160+ Best Baby Names That Mean Ocean for Girls and Boys

Choosing a name for your baby can be an adventure, but remember, a smooth sea never made for a skilled sailor. If you hold a deep connection with the sea, or simply love its vast mystery and splendor, why not give your child a name inspired by the ocean? From girl and boy names that mean “sea” or “ocean,” to nautical themes and mythical tales, there's a vast treasure trove of ocean-inspired options.

Girl Names That Mean “Ocean” or “Sea”

Explore the beauty of the sea with our collection of girl names that mean “ocean” or “sea.” These names, rooted in various cultures, echo the waves and the ocean’s allure and are perfect for a little water sign lady (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces). 1. Asherah. This name of Hebrew origin means “Lady of the sea.” Interestingly, Asherah was a Semitic mother goddess worshipped in ancient Israel. 2. Cordelia. Of Celtic origin, Cordelia is a girls’ name that means “daughter of the sea.” This name was made famous by Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear. 3. Darya. Darya is a beautiful girls’ name that means “sea” in Persian. 4. Derya. This name means “ocean” in Turkish. It's a popular choice for parents in Turkey due to its unique and melodic sound. 5. Itsaso. This Basque name simply translates to “ocean.” 6. Kailani. If you want a dreamy name that represents the elements of water and air, consider Kailani, a Hawaiian name that means “sea and sky.” Hawaii’s unique blend of nature and spirituality is reflected in this name. 7. Manami. This Japanese girls’ name means “beautiful ocean.” Japanese names often have meanings related to nature, reflecting the country’s Shinto heritage. 8. Mar. A simple, powerful name of Spanish origin, meaning “sea,” Mar is popular in Spanish-speaking countries. 9. Marisol. Are you searching for a tropical beach-themed name? Marisol is a Spanish name combining Mar (sea) and Sol (sun), yielding the beautiful meaning of “sunlight on the sea.” If you like this name, you might enjoy our list of baby names meaning sun 10. Maristela. This ethereal name, derived from Latin, signifies “star of the sea.” It’s a beautiful combination of ocean-inspired luminosity and celestial beauty. 11. Meri. In Finnish, this is a short and merry girls’ name that means “sea.” 12. Mira. Here’s another sweet girls’ name of Sanskrit origin that means “ocean.” Notably, it's the name of a famous variable star in the constellation Cetus. 13. Muirenn. An old Irish girls’ name meaning “born of the sea,” Muirenn was the mother of the legendary Finn MacCool in Irish mythology. 14. Muirgel. This Gaelic name, meaning “bright sea,” is a unique ocean-inspired choice for a baby girl who will bring radiance and joy into your life. It also holds historical significance as the name of a sixth-century Irish saint. 15. Océane. A cool French name meaning—you guessed it—“ocean,” this has been one of the top names in France for several decades. 16. Yōko. In Japanese, this name means “ocean child.” Yōko Ono, a Japanese multimedia artist, is a famed bearer of this name.

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Boy Names That Mean “Ocean” or “Sea”

Let's set sail on the sea of boy names that mean “ocean” or “sea.” Each name embodies the vastness, strength, and mystery of the sea, perfect if you’re expecting a water sign baby (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces) or you’re simply mesmerized by the ocean’s beauty. 26. Hải. This Vietnamese boys’ name directly translates to “ocean.” The Vietnamese language has a profound connection with nature, often reflected in names like Hải. 27. Heremoana. Of Maori origin, Heremoana means “beloved ocean,” and reflects the Maori people's strong connection with the sea. 28. Kaito. This is a Japanese boys’ name that means “ocean soaring/flying.” It's a popular choice in Japan, bringing to mind images of freedom and grandeur. 29. Malik. An Arabic name, Malik means “ocean” or “king.” It's a compelling choice if you’re seeking a name with depth and royal connotations. 30. Marinus. Of Latin origin, Marinus is a strong sea-themed name that means “of the sea.” It was the name of many early Christian saints, giving it a historical gravitas. 31. Muir. This unique boys’ name of Scottish origin means “sea” or “moor.” Muir is a great choice if you’re seeking a simple, yet meaningful name. 32. Murchadh. An old Irish name meaning “sea warrior,” Murchadh holds a strong connection to Irish folklore, in which Murchadh was a mythological warrior. 33. Pelagius. Here’s a Greek boys’ name that means “of the sea.” It was the name of a Christian theologian whose teachings sparked a major controversy in the fifth century. 34. Tengiz. Of Georgian origin, Tengiz is a boys’ name that means “sea.” It’s derived from an ancient Turkic word, showcasing the cultural integration within the Georgian language. 35. Yōsuke. This Japanese name uniquely translates to “ocean assistance.” Yōsuke is a common name in Japan, often chosen for its positive connotations of helpfulness and support.

