Top Baby Girl Names That Start With K

Is naming your children with the letter K a family tradition for you (like with the Kardashians), or do you just love the sophisticated, modern, and cosmopolitan sound and spelling of the letter? From the most popular to names from around the world, we’ve collected an extensive list of names that start with K for girls.

Popular Girl Names That Start With K

Not sure where to start? Have a look at the most popular girl K names for girls in the United States: 1. Kinsley. Kinsley comes in at no. 1 on our list as the most popular girl name that begins with K. Although it’s a modern girls’ name, it comes from a place name meaning “clearing beyond the Cyne.” Cyne is a short form for names that mean “royal.” It used to be a rare name for girls before 1990, but it’s exploded in popularity and has held the top spot since then.

2. Kennedy. This is a unisex name that comes from the Irish surname. It has its roots in the Irish Gaelic for Ó Cinnéidigh, which has links to the word meaning “armored head.” However, as a surname it was mostly famous for President Kennedy, but today it’s climbed the ranks as a popular girls’ name.

3. Kaylee. This modern girls’ name is made up of the phonetic sounds of kay and lee. Although it’s also a variant of Kayleigh, another very popular name. It has its roots in the Gaelic word ceilidh, a traditional gathering and dance, making it a great name for a jolly little baby.

4. Kylie. Kylie has its roots in Australia and is said to mean “boomerang” in the Aboriginal language of Nyungar. It became very popular in Australia in the 1970s and 1980s but soared into popularity after Australian pop-princess Kylie Minogue made this name iconic.

5. Katherine. A name associated with royalty, Katherine comes from the Greek name Aikaterine. Some say it comes from the word hekateros, meaning “each of the two,” but it could also come from the Greek goddess Hecate. Over the centuries, it’s a name that’s been incredibly popular, often spelled Catherine. However, since the 1970s, this spelling has become increasingly popular in the United States.

6. Khloe. This is a modern variant of Chloe, and became very popular with Khloe Kardashian, from Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame.

7. Kehlani. A variant of Kailani, which also ranked high on the list of girls’ names in 2020, along with Kaylani, this name comes from the Hawaiian kai, meaning “ocean” or “sea” and lani meaning “sky” or “heaven.” This spelling of the name became popular with American singer Kehlani Parrish, who just goes by Kehlani.

8. Kimberly. This has been a popular girls’ name since the mid-twentieth century, but it originally came from the city name of Kimberley in South Africa, named for Lord Kimberley.

9. Kamila. This Czech, Slovak, and Polish version of the name Camilla, coming from the Ancient Roman name, Camillus, is a lovely and popular name. This could be a wonderful name for your baby girl if you have roots in central Europe.

10. Kayla. Some of the loveliest names just come from phonetic sounds put together, and in this case, kay and la work wonderfully together. It became especially popular after 1982, with the character of Kayla Brady on the American soap opera Days of Our Lives.

11. Kali. Kali can either be a variant of Callie or Kaylee or comes from the Sanskrit name meaning “the black one,” named for the Hindu goddess Kali.

12. Kaia. This is a diminutive of Katarina or Katariina and is most used in Norway or Estonia.

13. Kiara. This version of Ciara or Chiara became famous in the 1980s after music duo Kiara released the song This Time and was also a name of a character in The Lion King II.

14. Kendall. Kendall comes from an English surname originating from the city of Kendale in northwest England. It means “valley on the river Kent.” It was mostly used as a boys’ name until the 1990s and has since become increasingly popular as a girls’ name. Today it’s become especially popular, thanks to model Kendall Jenner from the Kardashian family.

15. Kenzie. This shortened form of Mackenzie has grown in popularity over the years. Mackenzie was once a Scottish surname coming from the Gaelic word Cainnech meaning “fair.”

16. Kira. Either as a variant of Ciara or the Russian feminine form of Cyrus, meaning “young,” this lovely name has become more and more popular.

17. Kalani. This beautiful Hawaiian name means “the heavens,” coming from the Hawaiian ka, meaning “the” and lani “heaven.”

18. Kate. Kate is the shortened version of Katherine but has become increasingly popular as a separate name. Since the Middle Ages, it’s been used in England, and even featured as a character in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. There are many famous Kates, like the royal Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, actresses Kate Winslet and Kate Hudson, and the singer Kate Bush, to name a few.

19. Kinley. Coming from the Scottish surname, Kinley is an Anglicized form of Mac Fhionnlaigh, coming from the name Fionnlagh, meaning “fair warrior.”

20. Kensley. Kensley also used to be a surname, which could be a derivative of Kinsley (meaning “clearing belonging to Cyne”) or Kelsey, denoting someone from either North or South Kelsey in Lincolnshire.


