180 Best Baby Names That Mean Water for Girls and Boys

Welcome to our deep dive into the realm of water-inspired names! As fluid and enchanting as the element itself, water-related names embody the mystical depths of the ocean to the serene surface of a calm lake. We’ll explore names for boys and girls that represent water or quite literally mean “water.” Whether you're expecting a water sign baby or you love the element of water, join us as we navigate the currents of these beautiful names and their meanings.

Girl Names That Mean “Water”

From serene lakes to rushing rivers, these names embody the strength and tranquility of water, celebrating nature's vital element. Let's set sail and discover captivating girl names that mean “water.” 1. Anat. If you’re looking for a girls’ name that means “water,” look no further than Anat, meaning “water spring.” It’s a unique and enchanting name that has its roots in Semitic mythology as the goddess of fertility and hunting. 2. Aysu. Do you want a sweet girls’ name that means “moon” and “water”? Well, Aysu means both in Turkish and Azerbaijani. 3. Belinay. Belinay is a stunning Turkish name meaning “reflection of the moon on the water.” It evokes tranquility and a calm and clear-minded nature and reflects beauty and wisdom. 4. Cordelia. The name Cordelia, of Celtic origin, is a mesmerizing choice if you’re seeking names that relate to water. It means “heart” or “daughter of the sea,” embodying the grace and vastness of the ocean. Cordelia is also associated with Shakespeare's play King Lear. 5. Damla. Here’s a cute and cool girls’ name that means “water drop” in Turkish and Azerbaijani. 6. Derya. Derya is another pleasing and popular Turkish name that directly translates to “ocean.” It’s perfect for a child whose spirit you hope will be as deep and boundless as the ocean. 7. Kailani. This is a vibrant name of Hawaiian origin, translating to “sea and sky.” This name speaks to the captivating beauty and vastness of nature, symbolizing a seamless blend of the celestial and the aquatic. 8. Kasumi. Here’s a serene and lovely Japanese girls’ name meaning “water,” or more specifically, “mist.” Beautifully and poetically, Kasumi symbolizes the gentle interplay of water and air, creating an ethereal atmosphere. 9. Lital. Lital is a charming name of Hebrew origin, meaning “my dew.” It signifies the delicate, refreshing droplets of water that adorn the world in the early morning, symbolizing new beginnings. 10. Mai. This adorable one-syllable girls’ name has various origins and usages, but in Arabic, it’s a name that simply means “water.” 11. Manami. Of Japanese origin, Manami is a sweet water-related girls’ name meaning “love” combined with “beautiful” or “ocean.” 12. Marisol. Are you searching for a name that represents your love of sea, sand, and sun? Look no further than the radiant Marisol, meaning “sea” and “sun” in Spanish. 13. Maya. Here’s one of the top baby girl names in the United States right now. The irresistible Maya is a Hebrew name that means “water.” 14. Meri. With its joyful sound and the meaning of “sea,” this Finnish name is a winner. 15. Muirgel. Muirgel is an enchanting name of Irish origin, meaning “bright sea.” This name beautifully resonates with the shimmering brilliance of sunlit waters and your bright baby girl. 16. Nehir. If you want a name that means “river,” this pretty Turkish moniker means just that! 17. Talia. This sweet Hebrew name for girls means “dew from god”; another, similar name choice is Tali, which simply means “dew.” The name Talia is also an Australian name that means “near water.” 18. Vaihere. If you’re seeking a name that weaves together the themes of love, nature, and the powerful allure of water, you might enjoy this Tahitian moniker. It means “water” and “loved.” 19. Varsha. This pretty Indian girls’ name means “rain.” 20. Zhaleh. In Persian, Zhaleh is a water-inspired girls’ name that means “dew” or “hoarfrost.” It’s also one of the few girl names that start with Z on our list.

