Top Baby Girl Names That Start With L

While you wait for the arrival of your baby girl, there’s nothing more exciting than choosing the perfect name with the perfect meaning. If you’re drawn to girl names starting with L, or perhaps L names run in your family, we’ve got some great choices of beautiful, popular, unique, cool, and even some international names starting with L.

Popular Girl Names That Start With L

If you’re looking for a popular and common female name that begins with the letter L, then check out the top 10 names in the United States for 2020: 1. Luna. Coming in at the top spot is Luna. This popular, celestial name means “the moon” in Latin and is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon. Not only is it popular, but the meaning also gives it a romantic and mystical feel. A perfect choice if you’re a stargazer.

2. Layla. This popular girl’s name starting with L is an Arabic name meaning “night.” Layla comes from a popular Arab and Persian medieval romance, Layla and Majnun, where Layla is the love interest of the story. In the 1970s, the story inspired the song Layla by Derek and The Dominos, causing Layla to become a popular name choice.

3. Lily. This beautiful name from the flower is not only popular in the United States, but it also ranks highly in many other countries, such as Canada, Australia, and Ireland, to name a few. It’s a beautiful and delicate name for your baby girl, denoting purity. Popular namesakes include actresses Lilly James and Lily Collins, making this name cool and fresh.

4. Leah. Another popular L name for your baby girl comes from a Hebrew name and can be found in the Old Testament. It became common among English Christians after the Protestant Reformation. Fans of the Star Wars franchise might even consider the variant Leia, after the character Princess Leia.

5. Lillian. This popular girl’s name is a diminutive of the regal name Elizabeth, meaning “my God is a vow” and can also be a variant of our third most popular name, Lily. This sweet-sounding name almost dances on your tongue.

6. Lucy. Lucy is the English form of the Latin name Lucia, meaning “light.” Saint Lucia is the patron saint of the blind due to her martyrdom in the fourth century. A name with an inspiring namesake and meaning. It’s no doubt that little Lucy will be the light of your life!

7. Leilani. Of Hawaiian origin, this popular L name for girls has an almost sing-song sound to it. Its meanings of “heavenly flowers,” or “royal child” are equally as beautiful as the name. It’s a great choice, especially if you are of Hawaiian heritage or enjoy the beauty of Hawaiian girl names.

8. Lydia. In Greek, this name means “from Lydia,” a historic region of Asia Minor. For fans of classic literature, Lydia is the strong-willed and youngest Bennet sister in Jane Austen’s book Pride and Prejudice.

9. Lyla. Lyla has Persian Iranian and Sanskrit origins, meaning “dark-haired beauty,” or “divine play.” It has been on the rise in the United States since 2005 and is a perfect choice for your dark-haired little lady.

10. Londyn. This variant of England’s capital city, London, has quite a modern and cosmopolitan vibe for your baby girl and can also be used as a gender-neutral name. A great choice for fans of the city.


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Unique Girl Names That Start With L

If you’re looking for a name that stands out from the crowd, something different for your little trailblazer, then look no further. We have some unusual and unique girl names starting with L that you won’t hear every day. 11. Laoise. Pronounced LEE-sha, this Irish name comes from the name of the County Laois in Ireland. You’ll be hard pressed to find another with this unique, yet beautiful name.

12. Letitia. This girl’s name is one of late Latin origin, meaning “joy and happiness.” It was most commonly used in England in the Middle Ages, but perhaps it’s ready for a comeback. One thing’s for sure, your baby girl will bring you a lifetime of happiness!

13. Leliana. This name is so unique that its origins are uncertain, but it may be based on the Italian name Lelia. If you’re a fan of video games, you may recognize this name as the highly respected character from the Dragon Age franchise.

14. Lesia. Lesia is an Old German and Latin name meaning “noble.” Making it a great choice for a little queen. Variants of this name include the cute A names for girls, Alesia and Alice.

15. Leto. A unique L name meaning “hidden” in Ancient Greek. In Greek Mythology, Leto was the mother of Apollo and Artemis. Baby names inspired by Greek Mythology certainly impart a sense of uniqueness, as well as strength and wisdom.

16. Llewella. This Welsh name is the feminine form of Llewelyn, meaning “strong,” or “leader.” Your future leader is sure to make a mark on the world with this unique name.

