Top Baby Boy Names That Start With V

Picking the perfect name for your new arrival is an exciting time! If you’re drawn to baby boy names starting with V, or perhaps V names run in your family, then we’ve got the perfect list for you. From the most popular, unique, and cool names that start with V, to some classic, international, and cute names to help inspire you, we’ve got all the male V names for your needs.

Our Top Boy Names That Start With V

Though V names for boys aren’t the most popular monikers in the charts, there are a few options that have reached the Top 1,000 in the United States, as well as a few of our own top men’s V names.

1. Vincent. Meaning “to conquer” in Latin, this is a popular name in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and the United States, to name a few. It has a rich history and has been in use since the Middle Ages, with many sporting this name, such as Saint Vincent de Paul, Vincent van Gogh, actor Vincent Price, and John Travolta’s character in Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega. It’s no wonder this is a top male name starting with V.

2. Victor. Popular in various forms throughout Europe, Victor has the strong meaning of “victor” and “conqueror.” It was popular among early Christians and has been used by many saints and popes. The writer of Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Victor Hugo is a famous bearer of this classic V boys’ name, as well as the fictional character Victor Laszlo in Casablanca.

3. Valentino. If you’re a fan of Italian boy names and you’re looking for a twist on the classic name Valentine, Valentino might be for you. With its charming O ending and meaning of “strong” and “healthy,” Valentino is dashing and romantic.

4. Vihaan. Symbolizing new beginnings, this name has Hindu, Sanskrit origins and means “dawn.” It could make an interesting choice for a family’s first baby born in a new generation.

5. Vincenzo. This popular Italian boys’ name that starts with V has recently found its way into the Top 1000 boy names in the United States. It’s a variant of Vincent, meaning “to conquer,” and it also provides you with the cool diminutive Enzo.

6. Vicente. Here is another popular variant of Vincent, showing us the versatility of one name. Pronounced bee-THEHN-teh or bee-SEHN-teh, this Spanish and Portuguese moniker adds some flair and uniqueness to Vincent.

7. Valentin. Popular in Austria, Switzerland, and France, Valentin is another variant of Valentine, but with an ending pronounced TEEN. Meaning “strong” and “healthy,” it’s a robust and romantic guy name that starts with V.

8. Van. This short form of names containing van, such as Vance and Ivan, is often used as a surname prefix, such as Vincent van Gogh and Dick van Dyke. It’s also the name of musician Van Morrison, born George Ivan Morrison. Perhaps this V name could make a cool middle name for boys .

9. Vance. From an Old English surname meaning “marsh,” this V name for boys has hovered somewhere in the Top 1,000 charts since the late 1800s. However, with its short and modern sound and a nod to the singer Vance Joy, it could be ready to top the charts.

10. Valiant. A name worthy of a knight, Valiant comes from the English word meaning “brave” and “strong.” This name is used in the comic strip and television series The Legend of Prince Valiant from the 90s. It’s a powerful yet fun name for your little prince!


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Unique Boy Names That Start With V

If you’re looking for a unique baby boy name that sets your little man apart from the crowd, check out our list of the most unusual and unique boy names that start with V:

11. Vangelis. Kicking off our unique V boy names is this variant of the Greek name Evangelos, meaning “bringer of good news.” With its positive meaning and the name of the Greek musician and composer known as Vangelis, this moniker has plenty of potential.

12. Vanni. This is the unique short form of the popular Italian name Giovanni, which itself is a form of John, meaning “God is gracious.” Vanni can be used as a cool given name in its own right.

13. Varlam. Varlam is a rare Georgian and Russian name that’s a form of Barlaam from Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend. Its meaning is unknown, giving this name a unique and mysterious vibe.

14. Varnava. If you’re looking for a unique version of a more common name, this is the Russian form of the biblical Barnabas, possibly meaning “son of the prophet” or “son of encouragement.”

15. Varuna. In Sanskrit, this unique V name for boys means “to surround.” For lovers of the water or water sign babies, Varuna was the Hindu god of water and the celestial ocean surrounding the Earth.

16. Vasil. In several languages, including Bulgarian and Macedonian, Vasil is a form of the name Basil. With its meaning of “king” and its strong V, it makes for a cooler and more unusual choice than its Christian counterpart.

17. Vedastus. If you want a name that sets your little one apart from the crowd, Vedastus is certainly a unique boys’ name that starts with V. Its origin is uncertain; however, it’s possibly a Latinized form of a Celtic or Germanic name, and it was also the name of a sixth-century saint who helped convert a Frankish king to Christianity.

18. Veremund. This strong and determined name is possibly a Latinized form of the Germanic name Waramunt, meaning “cautious protection.” It was used by a fifth-century king of Galicia, as well as kings of Asturias and Leon, making it a great Spanish and royal choice.