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Unique Girl Names That Start With K

For something a little different, have a look at these unusual girl names that start with K. If you can’t find the name that you’re looking for beginning with K, then have a look at even more unique girl names. 21. Kadiatou. This name is popular in French-influenced Western Africa and comes from the Arabic name Khadija, meaning “premature child.”

22. Kaliyah. The origins behind the name Kaliyah are unclear, but it’s most likely based on the Arabic girls’ name Aaliyah.

23. Kalisha. This beautiful and unique girls’ name is a combination of the prefix ka and Lisha, a diminutive of Alicia. It’s a name that’s especially popular with the African-American community.

24. Kalpana. Meaning “imagining” or “fantasy” in Sanskrit, Kalpana is a name that’s popular in India. It’s a unique and refined name that’s perfect if you have family connections to South Asia.

25. Kallistrate. This name means “beautiful army” as it comes from the words kallos, meaning “beauty,” and stratos meaning “army.”

26. Kamala. A beautiful name that means “lotus” or “pale red” in Sanskrit, Kamala is a name that’s used for boys and girls across India, but fun fact, they are written differently in the Devanagari script. Kamala is a name that features in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata and is also another name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, but it’s probably most famous for Kamala Harris, the vice president of the United States under the Biden administration.

27. Kashi. Kashi comes from one of the names for Varanasi, a holy city in India on the River Ganges. The name itself comes from the Sanskrit word for “shining.” Today it’s a lovely girls’ name.

28. Katniss. You will have heard of Katniss, the protagonist from The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. However, even though this is a name with roots in fiction, the English word katniss actually comes from a variety of edible flowering aquatic plants.

29. Kaur. Kaur is a name that’s popular in the Sikh community. It means “princess” and was given to all female Sikhs in 1699 by Guru Gobind Singh. It’s mostly used as a surname or middle name for most Sikh girls.

30. Kenya. If you’re looking for a lovely name, Kenya is a good choice. It comes from the name for the African country, which was named for Mount Kenya, which in Kikuyu means “the one having stripes.”

More Unique Girl Names That Start With K

You can have a lot of fun picking out a baby name, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. Watch this video to get some exciting facts that could help you on your baby-naming journey!

Hebrew and Biblical Baby Girl Names That Start with K

The Bible has inspired some of the world’s most memorable names, so have a look at this collection of biblical girl names and a few Hebrew ones. 41. Kandake. This biblical Greek spelling of the name Candace has its origins in Ethiopia. Candace or Kandake was one of the hereditary queens in Ethiopia mentioned in Acts in the New Testament. The name itself comes from the Cushitic kdke, meaning “queen mother.”

42. Keren-Happuch. This interesting name pronounced Kehr-an Hap-ook, means “horn of antimony” in Hebrew. Keren-Happuch was the third daughter of Job in the Old Testament.

43. Keturah. Keturah was the wife of Abraham in the Old Testament (after Sarah died). It means “incense” in Hebrew and is a lovely and original name if you’re looking for something biblical.

44. Keziah. Keziah is one of Job’s daughters in the Old Testament and means “cassia” or “cinnamon” in Hebrew.

45. Kelila. This beautiful Hebrew name means “crown of laurel.”

46. Keren. Keren means “ray of light” or “horn” in Hebrew.

47. Keshet. If you’re looking for a lovely, colorful Hebrew name, then you might want to choose Keshet, which quite literally means “rainbow” in Hebrew.

48. Kinneret. Coming from the name for a large lake in northern Israel, Kinneret is the Hebrew name for the Sea of Galilee but it also has roots in the word kinnor, meaning “harp.”

49. Kineret. This is an alternate transcription from the Hebrew for Kinneret, so if you like the look of this name, this is also a pretty choice for your baby girl.

Common Girl Names That Start With K

Some names are common for a reason. Although these common girl names that start with K may not have made it into the top 20 girl names beginning with K in the United States, these names are also lovely and worth considering for your little girl. 50. Kamilla. If you’re looking for a name with heritage in Russia, Hungary, Poland, or even Scandinavia, then this spelling of the more common Camilla is a lovely choice. In Hungarian, it also means the “chamomile flower”.

51. Karen. Karen might be a very common name these days, but did you know it originally was the shortened form of Katherine in Denmark? It only became a common English name after the 1930s. It can also be a girls’ name in Japan, meaning “flower” and “lotus.” American singer Karen Carpenter is one example of a famous Karen.