More Boy Names That Mean “Ocean” or “Sea”

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Gender-Neutral Names That Mean “Ocean” or “Sea”

These names capture the beauty, mystery, and fluidity of the ocean, transcending gender boundaries. If you’re drawn to the sea’s allure, dive into this captivating wave of gender-neutral names that mean “ocean” or “sea.” 41. Adetokunbo. This unique baby name translates to “came from across the sea” in Yoruba. The name reflects the rich oral tradition of the Yoruba people from West Africa. 42. Deniz. A popular Turkish name for boys and girls, directly translating to “sea.” It's a common choice in Turkey, appreciated for its simplicity and connection to nature. 43. Hai. The Chinese name Hai means “sea.” The use of nature-based names in China reflects the traditional belief in the harmony between humans and nature. 44. Kai. This name has origins in many cultures and bears different meanings. However, in Hawaiian, Kai is a gender-neutral name that means “sea.” It's a short and unique name that has gained international popularity, especially as a baby boys’ name in the United States. 45. Kaimana. Of Hawaiian origin, Kaimana means “power of the sea.” It reflects the Hawaiians' respect and admiration for the power and majesty of the sea. 46. Moana. A beautiful Polynesian name meaning “ocean” or “sea.” It gained popularity after the release of Disney's film Moana. 47. Morgan. This name of Welsh origin means “sea circle.” It's a popular choice in Wales and has also gained popularity in other English-speaking countries. 48. Ocean. What better way to honor your love of the ocean than by selecting this direct girls’ and boys’ name starting with the letter O. Meaning “ocean” in English, it’s straightforward and reflective of the beauty of nature. 49. Tasi. This Chamorro name translates to “ocean.” It's commonly used in Guam and the Mariana Islands, regions that are part of the larger Micronesian culture. 50. Yang. In Chinese, this is a unisex name that means “ocean.”

Ocean or Sea Names for Girls

Embark on a global journey to discover girl names inspired by the world’s oceans or seas. From the tranquil Pacific, the vibrant Indian Ocean, and the expansive Atlantic to the resilient Arctic and the untamed Southern (Antarctica), each ocean showcases nature’s beauty. Let these oceanic names inspire you with the spirit of the sea. 51. Adrianna. This elegant name for girls evokes the Adriatic Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean between Italy and the Balkan peninsula. Adrianna adds an exquisite touch of nature to a classic name. 52. Aqua. Aqua, Latin for water, is a soothing, nature-inspired name that resonates with the calming qualities of the ocean. 53. Aegle. This name harkens back to the beautiful Aegean Sea, which is nestled between Greece and Turkey. Aegle is a Greek name that means “light.” 54. Bay. Simple yet meaningful, Bay is a versatile name that brings to mind tranquil waters and serene coastlines. 55. China. Inspired by the China Sea, this name reflects the rich history and culture of the East Asian region. 56. Coral. Sharing a name with the vibrant Coral Sea off Australia's northeast coast, this ocean-themed name for girls embodies the radiant beauty and diversity of coral reefs. 57. India. This name not only represents the diverse and vibrant country but also commemorates the vast Indian Ocean, the third-largest ocean in the world. If you love names inspired by Indian, you might enjoy our list of Indian girl names. 58. Kara. Drawing inspiration from the Kara Sea, located off Siberia's northern coast, this name for girls carries a touch of the Arctic's cold, majestic beauty. 59. Medina. A nod to the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea, this name is an elegant choice evoking images of sunlit coasts and ancient civilizations. 60. Pacífica. Inspired by the world's largest and deepest ocean, the Pacific, this Spanish girls’ name translates to “peacemaker,” offering a beautiful blend of natural grandeur and peaceful sentiment. 61. Sandy. Conjuring images of warm, sandy beaches, this name for girls is a charming choice if you’re an ocean lover.