19. Verginius. If you hail from the State of Virginia or you’re simply just a fan of the female name, you might enjoy this ancient Roman masculine version of Virginia, meaning “pure.” In the first century, Lucius Verginius Rufus was a Roman commander of the Germania Superior.

20. Vesper. This gender-neutral name can be found as a female love interest of James Bond in Casino Royale; however, it would also make a cool and trendy V boy name. It’s a Latin name meaning “evening star,” which gives a beautiful and celestial vibe to your bright little boy.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With V

If you enjoyed those unique baby names , we’ve got even more to inspire you:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Cool Boy Names That Start With V

Are you searching for a V name for boys with a strong meaning? Or perhaps you’re looking for a trendy short form of a name or one with a cool meaning. Whatever the reason, we’ve got plenty of cool boy names that start with V to give your little one a hipster vibe.

31. Valens. This cool ancient Roman cognomen is a short form of Valentine, meaning “strong” and “healthy.” It has a trendy sound without the noticeable connections to Valentine’s Day. A fourth-century Roman emperor was a bearer of this V name for boys.

32. Valerian. An unusual yet cool-sounding name, Valerian is a Roman name meaning “strong.” You may also recognize it as the name of the calming herb.

33. Valko. With its fierce meaning of “wolf” and its strong and cool sound, this Bulgarian name is sure to give your little one a serious cool factor.

34. Vasanta. This cool boys’ name that starts with V is used as the Hindu personification of spring and has the Sanskrit meanings of “brilliant” and “spring.” Your little one can blossom like a flower with this nature baby names .

35. Vasco. For lovers of travel and future explorers, this was the name of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, who was the first person to sail from Europe to India via Africa. It’s a medieval Spanish name that’s perfect for your little trendsetter.

36. Veasna. Perhaps it’s your fate to choose this cool Khmer name, meaning “destiny,” or maybe you want to harness the power of your little one’s creativity with the Sanskrit meaning of “imagination.” Either way, this is a unique and stylish V boys’ name.

37. Vespasian. Another cool name that belonged to a Roman emperor is the interesting moniker Vespasian. It either means “evening” or “wasp” in Latin.

38. Vester. If you’re looking for a cool V form of a classic boys’ name, this Danish moniker is the short form of Sylvester, which brings to mind actor Sylvester Stallone and the cartoon cat from Looney Tunes. It even has the beautiful meaning “of the forest,” giving it an ethereal and evocative vibe for nature lovers.

39. Vidar. There’s something extra cool about baby names from mythology . Vidar, from Norse mythology, not only sounds cool, but it’s also the name of the son of Odin, who is said to avenge his father by slaying Fenrir, the wolf, when the end of the world comes. It’s no wonder that this moniker is a popular male name starting with V in Sweden.

40. Voldemort. Here is the name of Harry Potter’s archenemy, Lord Voldemort. It makes for a strange choice and one that will turn heads, but it could make a fun and cool middle name. Are you brave enough to speak this name and choose it for your baby boy?

More Cool Boy Names That Start With V

Keep reading for even more cool boy names that start with V:

Cute Boy Names That Start With V

Cute monikers have adorable sounds or precious meanings, and these cute baby boy names starting with V certainly bring a touch of sweetness to our list.

51. Val. This short and sweet name works for both boys and girls, as it’s the short form of Valentine or Valerie. And it’s not only adorable but also robust with its meaning of “healthy” and “strong,” and the name of actor Val Kilmer.

52. Vali. Similar to Val, but with added cuteness due to its I ending, Vali is a diminutive of names containing val, such as Valerius, Valentin, and Valentine, with their hearty and strong meanings.

53. Vayu. For an air sign baby (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius), this cute boys’ name that starts with V means “air and wind” in Sanskrit. In Hindu legend, it’s the name of the god of the element of air.

54. Veeti. This endearing moniker is the Finnish form Fredrik or Ferdinand, with the delightful meaning of “peaceful ruler.” With any luck, your little one can channel the tranquility of this cute V name for boys.

55. Veli. If your little man is going to be a sibling, you could consider this adorable Finnish name meaning “brother.”

56. Velvel. With the cute meaning of “little wolf” in Yiddish, your little one may adopt the loyal yet strong personality of the majestic wolf.

57. Vern. This short form of the old-fashioned name Vernon originally comes from a Norman surname meaning “place of alders.” It’s a trendy-sounding name with an endearing nature-inspired meaning.

58. Vesa. Your baby boy is like a little sprout getting ready to bloom and flourish, just like this super cute V boys’ name meaning “sprout” and “young tree” in Finnish. It’s almost too sweet to resist!

59. Vida. Vida has a cute and trendy vibe and is a form of the German name Wido meaning “wood,” plus the Roman name Vitus, meaning “life.”