17. Lorelei. A German name of uncertain meaning, but with a rich history in German romantic poetry and songs, due to writer Clemens Brentano’s ballad To Bacharach on the Rhine. It tells of the siren Lorelei who lives on a rock and lures fishermen with her song. This name was also used in the Gilmore Girls series for the character Lorelei Gilmore.

18. Lotus. This rare name comes from the lotus flower, a symbol of purity or enlightenment. In Greek Mythology, this is the name of the mythological lotus tree that was believed to produce a fruit that caused a pleasant sleepiness.

19. Love. This name simply means “love.” For the small person that is going to fill your world with so much love, this name is perfect.

20. Lucinda. Meaning “beautiful light” in Latin, Lucinda was likely created by writer Cervantes for his 1605 novel Don Quixote. This name is a great choice for literature fans as it was also used in Moliere’s play The Doctor in Spite of Himself.

21. Lyonesse. If it’s unique and strong you’re looking for, then Lyonesse gives you just that! In Middle English, this name means “lioness,” and can also be found the Arthurian romance tale Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory. Lyonesse was trapped in a castle by the Red Knight and was saved by her sister and the Knight Gareth.

More Unique Girl Names That Start With L

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet a big decision. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect name for your baby!

Old-Fashioned L Baby Girl Names

There is something special and timeless about old-fashioned names. If you want a name that will stand the test of time, check out our list of old-fashioned female names that start with L:

32. Laura. This classic L baby girl’s name has been used as an English name since the thirteenth century but was also borne by the Spanish Saint Laura who became a martyr in the ninth century. Laura was also the name of the Canadian heroine Laura Secord, who displayed great bravery during the War of 1812, as well as Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of Little House on the Prairie.

33. Lauren. Lauren is the feminine form of Laurence, meaning “laurel.” This old-fashioned name became a popular feminine name in the 1940s due to its adoption as a stage name by actress Betty Jean Perske. A classic choice for your little star in the making.

34. Leanne. This is a combination of the English names Lee and Anne. It has dropped out of popularity in recent years, but perhaps it’s ready for a comeback. You could also try the variants Lianne, LeeAnne, or Leigh-Anne.

35. Leslie. Meaning “garden of holly” in Gaelic, this old-fashioned name was originally a Scottish place and surname. It’s also a great unisex choice, with many notable female and male namesakes, such as actress Leslie Mann and actor and singer Leslie Odom Jr.

36. Linda. Originating from the Spanish and Portuguese word linda, meaning “beautiful,” this name was at its peak in the 1940s, so, it’s possible your little one has an older family member with this name. There’s nothing more special than naming your baby after a family member.

37. Lisa. This name of Hebrew and English origin is the short form of Elizabeth; however, Lisa is a strong name in its own right. It may remind you of Leonardo da Vinci’s world-famous painting, the Mona Lisa. After all, your baby girl will be a work of art!

38. Liberty. From the English word meaning “free,” Liberty had various peaks in popularity throughout history in the United States, including the end of World War I in 1918, during the American Bicentennial in 1976, and after the War on Terrorism in 2001.

39. Louise. A name of French origin, from the male name Louis meaning “renowned warrior.” Louise is classic and chic, with royal connections in several European countries, and for movie fans, it’s the name of the character in Thelma and Louise.

40. Lorraine. Another old-fashioned girl’s name with French origin, Lorraine comes from the region in France of the same name, giving it a sense of sophistication. But it also has some cute diminutives, such as Lorrie, Lori, or Ray, which can be used as nicknames or given names in their own right.

41. Lucille. From the Latin name Lucilla meaning “light,” Lucille was a popular girl’s name in the early 1900’s, making it an instant classic and a great vintage name choice. Its most recognizable namesake is 1950s and 1960s actress and comedian Lucille Ball.

More Old-Fashioned Girl Names That Start With L

If you’re a fan of L baby girl names and old-fashioned girl names, we’ve got even more for your viewing pleasure:

Cool Girl Names That Start With L

If you’re interested in names with a little more edge, perhaps inspired by your favorite musician or strong, inspirational women, then check out our list of the coolest girl names that start with L: 52. Laverne. A name of French origin meaning “springlike.” While the meaning is sweet, it’s namesake actress and activist Laverne Cox adds a cool twist to the name. Perhaps your little one will be a trailblazer with this name!