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Boy Names That Mean “Water”

Let’s delve into masculine names inspired by the element of water—from grand oceanic expanses to quiet, reflective ponds. Explore names such as Alon, meaning “wave,” or Jorah, meaning “early rain,” and find the perfect boys’ name that means “water.” 43. Alon. Alon, a charming name of Filipino origin, carries the meaning of “wave.” It's a wonderful choice if you’re seeking a name with water-related symbolism. Its short, simple pronunciation and the evocative image of tranquil waves make Alon a lovely name for a baby boy. 44. Alton. Similar to the name above, but with a t, Alton means “town at the source of a river” in Old English. it was originally an English surname that came from a place name. 45. Anup. In Sanskrit, Anup is a boys’ name that means “water” or “lagoon.” 46. Ardalion. Here’s a Greek boys’ name meaning “water pot.” 47. Glyndwr. Glyndwr is a captivating Welsh boys’ name that means “valley water.” Steeped in history, this name is a tribute to Owain Glyndwr, a Welsh ruler from the Middle Ages who led a rebellion against English rule. Symbolizing both gentleness and strength, Glyndwr is a beautiful choice for a child. 48. Gürsel. Here’s a distinctive and unique boys’ name that means “flowing water” in Turkish. It represents a constant sense of movement, strength, and resilience, depicting a character that is dynamic and unfaltering, akin to a flowing river. 49. Gyatso. Gyatso is a captivating Tibetan name that translates to “ocean.” This name holds deep cultural significance, most famously associated with the current Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. 50. Heremoana. This charming Polynesian name is used in Maori and Tahitian cultures. It means “ocean love,” representing a deep connection and affection for the vast oceans. 51. Jorah. Jorah is a Hebrew boys’ name meaning “early rain.” It has gained popularity due to its association with the character Ser Jorah Mormont from the popular series Game of Thrones. 52. Kaito. Here’s a charming Japanese boys’ name that represents water and sky with its meanings of “sea” and “fly.” Whether your little one is a water sign (Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio) or an air sign (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius) this name may give them the desire to soar above the ordinary. 53. Muir. Rooted in the natural world, Muir means “moor” or “sea” in Scottish. It’s a simple yet bold choice for a strong baby boy. 54. Sganyodaiyo. A powerful Native American name from the Seneca tribe, meaning “handsome lake,” Sganyodaiyo is a unique water-inspired name for a striking baby boy. 55. Takumi. Although this Japanese boys’ name has various meanings, one of those meanings is associated with water: “expansive ocean.”

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Gender-Neutral Names That Mean “Water”

Now, we set our course towards gender-neutral names inspired by water. From Afon, meaning “river” to Moana, meaning “ocean,” let’s plunge into the sea of gender-neutral names that mean “water.” 68. Aalto. In Finnish this name means “wave.” 69. Afon. This short and sweet name means “river” in Welsh. 70. Agam. If you’re looking for a Hebrew name for girls or boys that means “water,” you could choose Agam, which translates to “lake.” 71. Baran. In Persian, Baran means “rain.” 72. Beck. For those wanting a short and powerful name, this English moniker means “stream” and is enchanting for a baby boy or girl. Beck's minimalistic and modern feel makes it trendy in the contemporary world. 73. Deniz. Deniz is a Turkish name that means “sea.” It's unisex and popular in Turkey, with a gentle sound and a direct connection to the vast, mysterious, yet nurturing body of water. 74. Giang. In Vietnamese, this name for boys and girls means “river.” 75. Göksu. Göksu is a beautiful Turkish name that means “water from the sky.” It represents celestial beauty and abundance. 76. He. This Chinese name has multiple meanings, including “river/stream,” “peace,” or “water lily.” It’s a beautiful water-inspired name for your little one. 77. Kai. This gender-neutral name has multiple origins and is a popular baby boys’ name in the United States. In Hawaiian, Kai means “sea”; in Chinese, it means “triumph”; while in Frisian, it’s often a diminutive of certain names. 78. Kaimana. Similar to the cute name above, Kaimana contains kai, meaning “sea,” coupled with mana, meaning “power” in Hawaiian. It’s a cool and powerful name that embodies strength and depth. 79. Lynn. A simple yet elegant name of Welsh origin that means “lake,” Lynn is a name that's been used for both boys and girls over the years in various forms and spellings. It’s a lovely choice if you’re seeking a name associated with water that is both classic and understated. 80. Moana. Moana is a compelling aquatic name of Maori and Hawaiian origin, meaning “ocean” or “deep sea.” Gaining global recognition through the Disney film, Moana embodies a strong, courageous spirit with a deep connection to the sea. 81. Shui. In Chinese, Shui simply means “water.”