60. Volos. If you come from a family of farmers, this Slavic name meaning “ox” is found in Slavic mythology as the god of cattle, as well as being associated with the earth, the underworld, and poetry.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With V

If you were won over by those sweet boy names beginning with V, we’ve got even more for you:

International Boy Names That Start With V

If you’re a keen globe-trotter or you’re looking for a name to honor your heritage, check out our favorite international names starting with V for your little boy:

71. Václav. Starting our international V names for boys is this Slavic name meaning “more glory.” Not only was it the name of several Bohemian kings, but Václav is also the patron saint of the Czech Republic.

72. Valdemar. This is the Scandinavian form of the German name Waldemar, meaning “famous ruler.” It was borne by four kings of Denmark, making it a strong royal baby name for your little man.

73. Valente. If you’re a fan of the romantic Valentine but want more of an Italian or Spanish flair, this name is a cool option. And as a bonus, it has the hearty meaning of “strong” and “healthy.”

74. Valéry. Although you may associate this with a feminine name, it’s also a French baby boy name , meaning “foreign ruler.” It’s a lovely melodic male name that starts with V.

75. Vân. With the dreamy meaning of “cloud,” this Vietnamese name (pronounced VUN) will have you floating. Alternatively, if you spell it Văn, it can be pronounced VAN, and its meaning changes to “literature,” making it a sweet choice for your future scholar.

76. Vancho. This strong and dominant-sounding Macedonian name is a variant of Vančo, which itself is a diminutive of Ivan, meaning “God is gracious.”

77. Vendelín. With it’s strong V at the beginning, this Czech and Slovak form of Wendelin is more unique and trendier for a baby boy. It ultimately means “wanderer” in German, making it perfect for lovers of travel.

78. Vlad. Are you ready to embrace this name’s infamous bearer? If so, your little guy might have a lot of fun play-acting Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, who was inspired by the fifteenth-century prince of Wallachia, Vlad Dracula. It’s a common name in Eastern Europe, short and strong with the determined Slavic meaning of “rule.”

79. Vojtech. This Slovak form of the Polish name Wojciech means “warrior” and “joy,” which may lend inspiration to your happy little warrior.

80. Völund. From Old Norse, this mythological name is found in the Poetic Edda. It’s the Scandinavian cognate of Wieland, which possibly means “skilled” or “artful,” making it an interesting choice for a family of craftspeople.

More International Boy Names That Start With V

If you enjoyed taking a trip around the world with those guy names that start with V, we’ve got even more to help inspire you:

Powerful V Boy Names

If you’re looking for a name that reflects the determination and strength of mind that you hope for your baby boy, check out this list of V boy names with strong and powerful meanings:

91. Vahagn. Meaning “breaking of defense” and “victory,” this Armenian male name starting with V belongs to the god of war in Armenian mythology.

92. Valerius. This Roman family name has the powerful meaning of “to be strong” in Latin. It was the name of several saints, and for a touch of cuteness, you could use the short form Val or Vali.

93. Valter. If you want a cool version of an old-fashioned name, this is a form of Walter in various languages. The V at the start transforms this boys’ name, and coupled with its meaning of “ruler of the army,” Valter certainly has a strong vibe.

94. Velibor. Another strong moniker is this V name for boys meaning “great battle” in Slavic.

95. Venkata. Not only does this name sound strong, but it’s also the name of a sacred hill in Andhra Pradesh, India, on which lies the Venkateswara Temple, dedicated to a Hindu god. This name has the sturdy strength of a hill and the beauty of spirituality.

96. Viggo. It’s no wonder this vigorous name is popular in Sweden and Denmark, with its trendy sound, Viking roots, and bearer Viggo Mortenson, a pretty cool and strong actor. It also has the meaning of “war” in Old Norse.

97. Viking. If you have Viking roots or live near the sea, perhaps this cool and powerful Old Norse name could be a great option for your baby boy.

98. Viriato. This powerful boy name is derived from the Latin and Celtic word viriae, meaning “bracelets.” Although that doesn’t sound very powerful, this name belonged to a leader of the Lusitani tribe of Portugal, who made a stand against Roman rule. This name might inspire your baby boy to stand up for what he believes in.

99. Vishnu. Belonging to the supreme Hindu god, Vishnu means “all-pervasive” in Sanskrit. The Hindu god is believed to be the preserver and protector of the universe and the keeper of peace on Earth. It’s certainly a strong and inspiring V boy name.

100. Vortigern. This name is the English form of the Old Welsh name Gwrtheyrn, which was possibly used as a title rather than a name. Its meaning of “supreme king” and strong sound lend to its powerful vibe.

More Powerful V Names for Boys

We’ve got even more powerful guy names that start with V:

Short and Long Boy Names That Start With V

Short baby names are perfect for those fun, snappy monikers, but a longer name might offer your little one a bit of elegance. Consider these short and long baby boy names that start with V.

