Top 210 Jewish and Hebrew Girl Names and Their Meanings

Hebrew girl names, rooted in history and culture, are popular not only in Israel but also around the world. These names carry meanings and qualities from the Bible and Jewish tradition. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Hebrew girl names, their meanings, and some of the stories behind them. Whether you are looking to honor your Jewish heritage or you’re just curious about Hebrew girl names, you can find some beautiful, unique, old-fashioned, modern, and strong options here.

What’s the Difference Between Hebrew Names and Jewish Names?

Hebrew names are often given to Jewish individuals and have meanings rooted in the Hebrew language. On the other hand, Jewish names can include Hebrew names as well as names from other cultures and languages that have been adopted by Jewish individuals or have significant Jewish cultural or historical associations. For example, the name Moses is a Hebrew name commonly used by Jewish individuals, while the name Esther is a Jewish name with Persian roots.

Our Top Hebrew and Jewish Girl Names

There are so many amazing Hebrew girl names to choose from, whether you're drawn to more familiar names or rare and unique options. We’ve picked some of our top choices for you to enjoy:

1. Adara. Adara is a unique and pretty option that means “noble” in Hebrew. 2. Aliza. Are you searching for a name that reflects the happiness that your baby girl will bring to your life? Aliza means “joyful” in Hebrew, and that snazzy Z in the middle gives it a trendy edge. 3. Ariel. You may be familiar with this beautiful name from the Disney film, The Little Mermaid, or Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Ariel means “lion of God” in Hebrew and was also used as another name for Jerusalem in the Old Testament. 4. Dalia. Meaning “hanging branch,” this Hebrew girls’ name is also the Spanish and Arabic form of the floral name Dahlia. It’s a pretty name with a trendy and international vibe. You might like to check out our list of Spanish girl names if this name inspires you. 5. Devorah. Can you guess what name this is a form of? That’s right; it’s Deborah! This Hebrew girls’ name has the sweet meaning of “bee” and is a popular biblical name. Deborah is a heroine, prophetess, and leader of the Israelites in the Old Testament. 6. Hannah. This timeless girls’ name is from the Hebrew name Channah which means “favor” and “grace.” It’s a popular biblical name with a pretty, feminine vibe. 7. Lior. This short, trendy, and unisex choice means “light for me,” which makes Lior a winner in our eyes. 8. Talia. This sweet and playful Hebrew name for girls means “dew from god” and can also be spelled Talya or shortened to Tal or Tali. 9. Yonah. The Hebrew name Yonah means “dove” and was commonly used for boys but has become a gender-neutral option in modern Hebrew. It’s a form of the male name Jonah, an Old Testament prophet who was swallowed by a giant fish and later emerged unharmed. 10. Ziv. Ziv means “radiance” or “brightness.” It's a unisex name often given to children born during the springtime, symbolizing the season of renewal and growth. In Jewish tradition, the name Ziv is associated with the Pesach (Passover) holiday, which celebrates the Israelites' liberation in Egypt. And, of course, there’s something cool and trendy about this one-syllable girl name.


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Unique and Rare Hebrew Girl Names

Are you interested in a name that you don’t hear every day? If you’ve got an affinity for unique baby names, we’ve put together some of the more unusual Hebrew girl names for your little individual.