More Gender-Neutral Names That Mean “Water”

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Water Names for Girls

Discover feminine names inspired by the vast expanses of water. These names, whether inspired by bodies of water or bearing an aquatic motif, radiate beauty and strength. From the name Bay, reminiscent of serene coastal waters, to Ariel, carrying the magic of the underwater world, each of these water names for girls captures the essence of the water element. 96. Ariel. The name Ariel has a connection to the realm of water through its association with the central character of Disney's The Little Mermaid. In this context, Ariel becomes a playful and enchanting symbol of the mystical underwater world, embodying curiosity, freedom, and transformation. 97. Aqua. This name is the Latin word for water. Whether you’re a fan of the blue-green color of this name or it reminds you of the ocean, this unique moniker might be a trendy choice for a baby girl. 98. Bay. If you want an adorable name for your little one, here’s a moniker that means “berry” in Latin and is also the English word for the sheltered bodies of water known as bays. You might also be inspired by the song "Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding. 99. Brooke. Another water-themed name for girls is the popular Brooke, which is derived from the English word brook, the name of a small stream. 100. Laguna. Laguna is an enchanting name of Spanish origin, meaning “lagoon” or “lake.” It brings to mind images of tranquil, azure waters nestled within nature's embrace. 101. Marina. This beautiful water-inspired girls’ name means “of the sea” in Latin, as well as being the name of a harbor for boats. 102. Tempest. Meaning “storm” in English, Tempest is a name that evokes the power and unpredictability of the sea. Shakespeare used it for the title of his play The Tempest. It’s a dramatic and striking choice for a girl. 103. Ursula. Ursula is the name of the sea witch in The Little Mermaid—and even though she doesn’t have the best reputation, it’s still a fun and pretty name. It also has the adorable meaning of “little bear” in Latin. 104. Vale. Vale is the English word for a “wide river valley,” and it makes a pretty and ethereal name for a baby girl. If you like this enticing girls’ name that starts with V, check out our dedicated list of V names. 105. Wave. From the English word, Wave is a unique water name that captures the boundless energy and calming influence of water in motion.

Water Names for Boys

From the name Hudson, bringing to mind the majestic Hudson River in New York State, to Loch, reminiscent of Scotland's tranquil and scenic lakes, each name in this section is imbued with the spirit of water. Let's dive deeper and discover these compelling water-based names for boys. 106. Adrian. The name Adrian has Latin roots and means “man of Adria,” which was an Etruscan settlement. The name originally means “water” or “sea,” which is also the origin of the Adriatic Sea's name. Adrian is a timeless name that has universal appeal, evoking the vastness and serenity of the ocean. 107. Douglas. This Scottish boys’ name is strongly associated with natural bodies of water, specifically the Douglas Water, which is a tributary of the River Clyde. Its meaning is “dark water.” Fans of Scotland may envisage images of serene lochs shrouded in twilight mist with this poetic name. 108. Firth. Firth is a Scottish name meaning “arm of the sea,” often used in Scotland for long estuaries. It comes from the Old Norse word fjord. It’s a strong and handsome boys’ name that’s also the surname of British actor Colin Firth. 109. Ford. This one-syllable boys’ name was derived from a place name meaning “dweller at the ford,” a ford being a shallow crossing in a river or stream. 110. Hudson. You may recognize this name from New York’s Hudson River—giving a cool vibe for city slickers. Hudson is now on the rise in popularity as a baby boys’ name in the United States and the United Kingdom. 111. Irving. Here’s another classic Scottish name that relates to water. Irving is derived from the River Irvine in Scotland and means “green water.” 112. Kelvin. You guessed it! Kelvin is another Scottish name derived from a river. The name of the River Kelvin means “narrow water.” 113. Loch. Loch is the Irish and Scottish Gaelic word for “lake.” If you resonate with the rugged beauty of Scotland's world-renowned lochs, this strong name might be for you. 114. Zaire. This cool water name for boys’ comes from a place name in Central Africa, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. It means “the river that swallows all river,” referring to the Congo River.