52. Karina. Karina is a common name in Scandinavia, Russia, and the Baltics. It comes from the name Karin, the Swedish form of Katherine. The most famous example of Karina is Danish-French New Wave actress Anna Karina, who took her middle name to be her surname for the silver screen.

53. Karla. This spelling is common in German-speaking countries and Scandinavia, as the feminine form of Charles.

54. Karolina. This elegant and regal name is the feminine form of Carolus, and is especially popular in central Europe, the Balkans, and in the Baltics.

55. Katerina. This form of Katherine is particularly common throughout Macedonia, Russia, Bulgaria, and Greece.

56. Kathleen. Kathleen is the Anglicized version of Caitlin, the Irish form of Katherine. There have been a few famous Kathleens, like actress Kathleen Turner.

57. Katy. Katy or Katie are diminutives of Kate and Kathrine. It’s a very popular and common name these days, with people like singer Katy Perry or Katie Holmes with this name.

58. Kerry. This name comes from the Irish county, deriving from the Gaelic word Ciarraí, meaning “Ciar’s people.”

59. Kim. This is the short form of Kimberly and can be used for both boys and girls. There have been a few famous Kims, like actress Kim Basinger, Kim Novak, and of course, Kim Kardashian.

More Common Girl Names That Start With K

Modern Baby Girl Names Starting With K

If you want a modern name for a modern little girl, then this list should hopefully give you some great ideas for finding the right name for your little one. 70. Kacey. This is a modern variant of Casey, which comes from the Irish surname, Ó Cathasaigh. Grammy-winning American singer Kacey Musgraves is perhaps the most famous person with this name.

71. Kaelyn. Kaelyn, also spelled Kaylyn, is a modern name that simply combines the phonetic elements of kay and lyn.

72. Kaila. This is a variant of Kayla, another name that came about because people like the sound it made.

73. Kailee. This spelling peaked in the United States in 2009, after becoming popular in the 1980s. It’s another name that arose by combining phonetic elements. Kalie is another variant.

74. Kailyn. This is another modern spelling of Kaylin.

75. Kaitlyn. This is a modern variant of Caitlin, which was the Irish form of Katherine.

76. Kameron. If you want the name Cameron with a K, you’ve got it. The original name came from the Scottish surname meaning “crooked nose.”

77. Karlee. Karlee is a modern way to spell the name Carly.

78. Krysten. This is a modern form of Kristin, which derives from the name Christina. American actress Krysten Ritter is a well-known example of this name.

Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With K

Whether you are looking for a name that sounds pretty and cute to one with an adorable meaning, these cute and pretty girl names that start with a K will put a smile on your face. Maybe one of these K names for girls is right for your lovely baby. 79. Kadi. Looking for a cute name beginning with K? Then this Estonian diminutive for Katariina is a sweet one.

80. Kaede. This sweet Japanese name means “maple,” perfect for a little girl as sweet as maple syrup!

81. Kiki. Kiki can be a diminutive name for any name starting or containing the letter K. It comes from Greek and is a cute and pretty name. It’s also a little bohemian, thanks to its fame with Kiki of Montparnasse, famous for being a muse to artists such as Modigliani and Man Ray in early twentieth-century Paris.

82. Kaipo. You can’t get cuter than being a literal sweetheart, which Kaipo means in Hawaiian.

83. Kanako. Kanako is a Japanese name composed with roots in the words ka meaning “fragrance,” na meaning “greens” and ko meaning “child.”

84. Katida. This adorable name means “kitten” in Esperanto.

85. Kaori. Kaori is another pretty name from Japan and means “fragrance.”

86. Katica. This is a sweet diminutive of Katherine in Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia. In Hungary, “katica” is also the name given to a ladybug.

87. Kelly. Kelly is a classic, pretty name that comes from Irish. Of course, it’s also associated with elegant actress and former princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, who had this as her last name. But Kelly also has a few famous namesakes, like singer Kelly Clarkson.

88. Khushi. This is a sweet name that means “happiness” in Hindi.

More Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With K

International K Names for Girls

Whether you and your family are a cosmopolitan mix, or you would like to find something a bit different for your little one, from the Baltics and the Caucasus all the way to New Zealand, we collected some lovely international K names for girls. 98. Kaarina. If you or your family have Finnish heritage or just love Finnish culture, then this Finnish form of Katherine is a lovely choice.

99. Kahina. Kahina is a name that comes from North Africa and is used particularly among the Berber community. It comes from the Arabic word al-Kahinah, meaning “the diviner” or “fortuneteller.”

100. Kahurangi. This lovely unisex Māori name is also used for a green gemstone found in New Zealand. It means “sky blue” in Māori.

