Top Baby Girl Names That Start With F

Choosing a name for your new baby girl is exciting but not necessarily the easiest task considering all your options! But if you’re looking specifically for girl names that start with F, it’s a bit easier to narrow down your choices. We’ve created a list with popular and classic staples like Faith, Frances, and Florence, plus unique, rare, and cute girl names that start with F, such as Floella, Flossie, and Freda. We hope this list provides a source of baby-naming inspiration!

Popular Girl Names That Start With F

Names that start with the letter F haven’t been particularly popular in recent years, especially for girls. Still, there are several trendy choices for you to consider, from the most popular female name with the letter F, Faith, to the newest trend on the scene, Freya.

1. Faith. Although this name peaked in popularity in the United States in 2002, Faith is still the all-time favorite among girl names that start with F. It comes from the English word faith, which originates from the Latin word fidere, meaning “to trust.” 2. Fatima. Also spelled Fatimah, this name is one of the most popular girl names starting with F in the United States—and the trendiest Arabic name in the country. Fatimah was one of the daughters of the Prophet Muhammad, and her name means “to abstain.” 3. Felicity. As an English word, felicity simply means “happiness,” but it originates from the Latin word felicitas, which means “good luck.” If you’re looking for 90s sitcom names, Felicity was a title character played by Keri Russell. 4. Fernanda. You’ll find the name Fernanda in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It’s the feminine form of Ferdinand, a name derived from German elements meaning “journey” and “daring, brave.” It’s currently one of the most popular female names that begin with F. 5. Finley. This is a popular variant spelling of Finlay, the English version of the Scottish Gaelic name Fionnlagh. It means “white warrior” and was the given name of the eleventh-century Scottish King Macbeth, the focus of Shakespeare’s famous play. 6. Fiona. As the feminine form of the Irish name Fionn, Fiona means “fair, white.” The name connects to Irish mythology, as Fionn mac Cumhaill, according to legend, was responsible for the Giant’s Causeway, a unique rock formation in Northern Ireland. 7. Frances. The feminine form of Francis, this F name for girls simply means “Frenchman.” You’ll find this moniker across Europe with many interesting variant spellings and nicknames, including Francesca below. Although it sounds a bit old-fashioned, Frances is a true staple and one of the most popular women’s names that start with F. 8. Francesca. As the Italian and Catalan variant of Frances, this name also means “Frenchman.” We’ve included a few other variant spellings of this beautiful name, but other pretty options include Frantziska (Basque), Franzi (German), and Francette (French). 9. Frankie. A gender-neutral name, Frankie can either be a diminutive of Frank or Frances. Francis means “Frenchman,” and Frank refers to the Franks, a Germanic tribe. 10. Freya. Pronounced FRAY-eh, this is one of the most popular girl names that starts with F. It originates from the Old Norse name Frejya, which simply means “lady.” In Norse mythology, Frejya is the goddess associated with love, beauty, war, and death, as she comforts many of the heroes who die in battle.


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Unique and Rare Girl Names That Start with F

There’s no shortage of unique baby girl names, especially starting with the letter F! You’ll find several options below, many from languages other than English.

11. Fallon. Although this is a modern name, Fallon has historical roots. It comes from the Irish Gaelic name Fallamhán, which means “leader.” You might associate Fallon with the character from the 1980s soap opera Dynasty. 12. Femie. Pronounced FEHM-ee, this rare English name is a diminutive of the Greek name Euphemia. As a unique baby name, Femie comes with the powerful meaning of “to use words of good omen.” 13. Fionnuala. This name comes from Irish mythology, as Fionnuala was one of Lir’s children transformed into swans for 900 years. The name means “white shoulder.” 14. Fleur. Meaning “flower” in French, the name Fleur is both a unique and pretty girl name that starts with F. Fleur is just one of many flower names for girls on this list! And if you’re a Harry Potter fan, this name can relate to the character Fleur Delacour. 15. Floella. Rare and unique, the name Floella is simply an elaboration of the name Flo, which is the short form of either Florence or Flora. Florence means “prosperous, flourishing” and Flora, like Fleur, means “flower.” 16. Flower. The meaning “flower” is quite a pretty option for a girl’s name, so why not keep it simple? If you name your baby girl Flower, you can still use the common short form, Flo. 17. Frida. You may recognize this name from the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. This unique girl name that starts with F comes from the Germanic element frid, which means “peace.” 18. Frideswide. If you’re looking for a truly rare girl name that starts with F, consider Frideswide. This is a historical moniker, as Saint Frideswide was an English princess who became a nun in the eighth century. The name means “peace” and “strength.” 19. Frona. An especially unique name, Frona is an English diminutive of the Greek moniker Sophronia, the feminine form of Sophronius. This name means “sensible.” 20. Future. Of course, the name Future means the same as the word, derived from Latin futurus, meaning “going to be, yet to be.” Although still a rare name worldwide, Future is used more commonly in areas of the African continent where English is an official language, such as in western and southern Africa.

