Top Baby Girl Names That Start With Z

Whether it’s a family tradition to pick girls’ names beginning with Z or you just like the way the letter sounds or looks in a name, then we’ve got you covered with plenty of options. From popular to unusual names, along with cool, cute, and even biblical names, we’ve collected these girl names that start with Z and their meanings from around the globe to get you inspired.

Popular Girl Names That Start With Z

If you want to know which Z names for girls are the most popular in the United States, check out the top 10 listed here: 1. Zoey. This name comes in at no. 1, with its variant Zoe ranking shortly behind. Both Zoe and Zoey mean “life” in Greek. Some say it came as a translation of the name Eve by Hellenized Jews. It was commonly found in the Byzantine Empire, where even a ruling empress in the eleventh century bore this name. It fell out of fashion for a while but made a come back in the nineteenth century. You’ll find many famous Zoeys or Zoes, like actresses Zoey Deutch, Zoë Kravitz, and Zoe Saldaña. You can also get creative with the name, like with Zooey Deschanel!

2. Zara. There are two origin stories for Zara. One comes from Bulgaria and is the diminutive of Zaharina, while another comes from literature. Writer William Congreve used this name for a character in The Mourning Bride, which was published in the seventeenth century. In the book, Zara was a captive North African queen, whose name may have been based on the Arabic name Zahra, meaning “brilliant” or “bright.” Other sources say it comes from a Hebrew word meaning “princess.” Daughter of Princess Anne of England, Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips, is a famous example, along with Swedish singer Zara Larsson, and British actress Zara Turner.

3. Zuri. This lovely and popular Z name for girls comes from East Africa, meaning “beautiful” in Swahili.

4. Zariah. Zariah is a popular name in the United States, and is a variant of either names, Zaria or Sariah.

5. Zelda. Zelda is either the Yiddish name coming from Zelig, or an English name that’s short for Griselda. Zelda became popular with the Legend of Zelda video games in the 1980s. The creator of the game, Shigeru Miyamoto, named the princess of the legendary video game after American socialite and wife of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, who is perhaps the most famous figure with this name.

6. Zahra. This name comes from the Arabic word meaning “brilliant” or “bright.” It was also an epithet of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, Fatimah.

7. Zaylee. Some say this popular Z girl name is a modern, invented name that is based on names like Kaylee, Haylee, and Bailey, but others say it has roots in the Greek word meaning “dry.”

8. Zariyah. This popular name is a variant of Zariah.

9. Zaniyah. Zaniyah is a name used among the African-American community. It’s a variant of Zaniah, which comes from the Arabic word meaning “corner,” and was also the medieval name of a star in the constellation of Virgo (so it could be a good name for your little one if she’s born a Virgo).

10. Zaria. Zaria is either based on Zahrah, which means “blossoming flower” in Arabic, or the name of the Nigerian city of Zaria.


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Unique Girl Names That Start With Z

If it’s a unique girl name you’re after, then the letter Z has some great choices for you. From Armenian to Zulu names, check out these unique and rare girl names that start with Z. 11. Zabel. This is the Armenian form of Isabel and was the name of a thirteenth-century queen of Cilician Armenia.

12. Zaira. This name comes from the Italian and Spanish form of Zaïre. It was used in Vincenzo Bellini’s opera Zaira, based on Voltaire’s play, Zaïre.

13. Zenaida. Zenaida comes from Late Greek, and is a derivative of Zenais, which came from the Greek god Zeus, whose name meant “sky” or “shine.” Zenaida was also a first-century doctor who also became a saint.

14. Zaahira. This is the feminine form of the Arabic name Zaahir, which means, “to shine” or “to radiate.”

15. Zaharina. Zaharina is the Bulgarian and North Macedonian feminine for Zechariah, the Hebrew name which means “God remembers.”

16. Zarja. This is the Slovenian form of Zora, which means “dawn” or “aurora” in the South and West Slavic languages.

17. Zeenat. Zeenat comes from the Urdu for Zinat, a Persian name which means “ornament.”

18. Zuzanka. Zuzanka is the Slovak and Czech diminutive of Zuzana, the regional form of Susanna.

19. Zuleika. Although Zuleika most likely has an Arabic origin, its meaning is unknown. However, it’s a name that has its roots in literature, most notably featuring in the work of fifteenth-century Persian poet Jami, and this was also the name of the biblical Potiphar’s wife. It’s a name used across the world, with Brazilian writer Zuleika Alambert, Armenian painter Zuleika Bazhbeuk-Melikyan, and Puerto Rican handball player Zuleika Fuentes bearing this name.

20. Zodwa. Zodwa comes from southern Africa and is used among those who speak Zulu, Xhosa, and Ndebele. It’s the short form of Ntombizodwa, which means “only girls” in Zulu, Xhosa, and Ndebele languages.

More Unique Girl Names That Start With Z

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Hebrew and Biblical Girl Names That Start With Z

You can find some great Z girl names in the Bible. Here are our picks of Hebrew and biblical Z names for girls. 31. Zibiah. This name features in the Old Testament as the mother of King Joash of Judah. It means “gazelle” or “doe” in Hebrew.

32. Zillah. Zillah means “shade” in Hebrew and was used by the second wife of Lamech in the Old Testament.

33. Zilpah. This name was given to the handmaid who was given to Jacob by Leah in the Old Testament. It means “frailty” in Hebrew.

34. Zipporah. Coming from the Hebrew name Tzipporah, this biblical girls’ names means “bird.” Zipporah was also the name of Moses’s Midianite wife and daughter of Jethro in the Old Testament.

