Top Baby Boy Names That Start With F

As you prepare to meet your new baby boy, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect name. Some parents like to focus on a theme, so if you’re looking for boy names that start with F, we’ve compiled some of our favorite popular, unique, cute, and cool options. Whether you want American names or international monikers, you’ll find a diverse list of baby boy names that start with F.

Popular Boy Names That Start With F

Although male names that start with F don’t typically top the charts in the United States, you’ll still find some trendy options and favorite staples, such as Felix, Finn, and Frank.

1. Fabian. This popular and cute boys’ name that starts with F has deep roots, derived from an Ancient Roman family name. From the word faba, it means “bean.” Roman names typically came in threes, and Fabian was a common nickname or surname.

2. Felix. If you want to give your baby boy a good omen, consider Felix, which means “luck, success.” It’s one of the most popular F baby boy names.

3. Fernando. This spelling is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Ferdinand, which combines Germanic elements to mean “journey” and “daring, brave.”

4. Finley. Finley is the slightly more popular spelling of the unisex name Finlay, the English version of the Scottish name Fionnlagh. This name means “white warrior” and was the given name of the eleventh-century king Macbeth, the central character of Shakespeare’s famous play.

5. Finn. Trendy Finn is one of the most popular baby boy names as of late and an excellent option for F names. It’s the Old Irish form of Fionn, which means “white, fair.” According to Irish mythology, Fionn mac Cumhaill was responsible for the Giant’s Causeway, a unique rock formation in Northern Ireland.

6. Finnegan. This Irish surname originates with the moniker Fionn, meaning “fair, white.” You might recognize the name from James Joyce’s novel Finnegans Wake, which was based on the popular Irish ballad of the same name.

7. Ford. Thanks to Henry Ford, this name was quite popular at the turn of the twentieth century. Although it hadn’t been used since the early 1950s, it’s having a comeback. Of course, it simply means “ford” and makes a charming option for American baby boy names starting with F.

8. Francisco. The cute name Francisco is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Francis, a Late Latin moniker meaning “Frenchman.” You might associate the name with the Spanish artist Francisco de Goya.

9. Frank. Always a popular classic, Frank is a name that refers to the Franks, a historic Germanic tribe. It’s one of the most enduring men’s name that starts with F.

10. Franklin. Meaning “freeman,” the name Franklin is more common as a surname. Probably the two most famous bearers of the name are Benjamin Franklin and Franklin D. Roosevelt.


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Unique Boy Names That Start With F

Choosing a unique baby boy name gives your little one his own particular identity! Of course, very few names have never been used, but the following are rare and original by today’s standards.

11. Farley. This surname was initially a place name, as in Old English, it means “fern clearing.” You might recognize it from the Canadian author Farley Mowat or the late comedic actor Chris Farley.

12. Ferdinand. Like the popular name Fernando from above, Ferdinand means “journey” and “brave, daring.” It’s a Germanic name but became quite trendy with Spain and Portugal’s royal families.

13. Fitz. Fitz was a common way to begin a surname in Norman French, as it means “son of.” Therefore, a name like Fitzroy means “son of Roy” and Fitzwilliam “son of William.” This unique boys’ name, starting with F, has an equally special meaning.

14. Flanagan. You might want to give this unique baby name to your little boy if he has red hair. As an Irish surname, Flanagan comes from the suffix flann, which means “blood red.”

15. Flick. The name Flick has a particularly unique origin, which makes it a good choice for a boy’s name starting with F. It’s actually a gender-neutral name that’s a diminutive of Felicity, which means “happiness” and “good luck.”

16. Florence. Another excellent option for a unisex name, Florence comes from the Latin name Florentius, which means “prosperous, flourishing.”

17. Fortune. This is quite a rare name in English but was common in France in the early nineteenth century. Perhaps Florence means “prosperous,” but Fortune is a more direct way to give your little guy a bit of future “luck!”

18. Fox. Cute and unique, the boys’ name Fox starts with F and is a perfect option for nature-inspired names. Of course, it simply refers to the adorable forest animal.