Old-Fashioned Female Names That Start with F

If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, consider an old-fashioned girl name for your baby. As a bonus, many of these traditional monikers are coming back in style! 21. Fannie. This is a cute variant of Fanny, a diminutive of either Frances or Stephanie. Frances comes from Francis, meaning “Frenchman,” and Stephanie from Stephen, which means “crown, wealth.” Not only a classic, but Fannie is also quite a unique girl name that starts with F. 22. Felicia. As the feminine form of the name Felix, Felicia is a lovely girls’ name starting with F and means “lucky, successful.” 23. Flannery. Rare and old-fashioned, the name Flannery derives from the Irish name Flannghal, which means “red valor.” 24. Flick. Flick is a fun, old-fashioned nickname for Felicity, which means “happiness.” This is a great option if you want a truly rare and fun girls’ name that starts with an F! 25. Flora. As you might be able to guess, the name Flora means “flower,” as it comes from the Latin word flos. Although old-fashioned in the United States, Flora is still commonly used in France and Hungary. 26. Florence. Florence is the gender-neutral form of the Latin name Florentia (or the masculine Florentius) and means “prosperous, flourishing.” It’s one of the most classic female names that start with F. 27. Fortune. Give your daughter a little extra “luck” with this rare yet timeless girls’ name starting with F. 28. Francene. This is the English spelling of the French girls’ name Françoise, which both originate from Francis. Francis simply means “Frenchman,” and Francene is particularly popular in French-speaking Canada. 29. Freddie. For female names that start with F, Freddie is the short form of Frederica or a nickname for Freda. Frederica is the feminine form of Frederick, so it means “peaceful ruler.” Freda works with any names ending in –fred or -freda, such as Winifred (“blessed, a friend of peace”) or Alfreda (“elf counsel”). 30. Frederica. As mentioned above, Frederica is the feminine form of Frederick, so it means “peaceful ruler.”

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Cute Girl Names That Start with F

Some of the cutest baby girl names start with the letter F, both in how they sound and their meaning. Your cute little gal certainly deserves an adorable name!

31. Fae. Sweet Fae is simply a variant of Fay, which means “fairy” in Middle English. Some parents also choose to use Fay or Fae as the short form of Faith. 32. Fancy. Give your girl an adorable and rare name, as Fancy can mean “like, love,” “ornamental,” or “to show, appear.” It’s a very cute and fun girl name that starts with F. 33. Fantine. If you’re a fan of the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, you might like the name Fantine. Some believe the author used the name as a spin on the word enfant, which means “child” in French. 34. Fawn. It doesn’t get much more adorable than a little baby deer, so Fawn makes an excellent choice for cute girl names that start with F. 35. Fern. For cute nature-inspired names, consider Fern. Of course, its meaning refers to the plant (from the Old English word fearn), but this moniker has been a sweet given name since the late nineteenth century. 36. Fleurette. Add some extra cuteness to the name Fleur with this pretty diminutive. Just like Fleur, Fleurette means “flower.” 37. Florie. Similarly, use the rare French name Florie to make Flora even cuter or as its nickname. 38. Flossie. Florence is a beautiful name, but if it’s a bit too old-fashioned for you, consider this cute diminutive Flossie. Because it derives from Florence, it means “prosperous, flourishing.” 39. Freda. If you’re reading this list in full, you might recognize this name from Freddie. Freda is a fun nickname for any moniker ending in -fred or -freda, so you have your pick of meanings. 40. Frieda. Frieda is a cute variant spelling of Frida, a beautiful girl name that starts with F. Like Frida, it means “peace.”

