148 Best Baby Names That Mean Sun for Girls and Boys

Choosing a name for your newborn can be a fascinating process, especially when you're looking for a moniker that has a particular meaning. If you're in search of names meaning “sun,” or names that signify “sunshine” and “sunlight,” then you've landed in the right place. Whether you're seeking boy or girl names that mean “sunrise,” symbolizing the beginning of a new day, or names that mean “sunset,” signifying the graceful end of a day, you'll find something on our list that embodies the warmth and radiance of the sun—and would be a perfect fit for your little one.

Girl Names That Mean “Sun”

Here we've gathered a diverse array of girl names that mean “sun,” any of which could be ideal for your summertime baby, golden-haired lady, or bright little one. Our list draws from many cultures, languages, and eras, ensuring that you'll have a wide selection of names to consider. 1. Arpi. In Armenian, this cute girls’ name is the poetic word for “sun.” 2. Aygün. This Turkish name gives you double the celestial power! The element ay means “moon,” while gün means “sun.” Perfect for your daughter, who will certainly be your moon and sun, and your entire universe. 3. Chinatsu. A lovely Japanese name that means “sun,” Chinatsu translates to “thousand summers,” invoking images of long, sunny days filled with warmth and joy. 4. Elanor. In J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium, Elanor is a small, star-shaped flower with a yellow center, much like the sun, which inspired the naming of Sam’s daughter. It means “star sun” in the fictional language of Sindarin. 5. Grishma. Searching for a name meaning “sunlight” in Sanskrit? Grishma is a name meaning “sunny,” a nice choice for a little one with a bright disposition. 6. Ha-Eun. Ha-Eun is a Korean girls’ name that means “summer” or “great,” combined with “kindness” and “charity.” All in all, the name offers some wonderful traits to bestow upon your little one, as well as a bright and sunny vibe. 7. Haruko. If you’re looking for a lovely Japanese girls’ name that means “sun,” we've got just the name for you. Haruko means “sun” or “spring” combined with “child,” making it a great option for your spring or summer baby. 8. Heulwen. Seeking a girls’ name full of sunshine? Heulwen is a pretty Welsh name that means just that! 9. Hina. Here’s another adorable Japanese girls’ name that means “sun.” It’s also combined with “vegetables” to give it a grounded and earthy vibe. 10. Marisol. This beautiful and melodic moniker either means “Mary of Solitude (María Soledad)” or “sea” and “sun” in Spanish. The latter name meaning conjures up images of beautiful tropical beaches and sunshine. 11. Mzia. Mzia is a short and sweet Georgian girls’ name that means “sun.” 12. Narangerel. Your little one will shine with this Mongolian name meaning “sunlight.” 13. Natsuko. Give your summertime baby a name that fits with this sweet Japanese name meaning “summer child.’ 14. Nou. Nou is a girls’ name that means “sun” in the indigenous Hmong language of Southeast Asia. 15. Saulė. In Lithuanian, Saulė is the name of a sun goddess. The name simply means “sun.” 16. Savitri. Meaning “relating to the sun” in Sanskrit, this girls’ name was the name of a hymn dedicated to a Hindu sun god. It’s also a common name throughout Hindu mythology. 17. Solana. If you’re seeking a girls’ name that means “sunshine,” go with Solana, which means just that in Spanish. 18. Sole. Looking for Italian baby girl names that mean “sun”? If so, this short moniker is a sweet choice. 19. Soleil. Similar to the name above, this is a pretty girls’ name meaning “sun,” but this time in French. 20. Solfrid. After seeing some of our previous names, you might notice that the element sol means “sun” in many different languages. This girls’ name is Norwegian and means “beloved sun.” Having a name that means “love” and “sun” is a beautiful combination. 21. Summer. When looking for a girls’ name that means “sunshine” or “sun,” why not go straight to the source with this seasonal name? Summer is the name of the season, of course, and became fashionable as a given name in the 1970s. 22. Sunniva. The Scandinavian name Sunniva means “sun gift.” Suniva is a legendary saint and queen from Norway. 23. Sunshine. This is a rare name that hasn't had much traction since the 1970s. We think it’s time for this retro moniker to make a big and bright comeback! 24. Theresa. A name of Greek origin possibly meaning “summer” or “harvest.” Often associated with warmth and abundance, Theresa is a classic name that's been popular across various cultures and regions. 25. Vera. The Albanian version of this girls’ name means “summer,” while the Russian version means “faith.” In the United States, Vera was a popular choice from the late 1800s through the 1920s before gradually becoming less common. However, it has been rising in popularity in recent years, along with a number of other old-fashioned girl names. 26. Yōko. Meaning “sun” or “ocean” combined with “child,” this is a girls’ name that is well known for its famous namesake, Yōko Ono.