11. Beyle. This is a rare girls’ name used by Yiddish-speaking Jewish people. It actually comes from a Slavic word meaning “white.” A diminutive of this name is Beylke, which belonged to a character in Sholem Aleichem’s nineteenth-century Yiddish stories. 12. Chava. Do you like the name Eve? Well, Chava is the Hebrew form of the classic biblical name, meaning “life” or “to breathe.” Eve itself also comes from a Hebrew word, and you’ll surely recognize it from the biblical story of the first two people on Earth, Eve and Adam. Chava is a great option if you love unique baby girl names. 13. Gili. Gili is an adorable and unique Hebrew girls’ name that has the irresistible meaning of “my joy.” 14. Kinneret. If you want a Hebrew girls’ name that honors the beauty and nature of Israel, choose Kinneret, the name of a lake in northern Israel (more commonly known as the Sea of Galilee), which is in the shape of a harp—giving it its meaning: “harp.” 15. Orna. The girls’ name Orna is the feminine version of the Hebrew name Oren, meaning “pine tree.” This is a great option if you’re a nature lover. 16. Rina. This sweet and unique Hebrew name for girls means “joy” and “singing.” Interestingly, Rina is also an Italian girls’ name and a Japanese name, meaning “white jasmine.” 17. Shalev. Meaning “calm” and “tranquil,” this unique Hebrew name for girls and boys is a peaceful and beautiful choice. 18. Sivan. If your baby girl is born in the ninth month of the Hebrew calendar, why not give her the name Sivan, which is the name of that month?! 19. Velvela. This rare and unique Hebrew girls’ name is the feminine form of Velvel, meaning “little wolf” in Yiddish. With that fierce meaning and the use of the letter V at the beginning and in the middle, Velvela is certainly unique and pretty cool! 20. Yakira. Yakira is a Hebrew girls’ name that means “precious” or “beloved.” It’s commonly associated with qualities such as kindness, compassion, and tenderness.

More Unique and Rare Hebrew Girl Names

If you were inspired by those rare Hebrew girl names, keep reading for even more options:

Watch this cool video for some exciting baby name facts that could help you with your search!

Elegant and Beautiful Hebrew Girl Names

Hebrew girl names are known for their elegance and beauty, with lovely meanings and qualities rooted in the Bible and Jewish tradition. Here are some attractive choices for your little lady:

31. Ahava. It may be hard to resist this Hebrew girls’ name and its meaning, “love.” 32. Amira. This Hebrew girls’ name is the feminine form of Amir, meaning “treetop.” Interestingly, it’s also a pretty Arabic girls’ name, meaning “commander.” 33. Ayelet. Your baby girl can embody the grace of a gazelle and the beauty of a new day with this elegant Hebrew name meaning “gazelle of dawn.” 34. Estee. You might recognize this Jewish girls’ name from the famous cosmetics company Estee Lauder, founded by Josephine Esther Mentzer, who later used the name Estee (a diminutive of Esther). It also has the beautiful meaning of “star”—perfect for a bright little lady! 35. Keshet. This lovely Hebrew name for girls has the equally beautiful meaning of “rainbow” for your bright and colorful baby girl. 36. Lilach. Floral names are a great option when you’re looking for elegant and feminine names, and this Hebrew girls’ name certainly delivers. Meaning “lilac” (the fragrant, purple/blue flower), Lilach exudes beauty and grace. 37. Meira. Looking for a beautiful Hebrew name with an attractive meaning? Meira means “giving light,” which is no doubt what your baby girl will do once she’s born. 38. Reina. The female name Reina is used in Hebrew and means “clean” or “pure.” In Jewish tradition, it’s associated with the concept of purity and is considered a virtue. Reina is also of Spanish origin and means “queen” or “ruler.” 39. Shayna. This elegant Jewish name for girls simply means “beautiful” in Yiddish—and your daughter will surely be just that. 40. Yasmin. In Hebrew and Arabic, this beautiful girls’ name means “jasmine.”

More Elegant and Beautiful Hebrew Girl Names

Were you won over by those beautiful Hebrew girl names? Here are more for you to feast your eyes on:

Old-Fashioned Jewish Girl Names

Old-fashioned girl names are always popular around the world, and luckily for you, Hebrew and Jewish names embody those classic vintage vibes. Here are some great options to consider:

51. Carmel. This Jewish girls’ name has been a favorite in English-speaking countries, especially as an Irish girls’ name amongst Catholics. One of the titles given to the Virgin Mary is Our Lady of Carmel. In Hebrew, this name means “garden” and is the name of the luscious green mountain in Israel that’s mentioned in the Old Testament. 52. Golda. You guessed it! Golda means “gold” in Yiddish. It was the name of Israel’s fourth Prime Minister and first female head of government. 53. Hallel. The name Hallel comes from the word halal, which is the name of a Jewish prayer and means “praise.” You may soon be praising the arrival of your baby girl. 54. Judith. Judith is a Hebrew and Jewish girls’ name that means “woman of Judea” or “praised.” In the biblical story of Judith and Holofernes, Judith displays great bravery and cunningness. The name has been popular among Jewish and Hebrew girls for centuries and continues to be chosen by parents today. 55. Miriam. The name Miriam is of Hebrew origin, meaning “sea of bitterness” or “rebelliousness.” It’s a biblical name borne by the sister of Moses and Aaron in the Old Testament, who led the Israelites in joyful song and dance after their deliverance. Miriam remains a popular name among Jewish parents, particularly in Israel. 56. Raisa. If you like floral baby names, think about Raisa, a Jewish girls’ name meaning “rose” in Yiddish. 57. Suri. This adorable girls’ name is the Yiddish form of Sarah, meaning “princess.” 58. Tzeitel. This unique and old-fashioned Jewish girls’ name is the Yiddish diminutive of Sarah, also meaning “princess” in Hebrew. 59. Yente. Meaning “noble” in Yiddish, this old-fashioned Jewish girls’ name belonged to a character in the musical The Fiddler on The Roof. 60. Zelda. You may think of the princess in The Legend of Zelda video game or perhaps of the American writer and artist Zelda Fitzgerald. Still, Zelda is also a Jewish girls’ name meaning “blessed” and “happy” in Yiddish. It may be traditional, but there’s something cool about this name that could make your little girl a trendsetter.

More Old-Fashioned Jewish Girl Names

Keep rolling back the years with more old-fashioned Jewish girl names:

Biblical Hebrew Girl Names

Many of the Hebrew girl names on our list are also biblical baby names that have been used for generations. These can be inspiring choices for your baby girl.

71. Athaliah. Meaning “Yahweh is exalted” in Hebrew, the Old Testament name Athaliah is both a female and male moniker. This name belonged to the queen of Judah, the daughter of Ahab (a king of Israel) and Jezebel. 72. Avital. This gender-neutral option is the Hebrew form of the biblical name Abital, meaning “my father is dew.” It was also the name of one of David’s wives in the Old Testament. 73. Elisheva. If you’re looking for an alternative to the classic girls’ name Elizabeth, this is the Hebrew form, and it appears in the Old Testament. Elisheva means “God is my oath.” Besides being a biblical choice, it’s also a royal baby name with many regal namesakes throughout history, including the late queen of England. 74. Hadassah. Meaning “myrtle tree,” this biblical Hebrew girls’ name was Queen Esther’s Hebrew name in the Old Testament. 75. Naomi. This biblical Hebrew girls’ name means “pleasantness” or “delightful.” It’s a popular name among Jewish parents, often given to girls born during the holiday of Shavuot. The name is associated with the biblical figure Naomi, who was the mother-in-law of Ruth. 76. Rachel. Rachel is a popular biblical Hebrew girls’ name that means “ewe.” In the Bible, Rachel was the wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. The name is still used today and is associated with strength, beauty, and resilience. 77. Ruth. With the delightful meaning “friend,” Ruth is a sweet yet classic choice. In the Bible, Ruth was a Moabite woman who married a Hebrew man and became an ancestor of King David. 78. Sarah. The female name Sarah is derived from the Hebrew word “Sarai,” which means “my princess.” It’s a popular girls’ name in Jewish tradition, with ties to the biblical figure of Sarah, the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Sarah is known for her beauty, wisdom, and devotion to her family, making her a beloved figure in Jewish culture. (You can find another spelling of this name, Sara, farther down our list in the section of Israel's top 10 girl names.) 79. Tzipporah. This interesting girls’ name is the Hebrew form of Zipporah, meaning “bird.” It’s also a biblical name belonging to the wife of Moses in the Old Testament. 80. Yemima. Yemima is the Hebrew form of Jemima, which means “dove.” It’s a great option if you want a Hebrew spin on this classic biblical girls’ name.