Short F Girl Names For Your Baby

If you prefer short names for a baby girl’s given or middle name, several options start with F.

41. Fay. Like Fae above, Fay (also spelled Faye) comes from the Middle English word faie, meaning “fairy.” However, it could also come from the Latin word fata, meaning “the fates.” 42. Feba. Put a short spin on the name Phoebe with Feba, which is the Bosnian, Russian, Croatian, and Polish form of the name. Phoebe is a Greek moniker meaning “bright, pure.” 43. Fen. Fen is a unisex Chinese name meaning “fragrance, aroma, perfume.” It’s pronounced like the word fun. 44. Fifi. Cute, short, and French, Fifi is the perfect nickname for Josephine. Because Josephine is the feminine form of the Hebrew name Joseph, it means “he will add.” 45. Fiza. Short and cute, this Hindi name means “atmosphere.” Fiza is pronounced FEE-zah and is a fun option for girl names beginning with F. 46. Flann. The unisex name Flann (also spelled Flannán in Old Irish) means “blood red” and was the name of the high king of Ireland in the ninth century. It’s a short yet powerful name for your baby girl. 47. Flash. Although more commonly used as a boys’ name that starts with F, there’s no gender rule to the fun moniker Flash. It’s a modern name that only occurred in 2016 when just eight boys bore the title. 48. Flo. This cute mini girl name that starts with F is the short form of Florence or Flora. If you remember from above, Florence means “prosperous, flourishing,” and Flora means “flower.” 49. Fox. Name your little girl after a cute forest critter! Historically, Fox has been a surname, but you’ll find it a rare and modern given name today.

50. Fran. As the short form of Francis, Francene, or Francesca, the name Fran originates from Francis and means “Frenchman.”

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International Girl Names That Start with F

International names are a popular choice if you’d like to connect your future daughter’s moniker with your heritage. In particular, the Arabic, Gaelic, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages seem to favor the letter F when it comes to baby girl names, so they’re an excellent place to start.

Arabic F Girl Names

Several Arabic girl names sport the letter F while offering beautiful, strong, or unique meanings for your new arrival.

51. Fadia. Pronounced FA-dee-ah, this moniker originates from Fadi, which means “savior” and is the Arabic name for Jesus. 52. Fahima. Meaning “intelligent” or “scholar,” Fahima is the feminine form of Fahim. It’s pronounced FA-heem-ah. 53. Farida. As the feminine form of the name Farid, Farida (pronounced fa-REED-ah) means “unique, precious” or “to be unique.” 54. Fayruz. If your baby girl is born in December, you might like the name Fayruz. It means “turquoise,” which is the gemstone for December. 55. Fajr. Pronounced like the word fair, Fajr has a beautiful meaning for a baby girl: “dawn, beginning.” 56. Farah. As an Arabic gender-neutral name, Farah means “joy, happiness.” As your new arrival will bring joy and happiness, this could be the perfect girl name that starts with the letter F! 57. Fatma. Fatma is one of the most popular Arabic names, as it’s a Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Kurdish form of Fatimah. It means “to abstain.” 58. Fawziyya. Choose this unique name for your girl if you want a strong meaning. As the feminine form of Fawzi, the name means “triumph” and is pronounced fow-ZEE-yah. 59. Fidda. Pronounced FEED-ah, cute Fidda simply means “silver” in Arabic. It’s a short and sweet female name that starts with F. 60. Fikriyya. You’ll find this name in both Arabic and Turkish. It’s pronounced feek-REE-yah and is the feminine form of Fikri, which means “intellectual” and “to think/reflect.”

Irish, Scottish, and Welsh F Girl Names

If you like Gaelic languages, you’ll find many F names for girls with Irish, Scottish, and Welsh origins, plus beautiful meanings (with some linked to mythology).