Ocean or Sea Names for Boys

Discover sea and ocean names for boys inspired by the majesty of the world’s oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic, as well as many of our seas and other beautiful bodies of water. Each name tells a tale of adventure, strength, and mystery, much like the sea or ocean it represents. 62. Aden. Inspired by the Gulf of Aden, an arm of the Arabian Sea located between Yemen on the south coast of the Arabian Peninsula and Somalia in Africa. This name is actually an English variant of the Irish names Aiden and Aodhán, meaning “little fire.” And if you like the meaning of this name, check out our list of names that mean “fire.” 63. Adrian. This classic name is inspired by the tranquil Adriatic Sea, located between the eastern coastline of Italy and countries of the Balkan peninsula. Adrian effortlessly blends the charm of antiquity with the serenity of the sea. 64. Aegean. Drawing its name from the Aegean Sea, which lies between Greece and Turkey, Aegean also has roots in Greek mythology. It's an intriguing choice if you have a love for history and mythology. 65. Atlantic. Embrace the might and majesty of this boys’ name inspired by the vast Atlantic Ocean, the second-largest ocean in the world. 66. Caspian. From the Caspian Sea, the world's largest inland body of water located between Europe and Asia, Caspian is a unique name that is also found in the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. 67. Dune. Inspired by the sandy landscapes formed by wind or water, this name for boys reflects the ever-changing, adaptable nature of the sea. 68. Hudson. The Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, or Hudson River—the choice of inspiration is all yours! This name carries with it a sense of exploration and has been steadily rising in popularity in the United States since 1995. 69. Pacificus. Latin for “peacemaker,” this name is also inspired by the world's largest and deepest ocean, the Pacific. Pacificus captures the vast, tranquil beauty of the sea while embodying a peaceful sentiment. 70. Ross. The Ross Sea is a deep bay of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica, and also a region in northern Scotland. This name conjures the pristine, untouched beauty of Antarctica's icy landscapes or Scotland's rugged coastlines. 71. Timor. This name brings to mind the Timor Sea, located to the north of Australia and south of Indonesia.

Nautical and Ocean-Themed Names

These nautical and ocean-themed names carry tales of adventure, courage, and the endless quest for discovery, with many of them inspired by real-life sailors, pirates, and explorers. Dive into our list of nautical names and let the sea and the boundless curiosity of the human spirit inspire you. 72. Brendan. This Irish boys’ name pays homage to Saint Brendan, the patron saint of sailors, symbolizing the spirit of adventure and the ocean's majesty. 73. Eric. Meaning “ever ruler” in Old Norse, Eric the Red was a tenth-century Norse navigator who was the first Viking to discover Greenland. This name is a great choice for your future explorer. 74. Finn. Of Irish origin, meaning “fair,” Finn draws parallels to the fin of a fish, bringing a subtle nautical touch. 75. Fisher. An English name symbolizing the age-old profession of fishing, Fisher connects deeply with the sea. 76. Grace. Inspired by Grace O’Malley, the legendary Irish pirate queen, this ocean-related girls’ name carries a sense of strength, independence, and adventure. It’s also the name of a virtue, adding a touch of elegance and poise. 77. Isla. A Scottish name meaning “island,” Isla evokes imagery of tranquil, secluded islands surrounded by vast seas. 78. James. Pick this classic boys’ name to embody the spirit of Captain James Cook, the famed British explorer who charted many areas of the Pacific. This nautical name was also popular among many Scottish kings throughout history. 79. Jeanne. This nautical name honors Jeanne de Clisson, the French pirate known for her vengeance against the French king and nobility. It’s a strong French name for a fierce little lady. 80. Jessica. Inspired by Jessica Watson, the Australian sailor who, at 16, attempted a Southern Hemisphere solo circumnavigation. This nautical name acts as an inspiration for all young women to embody courage and determination. 81. Marina. A Latin name meaning “of the sea,” Marina resonates with the beauty and tranquility of the ocean. It’s also among the top baby girl names in the United States. 82. Navy. Reflecting the naval forces that traverse the world’s oceans, this nautical and ocean-themed name for boys and girls signifies strength, honor, and bravery. 83. Nerissa. A Shakespearean name (The Merchant of Venice) derived from Nereus, a sea nymph in Greek mythology, Nerissa holds a touch of ancient marine mystique. 84. North. A nod to the North Sea and compass direction, this nautical name for boys and girls symbolizes guidance and the journey of life. 85. Olive. Olive, the name of Popeye the Sailor’s love interest, adds a playful nautical touch. 86. Stella. This is a Latin name that means “star”, harking back to the age-old practice of navigating the seas using celestial bodies.

