Top 199 Southern Girl Names and Their Meanings

If you’re ponderin’ on the perfect name for your sweet little belle, you’ve come to just the right place. Our list of Southern American girl names is as rich and diverse as the South itself, covering everything from classic to unique, and from cute to country. We’ve rounded up names that are as beautiful as a magnolia in full bloom, as modern as the bustling streets of Atlanta, and as short and sweet as pecan pie. So, keep reading to discover female names steeped in the charm and warmth of southern hospitality.

Classic and Traditional Southern Girl Names

Settle in for a sweet stroll through classic and traditional Southern American girl names like Annabelle and Dixie. These timeless beauties are steeped in the rich traditions and genteel charm of the South, perfect for anyone looking to honor their roots with an enduring southern name. 1. Annabelle. A combination of Anna (“grace”) and Belle (“beautiful”), Annabelle is a quintessentially southern girls’ name that exudes charm and elegance. 2. Caroline. Meaning “free woman” or “song of happiness,” this name evokes the strength and determination of southern women and the charm of Carolina states. 3. Charlotte. Of French origin meaning “free woman” or “petite,” this southern girls’ name exudes timeless elegance and was popularized in the South for its classic charm and the city named Charlotte in North Carolina. Charlotte is currently third in the list of top baby girl names in the United States. 4. Dallas. This classic southern girls’ name is traditionally unisex, meaning “valley house” in Old English, and shares its name with the city in Texas. It carries the spirited essence of the Texan city, embodying a blend of modernity and tradition. 5. Dixie. Dixie, a term often associated with the Southern United States, doesn’t have a clear origin but has come to symbolize the charm, warmth, and distinctive character of the South, making it a southern girls’ name that’s lively and spirited for a sassy little lady. 6. Elizabeth. Of Hebrew origin meaning “God is my oath,” Elizabeth has been a classic choice in the South, embodying grace and nobility with historical roots. 7. Georgia. Named after the American state Georgia, this southern girls’ name means “farmer” in Greek. It evokes the rich agricultural history and natural beauty of the South. 8. Grace. A timeless name meaning “God’s grace,” Grace is cherished for its elegance and simplicity. It was one of the Puritan’s virtue names form the 17th century. 9. Harriet. This name can be used to honor notable figures such as author Harriet Beecher Stowe and abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Meaning “estate ruler” in German, this traditional southern girls’ name symbolizes strength, courage, and a commitment to justice, reflecting the profound impact of these women in American history. 10. Mabel. A name of Latin origin meaning “lovable,” this M name for girls carries a vintage charm and sweetness, echoing the southern penchant for female names that reflect endearment and gentle strength. 11. Scarlett. Immortalized by Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone with the Wind, Scarlett is a name that evokes the strength and fiery spirit of the South’s beloved heroine, Scarlett O'Hara. This classic southern girls’ name was originally an English surname used for a person who made or sold clothes made from a material called scarlett. 12. Priscilla. Of Latin origin, meaning “ancient,” Priscilla has a timeless appeal and an elegant sound. A famous namesake is Priscilla Presley who was married to Elvis—the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

More Classic and Traditional Southern Girl Names

Honor your heritage with even more classic southern beauties:


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Unique and Rare Southern Girl Names

Venture off the beaten path and explore our list of unique and rare southern girl names like Abilene and Tallulah. Each unique baby girls’ name carries with it a hint of the South’s lush landscapes and storied past, perfect if you’re seeking a moniker as distinctive and spirited as the regions they hail from. 24. Abilene. Meaning “meadow,” this rare and pretty country girls’ name gets its southern vibes from a town in Texas. 25. Azalea. Named after the vibrant flower that flourishes in the South, this floral girl name is a unique and beautiful option that stands out. 26. Calliope. If you’re a lover of music, Calliope is Greek for “beautiful voice.” It carries an artistic and unique flair, reflecting the South’s rich literary and musical heritage. 27. Clementine. French for “merciful,” this girls’ name has a unique charm and is reminiscent of the song Oh My Darling, Clementine, adding a nostalgic southern touch. 28. Cricket. Though originally a playful southern diminutive of Christina or Christine, meaning “follower of Christ,” this girl’s name has evolved into a unique moniker in its own right. It evokes the charming sounds of southern evenings and is reminiscent of the region’s love for nature and quirky, endearing nicknames. 29. Loretta. This is the name of the legendary country singer Loretta Lynn, so it carries with it the spirit of southern music, storytelling, and resilience. It means "laurel" in Italian. 30. Seraphina. Meaning “fiery-winged,” Seraphina has a beautiful, ethereal quality and is derived from the biblical order of angels named the seraphim. This angel name for girls might be a lovely choice for your own little angel. 31. Tallulah. Of Native American origin, meaning “leaping waters,” this southern girls’ name has a distinctive sound and is reminiscent of the Tallulah Falls in Georgia. If you love the water element of this name, check out our list of names that mean water.