More Girl Names That Mean “Sun”

The list continues with even more sunny monikers that fit the bill, whether you're seeking something traditional or modern, or looking for time-honored ancient names for the “sun.”


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Boy Names That Mean “Sun”

A sun-themed name could be a terrific choice for your baby boy, as these monikers tend to convey strength, warmth, and vibrancy. From traditional names that have stood the test of time to modern interpretations that shine in their unique glow, these boy names that mean “sun” are bound to leave you inspired. 46. Aditya. Aditya is a popular name of Indian origin that translates to “sun.” In Hindu mythology, Aditya is a term used to refer to the sun gods, collectively known as the Adityas. 47. Aelius. This is a classical Roman boys’ name that means “sun.” It was borne by several emperors and prominent figures in Roman history, including Hadrian, giving historical weight to this sunny name. 48. Antiman. Antiman is a unique name of Mapuche origin, with the Mapuche being a group of indigenous inhabitants of present-day south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina. Antiman translates directly as “condor of the sun.”

49. Antinanco. Another name of Mapuche origin, Antinanco means “eagle of the sun.” This name would be a strong and striking choice for your son. 50. Areg. Areg is an Armenian name for boys that means “sun.” It's a simple yet effective choice for those seeking a sunny name with ties to the rich Armenian culture. 51. Byeong-Ho. A traditional Korean name, Byeong-Ho translates to “bright and grand,” or “bright summer,” largely associated with the magnificence of the sun. 52. Cyrus. With Persian roots, Cyrus is a relatively popular boys’ name in 2023 that means “sun.” Cyrus the Great was an ancient Persian king, known for his benevolent leadership and the prosperous era his reign brought about. 53. Eki. This cute boys’ name simply means “sun” in Basque. 54. Elio. This name has its roots in Italian and Spanish cultures, where Elio translates to “the sun.” The name is derived from the Greek god of the sun, Helios, which we also include on this list of boy names that mean “sun.” 55. Ha-Jun. This beautiful Korean name consists of two elements: Ha, meaning “summer,” and Jun, symbolizing “talented” or “handsome.” Ha-Jun suggests a bright personality full of potential and charm. 56. Haruki. A delightful Japanese boys’ name that means “shining sun” or “radiant with sunlight.” 57. Heliodoro. Of Greek origin, Heliodoro is a captivating name that’s perfect for your little ray of sunshine. It means “gift of the sun.” 58. Helios. What is the Greek name for sunshine? Helios was the personification of the sun in Greek mythology, and this was the name of the sun in ancient times. Helios’s sister Selene was the goddess of the moon, making them a great pair of names for a brother and sister. 59. Horus. The name of an ancient Egyptian deity known as the sky god, Horus is often depicted as a falcon with sun and moon as his eyes. 60. Inti. Derived from Quechua, the traditional language of the Andean people, Inti is a male name meaning “sun.” In Inca mythology, Inti was the god of the sun. 61. Ji-Ho. A popular Korean name, Ji-Ho translates to “wisdom and brightness,” which captures the enlightening and illuminating qualities of the sun. 62. K'inich. This is a unique Mayan boys’ name that means “great sun.” The name is linked to the ancient Mayan rulers, notably K'inich Janaab Pakal who was a renowned Mayan king of Palenque. It's a strong and powerful choice. 63. Mehrab. Originating from Persian culture, Mehrab means “sun” or “friendship” and “water.” 64. Naranbaatar. This Mongolian name translates to “sun hero.” Your little one might be inspired by this powerful name. 65. Ra. Short, simple, and strong, Ra is an Egyptian boys’ name that means “sun.” In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra was the sun god, considered the king of all gods. He was depicted as a man with the head of a falcon. 66. Ravi. Of Indian origin, Ravi is a popular name with the meaning of “sun.” In Hindu tradition, Ravi is a solar deity, symbolizing the life-giving and sustaining power of the sun. 67. Somerled. Somerled is a traditional Scottish and Old Norse name that means “summer traveler.” 68. Sorin. A name of Romanian origin, meaning “sun.” Its simplicity and sophistication make Sorin a good choice if you’re seeking a sunny, unique name with a European touch. 69. Surya. The name Surya is derived from Sanskrit and directly translates to “sun.” In Hinduism, Surya is revered as the sun god, symbolizing life-giving energy, warmth, and brightness. 70. Utu. Utu is a distinctive and cute boys’ name of Sumerian origin. In Sumerian mythology, Utu was the god of the sun and justice. His parents were Nanna the moon god and Ningal the goddess of reeds. 71. Xbalanque. This unique name is derived from Mayan mythology, where Xbalanque is one-half of the Hero Twins who represent the sun and moon. As such, it embodies the radiant power and courage of the sun. 72. Yōsuke. Hailing from Japan, Yōsuke means “bright help.”