111. Väinämöinen. This unique V boys’ name is pronounced VIE-na-mui-nehn and is of Finnish origin, meaning “wide and slow-flowing river.” This dreamy, nature-inspired meaning makes it a cool option for water sign babies (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and has the cute short form of Väinö. It’s also found in Finnish mythology as a wise old magician.

112. Valentinianus. There are plenty of variations of the name Valentine on this list, but this is the longest! The meaning of “strong” and “healthy” matches this hearty name that was borne by three Roman emperors.

113. Varfolomey. If you’re looking for a unique twist on a biblical baby name, this is the Russian form of the saintly name Bartholomew, meaning “son of Talmai.”

114. Vasu. This short boy name beginning with V means “bright” and “excellent” in Sanskrit and is an epithet for several Hindu gods. With those meanings, your baby boy can be a shining star!

115. Ve'keseheveho. If you enjoy unique long baby names , you might love this one meaning “bird chief” in the indigenous language of Cheyenne. If you’re a bird watcher or have Native American ancestry, it’s an interesting choice.

116. Vercingetorix. Pronounced wehr-king-GEH-taw-riks in Latin, or vər-sin-JEHT-ə-riks in English, this cool name with its initial V and its X ending means “king over warriors” in Gaulish. This impressive name also belonged to a chieftain of the Gaulish Arverni tribe, who led a rebellion against Julius Caesar.

117. Vere. This short and sweet baby boys’ name starting with the letter V comes from a Norman surname and French place name meaning “alder.”

118. Vic. Vic is the short form of Victor, meaning “conqueror” in Latin. You can use it as a nickname or as a standalone given name if you wish.

119. Vito. With the vivacious meaning of “life,” Vito is the Italian or Spanish baby boy name for the Roman moniker Vitus. For fans of the classic movie The Godfather, you may recognize this as Marlon Brando’s character, Vito Corleone.

120. Vuk. Pronounced VOOK, this mini V boys’ name has the fierce and loyal meaning of “wolf” in Serbian.

More Short and Long Boy Names That Start With V

For more long and short monikers, keep on reading:

Classic Boy Names That Start With V

Are you a fan of old-fashioned boy names starting with V? Or perhaps, you want to name your little one after a family member? Either way, we’ve got some classic V boy names to bring you back to days gone by.

131. Valentine. You may have seen every version of this “strong” and “vigorous” name on this list, and, finally, we come to the name itself! The romantic holiday associated with this name came from the third-century Saint Valentine and his feast day that lies on the day of the Roman fertility festival.

132. Vaughan. This name with English and Welsh origins comes from a surname with the cute meaning of “little.” An alternative spelling is Vaughn, which is actor Vince Vaughn’s surname, as well as the name of 1940s musician Vaughn Monroe and British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

133. Vernon. In the United States, this classic name reached its peak in popularity in 1919 before dropping out of the top 1000 in 2003. Perhaps it’s time to bring back this Norman name meaning “alder.” You even have the option of the cute diminutive Vern and a fun nod to a Harry Potter character.

134. Viator. If you’re looking for a classic V boys’ name with a cool and trendy vibe, this late Latin name might intrigue you. It’s the masculine form of the classic Beatrix, meaning “voyager,” and almost sounds like it’s straight out of a sci-fi or fantasy novel.

135. Victorinus. Derived from the old-fashioned name Victor, Victorinus adds a more authoritative vibe with its Roman background and famous bearers, such as the third-century ruler of the Gallic Empire and a Roman philosopher and grammarian.

136. Vilfred. If you like the classic name Wilfred, but you prefer boy names starting with V, this name gives you both. This Danish moniker also has the inspiring meaning of “desiring peace” for your diplomatic little man.

137. Vilhelm. From the classic name William, this Scandinavian and Finnish version adds a little uniqueness to its common counterpart. Meaning “resolute protector,” Vilhelm might make an interesting way to honor a family member named William.

138. Vince. Vince, Vin, Vinny, or Vincent; whichever option you choose, this strong and classic moniker, meaning “to conquer,” is sure to be a winner. Famous bearers of this name include footballer coach Vince Lombardi and actor Vince Vaughn.

139. Virgil. For poetry lovers, you might recognize this V name for boys from the great Roman poet and author of the epic Aeneid. This name was especially popular in the early 1900s.

140. Vivian. This gender-neutral name comes from the Latin Vivus, meaning “alive.” It was mostly used as a masculine name in the Middle Ages but is now more commonly feminine. A bearer of this name includes the fifth-century French bishop and saint who acted as a protector during the Visigoth invasion.

Even More Boy Names That Start With V

If you didn’t quite get your fill of vivacious boy names that start V, here’s 50 more for you to enjoy:

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby boy names starting with V, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our unique boy names that start with W or our Hawaiian boy names .

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