More Unique and Rare Southern Girl Names

Rare southern girl names have a charm and distinctive vibe for your unique baby girl, so here are even more for you to check out:

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Cute Country and Southern Girl Names

Get ready for a dollop of sweetness with our list of cute country southern girl names like Daisy, Dolly, and Trixie. These names are as charming as a sunlit field of wildflowers and as warm as a homemade pie. Perfect for a little lady with a heart full of country and a soul steeped in southern grace. 41. Bessie. A diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew, this southern girls’ name carries a cute, vintage charm that harks back to a simpler time in the countryside of southern states. 42. Cheyenne. Though of Native American origin, from the people of the Great Plains, Cheyenne has become synonymous with the country spirit and the expansive, open landscapes admired in the South. 43. Daisy. Reminiscent of the simple yet beautiful flower, meaning “day’s eye,” Daisy is a girls’ name that’s as sweet as a southern summer day. F. Scott Fitzgerald used this name for the character Daisy Buchanan in his classic novel The Great Gatsby. If your baby girl is born in April, the daisy is her birth flower. 44. Dolly. Often used to honor the iconic country singer Dolly Parton, this girls’ name carries the spirit of country music and southern hospitality. 45. Emmylou. Inspired by the Alabama-born singer Emmylou Harris, this cute name blends country music heritage with a sweet southern sound. 46. Lulu. A playful and endearing name, Lulu is possibly a diminutive of Louise meaning “famous in battle” or Lucinda meaning “light.” Either way, this cute country name captures the strength, joy, and luminous spirit of the South. You can find more names that mean “light” on our dedicated list. 47. Reba. Reba is another girls’ name inspired by a country music legend, Reba McEntire, born in Oklahoma. It’s likely a short form of Rebecca, meaning “to join.” Reba evokes strength, talent, and the heart of the South. 48. Savannah. After the word for “large grassy plains” and the enchanting city in Georgia, Savannah is a southern and country girls’ name that resonates with the warmth and lush landscapes of the South. 49. Trixie. Meaning “blessed” or “voyager,” Trixie is generally a diminutive of Beatrix. It’s a sassy and cute girls’ name with a vintage vibe and a cheerful southern country twang. 50. Willow. Symbolizing grace and flexibility, Willow is a name inspired by the willow trees that grace the Southern landscape, evoking a sense of beauty and resilience.

More Cute Country and Southern Girl Names

Here are even more cute country names from the South for your sweet little lady:

Beautiful Southern Girl Names

Step into the elegance and grace of the South with our selection of beautiful southern girl names. Each name reflects the timeless beauty and deep-rooted heritage of the South, evoking images of blooming flowers and lush nature. Whether you’re drawn to the classic, unique, or meaningful, you’ll find a southern girls’ name here that‘s as lovely and beautiful as your little lady. 60. Aurora. Meaning “dawn” in Latin, Aurora suggests the beauty of the first light, mirroring the breathtaking sunrises over the southern coast. For more sun-filled monikers, check out our list of names that mean sun. 61. Belle. If you’re looking for a southern girls’ name that means “beautiful,” here’s the French word that became popular as a girls’ name in the 1800s. This name captures the charm of the South, often used as a term of endearment for a southern belle. 62. Blossom. Blossom is a floral female name that sings of spring and the vibrant blooms that characterize the lush southern landscape. It’s relatively rare in the United States but has been a popular choice in the United Kingdom in recent years. 63. Delilah. Delilah is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “delicate.” It has a soft, melodic quality that’s as beautiful as the southern twilight. 64. Evangeline. Meaning “bearer of good news” in Greek, Evangeline is a poetic and beautiful name, inspired by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem of the same name. It was also used by Harriet Beecher Stowe in her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, evoking the complex history of the South. 65. Isabella. Of Spanish and Italian origin meaning “pledged to God,” Isabella is a popular girls’ name that radiates beauty and grace, with a timeless southern appeal. 66. Jolene. If you’re a fan of the iconic country singer Dolly Parton, Jolene has been immortalized by her hit song. It’s a southern girls’ name that resonates with the storytelling tradition of southern music and captures the spirit of the South’s rich musical heritage and the emotional depth of its narratives. 67. June. The name of iconic June Carter, a singer, songwriter, and a key figure in country music. June is a name that embodies the warmth and light of its summer month—perfect for your June baby. 68. Lillian. Lillian is a name of Latin origin meaning “lily,” conveying purity, beauty, and innocence. It’s a classic and elegant name that has been cherished through the generations. 69. Vivienne. French for “alive,” this girls’ name starting with V exudes a vivacious and elegant beauty, much like the vibrant cultures of the South.

