wrathful,” but hopefully, your baby boy will be more good-humored than this meaning! Ulysses is a distinguished name belonging to President Ulysses S. Grant, and the title of James Joyce’s 1922 book.

6. Umar. Similar to the popular O boy’s’ name Omar, this Arabic name has the positive meaning of “flourishing” and “thriving,” which your little guy will be doing once he enters this the world. It’s also the name of a companion of the Prophet Muhammed.

7. Upton. Meaning “upper town,” Upton has a mature and upper high-class feel to it, ; however, it has the potential to become a trendy and modern moniker. A famous namesake is socialist and author Upton Sinclair.

8. Uriah. Another Hebrew name that featureds in the top 1,000 boy names list is Uriah, meaning “God is my light.” This name is found in the Old Testament as a Hittite warrior in Kingd David’s army. It’s also the name of an unpopular character in Charles Dickeon’s novel David Copperfield, but don’t let that put you off this classic name!.

9. Uriel. Meaning “God is my light” in Hebrew, this name has remained in the top 1,000 boy names since 1985. In Hebrew tradition, it’s the name of an archangel in Hebrew tradition, known for warning Noah of the coming flood. A cute nickname for Uriel could be Uri.

10. Urizen. If you’re a fan of literature, this interesting name, with its trendy Z in the middle, was created by English writer William Blake. He used it in several booksworks, including his prophetic book The Book of Urizen, in which Urizen is the embodiment of conventional reason and law.


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Unique Boy Names That Start With U

Unique baby names offer the opportunity to give your little guy a moniker that sets him apart from the crowd. And because U is a rare letter, you’ll find plenty of unique boy names that start with U.

11. Uaithne. First up is this unique medieval Irish boys’ name beginning with U. With the meaning “green,” Uaithne is perfect for a green-eyed baby boy or fans of the Emerald Isle.

12. Ualan. This is the Scottish Gaelic form of the Roman name Valentine, meaning “strong” and “healthy.” With its association with love and fertility and robust meaning, this unique name is surely a winner for your baby boy.

13. Uatu. If you’re looking for a cool and unique boys’ name that starts with U and you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, you may enjoy Uatu, the name of The Watcher, a character assigned to observe Earth in the Marvel Universe. It certainly makes for a rare and fun name for your curious baby boy.

14. Ugène. This unique Norman form of the old-fashioned boys’ name Eugene means “well-born.” The rare spelling adds a modern vibe to this name while still providing the classic short form of Gene. Perhaps you could use it to honor some of the great actors bearing this name, such as Gene Kelly, Gene Wilder, and Gene Hackman.

15. Ulfric. With the strong and cool meaning of “wolf,” “power,” and “ruler,” this rare name certainly stands out from the crowd. Ulfric Stormcloak is a character in the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

16. Ulric. Similar to Ulfric, this name from Middle English means “wolf ruler.” It’s also a variant of the German name Ulrich, meaning “prosperity and power.”

17. Ultron. If you’re a fan of super unique boy names and enjoy something fun and playful, this male name that starts with U might make an interesting choice. Ultron is a supervillain and android in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

18. Unique. What’s more unique than a name from the English word unique? Perhaps this modern name would make for an unusual middle name for your baby boy.

19. Urijah. This form of the popular name Uriah, meaning “God is my light,” is found in some versions of the Old Testament.

20. Usul. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, Usul is the Fremen name given to the Dune character Paul Atreides. It means “the strength at the base of a pillar” in the fictional language of the Fremen.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With U

If you loved those unique baby boy names that start with U, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Cute Boy Names That Start With U

For a name as adorable as your baby boy, look no further than this list of cute boy names that start with U:

31. Ua. This short Thai name means “charitable” and “kind.” With that cute meaning, it’s almost too sweet to resist.

32. Uberto. For a cute Italian boys’ name that starts with U, look no further than this form of the wholesome name Hubert. It even has the adorable meaning of “bright heart,” which your little guy will surely have!

33. Udo. In the West African Igbo language, this sweet little name means “peace.” Hopefully, your baby boy can channel the serenity of this cute U boys’ name.