Gender-Neutral Water-Themed Names

Explore gender-neutral names inspired by water, transcending traditional gender boundaries. From Jordan, evoking the historic Jordan River, to Lake, capturing the tranquility of still waters. Check out these fascinating water-inspired names for any child. 115. Adair. This cool gender-neutral name has Irish and Scottish origins and means “a shallow place in a river near oaks.” Pick Adair for a name with flair! 116. Adetokunbo. In the West African Yoruba language, this name means “the crown returns from over the sea.” 117. Brooks. The name Brooks, of English origin, is a delightful choice if you’re seeking a water-themed name. It means “of the brook” or “small stream,” evoking serene images of trickling waterways in idyllic countryside settings. 118. Aeron. Aeron is the name of a river in Wales. It possibly comes from Agrona, the name of a Celtic goddess. 119. Jordan. Jordan is the name of the river that flows between Jordan and Israel. The name means “to flow down” in Hebrew. 120. Kendall. Kendall is an English name that translates to “valley of the River Kent” and was derived from the city of Kendale in England. Namesakes include the character Kendall Hart in the soap opera All My Children and reality star Kendall Jenner. 121. Lake. You can probably guess what this cool name means! Lake is an elegant, serene name inspired by water. It evokes calm, beauty, and tranquility, making it perfect for nature-loving parents seeking a straightforward, unisex name. 122. Ocean. Nature-inspired names such as Ocean have become trendy choices in recent years as we reconnect with our planet. Ocean is a wonderfully evocative English name, representing the vastness, depth, and serenity of the world's waters. Dive in deeper with our list of dedicated names that mean “ocean”. 123. Rain. Celebrate the fresh start that follows the rain with this chic and effortless English name. It’s a trendy option for your fresh baby boy or girl. 124. Rio. If you want a cool name that means “river,” select Rio, a Spanish and Portuguese name that means just that. It’s the name of the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro, meaning “river of January.” 125. River. Speaking of names that mean “river,” here’s the source itself! In recent years this dynamic and flowing moniker has risen in popularity for both boys and girls. 126. Storm. Inspired by the weather phenomenon that often takes place at sea, Storm is a powerful and evocative gender-neutral name. 127. Xiang. Of Chinese origin, Xiang is the name of a river in Southern China. The name may also mean “soar,” “good luck,” or “fragrant.” And it’s the only name starting with X on our list, making it a one-of-a-kind choice.

