200+ Best Baby Names That Mean Light for Girls and Boys

Choosing a name for your baby can be a significant and exciting task. If you’re searching for a baby name that means “light,” you're in luck, as we've assembled a variety of baby names from diverse cultures across the globe, each carrying a unique interpretation of light and brightness. Explore our list to find just the right moniker for your son or daughter, one that will reflect the beauty and brightness your new arrival will bring to the world.

Girl Names That Mean “Light”

Your baby girl is a beacon of light and hope, so why not choose a name that embodies the essence of light, whether that’s a girls’ name that means “light in the darkness,” “dawn,” or simply “light.” Check out the following for inspiration. 1. Aegle. This beautiful and unique baby girl’s name means “dazzling light” in Greek. It belongs to several characters in Greek mythology. 2. Afërdita. Although this lovely name doesn’t directly mean “light,” it means “daybreak,” representing a bright new day. It’s the Albanian form of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, one of our dreamy names that mean “love”. 3. Amaterasu. If you’re looking for a name that means “shining light,” consider Amaterasu. This is the name of the Japanese sun goddess whose name translates to “shining over heaven.” 4. Aurora. Aurora, meaning “dawn,” is a name belonging to the Roman goddess of the morning. You may think of the Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights, or the princess from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. It’s a popular girls’ name in 2023. 5. Ayla. If you’re looking for a girl’s name that means “light in the darkness,” this Turkish moniker represents that with its meanings of “moonlight” or “halo.” 6. Dawn. Can you guess what this name means? That’s right! It’s the English word for the time when the sun begins to rise and light fills the sky. 7. Dipa. Dipa is a sweet Indian girls’ name that means “light” in Sanskrit. 8. Eos. Along with its short and trendy vibe, this Greek name is filled with charm. It means “dawn” and was the name of the Greek goddess of the dawn. 9. Fioralba. If you love floral names but you want something unique, here’s an Italian name meaning “flower of the dawn.” It certainly conjures up beautiful images. 10. Galadriel. If you’re a fan of literature and fantasy, you may recognize this ethereal name from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels. Galadriel is the wise and beautiful elfin princess, also known as lady of light. Her name means “maiden crowned with a radiant garland” in the fictional language of Sindarin. 11. Hajnal. Hajnal is a Hungarian name meaning “dawn” and symbolizing a bright new day. 12. Haruko. This lovely Japanese name literally translates to “child of light” or “spring child.” 13. Hina. Hina is a cute girls’ name that means “light” or “sun” combined with “vegetables,” giving it a bright yet earthy vibe. 14. Illuminata. What’s a Latin name that means “light?” Illuminata! This name means “illuminated/filled with light.” 15. Keren. This one is a Hebrew girls’ name simply meaning “light.” 16. Lucasta. Here’s a romantic name for literature lovers. The seventeenth-century poet Richard Lovelace used Lucasta as the name of his Muse, and the name may have been inspired by a woman named Lucy. The name combines Lu from Lucy and lux, meaning “light,” and casta meaning “pure,” implying “pure light.” 17. Lucia. The name Lucia, derived from the Latin word lux meaning “light,” is a timeless and popular name for girls. Lucia, the patron saint of the blind, serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for others in difficult times. 18. Luminița. Here’s a sweet and shining Romanian baby name that means “little light.” 19. Mitsuki. Searching for names that mean “light in the darkness”? If so, choose this celestial Japanese name, which means “beautiful moon” or “light and hope.” It’s enough to light up the night sky! 20. Narangerel. Here’s a unique Mongolian girls’ name starting with the letter N. It simply means “sunlight.” 21. Orli. This Hebrew name is an adorable option for a baby girl and it means “light for me.” 22. Roxana. If you’re looking for girl names that mean “shining light,” you might enjoy this Greek and Persian moniker. It’s a strong and feisty option for a little lady. 23. Säde. In Finnish, this is an adorable and cool girls’ name that means “ray of light.” 24. Svetlana. The name Svetlana originates from Slavic regions and is derived from the element svet meaning “light.” 25. Yōko. This interesting Japanese name means “light/sun” or “ocean” combined with “child.” Musician and artist Yoko Ono is a famous bearer. 26. Zoraida. With its beautiful meaning of “enchanting dawn,” this Arabic name for girls evokes the beauty of a brand-new day. This name was also used in Cervantes’s novel Don Quixote. 27. Zuhra. In Arabic, this rare girls’ name means “shining light.”