19. Fredric. Fredric is a unique F name for boys, as it’s a variant spelling of the classic moniker Frederick, which combines the German elements frid and ric to mean “peaceful ruler.” You may associate the name with Frederick Douglas, the famous nineteenth-century abolitionist.

20. Fulk. Often spelled Fulke or Fulco, this is a Germanic name that simply means “people.” Although it’s quite rare now, Fulk was a trendy choice after the Normans brought the name to England.

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Old-Fashioned F Boy Names

Old-fashioned boy names are those classic and timeless monikers that never seem to go out of style. But some of the names on our list are also quite unique and rare, so you get the best of both worlds!

21. Festus. Pronounced FEHS-toos, this unique and old-fashioned name comes from an Ancient Roman moniker, possibly meaning “festival, holiday” in Latin.

22. Figaro. You might recognize Figaro from the eighteenth-century playwright Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchai, who used this name repeatedly in several plays, including The Barber of Seville. Fun fact: In modern French, the word figaro means “barber,” which was adopted from the play!

23. Fingal. Fingal is an old-fashioned name that originates from literature, specifically the eighteenth-century poem of the same name by Scottish author James Macpherson. The Old Irish element finn means “fair” and gall means “stranger.”

24. Fitzroy. If you’re reading this list in full, perhaps you remember that Fitz means “son of,” so Fitzroy would be “son of Roy.” But in Old French, roy means “king,” so the name also means “son of the king” and was typically given to royalty.

25. Floyd. Although Floyd is a name of its own, it’s a variant of Lloyd, a Welsh surname that means “grey.” So, if you like the name Lloyd but want a boy name that starts with F, Floyd could be a winner.

26. Francis. An old-fashioned choice for your baby boy, Francis is one of the most classic male F names. It originates from the Late Latin name Franciscus, which means “Frenchman.”

27. Fraser. You might like this choice if you’re on the hunt for a 90s sitcom name and were a fan of the show Fraser. It’s a lost place name, meaning it refers to a specific area that no longer exists, most likely in France, as the name is of Norman French origin.

28. Fred. A true classic, this is one of the most timeless guy names that start with F and is a solid choice for your American baby boy. It’s the short form of the name Frederick below and comes with several fun diminutives and nicknames, including Freddy, Freddie, and Rick.

29. Frederick. Although Fred above is more commonly found in the United States, the name originates from Frederick, a Germanic name meaning “peaceful ruler.”

30. Fulton. A truly old-fashioned name, Fulton hasn’t been used in the United States since the early twentieth century. It’s derived from an English town named Foulden, which means “bird hill.”

Cool Boy Names That Start With F

For some hip vibes, we’ve included a few cool boy names that start with F. These monikers either have a cool meaning or a hip ring to them, making them some of the best options for boy names.

31. Faron. Can you imagine cool little Faron running around? This French boys’ name is actually a surname that, although it comes from Germanic elements, has an unknown meaning.

32. Farrell. This name comes from the Irish moniker Fearghal, the modern form of Gaelic Fergal. The name combines Old Irish elements to create the meaning “man of valor.”

33. Fenton. Cool and chic, Fenton is a place name meaning “marsh town” in Old English. It hasn’t been used in the United States since the early 1900s, so it’s also a unique baby boy name starting with F.

34. Ferdie. The name Ferdie is a cute diminutive of Ferdinand from above, which means “journey” and “brave, daring.” It doesn’t get much cooler than that!

35. Fischer. Also spelled Fisher, this name is a Germanic moniker that simply means “fisher” or “fisherman.”

36. Fletcher. The nickname Fletch makes this boys’ name that starts with F even cooler! Fletcher is an occupational name, as the person who would adorn arrows with feathers—hello, cool hipster vibes.

37. Flynn. This cool boys’ name that starts with F comes from the Irish moniker Flann, which means “blood red.” A more traditional variant spelling is Flannán, which was the name of Ireland’s high king in the ninth century.