More Boy Names That Mean “Sun”

Ready to consider even more radiant names? Here are additional options that capture the essence of the sun:

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Gender-Neutral Names Meaning “Sun”

Along with sun-related names for boys and girls, there are plenty of gender-neutral names inspired by the sun. Whether you seek a name reflecting the dawn, midday glow, or peaceful descent of dusk, this list offers an array of radiant gender-neutral names. 89. Aruna. A Sanskrit name from India meaning “reddish brown” and “dawn,” evoking the colors that emerge in the sky as the sun rises. This name is used in many Hindu scriptures and narratives. 90. Asahi. Asahi is a Japanese name that means “morning sun.” It’s often associated with a fresh start and new beginnings. 91. Chang. This Chinese name can have various meanings, including “sunlight.” It can also mean “smooth, free, uninhibited,” which can be connected with the sun's smooth and unhindered daily journey across the sky. 92. Günay. You get two beautiful meanings for the price of one with this delightful Turkish name. The element gün means “sun,” while ay means “moon.” If you’re also interested in names that mean “moon”, check out our dedicated list. 93. Haru. Here’s a Japanese name meaning “sunlight” or sun; it can also mean “springtime” or “clear weather.” This name is often associated with the radiant light of springtime, making it a sweet choice for a baby born during spring. 94. Hinata. Hinata is another Japanese name that means “sunny place” or “toward the sun.” It has gained popularity due to the anime character Hinata Hyuga. 95. Khurshid. This is a Persian name that translates to “shining sun.” It's common in Iran and other Persian-speaking countries. 96. Kiran. Meaning “sunbeam” in Sanskrit, Kiran is a popular unisex name in India. 97. Li. In Chinese, this cute one-syllable name for girls and boys can mean “powerful,” “beautiful,” or “dawn,” and can be associated with the strength and beauty of the rising sun. 98. Rashmi. The name Rashmi means “ray of sunlight” in Sanskrit and is commonly used in India. 99. Shachar. Originating from Hebrew, this name means “dawn” or “morning twilight.” It's a popular name in Israel. 100. Shams. This Arabic name, which is unisex, carries the beautiful meaning of “sun.” It’s also the name of a pre-Islamic Arabian goddess of the sun. 101. Shandiin. This is a name meaning “sunlight” in the Navajo language. The Navajo people live in the Southwestern United States. 102. Sol. Sol means “sun” in Spanish and Portuguese and is often used as a feminine name; however, it can also be used as a short form of the masculine name Solomon, meaning “peace” in Hebrew. Either way, it’s a cool moniker with a desirable meaning. 103. Solaris. What is a Latin name for the sun? It's this cool gender-neutral name, Solaris! 104. Sunday. If your little one is born on a Sunday, you might choose this name that quite literally refers to the day of the sun. It's a unique and cheerful name choice. 105. Sunny. You can probably guess the meaning of the name Sunny. It’s a playful choice for a positive and cheery little one. 106. Tonalli. Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, gives us a name that embodies the essence of “day” and “sunshine.” 107. Xia. Here’s a name that means “glow of the sunrise” in Chinese. It’s pronounced SHYAH and represents a beautiful and radiant beginning. If you like girl or boy names that start with X, we’ve got even more. 108. Yang. This Chinese name often symbolizes the sun, light, or the positive masculine principle in yin-yang balance.