34. Ugo. Ugo is the Italian form of Hugo or Hugh, meaning “heart, mind, spirit.” Drop the H to try something cuter and more unique.

35. Ulfin. From ancient Britain, Ulfin has the adorable meaning of “little wolf,” giving it a fierce yet loyal vibe. Sir Ulfin is a knight in Arthurian legend.

36. Ülo. This super-cute name has Livonian origins and the lovely meaning “joy.” It’s also found in the thirteenth century Livonian Chronicle of Henry. Nowadays, it’s more commonly associated with the Estonian word for “noble,” making it a great choice for a virtuous and happy baby boy.

37. Uri. There’s no doubt that your adorable little one will be the light of your life, so the name Uri, with its Hebrew meaning of “my light,” might be the cute U boys’ name for you!

38. Urs. With its cuddly yet fierce meaning of “bear,” Urs is a cute and strong boys’ name that starts with U. It’s the German form of the Latin name Ursus, the name of a saint and third-century soldier in the Theban Legion.

39. Usko. A Finnish boys’ name with a playful and cute sound, Usko also has the strong and simple meaning of “faith.”

40. Utu. This sweet name shines bright with its Sumerian meaning of “sun.” In Sumerian mythology, it’s the sun god's name (and the name of the moon god’s son), making it an other-worldly moniker for your golden boy.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With U

If you were won over by those sweet monikers, we’ve got even more U boy names for your enjoyment:

Cool Boy Names That Start With U

Whether you’re looking for cool middle names for boys or a given name with a trendy and hip sound, these boy names that start with U sure do deliver!

51. Ukko. This Finnish name has the unusual meaning of “old man,” meaning it will take your baby boy through old age. It’s also found in Finnish mythology as the god of sky and thunder, giving this name a powerful and cool vibe.

52. Ulf. Simply meaning “wolf” in Old Norse, what little boy wouldn’t love a cool name that reminds him of the strong and fiercely loyal animal?

53. Umberto. With its O ending and Italian flair, Umberto is a cool option for a guy name that starts with U. Not only that, but it also has the meanings of “bright warrior” and “bear cub,” giving it a double dose of cuteness and a cool factor!

54. Umbriel. If you’re looking for a cool and celestial U name for boys, Umbriel comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning “shadow,” and is the name of one of Uranus’ moons. In literature, Alexander Pope used this name for a melancholy sprite in one of his poems. It might be time for this cool name to come out of the shadows and into the light!

55. Uolevi. With its uniqueness and options for cool nicknames, such as Levi or Oli, this Finnish name has lots of potential. It’s a form of the cute O name Olaf meaning “ancestor’s descendant.”

56. Uranus. For lovers of astronomy, this is the seventh planet in the solar system. Not only is it a celestial name, but it’s also a great Greek mythological baby name , belonging to the father of the Titans and meaning “the heavens.”

57. Urban. If you love the hustle and bustle of the big cities, Urban simply means “city dweller” in Latin. It’s a modern-sounding name, yet it hasn’t seen much action in the United States since 1931. However, with its long list of pope namesakes and the singer Keith Urban, this U boys’ name might be ready for a comeback.

58. Uriasz. This rare Polish form of Uriah, meaning “God is my light” in Hebrew, owes its cool factor to its unique and trendy Z ending.

59. Urien. Urien has quite an ethereal and romantic vibe with its Old Welsh origin and ties to Arthurian legend. And with its meaning “of privileged birth,” it was also the name of a sixth-century king of Rheged, making it a cool royal baby name .

60. Uther. This Welsh name, meaning “terrible,” can be found in Arthurian legend as the father of King Arthur. But don’t let the meaning turn you off this cool boys’ name beginning with U.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With U

For more hip boy names that start with U, keep reading:

International Boy Names That Start With U

Whether you’re looking for an international name to honor your heritage, or you’re a keen globe-trotter, check out our list of boy names that start with U from around the world:

71. Uʻilani. Pronounced oo-ee-LA-nee, this melodic Hawaiian boy name means “heavenly beauty” and can also be used for girls.

72. U-Jin. This sweet Korean name, pronounced OO-JEEN, has several meanings. It either means “house,” or “protect,” combined with “genuine,” or town.”