More Girl Names That Mean “Light”

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Boy Names That Mean “Light”

It's no surprise that there are many boy names that represent the concept of “light,” such as Argus, meaning “shining light,” or Erlantz, meaning “glowing.” Consider selecting one of these for your little ray of sunshine. 49. Apollo. While this boys’ name doesn’t directly mean “light,” it does belong to the Greek god of the sun, light, and music. And if that isn’t enough, the name is also associated with NASA’s Apollo program, as well as the historic Apollo Theatre in Harlem. 50. Argus. Here’s a Greek boys’ name that means “shining light” or “glistening.” It’s a prominent name in Greek mythology. 51. Bhaskara. This is a Hindu name that means “shining light” in Sanskrit. It was also another name for the Hindu sun god. 52. Castor. Castor is a Greek name that means “light,” or “to shine,” to be more precise. Castor and his twin brother Pollux in were figures in Greek mythology and their names are part of the constellation of Gemini. 53. Elior. Looking for a Hebrew name meaning “light”? Elior is a Hebrew boys’ name that means “God is my light.” 54. Elnur. This Azerbaijani name has the beautiful and inspiring meaning of “light of my people.” 55. Erlantz. Here’s a Basque name that means “glowing.” It has a unique and trendy vibe thanks to its final letter, Z. 56. Fulgencio. If you're searching for a name that means “shining light,” why not try this cool Spanish moniker? 57. Haruki. Meaning “light” combined with “brightness” or “living,” this Japanese boys’ name is full of life and light. 58. Heimdall. This name means “glowing/shining home” in Old Norse. In Norse mythology, Heimdall is the god that guards the bridge from Asgard to the other worlds. He adds a sense of protection, strength, and light to this name. 59. Kōki. Meaning “light” or “happiness” combined with “hope” or “brightness,” this Japanese name for boys is a sweet and positive option for a little guy. 60. Krešimir. Breaking this Croatian name down, Kreši- means “fire, light, sparkle,” and -mir means “peace, world.” Together, they mean “the one who lights up the world.” 61. Kuldeep. Kuldeep originates from India and combines Kul and Deep, meaning “family” and “light” respectively. Therefore, Kuldeep signifies “light of the family,” symbolizing someone who brings brightness, joy, and warmth to their family. 62. Lucifer. If you’re looking for names meaning “bringer of light,” you may be surprised to learn that Lucifer is one of them. This Latin name was the original name for the planet Venus, as the day's first light, and it has various religious connotations across different cultures. 63. Lucius. The name Lucius is derived from the Latin word lux, which means “light.” This name was commonly used in the Roman Empire. 64. Maor. This is a sweet Hebrew name meaning “light.” 65. Melchior. Melchior, a name with biblical origins, was one of the three wise men in Christian tradition who visited Jesus after his birth. This Persian-derived name means “king of light.” 66. Neriah. Neriah is a Hebrew boys’ name that means “light of god.” 67. Nuri. In Arabic, this cute and sleek name means “my light.” Our list also contains similar names containing the element nur, meaning “light,” such as Nur and Nuray. 68. Orion. Do you want a cool celestial name for your baby boy? You could choose Orion, which means “light of the heavens” and is the name of a constellation. The constellation was named after the legendary hunter from Greek mythology. 69. Seong-Ho. In Korean, this is a boys’ name that means “abundant/flourishing daybreak” or “brightness.” 70. Taner. If your baby boy is born just as the sun rises, you might consider this radiant and unique boys’ name that means “born at dawn” in Turkish. 71. Zhulong. The name Zhulong originates from Chinese mythology. Zhulong, also known as the Torch Dragon, was a giant red solar deity with a human face and serpent body. It was believed that he created daylight by opening his eyes and caused darkness by closing them. 72. Ziya. If you want a name that glows, Ziya is an Arabic name meaning “splendor,” “light,” and “glow.”