More Biblical Hebrew Girl Names

Here are more biblical Hebrew names for baby girls:

Powerful Hebrew Girl Names

Do you want a strong Jewish female name to empower your baby girl, or perhaps a name with a powerful meaning in Hebrew? Either way, we’ve found some great Hebrew names to inspire strength:

91. Aliya. Meaning “ascent” in Hebrew, this powerful girls’ name is also a Hebrew word that means “immigration to Israel.” 92. Hadar. This strong-sounding unisex name means “splendor” and “glory.” 93. Hila. While this name may not initially seem strong, its meanings of “halo,” “aura,” and “to shine” make it a force to be reckoned with for your bright and shining baby girl. 94. Leah. The name Leah is a popular Jewish and Hebrew girls' name that means “weary” or “delicate.” However, Leah was the first wife of Jacob in the Bible and the mother of six of his children. She is remembered for her strength and faith. 95. Shachar. What’s more powerful than a new day? This powerful Hebrew name for boys and girls means “dawn,” which brings new hope, birth, and awakening. 96. Shamira. With its meaning of “guardian” and “protector” in Hebrew, this Jewish girls’ name gives your little lady something great to aspire to. 97. Tahel. Tahel is a strong yet feminine Hebrew name that means “you will shine.” 98. Yarden. Yarden is the Hebrew form of Jordan, which comes from the name of the river that flows between Jordan and Israel. There’s something especially strong about names that come from nature, so why not pick this powerful Hebrew and Jewish option?! 99. Yarona. This feminine form of Yaron means “to sing, to shout” in Hebrew. It’s a name that’s associated with strength, bravery, and speaking out (or singing and shouting) about what’s important to you. 100. Zohar. There’s little more powerful than the “light” and “brilliance” that your new arrival can bring to your world—so here’s a strong and powerful Hebrew girls’ name to reflect that!

More Powerful Hebrew Girl Names

Choose a name that embodies strength and power, such as one of these great Hebrew names listed below:

Modern Hebrew Girl Names

Modern Hebrew girl names are a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation. With a rich cultural significance and a touch of modernity, these names are both elegant and meaningful. 111. Adina. The name Adina is both feminine and masculine; however, as a Hebrew girls’ name, it’s a modern choice, whereas, for boys, it’s a biblical name from the Old Testament. It has the lovely meaning of “delicate” for your sweet newborn girl. 112. Chana. Chana is the modern Hebrew form of Hannah, which means “favor” and “grace.” It’s a cool alternative to the more common option. 113. Eden. It’s common to hear the name Eve, but now the garden where she lived is becoming a popular Hebrew name for both boys and girls. It possibly means “pleasure” and “delight” in Hebrew. 114. Levana. This is the modern and feminine transcription of Lebanah, which means “white.” It is used as a poetic name for the moon—perfect for stargazers and budding space explorers. 115. Lian. If you want a cool Hebrew alternative to the girls’ name Leanne, this might be a good option. Lian possibly means “lion man,” unless you opt for the Chinese version, which means “lotus” or “waterfall.” 116. Odelia. The name Odelia is a beautiful and modern Hebrew girls’ name meaning “I will thank Yahweh.” It was possibly inspired by the German girls’ name Odilia. 117. Rivka. Rivka is a Hebrew girls’ name that has gained popularity in modern times as a form of the old-fashioned name Rebecca. The name means “to tie or join” and is often associated with strength and beauty. In Jewish tradition, Rebecca was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau. She is remembered for her kindness, generosity, and loyalty to her family. 118. Shoshana. This is a modern Hebrew name and form of Susanna that means “lily” or “rose.” It’s a popular name in Jewish tradition and is often associated with beauty and purity. 119. Tzivia. With its Tz beginning letters, this modern Hebrew name for girls has a trendy vibe. It’s the modern form of the biblical name Zibiah, which means “gazelle.”

Modern Hebrew Girl Names

Here are even more Hebrew girl names for your tiny trendsetter:

Cute Hebrew Girl Names

Some Hebrew girl names are known for their cuteness and charm. Let's explore some of the most adorable Hebrew names for women and their sweet meanings.