73. Ulderico. Here we have the Italian form of the German name Hulderic, meaning “merciful ruler.” The Italian version gives this strong U boys’ name a bit more flair with its O ending.

74. Umran. If you have Arabic heritage and enjoy boy names that start with U, this is the Arabic variant of Imran or Amran, meaning “exalted nation.”

75. Unathi. This beautiful-sounding moniker is a great gender-neutral name originating from the South African Xhosa language. It also has the sweet meaning of “he or she is with us.”

76. Urmas. If your baby boy is born in the wintertime, this U name for boys simply means “frost” in Estonian. But there’s no doubt that your little man will thaw the frost from everyone’s hearts.

77. Uros. Pronounced OO-rosh, this short and solid Serbian name is an alternate transcription of Uroš, meaning “man” or “lord.” It was the name of five Serbian kings.

78. Usama. If you’re looking for a strong name or simply love animals, this Arabic name means “lion.” It also lends to the nickname Sam or Sami. Will your little lion cub have a big roar to match his name?

79. Uthman. Here’s another U name for boys for those with Arabic ancestry. Uthman has the cute meaning of “baby bustard,” a bustard being a large bird. It was also the name of a companion of Muhammad and the third caliph of the Muslims.

80. Uttara. If you hail from the north of your country, this name simply means “north” in Sanskrit. In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, variants of this name belong to the son and daughter of King Virata.

More International Boy Names That Start With U

If you enjoyed you trip around the world with those U boy names, we have even more for you:

Boy Names That Start With U and Have Powerful Meanings

Powerful boy names are perfect for channeling the determination and strength of spirit that you may wish for your baby boy. Check out our list of U boy names and their powerful meanings:

91. Uatsilla. In Ossetian mythology, Uatsilla was the name of the god of rain, lightning, thunder, and the protector of harvests, which is certainly a powerful role! It was believed that if a person was struck by lightning, they were chosen by this god.

92. Uarkhag. Another powerful name from Ossetian mythology is this unusual moniker, meaning “like a wolf” in the ancient nomadic Scythian language. Wolves were seen to be sacred by the Ossetian people.

93. Ubirajara. With the mighty meaning of “lord of the spear” in the Tupi Native American language, this name also relates to a unique species of dinosaur whose fossils were found in Brazil.

94. Ueli. This sweet and melodic sounding U boys’ name has the strong meaning of “prosperous ruler” and is the Swiss diminutive of the German name Ulrich.

95. Uhtric. With the compelling meanings of “pre-dawn” and “mighty ruler,” this Old English name evokes images of a powerful new day.

96. Uladzimir. This Belarusian name oozes strength with its strong sound and relation to the Slavic name Vladimir. Meaning “famous and peaceful ruler,” this male name that starts with U is sure to stand out and set your baby boy up to be a fair and peaceful leader in the future.

97. Ural. There’s nothing more powerful than majestic and steadfast mountains! This short U boys’ name comes from the name of the Ural Mountain range in Russia, making it a great nature baby name . It’s also the title of the Baskirs’ epic poem Ural-batyr, which tells of heroic deeds and legendary creatures.

98. Urmazd. This modern Persian form of Ahura Mazda, meaning “lord of wisdom,” is found in Persian mythology as the god of light, goodness, and truth, as well as being the supreme creator.

99. Uwe. Although this short German name doesn’t look very powerful, it has the strong meanings of “edge of a sword” or “terror.” Pronounced OO-veh, it’s a form of the Danish name Ove.

100. Uzziah. If you’re looking for a powerful biblical baby name , this Old Testament name means “my power is God” in Hebrew. It also has a cool vibe with its double Z’s, making it a U boys’ name that would easily fit into the modern world.

More Boy Names That Start With U and Have Powerful Meanings

Keep on reading for even more strong U names for you baby boy:

Even More Boy Names That Start With U

If all those unique boy names starting with U intrigued you, we’ve got 50 more for you to feast your eyes on:

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby boy names starting with U, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our unique boy names that start with V , or our Mexican baby names and French baby boy names .

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