More Boy Names That Mean “Light”

Keep shining with even more boy names that mean “light”:

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Gender-Neutral Names That Mean “Light”

If you're interested in gender-neutral names that embody the concept of “light,” our list provides plenty of choices. These unisex options are rich in cultural heritage and meaning and could be ideal for your little one. 90. Ailbhe. Here’s a beautiful Irish name that means “light.” It’s a gender-neutral moniker; however, it’s most commonly used as an Irish girls’ name thanks to its relation to a female warrior from mythology. You can pronounce it as AL-vyə. 91. Berhane. This sweet East African name means “my light” in Amharic. 92. Blaze. Do you want a fiery name for your little one? Blaze simply means “fire,” which is a source of light as well as heat. It’s a unique option for a baby and a great choice if you want a name that means “fire”! 93. Chiaki. In Japanese, this gender-neutral name can mean “thousand,” combined with “autumn,” “clear,” or “light.” 94. Eirian. The Welsh name Eirian means “bright” and “beautiful.” 95. Gerelt. Gerelt is a gender-neutral Mongolian name that means “radiant” and “shining.” 96. Haru. Haru is an adorable-sounding Japanese name that means “light” or “spring.” It could be a great option for a springtime baby. 97. Huang. The masculine version of this Chinese name means “bright” or “luminous,” while the feminine version means “phoenix.” 98. Khurshid. What’s the ultimate source of light? That’s right, the sun! And this Persian name translates to “shining sun.” 99. Kōnane. Kōnane is a Hawaiian name meaning “bright.” 100. Lior. This is a gender-neutral Hebrew name meaning “light for me.” 101. Lucero. In Spanish, this gender-neutral name means “bright star” or “morning star.” A great choice for an inspiring and shining little one. 102. Lux. Here’s a Latin name meaning “light” for your baby boy or girl. 103. Nur. Nur has a modern and stylish vibe, making it a nice option for your baby daughter or son. It means “light” in Arabic. 104. Ori. This is an adorable gender-neutral name that means “my light” in Hebrew. 105. Roshan. Roshan is a Persian and Indian name that means “light” and “bright.” This girls' and boys’ name starting with R has modern-day relevance for a little one. 106. Shachar. In Hebrew, this gender-neutral name means “dawn.” 107. Win. In Burmese, Win is a cute name meaning “radiant” and “bright.” 108. Zohar. Zohar is a gender-neutral name that means “light” in Hebrew.

More Gender-Neutral Names That Mean “Light”

There’s no shortage of light with these radiant gender-neutral names:

Girl Names Meaning “Bright” or “Radiant”

You'll find a host of girl names that echo the themes of “brightness” and “radiance.” Each name offers a unique allure as well as a powerful meaning. If you're expecting a little girl and wish her name to symbolize a beacon of hope, a guiding light, or simply the vibrant brightness of life, look no further. 125. Akemi. What sweeter moniker to give your little one than this Japanese girls’ name meaning “bright” and “beautiful”! 126. Aki. Here’s another adorable Japanese name meaning, “bright,” “clear,” or “autumn.” It’s perfect for your bright little baby born during fall. 127. Aureole. This is a unique girls’ name that means “radiant halo,” which ultimately comes from the Latin word aureoles, meaning “golden.” It’s a beautiful choice for your golden-haired angel. 128. Bertha. Old-fashioned girl names are all the rage right now, so why not bring back the wholesome Bertha? And of course, it means “bright”! 129. Cassandra. The name Cassandra means “to shine” and “man” in Greek. Cassandra was a princess in Trojan mythology. 130. Clara. This is a classic girls’ name that means “bright” and “clear” in Latin. It’s a pretty and simple moniker for a bright little lady. 131. Indu. If you love unique celestial names, this cute and trendy-sounding Hindi name means “bright drop” or “moon.” And to explore other baby names that mean “moon”, check out our dedicated list. 132. Lamia. Are you looking for names meaning “radiant” or “shining light”? If so, this Arabic girls’ name means just that. 133. Leocadia. This is a Late Latin name meaning “bright” and “clear.” It may be derived from the name of the Greek island Leucadia. And why not consider the cool gender-neutral diminutive, Leo? 134. Mirdza. Mirdza is a cool-sounding Latvian name with an even cooler meaning. It means “to shine” or “to glitter.” Your baby girl might sparkle with this moniker! 135. Niamh. Niamh is a popular Irish girls’ name that means “bright.” It’s pronounced NEEV and is found in Irish mythology as the daughter of a sea god. 136. Nuray. This name contains the Arabic element nur, meaning “light,” and the Turkic ay, meaning “moon.” Its beautiful meaning complements the name’s sweet and stylish vibes. 137. Phoebe. The name Phoebe stems from ancient Greek mythology, linked to the Titan Phoebe, the grandmother of Artemis, the moon goddess. Her name means “bright” and “pure,” signifying a shining individual. 138. Sorcha. Here’s another dreamy Irish girls’ name that means “radiant” and “bright.” It’s pronounced SAWR-ə-khə or SUR-kə. 139. Ushas. This name means “dawn” in Sanskrit and belongs to the Hindu goddess of the dawn. A lovely choice for a baby girl born just as the sun begins to rise.