53. Layton. In Old English, this name means “town with a leek garden,” and is a cool choice if you’re looking for a great gender-neutral name. You can also choose the variation of Leighton, made popular after 2007 by Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester.

54. Lena. This cool and short name is a diminutive of names ending in lena, such as Helena, or Magdalena, and means “bright and beautiful.” Its namesake actress, screenwriter, and producer Lena Waithe was the first black woman to win an Emmy Award and is also a strong advocate for equality. A great inspiration for your baby girl.

55. Lennon. Originally from an Irish surname meaning “lover,” this name is perfect for music fans. You may recognize it as the surname of musician and member of The Beatles John Lennon, or more recently, the singer Lennon Stella. A cool baby girl name starting with L for a family of musicians.

56. Lennox. From a Scottish surname meaning “place of elms,” Lennox sounds cool right off the bat and is another great unisex choice. If you’re a fan of the inspirational singer-songwriter and activist Annie Lennox, this name is a cool choice, and you may also recognize it from the character Mary Lennox in the novel The Secret Garden.

57. Levi. In Hebrew, this unisex name means “joined.” Although it’s most commonly a male name, it would be a cool and unique choice for your little girl. Add some Levi Strauss jeans, and she’s the coolest kid in town!

58. Lexi. This is a diminutive of Alexandra or Alexis meaning “defender.” This cool name with a strong meaning is perfect for a little girl that will grow up to defend herself and others.

59. Lizzo. This cool baby girl name that starts with L is borne by the award-winning rapper and champion of body positivity, Lizzo. Not only does the name sound cool, but it also has an inspiring eponym.

60. Logan. Another cool L name that comes from a Scottish surname, meaning “little hollow.” Fans of comic books may recognize Logan as the alias of Wolverine. Although it’s commonly a masculine name, Logan makes a strong name choice for girls.

61. Lyda. Of Greek origin meaning “happy,” Lyda is the name of Lyda Conley, the first Native American woman to present a case in front of the Supreme Court in 1909. Her strong will adds strength to the name .

More Cool Girl Names That Start With L

International Girl Names That Start With L

Are you looking for a name that honors your family’s culture or heritage? Or perhaps you’re inspired by travel and other countries. Let’s take a trip around the world and look at some beautiful international girl names that start with L. 72. Lada. This beautiful baby girl name starting with L comes from Slavic mythology. Lada was the goddess of fertility, youth, and beauty. Lada can be the diminutive of the Russian and Croatian names Vladislava and Vladimira.

73. Lale. A name of Persian origin, meaning “tulip” in Turkish. This was also the name of German singer and actress Lale Anderson.

74. Lareina. The Mexican name la reina means “the queen,” in Spanish, so it’s the perfect moniker for your new little queen of the house. This Mexican baby name is pronounced lah-REY-nah.

75. Latifa. Meaning “kind and gentle” in Arabic, Latifa is a lovely choice for your sweet baby girl. Arabic girl names are a beautiful choice if you have Arabic heritage or enjoy the beauty of the names.

76. Lesya. A Ukrainian name meaning “holy.” Lesya is the diminutive of Oleksandra, which is the Ukrainian form of Alexandra. This lovely L name for girls is perfect for those with Ukrainian heritage or for those who admire the culture and strength of this country.

77. Liesl. Liesl is a German girls' name and a diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God.” You may recognize this name as the eldest Von Trapp daughter from The Sound of Music.

78. Linh. This beautiful Vietnamese name means “spirit,” or “soul,” and is pronounced LING or LIN. A lovely choice for a baby girl with a lot of spirit!

79. Lehua. This name of Hawaiian origin means “ohio flower,” and is pronounced leh-HOO-a. It has such a beautiful sound to it for your blossoming baby girl.

80. Lolita. Lolita is a name of Spanish origin meaning “free.” This diminutive of Lola or Dolores has a beautiful sing-song sound to it. Novelist Vladimir Nabokov used this name as the title of his 1955 novel Lolita. The novel was later adapted into a movie and various stage shows.

81. Luminita. This Romanian name means “little light,” and is pronounced loo-mee-NEE-tsa. Your baby girl is going to illuminate your life, so perhaps you could choose a name that reflects this.