Mythical Water Names for Girls

Venture into the mystical realm of water-inspired names for girls, drawing from ancient myths and legends that celebrate the power and allure of the aquatic world. From the sirens of ancient Greece to the mermaids of old seafaring tales, these captivating mythical water names for girls offer irresistible choices for naming your daughter. 128. Agrona. This is the name of a Celtic goddess who inspired the naming of two rivers: the River Aeron in Wales and the River Ayr in Scotland. 129. Amphitrite. Here’s a mythical water name that belonged to the goddess of the sea and saltwater in Greek mythology. Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon and the mother of Triton; both of these names appear in this list. 130. Anuket. In Egyptian mythology, Anuket was the goddess of the Nile. 131. Arethusa. Originating from Greek mythology, Arethusa was a nymph who transformed into a freshwater spring to escape the advances of a river god. It's a perfect choice for a child whom you hope will be adaptable, resilient, and full of life. 132. Asherah. A beautiful and unique girls’ name, Asherah comes from ancient Semitic mythology. Often associated with the sea, the name signifies “she who walks in the sea.” 133. Hydra. Hydra is an enchanting Greek name, derived from the mythical sea serpent with many heads. Although the creature's tale might seem fearsome, the name Hydra means “water,” and it exudes a certain mystical charm. If you’re enticed by names that mean “star,” Hydra is also the name of a constellation in the northern sky. 134. Iara. Of Tupi origin, this bewitching girls’ name means “lady of the water.” Hailing from Brazilian mythology, Iara was a beautiful mermaid who lured sailors with her enchanting voice. This name is a perfect choice if you’re seeking a name that combines feminine beauty, strength, and a strong connection to water. 135. Jūratė. This is the name of a Lithuanian sea goddess whose name simply means “sea.” 136. Muirgen. A beautiful and mystical water name from Irish mythology, Muirgen means “born of the sea.” Legend tells of a mermaid caught in a fisherman's net, transforming into a human. 137. Nereida. This is a mystical Greek water-inspired name meaning “sea sprites” and comes from the name of the sea god Nereus. 138. Saraswati. Saraswati is an enchanting Indian girls’ name, stemming from the Sanskrit word for “flowing water.” It's also the name of the Hindu river goddess, associated with knowledge, music, arts, wisdom, and learning, often depicted sitting on a lotus flower in a river. 139. Terhi. If you’re a nature-lover, you might appreciate this ethereal name meaning “mist.” In Finnish mythology, Terhi was a sprite of forests and mist. 140. Thalassa. This water-inspired name meaning “sea” comes from Greek mythology and belongs to a sea goddess. 141. Tiamat. Tiamat is a striking name of Babylonian origin, meaning “sea” or “the deep.” In Babylonian mythology, Tiamat is a primordial sea goddess, embodying the chaos of the ocean in the form of a dragon.

Mythical Water Names for Boys

These mythical water names for boys are drawn from ancient legends and folklore, celebrating the mystery and majesty of the oceans, rivers, and lakes. From the mighty Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology, to Llŷr, an ancient figure in Welsh folklore, these mythical water names for boys are sure to inspire awe and curiosity. 142. Ægir. Here’s a cool Old Norse water name for boys that means “ocean.” In Norse mythology, Ægir was a god or giant that lived in the ocean, giving this moniker a mystical and fun vibe. 143. Ea. Ea is a captivating male name of Akkadian origin, meaning “house of water.” In ancient Mesopotamian mythology, Ea was the god of water, knowledge, and creation, embodying wisdom and the life-giving power of water. 144. Enki. Of Sumerian origin, meaning “lord of the earth,” Enki is a mythical name closely tied to water. In ancient Sumerian mythology, he was the god of water, wisdom, creation, and mischief, and was often depicted with streams of water flowing from his shoulders. 145. Glaucus. Here’s a mythical water name that belongs to the Greek god of the sea and fishermen. Glaucus was born a mortal but turned into a sea god after eating a magical herb. It’s believed that he helps fishermen during storms. 146. Hydros. This Greek boys’ name meaning “water” is associated with the primeval god of waters in ancient Greek mythology. 147. Indra. This beautiful name of Sanskrit origin is closely linked to water as it refers to the Hindu warrior god of rain and thunderstorms. This name is imbued with power, symbolizing the force of nature that brings life-giving water to earth. 148. Ler. Ler is a captivating Irish boys’ name that embodies the power and mystery of the sea god in Irish mythology. 149. Llŷr. Stemming from Welsh mythology, Llŷr was a sea deity, signifying not only the physical entity of the sea but also its metaphoric depth, mystery, and power. His name simply means “the sea.” 150. Nereus. Nereus is a distinctive name of Greek origin, signifying “water.” In Greek mythology, Nereus was known as the Old Man of the Sea and represented the sea's rich bounty and gentle, helpful nature. 151. Nu. The mythical name Nu is of Egyptian origin, meaning “primeval water.” In Egyptian mythology, Nu was the god of the primordial water abyss. 152. Oceanus. In Greek mythology, Oceanus is a Titan and the personification of the great river that was thought to encircle the Earth. It offers a profound water-related symbol if you’re seeking a mythical name that resonates with the majestic expanse of the world's oceans. 153. Poseidon. Poseidon, a unique and powerful boys’ name of Greek origin, is linked with one of the most powerful deities in Greek mythology, the god of the sea. 154. Suijin. Here’s a mythical Japanese name meaning “water” and “spirit.” In Japanese mythology, Suijin is the Shinto god of water, often associated with bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, and rivers. 155. Triton. Of Greek origin, meaning “messenger of the sea,” Triton is a powerful and mythical water-inspired name that evokes the spirit of the ocean. In Greek mythology, Triton, who is often depicted as a merman, is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. With its connection to the sea and its untamed nature, Triton conjures images of the enchanting world depicted in The Little Mermaid. 156. Väinämöinen. Here’s the longest and possibly most unusual name on our list. In Finnish, it means “wide and slow-flowing river,” and is the name of a hero often associated with magic, wisdom, and music in Finnish mythology.