38. Forrest. Not only cool in meaning, but the name Forrest also has a hip ring to it. Of course, it simply means “forest.” Although it has slowly faded in popularity since the turn of the twentieth century, the name had a spike in the 1990s, likely in response to the film Forrest Gump.

39. Foster. Foster is a fairly common English surname but makes a great option for last names used as first names . It’s an occupational name with two meanings, either a “saddle maker” (from the Old French word fustier) or a “scissor maker” (from the Old French forcetier).

40. Freddie. Although Fred and Frederick are classic staples, you can easily make this F boy name a bit cooler with the variant spelling Freddie (or Freddy). The name means “peaceful ruler.”

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International Boy Names That Start With F

International names are a great option if you’re seeking a moniker that honors your heritage. In particular, the Arabic, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages have several boy names that start with F that you might love.

Arabic F Boy Names

Arabic names for girls and boys tend to offer strong, sweet, or unique options, and the letter F seems to be a favorite.

41. Fadi. Short and sweet, this baby boy name starting with F means “savior” in Arabic, so it’s a good choice for a strong name. It’s pronounced FA-dee

42. Fadil. Pronounced FA-deel, this Arabic name also has a strong meaning: “virtuous, generous.”

43. Farah. Another Arabic boys’ name that starts with F, Farah means “joy, happiness” and is pronounced FA-rah.

44. Farid. You’ll find the name Farid in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. Pronounced FA-reed, it has the sweet meaning of “to be unique.”

45. Faris. In Arabic and Bosnian, the name Faris means “horseman, knight” and is pronounced FA-rees.

46. Faruq. Pronounced fa-ROOK, this is the most traditional spelling of this name, but variants include Farooq, Farouk, and Faruk. It has quite the romantic meaning of “person who can tell right from wrong.”

47. Fawzi. A cool-sounding boys’ name that starts with F, Fawzi is pronounced FOW-zee. It means “triumph” in Arabic.

48. Fayiz. Pronounced FA-yeez, this name simply means “victor” in Arabic.

49. Fikri. The name Fikri is found in both Arabic and Turkish. It’s pronounced FEEK-ree and means “intellectual” or “to think, reflect.”

50. Fuad. If you want a super sweet international boys’ name that starts with F, Fuad (pronounced foo-AD) simply means “heart.”

Irish F Boy Names

The Irish language also seems to be fans of the letter F for their boy names. Below are several options with strong, unique, and sweet meanings.

51. Fachtna. This name comes from Irish mythology, as Fachtna (pronounced FAKHT-na) was the legendary high king of Ireland.

52. Faolán. This rare Irish baby boys’ name beginning with F is pronounced FE-lawn and cutely means “little wolf.”

53. Feardorcha. Pronounced far-DOR-khah, this name comes from the Irish elements fer (meaning “man”) and dorchae (meaning “dark”).

54. Feidlimid. Another name from Irish mythology, Feidlimid means “ever good” or “enduring, constant.” It’s pronounced FAY-lehm and is a unique F name for a boy.

55. Fergal. You might remember this Old Irish name from Farrell above. Farrell and Fergal both mean “man of valor,” and you can pronounce Fergal as FAIR-gahl.

56. Fergus. And just like Farrell and Fergal, Fergus also means “man of valor,” though the Old Irish element gus could also mean “strength” or “force.”

57. Fiachra. Pronounced FEE-akh-ra, many Irish legends included this name. For example, one of the children of Lir—who was turned into swans for 900 years—bore this name. It means “raven," “king,” and “battle.”

58. Finbar. This would be the perfect boys’ name that starts with F for your little toe-headed baby! Pronounced FIN-bahr, it comes from the Old Irish elements finn (“white, fair”) and barr (“top, head”).

59. Fionn. If you like the name Finn but prefer an alternate spelling, consider Fionn. It still means “white, fair” but has a more modern spin to it and a slightly different pronunciation in Irish, as FyOON or FyEEN.

60. Flann. As another variant spelling of an Irish name, Flann relates to the name Flynn and means “blood red.”

Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese F Boy Names

You’ll find just as many fun, cool, and unique boy names that start with F in the Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages, too.