More International Girl Names That Start With L

If you were intrigued by those international girl names starting with L, we’ve got even more for you to choose from:

Beautiful and Pretty Girl Names That Start With L

If you’re looking for a name that invokes beauty for your equally beautiful baby girl, then we’ve got some pretty girl names starting with L that are inspired by nature, poetry, and royalty. 92. Lady. This name comes from the English noble title Lady and is fit for a little lady who is full of grace and poise. In Latin America, this name became popular after 1981 due to Princess Diana Spencer, also known as Lady Di.

93. Lalita. Of Sanskrit origin, Lalita means “playful, charming.” This pretty girl’s name that starts with L has a fun meaning and sounds almost melodic.

94. Lalla. If you’re a fan of poetry, Lalla is the subject of Irish poet Thomas Moore’s poem Lalla Rookh. The name comes from the Persian laleh meaning “tulip,” a name that invokes beauty in both words and vision.

95. Larkspur. This unique yet beautiful girl name that starts with L is the name of a plant with purplish-blue flowers. The Larkspur is tall and graceful, adding beauty to any garden, just as your baby girl will add beauty to your home.

96. Lavender. Another pretty flower name for girls is Lavender. Lavender is the aromatic pale purple flower known for its soothing properties. What a beautiful and delicate name choice.

97. Lenore. This short form of Eleanor was the subject of Edgar Allan Poe’s 1845 poem The Raven. Names based on poetry invoke beauty and romanticism.

98. Lian. Pronounced LYEHN, this Chinese name means “water lily,” or “waterfall.” It adds a pretty twist to the similar sounding name, Leanne.

99. Lilac. Another flower-inspired name, Lilac is the beautifully fragranced purplish or white flower. Not only does it invoke beauty, but it also has a lovely lilting sound.

100. Lilium. This botanical name is from the genus of the lily family of plants. It’s an interesting alternative to Lily or Lillian.

101. Liliʻuokalani. A beautiful name inspired by royalty, Lili’uokalani belonged to the only queen and last reigning monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom before the revolution and the islands’ eventual annexation to the United States.

More Beautiful and Pretty Girl Names That Start With L

Short and Cute Girl Names That Start With L

Do you love names that are short and sweet? Well, we’ve got a list of some short and cute girl names that start with L for you to enjoy. 111. Lark. This short and joyful name comes from the English name for the songbird. Perhaps your baby girl will have the voice of a songbird. For fans of musicals, “The Lark” was the nickname of Cosette in Les Miserables.

112. Lay. This Burmese name pronounced LEH means “small,” or “young.” Small and short it may be, while still standing strong.

113. Leith. This rare girl’s name that starts with L, comes from the name of a Scottish town and the river Leith that runs through Edinburgh. It’s a strong, short, and unique choice for your little one.

114. Leta. Leta is a name of Latin origin meaning “joyful.” This cute name is similar to Leda, the mother of Helen of Troy in Greek Mythology. Both are great choices that are sure to bring your baby girl joy.

115. Lei. Lei, pronounced LAY, simply means “flowers” or “child” in the Hawaiian language. It’s hard not to imagine the unique beauty of the Hawaiian Islands when thinking about beautiful Hawaiian girl names.

116. Li. It’s hard to get much shorter than this Chinese name pronounced LEE. It has multiple meanings, such as “logic,” “dawn,” and “beautiful.”

117. Liv. This name is the short form of Olivia, and a standalone name in Scandinavia, meaning “life.” You may recognize this name from actress Liv Tyler.

118. Lola. If it’s cute you want, then this fun sounding name gives you that. Lola is a Spanish name and diminutive of Dolores meaning “lady of sorrows.” However, with a cute name like Lola, it will be hard to be sorrowful.

119. Lux. A name so short and cute, that it’s hard to resist. This cool little moniker is of Latin origin meaning “light.” It’s also the name of the character portrayed by Kirsten Dunst in the movie Virgin Suicides.

More Short and Cute Girl Names That Start With L

Short names are so strong and cute that they’re difficult to resist. Here are some more L names for fans of those short or one-syllable girl names.

Even More Girl Names That Start With L

The Bottom Line

If you enjoyed girl names starting with L, but you’re still exploring, why not check out these Girl names that start with M for even more inspiration. We’ve got a whole alphabet of names waiting for you.

You could even check out our unique girl names, or if you enjoy international names, take a look at Italian girl names and Spanish baby girl names.

While you try to find the perfect name, you can take a few steps to get ready for your little one’s arrival. If your due date is coming soon, you may want to pack your hospital bag and download the Pampers Club app.

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