More Nautical and Ocean-Themed Names

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Mythical Ocean Names

Embark on a mystical journey through ancient tales and folklore, exploring a collection of mythical ocean names. These names embody the allure of sea gods, legendary creatures, and the timeless mystery of the ocean. If you’re fascinated by names from mythology and the deep sea, the following monikers capture the mystique of the ocean and whispers of the deep. 97. Ægir. From Norse mythology, Ægir is the god of the sea and is associated with ocean storms; a powerful boys’ name if you’re seeking a Viking connection. 98. Amphitrite. In Greek mythology, Amphitrite is the sea goddess and wife of Poseidon, symbolizing the omnipresent power of the sea. 99. Aphrodite. The Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite was born from the sea foam, making this name a representation of charm and allure. 100. Dylan. In Welsh mythology, Dylan is a sea god, and the name translates to “great tide,” making it perfect if you love the sea's rhythmic flow. 101. Guinevere. While not directly a sea name, Queen Guinevere of Arthurian legend was associated with the mysterious Isle of Avalon, surrounded by water, linking this name to the magic and mystery of the sea. Her name may also mean “white wave” in Welsh. 102. Jūratė. This mythical Lithuanian ocean name is derived from the sea goddess Jūratė who lived in an amber palace under the Baltic Sea, representing the allure and magic of hidden undersea worlds. 103. Ler. In Irish mythology, Ler is the sea god, father to the famed Children of Lir, making this name a great choice if you’re seeking an authentic Celtic connection. 104. Llŷr. A Welsh ocean-inspired mythical name, Llŷr is a sea deity in Welsh mythology, representing the powerful and unpredictable nature of the sea. 105. Muirgen. Muirgen is a unique girls’ name meaning “born of the sea” in Irish. It tells the tale of a woman transformed into a mermaid who lived in the sea for 300 years. 106. Nereida. From Greek mythology, Nereida, the daughter of the sea god Nereus, is a symbol of the sea's beauty. 107. Thalassa. In Greek mythology, Thalassa is the primeval spirit of the sea, embodying the sea’s elemental power and majesty. This mythical Greek name simply means “sea.” 108. Tiamat. In ancient Mesopotamian myths, Tiamat is a sea goddess, embodying the primordial chaos of the ocean. 109. Triton. Triton, son of Poseidon in Greek mythology, is the messenger of the deep sea, often depicted as a merman. You may recognize him as the formidable father of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. 110. Yam. From ancient Canaanite mythology, Yam is the god of the sea, and his name translates to “sea,” making it ideal if you’re a sea-loving parent looking for a short and powerful name for your little one. Plus, it’s a unique boys’ name starting with the letter Y.

More Mythical Ocean Names

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Even More Ocean-Themed Names for Boys and Girls

The Bottom Line

The vastness and mystery of the sea have been beautifully captured in these baby names that mean “ocean” or “sea.” Choosing a name with such profound meaning can be a wonderful way to instill a love for the ocean and nature in your little sailor. If you loved those names, you might also enjoy our list of names that mean “water.” Or celebrate love with our list of baby names meaning “love.” If you’re reaching your due date, you might consider packing your hospital bag, and downloading the Pampers Club app to get rewards on your future diaper purchases.