More Girl Names Meaning “Bright” or “Radiant”

These names sure help to brighten up our day, so let’s check out some more:

Boy Names Meaning “Bright” or “Radiant”

When seeking a boys’ name meaning “bright” or “radiant,” you'll find many options that signify illumination. Check out the following selections for your baby boy. 156. Akihiko. It may be hard to resist this sweet Japanese boys’ name meaning “bright prince.” 157. Albert. Albert is a classic boys’ name meaning “noble” and “bright” in German. It was borne by German royalty, including the husband of Queen Victoria. A famous namesake is the German physicist Albert Einstein. 158. Albus. This Ancient Roman name, meaning “bright,” it also belongs to the beloved Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore, from the Harry Potter series. 159. Azhar. Meaning “bright,” “brilliant,” and “shining” in Arabic, this boys’ name is a unique and strong option. 160. Beorhtric. In Old English, this is a strong name meaning “bright king.” 161. Bjarte. Bjarte is an Old Norse name that means “bright.” 162. Byeong-Ho. If you’re looking for a radiant Korean boys’ name, you could select Byeong-Ho. It means “bright” combined with “summer” or “sky,” making it a lovely choice for a summer baby. 163. Dagobert. Meaning “bright day” in German, this name might be a great way to commemorate the special day when your radiant little boy arrives. 164. Eadberht. Just like the name above, this name is derived from the element beorht which means “bright,” coupled with ead, meaning “fortune.” How many names with the element beorht can you find in our list? 165. Egbert. Can you decipher what the end of this name means? Yes—it means “bright.” And it’s coupled with the meaning of “blade,” so all together, Egbert means “bright blade.” 166. Filibert. Filibert is a cute boys’ name that means “much brightness” in German. 167. Glædwine. This unique Old English name means “bright friend.” Perfect for a friendly little guy! 168. Hubert. Hubert is a wholesome name with vintage flair and a delightful meaning. It means “bright heart,” and is perfect for a loving and giving little man. 169. Jun-Ho. What name meanings do you wish to bestow upon your baby boy? Jun signifies “talented” and “handsome,” while Ho translates to “bright” or “summer” in Korean. 170. Norbert. That’s right, it’s another name containing bert. After all, it does mean “bright.” Combined with the first element, this name means “bright north.” 171. Quang. Quang is a Vietnamese boys’ name that means “bright” and “clear.” 172. Robert. Here we have a classic option that happens to have been a popular boys’ name in 2023. Robert, meaning “bright fame,” has been borne by many famous people and royalty over the years, including the Scottish king, Robert the Bruce. 173. Sherwood. You might be familiar with this name from the Robin Hood legends. But did you know that Sherwood means “bright forest”? It’s a great choice for nature lovers. 174. Svarog. Meaning “bright” and “clear,” Svarog is the name of the Slavic god of the sun and sky, making him a bringer of light into the world—just like your baby boy! 175. Uri. Uri is a short and cute baby name meaning “my light” in Hebrew. For more unique boy names starting with U, check out our dedicated list. 176. Zaahir. This is an Arabic boys’ name meaning “radiant” and “to shine.”

More Boy Names Meaning “Bright” or “Radiant”

Whether you’re searching for a powerful or sweet name representing brightness, we’ve got something for everyone:

Even More Boy and Girl Names That Mean “Light”

What is a name that means “light?” Well, any of these names, of course!

The Bottom Line

A name that represents “light” is a beautiful and significant choice for your baby, as each child brings hope and positivity into the world. The names we’ve assembled draw from diverse cultures and provide profound meanings that embody brightness, radiance, and illumination. We hope that our list has helped you settle on just the right name for your little one.

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