61. Farran. This Irish baby girl's name means “adventurous,” so it’s perfect for your new arrival, who’s about to explore the world around her! 62. Fedelma. This rare Irish name is the purely feminine form of Feidlimid (pronounced FAY-lehm), which means “ever good” and “enduring, constant.” Several women in Irish mythology were named Fedelma, though it’s more commonly spelled Fidelma in modern times. 63. Ffion. Pronounced FEE-awn and meaning “foxglove”(as in the flower), this is a modern Welsh name that came about in the mid-1990s. With such rare spelling, it’s certainly a unique baby girl name that starts with F! 64. Fflur. Though it’s pronounced quite differently (FLEER), Fflur is the Welsh form of Flora, which means “flower.”

65. Ffraid. Ffraid is the Welsh form of the Irish name Brighid and English name Bridget, all meaning “the exalted one.” In Irish mythology, Brighid was the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom and the daughter of the god Dagda, meaning “the good god.” 66. Fiadh. Fiadh is a modern Irish name that originated in the 2010s. It’s pronounced FyEE-ah and means “wild, untamed.”

67. Fianna. Another modern option, Fianna has been used as a girls’ name in Northern Ireland since 2017. It’s pronounced FyEE-eh-neh and means “band of warriors.” 68. Finella. This is a variant of the Scottish name Fenella, a form of Fionnuala, which means “white shoulder.” It’s a pretty and unique girls’ name that starts with F. 69. Finola. While Finella is the Scottish form of Fionnuala, Finola is the Irish version. Therefore, it also means “white shoulder.” 70. Frangag. Frangag is the Scottish Gaelic feminine form of the common name Francis, which means “Frenchman.” The name is pronounced FRAN-gaig, which works well for the nickname Fran!

Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish F Girl Names

These beautiful Romance languages offer quite a few options for baby girl names that start with the letter F. You might find your favorite here, as they have some of the most beautiful meanings on our list.

71. Fabia. An Italian girl name, Fabia is pronounced FA-bya. It’s the feminine form of Fabius, a Roman moniker that comes from the Latin word faba, meaning “bean.” 72. Fausta. Another Italian name, Fausta is the feminine form of Faustus, which means “auspicious, lucky.” It’s pronounced FOWS-tah.

73. Felicidad. This is the Spanish form of the Latin word felicitas, which means “good luck, fortune.” As a Spanish word, felicidad also means “happiness.” It’s pronounced fell-ee-see-DHAHD.

74. Felipa. Sweetly pronounced fell-EE-pah, this is the Spanish feminine form of Philip, a Greek moniker that means “friend of horses.” 75. Fidela. Fidela (pronounced fee-DHEL-a) is the feminine form of the Spanish boys’ name Fidel, which means “faithful.” 76. Filomena. Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, the beautiful girls’ name Filomena is originally a Greek moniker meaning “to be loved.” It’s pronounced fee-lo-MEH-na. 77. Fina. The sweet name Fina is Italian and the short form of Serafina, a Late Latin name meaning “fiery one.” It’s a great option for powerful girl names that start with the letter F. 78. Fiorenza. Pronounced fyo-REHN-tsa, this is the feminine Italian form of the name Florence, so it means “prosperous, flourishing.” 79. Flávia. A Portuguese name, Flávia is the feminine form of Flavius. This Roman name comes from Latin words to create the meaning “yellow-haired.” Flávia could be a perfect moniker for a little blond baby!

80. Florinda. If you like the meaning “flower,” but would appreciate a slightly more elaborated Portuguese or Spanish girls’ name, consider Florinda.

If you’re interested in other languages, you have even more choices below!

More Baby Girl Names That Start with F

Baby girl names that start with F are so cute, unique, pretty, and beautiful. For even more inspiration, we’ve kept our list going!

The Bottom Line

If you’re still looking for more name inspirations for your baby girl, you may want to check out some girls’ name beginning with G or royal baby names. While you try to find the perfect name, you can take a few steps to get ready for your little one’s arrival. If your due date is coming soon, you may want to pack your hospital bag and download the Pampers Club app.

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