131. Adi. This sweet Hebrew name is used for both females and males and means “jewel.” 132. Adva. Your delightful baby girl is sure to make ripples or waves when they enter the world, so why not choose a name that reflects that? Adva means “small wave” or “ripple.” 133. Aviv. If you’re expecting a springtime baby, consider this beautiful Hebrew name for girls, meaning “spring.” 134. Chen. This cute Hebrew girls’ name means “grace” and “charm,” both desirable traits in any little child. If you also like Chinese girl names, you’ll be interested to know that Chen is a Chinese name meaning “morning.” 135. Dana. Dana is the female form of the Hebrew names Dan and Daniel, meaning “he judges” and “God is my judge.” If you’re having twins, you could use Dana and Daniel as adorable twin baby names. 136. Ela. Meaning “terebinth tree” in Hebrew, this cute girls’ name is similar to the increasingly popular Ella. Interestingly, it’s also a Turkish name meaning “hazel” and a diminutive of names beginning with El in countries such as Slovenia and Croatia. 137. Gilah. There’s no doubt your baby girl will bring you an abundance of happiness, so consider this cute Hebrew name that literally means “joy” and “happiness.” 138. Libi. This Hebrew girls’ name has a cute sound, and it means “my heart,” which is almost too adorable to resist. 139. Rani. If you’re a family of musicians, why not bless your baby girl with a name that means “to sing.” Maybe one day she can accompany your music with her angelic voice. 140. Shiri. With its adorable I ending and feminine sound, you’re on to a winner with Shiri. This Hebrew girls’ name also means “my song,” making it even cuter.

More Cute Hebrew Girl Names

There’s an abundance of cute Hebrew girl names to choose from, so we just had to add even more:

Top Israeli Girl Names

Are you interested in baby name trends from around the world? If so, we’ve compiled the top Israeli girl names from recent years, some of which are also popular girl names in the United States.

151. Tamar. The Hebrew name Tamar is currently the most popular choice for Israeli baby girls. It means “date palm” and is found throughout the Bible, including as the name of the daughter of King David. 152. Maya. Maya is a Hebrew girls’ name that means “water.” It can also be a short form of the name Ma'ayan, which means “spring” or “fountain.” This sweet and playful name is a popular choice in Israel as well as many other countries around the world. You may be interested to learn that Maya is also an Indian girls’ name, meaning “magic.” 153. Avigail. Avigail is the modern Hebrew form of Abigail that means “my father's joy.” In the Bible, Abigail was the wife of King David, who was known for her wisdom and beauty. This name is great for your little daddy’s girl. 154. Noa. If you want a trendy and modern Hebrew girls’ name, Noa is the modern form of Noah, meaning “motion.” It’s also a biblical name, with Noah being the daughter of Zelophehad in the Old Testament—a popular choice not only in Israel but also in Spain and Portugal. 155. Sara. This popular name in Israel means “princess” in Hebrew and is also associated with joy and happiness. The more common version, Sarah, appears in the Bible as the name of Abraham's wife. However, this version feels more modern and cuter. 156. Ayala. Meaning “doe” or “gazelle” in Hebrew, this popular Israeli girls’ name is often associated with grace and beauty. 157. Adele. Adele means “noble” or “kind” in Hebrew and offers feelings of strength and compassion. It’s a popular name for girls in Israel and around the world. A famous namesake is the singer, who’s simply known as Adele. 158. Yael. Meaning “mountain goat” in Hebrew, this girls’ name pays homage to its animal counterpart with connections to the ideas of independence and courage. 159. Shira. With its meaning of “song” in Hebrew, it’s no wonder this beautiful name is a popular choice for girls in Israel. It’s often used to symbolize the joy of life. 160. Ester. This classic name means “star” in Hebrew, commonly associated with beauty and intelligence. It appears in the Bible as the name of a Jewish queen who saved her people from destruction. It’s a popular name for girls in Israel and around the world.

Even More Hebrew and Jewish Names for Girls

We could keep going all day with these beautiful Hebrew girl names. Here are 50 more for you to pick from:

The Bottom Line

Hebrew girl names are rich in history, culture, and meaning. Whether you prefer traditional biblical Hebrew names or modern ones, there are plenty of options to choose from that will showcase your daughter's character and personality. If you’re still searching for the perfect name and want to check out names from other cultures, you might enjoy these Scottish girl names or our list of Russian girl names. Whether it’s still early in your pregnancy or you’re getting ready to pack your hospital bag, you could download the Pampers Club app to get rewards and discounts on any Pampers products you purchase.