101. Kohar. Coming from the Western Armenian transcription of Gohar, the name Kohar has its roots in Persia. It means “jewel” or “gemstone.”

102. Ketevan. This lovely Georgian name is either the Georgian for Katherine or adapted from the Persian name Katayoun, meaning “house” and “wife.”

103. Kalyani. A name you’ll find in the Mahabharata, Kalyani means “beautiful,” “lovely,” and “auspicious” in Sanskrit. It’s used throughout India.

104. Karine. Karine is a particularly international name. It’s the French form of Carina, the Norwegian of Katherine, or the Armenian name that came from an ancient Armenian city now located in today’s Eastern Turkey.

105. Katalin. Katalin is a version of Katherine that’s especially popular in Hungary, but also—even though they are more than 1000 miles apart—in the Basque Country in northern Spain. Hungarian-American biochemist Katalin Karikó was one of the inventors of the mRNA vaccine technology.It’s also an alternative spelling of names like Catalina (popular in Spain and Corsica), the Flemish Katelijne, and the Romanian Cătălina.

106. Katayoun. This name comes from the Old Persian word kata, meaning house and banu, meaning “wife.” It featured in the tenth-century Persian epic the Shahnameh, where Katayoun was the wife of Goshtasb.

107. Keiko. Like many Japanese names, there are several different meanings depending on the Kanji script. The word kei, could mean “celebrate,” “respect,” “open,” or “benefit,” while ko means “child.”

More International K Names for Girls

Greek Mythology Girl Names That Start With K

Greek mythology has some of the most beautiful names, but did you know many of the original names in Greek, like Cassandra and Cassiopeia, actually started with K? Have a look at these powerful and strong names from Greek mythology beginning with K.

118. Kallisto. Kallisto was a nymph loved by Zeus in Greek mythology. The name means “most beautiful” in Greek.

119. Kassandra. This is the Greek form of Cassandra, which means “to excel” or “to shine.” Kassandra was famous in Greek myth as a Trojan princess granted the gift of prophecy by Apollo.

120. Kalliope. Kalliope means “beautiful voice” in Greek. She was the goddess of epic poetry and eloquence and also one of the nine Muses in Greek mythology.

121. Kalypso. This is the Greek form of the name Calypso, which in Ancient Greek meant “she that conceals.” Kalypso is featured in The Odyssey as a nymph who fell in love with Odysseus.

122. Kassiopeia. Kassiopeia is the Greek form of Cassiopeia, which means “cassia juice.” In mythology, she was the mother of Andromeda and also became the name of a constellation in the northern sky.

123. Kirke. The Greek form of Circe comes from the Ancient Greek word Kirkos, meaning “hawk.” She’s most famous for turning Odysseus’s crew into pigs in The Odyssey.

124. Klytaimnestra. This name means “famous,” “noble,” and “courter” in Ancient Greek. In mythology, she was the wife of King Agamemnon.

125. Kore. Kore means “maiden” in Ancient Greek and was the name of the goddess Persephone before she became the wife of Hades, god of the Underworld.

126. Kleio. Coming from the Greek word kleos, meaning “glory,” Kleio was the goddess of history and historic poetry and one of the nine Muses. According to mythology, she was also said to have introduced Greece to the alphabet.

127. Klotho. Klotho was one of the three Fates and her name means “spinner” in Greek. According to mythology, she got her name as she was responsible for spinning the thread of life.

Hawaiian Names That Start With K

Hawaiian girl names are beautiful, whether they take some special meaning in the language to Hawaiian adaptations of more common names. However, did you know there are many girls’ names starting with K in Hawaii? Have a look below to see if your little girl’s name is on the list. 128. Kakalina. If you like the name Katherine, but want the Hawaiian form, then why not try Kakalina?

129. Kaimana. This beautiful Hawaiian name comprises words kai, meaning “sea,” and mana, meaning “power.” It also means “diamond” in Hawaiian.

130. Kala. For a different variant of the name Sara, try the Hawaiian version of the name, Kala.

131. Kalei. Kalei means “the flowers” or “the child” from the Hawaiian words, ka and lei.

132. Kalena. Kalena is the Hawaiian form of the name Karen.

133. Kamalani. This pretty name means “heavenly child” or “royal child” in Hawaiian.

134. Kapua. Kapua is a pretty name that means “the flower” or “the child” in Hawaiian.

135. Kaulana. This lyrical Hawaiian name means “famous.”

136. Kawehi. For a pretty name, you can’t go wrong with a name that literally means “adornment” in Hawaiian.

137. Keahi. A warm and lovely name, Keahi means “fire” in Hawaiian.

More Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With K

Even More K Names for Girls

The Bottom Line

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