61. Fabrizio. Meaning “craftsman,” the name Italian boys’ name Fabrizio comes with the cute pronunciation of fa-BREET-tsyo. A cool nickname would be Fabi or Riz.

62. Facundo. You’ll mostly find this Spanish name in Latin America. It’s pronounced fa-KOON-do and means “eloquent,” which makes it a very cute boys’ name that starts with F.

63. Faustino. This is the perfect option if you want a name from all three languages. Pronounced fows-TEE-no, this name means “auspicious, lucky.”

64. Federico. Federico is the Spanish and Italian form of Frederick and is typically pronounced fed-deh-REE-ko. Like Frederick, it also means “peaceful ruler.”

65. Felipe. If you like the name Philip but prefer a Spanish boy’s name or Brazilian Portuguese name, consider Felipe (pronounced fel-LEE-peh). Like the name Philip, it’s derived from a Greek name meaning “friend of horses.”

66. Fernão. Although Fernando from above is a Portuguese version of Ferdinand, Fernão (pronounced FER-nyow) is a more unique and archaic version. If you remember from other variants of Ferdinand above, the name means “journey” and “daring, brave.”

67. Filemón. As the Spanish form of the Greek name Philemon, this moniker means “affectionate” or “kiss.” It’s pronounced fee-leh-MOHN and is one of the sweetest boy names that start with F!

68. Fiore. Put an Italian spin on the Latin name Florus with Fiore. It’s pronounced FYO-reh and means “flower.”

69. Floro. If you like the idea of Fiore above but prefer a unique version, consider Floro, the rare Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish versions of Florus.

70. Fortunato. Pronounced for-too-NA-toh, this is another baby boys’ name beginning with F that satisfies all three languages. Plus, it has three meanings: “fortunate,” “blessed,” and “happy.”

Other International Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Because there are so many other international male names that start with F besides those listed above, we’ve kept the list going!

71. Faas. This Dutch name is the short form of Bonifaas or Servaas, which means “good fate” and “saved, redeemed,” respectfully.

72. Falk. A German moniker, Falk is a strong male F name that simply means “falcon.”

73. Fedor. This cute name is a variant of the Russian form of Theodore, a Greek moniker that means “gift of god.”

74. Fishel. The Yiddish name Fishel is a good choice for a cute boy name that starts with F, as it means “little fish.”

75. Flavius. Although an Ancient Roman name, Flavius is still used in Romania as a boys’ name that starts with F. It’s pronounced FLAH-vee-oos and is perfect for a blond baby, as it means “yellow-haired.”

76. Florian. You’ll find the name Florian in many European languages, such as Slovak, Hungarian, German, and Spanish, to name a few. Like the names Fiore and Floro above, it also comes from the Latin name Florus, meaning “flower.”

77. Freyr. To merge strength and mythology, consider the name Freyr, which means “lord” in Old Norse. The Norse god Freyr is associated with fertility, sunshine, and rain.

78. Fulbert. Cute and old-fashioned, Fulbert is a French name, though it originates from Ancient Germanic elements. It means “bright” and “people.”

79. Fumihito. Pronounced FOO-MEE-KHEE-TO, this Japanese name comes from two words meaning “writing” and “compassionate.”

80. Fungai. In the Shona language in southern Africa, the name Fungai comes from the word funga, meaning “to think, judge.” It’s pronounced fhuhn-hi with the emphasis on either syllable.

More Boy Names That Start With F

We love these cute, unique, and cool boy names that start with F! If you’re still in need of inspiration, we’ve added even more F names for boys below. Or consider other languages, like Hawaiian boy names or Mexican baby names !

The Bottom Line

If your heart is set on a boy name that starts with F for your new arrival, we hope our list gave you a bit of inspiration. From popular options like Finnegan and Franklin to unique and old-fashioned boy names that start with F, like Fitzroy and Figaro, you definitely have lots of choices! Choosing your baby’s name is a fun, exciting, and memorable part of being a parent. Have fun with the process and go with your gut or wait to meet your little man before settling on a name. The choice is yours!