Girl Names That Mean “Sunrise” or “Sunset”

Following is a collection of beautiful girl names that mean “sunrise” or “sunset.” These bring to mind the soft light of a new day or the tranquil glow of the day’s end. 109. Afërdita. Meaning “daybreak” or “morning” in Albanian, Afërdita is a form of Aphrodite, the name of the Greek goddess of love and beauty. 110. Aurora. Embrace the beauty of the sunrise with this Latin name meaning “dawn.” Aurora is the name of the Roman goddess of the morning, and it has been a popular girls’ name in 2023. 111. Aya. Here’s another that means “dawn.” Aya is the goddess of the dawn in Akkadian mythology. 112. Dawn. Dawn is an English name that captures the beauty of the sunrise. 113. Eos. Are you a fan of goddess names? If so, you’re in luck! Eos means “dawn” and belongs to the Greek goddess of the dawn. 114. Fajr. This Arabic name is a fitting choice to celebrate your new arrival and brand-new beginnings with its meanings “dawn” and “beginning.” 115. Fioralba. If you like floral names but you want something unique, here’s an Italian girls’ name that means “flower of the dawn.” 116. Gwawr. Gwawr is a unique baby girl name that means “dawn” in Welsh. 117. Sandhya. Derived from Sanskrit, Sandhya is a classic Indian girls’ name that means “twilight,” referring to the moments of sunrise and sunset when day meets night. 118. Sienna. Although Sienna doesn’t directly mean “sun,” it does mean “orange-red,” referring to the color of the sun or of the sky during sunrise or sunset. 119. Ushas. Here’s another name belonging to a goddess of dawn; this time, the Hindu goddess, also known as the daughter of heaven. Ushas means “dawn” in Sanskrit.

More Girl Names That Mean “Sunrise” or “Sunset”

Whether you're drawn to the fresh beginnings of sunrise or the serene endings of sunset, you'll find inspiration with the following names:

Boy Names That Mean “Sunrise” or “Sunset”

Check out this selection of boy names that mean “sunrise” or “sunset” as you consider what to name your baby boy. These may convey the sense of new beginnings, hope, and the calm closure that comes with each day. 129. Agim. This unique baby boy namehails from Albania, where it carries the beautiful meaning of “dawn,” symbolizing new beginnings. 130. Agron. Agron means “dawn” and comes from the ancient kingdom of Illyria. It was borne by Agron, the king of the Ardiaei in Illyria, who reigned in the third century BCE. 131. Altan. This Turkish name translates to “red dawn.” It's a vivid and potent choice for a baby boy. 132. Anatolius. Here’s a Greek boys’ name that means “sunrise” or “from the east.” It's a sophisticated, classic name that was borne by several early saints. 133. Arrats. Arrats comes from the Basque language, where it symbolizes “twilight.” Reflecting the calm and tranquility of sunset, it's a serene and soothing choice. 134. Dismas. The name Dismas may be derived from Greek, meaning “sunset.” According to legend, Dismas was the repentant thief crucified alongside Jesus. 135. Nishant. Nishant is a charming name of Indian origin and it translates to “end of night” or “dawn.” In essence, it symbolizes the break of a new day, bringing with it the warmth and brightness of the sun. 136. Nuri. Of Arabic origin, Nuri means “my light,” and is often associated with the brightness and warmth of the sun. 137. Ochieng. This name comes from Luo, an ethnic group in Kenya, and it means “born when the sun shines.” The name Ochieng is usually given to a boy born at sunrise, symbolizing the emergence of light and new beginnings. 138. Uhtric. An ancient English name, Uhtric translates to “pre-dawn ruler.” If you like this boys’ name starting with U, we have a number of unique U names on our dedicated list. 139. Vihaan. Of Indian origin, Vihaan is a boys’ name that means “sunrise” or “beginning of a new era.” It symbolizes the fresh start that comes with each new day.

More Boy Names That Mean “Sunrise” or “Sunset”

Here are even more boy names that signify “sunrise” or “sunset.”

The Bottom Line

As you make your way through this extensive collection of names, we hope you find something that embodies the beauty, warmth, and energy of the sun and that perfectly suits your little one. And if you are intrigued by these sun names, you might like our lists of baby names that mean “fire”, names that mean “star”, and names that mean “light”.

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