More Beautiful Southern Girl Names

From names that simply mean “beautiful,” to names with melodious and charming sounds, we’ve got even more for you:

Modern Southern Girl Names

Embrace the spirit of the new South with our guide to modern southern girl names like Kennedy and Dakota. These names blend contemporary flair with the legacy of southern culture, offering a fresh take on traditional values. Perfect for a little girl who’s as bold and progressive as she is deeply connected to her southern roots. 82. Bailey. This unisex name became popular for girls in the 90s and still remains a popular choice. It means “bailiff.” 83. Cassidy. Originating from Irish, meaning “curly-haired,” Cassidy has a modern flair and versatility, perfect if you’re seeking a name that blends traditional roots with a contemporary sound—and of course, if your baby girl has a head of curly hair. 84. Dakota. Coming from the Dakota people, a Native American tribe from the northern Mississippi Valley, or reflecting the vast landscapes of the two American states bearing its name, this modern southern girls’ name means “friendly companion.” It’s the perfect choice for your friendly little lady or if you hail from North or South Dakota. 85. Harper. Of English origin meaning “harp player,” Harper has modern appeal and literary ties thanks to Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird. It began to rise in popularity in 2004 and has been in the top 10 numerous times. 86. Juniper. A name inspired by the juniper tree, known for its resilience and healing properties, Juniper has a fresh, modern vibe and is a great southern moniker if you have an appreciation for nature and botanical names. 87. Kennedy. From an Irish surname meaning “misshapen head,” Kennedy has gained popularity recently as a first name, blending modern strength with a touch of classic elegance. You might use this modern southern girls’ name to honor President John F. Kennedy or your Irish roots. 88. Paisley. Inspired by the intricate fabric pattern, Paisley is a cute and modern girls’ name that has gained popularity for its quirky charm and southern flair. 89. Piper. Meaning “pipe player,” this girls’ name starting with P has a modern rhythm and a lively presence, reflecting the South’s musical traditions and contemporary flair. 90. Riley. Of Irish origin meaning “rye clearing,” Riley is a modern name, only becoming common for girls in the 1990s, that combines strength with a lively, spirited nature, perfect for a southern girl. 91. Shania. Popularized by country singer Shania Twain, this name of Ojibwa origin means “I'm on my way,” and is a great southern girls’ name with a sassy vibe. It reflects the modern blend of southern music’s influence and the independence celebrated in contemporary southern culture. 92. Skyler. An English name and variant of Schuyler, meaning “scholar,” Skyler represents the modern and progressive spirit of the South, with a touch of the sky’s limitless possibilities.

More Modern Southern Girl Names

Keep up with the latest trends with even more modern and sassy southern girl names:

Old and Vintage Southern Girl Names

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the charm of yesteryear with our list of old and vintage southern girl names like Virginia and Clarice. These names are rich with history and elegance and evoke the South’s bygone eras. Perfect if you cherish your southern heritage or want to honor a grandparent. 100. Adelaide. Of German origin meaning “nobility,” this southern girls’ name has a vintage charm and elegance. It was a popular choice in the 1800s and early 1900s before declining; however, it has started to make a comeback in recent years. 101. Augusta. Meaning “exalted” in Latin, Augusta was once a name used for Roman emperors and German royalty. It’s a cute name if your baby girl is born in August, and for some southern vibes, Augusta is a city in Georgia. 102. Charity. A name of English origin that embodies the virtue of selfless love and giving, this old-fashioned southern girls’ name may evoke the spirit of kindness and compassion in your little lady. 103. Clarice. With its origins in Latin meaning “bright, clear,” Clarice is a name that combines elegance with a hint of vintage charm. It’s a girls’ name reminiscent of southern belle grace. 104. Eugenia. Derived from the Greek word meaning “well-born” or “noble,” Eugenia carries a sense of aristocracy and old-world charm. This name reflects the South’s rich history. 105. Faith. A name that speaks to the deep-rooted spiritual values of the South, Faith is simple yet profound, representing trust and belief. It’s no wonder this old-fashioned southern girls’ name is still popular today. 106. Henrietta. A vintage girls’ name starting with H of German origin meaning “home ruler,” Henrietta has an air of strength and dignity. It evokes the historical depth and enduring spirit of the South. 107. Louisa. Louisa is a name of Germanic origin meaning “renowned warrior,” and has a particular resonance for those from Louisiana, echoing the state’s name in its melody. Making a comeback for its classic beauty and literary connections, this female name is a choice that blends heritage with a sense of place, perfect for a girl with southern roots and a bright future. 108. Magnolia. Named after the grand and fragrant magnolia tree native to the South, this name brings to mind the beauty and grace of southern gardens. 109. Virginia. A name that means “virginal” or “pure,” Virginia shares its name with a Southern state. Interestingly, the state of Virginia was named after Queen Elizabeth I, also known as the virgin queen.

More Old and Vintage Southern Girl Names

Embrace more vintage vibes with these old-fashioned southern girl names:

Short Southern Girl Names

If you like the sweet simplicity of the South, check out our selection of short southern girl names like Bea and Mae. These concise gems pack a punch of charm and character in just a few letters and make great first names or sweet southern middle names. They’re ideal for a little lady with a big personality. 120. Bea. Bea (pronounced BEE) is a diminutive of Beatrice, meaning “voyager.” It’s a short and sweet one-syllable girls’ name with a vintage southern charm. 121. Cora. Meaning “maiden,” Cora has a vintage allure and simplicity, popular in the South for its timeless beauty and literary connections (The Last of the Mohicans). 122. Delta. Inspired by the Mississippi Delta, this name carries the richness and depth of one of the most culturally significant regions in the South. This southern girls’ name evokes images of fertile land, blues music, and the river that shapes life itself. 123. Emma. A name of German origin meaning “whole” or “universal,” Emma has enjoyed widespread popularity for its elegance and simplicity. It carries a timeless appeal, fitting perfectly into the southern tradition of choosing names that are both classic and deeply resonant. 124. Etta. A diminutive of Henrietta, meaning “home ruler,” Etta gains its own spotlight through the legendary blues singer Etta James. It's a name that sings with the soulful depth and rich heritage of the South. 125. Eve. Meaning “life” in Hebrew, Eve was said to be one of the first humans created according to the old testament. It’s a short and classic southern girls’ name for the first little lady in your world. 126. Ivy. Symbolizing fidelity and eternity, Ivy is a short name and word for the climbing plant that carries the natural beauty and enduring strength found throughout the South. 127. Hope. A name that represents a deep-seated optimism and the expectation of positive outcomes, Hope is a short virtue name for girls that resonates with the enduring spirit and resilience of southern culture. 128. Mae. A short and sweet girls’ name, Mae is reminiscent of the southern love for simplicity and beauty, often used as a middle name as well. Actress Mae West is a famous bearer of this name.

More Short Southern Girl Names

Here are even more delightfully simple names:

Even More Southern Female Names

The Bottom Line

Hopefully you found some southern inspiration on our list of charming girl names that embody the South. From traditional to modern and unique, these beautiful southern names are perfect for a strong, sassy, and graceful baby girl.

And if you’d rather go out of this earthly world for baby names, you might enjoy our lists of space names for boys and girls, fairy baby names, names that mean “star”, or baby names that mean “moon.” Whether you are early in your pregnancy or getting ready to pack your hospital bag, download the Pampers Club app for rewards and discounts on all your future diaper purchases.