Aquatic and Water-Related Names

As we journey through this sea of names, let's dive into aquatic and water-related names for boys and girls. Drawing inspiration from bodies of water, aquatic plants and creatures, and the life-giving element, these names symbolize tranquility, strength, and connection to nature. 157. Coral. Coral is a name derived from the English and Spanish word for the marine invertebrates that form stunning, colorful reefs in the ocean. These beautiful aquatic formations make the name Coral a vivid symbol of the splendor found beneath the water's surface. 158. Coraline. Inspired by coral, as mentioned above, this name is a pretty and aquatic-inspired alternative to Caroline. The novel and animated movie add some extra fun to this moniker. 159. Dory. A memorable character from Pixar's Finding Nemo and its sequel Finding Dory, Dory is a charming and cheerful water-based name for a girl, embodying the spirit of perseverance and optimism. It’s generally used as a diminutive for names such as Dorothy or Doris. 160. Drake. Not only does Drake mean “dragon” in Old English and Old Norse, but it’s also the name of a male duck—the cute aquatic animal! 161. Lily. This name comes from the flower, and could also be used to represent the water lily, an aquatic plant. 162. Nemo. You may recognize this adorable name from the animated movie Finding Nemo. This aquatic name is perfect for a little boy with a sense of adventure and a resilient spirit. 163. Nerida. This unique girls’ name is an Indigenous Australian name meaning “water lily.” The water lily is an aquatic plant that adds to any water-themed environment with its beauty. 164. Niloufar. Here’s another pretty aquatic name for girls, meaning “water lily” in Persian. 165. Niraj. In Sanskrit, this interesting boys’ name means “water-born” or “lotus,” the lotus being another aquatic plant. 166. Océane. Add a little flair to your water name with this French female name derived from the word “ocean.” 167. Pearl. Pearl is a beautiful girls’ name of English origin, signifying a smooth, rounded gem formed within the shell of an oyster. It’s a symbol of the ocean's hidden treasures. 168. Pelagius. Seeking a water-related name for boys? If so, Pelagius is a Greek name meaning “the sea.” 169. Ray. Inspired by the graceful sea creatures, rays, this name is a unique and modern choice for a boy, exuding a sense of quiet strength. 170. Ridley. Meaning “reed clearing” in Old English, this gender-neutral name is also the name of a type of sea turtle. Why not honor this beautiful aquatic creature with this water-themed name. 171. Sæwine. This unusual Old English name for boys has the cute meaning of “sea friend.” 172. Sebastian. This name hails from the charming crab character in The Little Mermaid. It's a strong and classic choice for a boy with a playful spirit. 173. Ula. This sweet Celtic name means “gem of the sea.” If you like this name, why not check out more of our top girl names starting with U?

More Aquatic and Water-Related Names

Here are a few more aquatic and water-related names:

The Bottom Line

Water, in its various forms and symbols, provides inspiration for naming your child. Whether you prefer the tranquility of a calm bay, the power of sea gods, or the allure of aquatic characters, each name has its own story and essence. We hope you've found a beautiful water-based name for your little one.

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