35. Zilpa. This is the Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch equivalent of Zilpah.

36. Zelpha. Zelpha is the Greek and Latin form of the name Zilpah.

37. Zohar. Zohar comes from the word in Hebrew meaning “light” and “brilliance,” and it’s also the name for the foundational work in the literature of Jewish mystical thought known as the Kabbalah.

38. Ziv. Ziv comes from the Hebrew meaning “bright” and “radiant,” and was the ancient name of the second month of the Jewish calendar. It can be used for both boys and girls.

39. Ziva. Ziva is another way of spelling “Ziv” and is exclusively feminine.

40. Zivit. And along with Ziva, you can also spell Ziv as Zivit, if you want a different variation of the name.

Cool Names That Start With Z for a Girl

Most Z names for girls have a cool ring to them, but these names even more so. From rebellious princesses to pop culture and literary figures, we’ve rounded up a great collection of cool names that start with Z for your little girl. 51. Zaida. Zaida is the feminine form of Zayd, which comes from the Arabic “to increase.” Zaida was the name of a Muslim princess who took refuge at the court of Alfonso VI of León and Castile in the eleventh century.

52. Zaïre. It’s likely this name was based on the Arabic Zahra, but it mostly became famous due to Voltaire’s play of the same name. Zaïre is a Christian woman who was due to marry the Sultan. It was also used by Jean Racine before Voltaire in a minor role for his play Bajazet.

53. Zella. The origins of the name Zella are unknown, and some say it was even an invented name. However, it made its first appearance around the nineteenth century, so this mysterious name certainly comes with a cool factor.

54. Zemfira. Although the meaning behind the name Zemfira is unknown, some say it could come from Romani origin. It appeared in Aleksandr Pushkin’s poem The Gypsies, and today it’s a name mostly used in the Tatar and Bashkiria regions of Russia and in Azerbaijan.

55. Zena. The origin of this name is also a mystery. Some say it could be a variant of Xenia, which means “hospitality” in Greek” or a diminutive of Alexina, Rosina, or Zenobia. It’s mostly been used since the nineteenth century.

56. Zendaya. American actress Zendaya Coleman, who just goes by Zendaya, made this name popular. It has its roots in the Zimbabwean name Tendai, which means “be thankful” in the Shona language.

57. Zhihao. This name has several different meanings, depending on the characters it comes from in Chinese. Zhi could come from the meaning “will,” “purpose,” or “ambition” or from the character meaning “wisdom” or “intellect” with hao meaning “brave,” “heroic,” or “chivalrous.”

58. Zifa. Zifa comes from the Tatar and Bashkir communities in Russia, and is a form of the name Ziba, which means “beautiful” in Persian.

59. Zola. There are two possible origins for Zola, one being from southern Africa, meaning “calm” in Xhosa. The other origin of the name is unknown, and some speculate it may even be invented. However, it’s been in use in the English-speaking world since the nineteenth century, and could even come from an Italian surname, like with the French-Italian author Émile Zola.

60. Ziska. Ziska comes from Germany and is the short form of Franziska

More Cool Names That Start With Z for a Girl

International Z Names for Girls

From Arabic girl names to Peruvian one, and back to Europe again, check out this great collection of international names starting with Z. 71. Zaynab. Although the exact meaning of Zaynab is uncertain, it’s most likely related to the Arabic word zayn, meaning “beauty.” It could also come from the name of a fragrant flowering tree. It’s also possible it comes from Zenobia, a name of a pre-Islamic queen of Palmira. Zaynab was the name of a daughter, a granddaughter, and two wives of the Prophet Muhammad.

72. Zaramama. This name come from Peru and means the “grain mother” in the Quechua language. Zaramama was also the Inca goddess of grain, so if you’re looking for an interesting name and you or your family have Peruvian heritage, this is a lovely choice.

73. Zdislava. This is the Czech feminine name for Zdzisław, which has its roots in the words meaning “build” and “glory.” Thirteenth-century saint, Zdislava Berka was a famous bearer of this name in Czech history.

74. Zedong. Zedong is a name used by both men and women in China. It means “moist,” “grace,” or “brilliance” and “east.”

75. Zhaklina. This is the Bulgarian form of Jacqueline, so if you’re looking for an alternative spelling or maybe you have some connection to Bulgaria, this could be a lovely name.

76. Zhyrgal. Coming from Kyrgyzstan, Zhyrgal is an alternative transcription of the Jyrgal, which means “happiness” in Kyrgyz.

77. Zoja. Zoja is a form of Zoe in the Baltic and South Slavic languages, like Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, and North Macedonia.

78. Zsuzsanna. This lovely name is the Hungarian form of Susanna. There are many Zsuzsannas who have competed in the Olympic games, like Hungarian fencer Zsuzsanna Szőcs who won two Olympic medals in the foil team competitions, and Zsuzsanna Vörös who took home the gold in the pentathlon.

79. Zvonimira. Zvonimira is the Croatian feminine form of Zvonimir, which has its roots in the Slavic elements zvonu, meaning “sound” or “chime” and miru, meaning “peace.”

80. Zorana. Zorana is a Serbian and Croatian girl’s name with its roots in the West and South Slavic word meaning “dawn” or “aurora.”

More International Z Girl Names

Beautiful Girl Names That Start With Z

You’ll find some beautiful names that start with Z for girls. Some names sound poetic or have roots in beautiful meanings. These Z baby girl names are sure to inspire you and maybe you’ll find the right one for your baby. 91. Zarina. Zarina is mostly used by Kazakh, Urdu, and Malay speakers, but it comes from the Persian word zarin, meaning “golden.” According to Ctesias, a Greek historian from the fifth century, this was the name of Scythian queen.

92. Zenobia. The name Zenobia has its roots in ancient Greek, meaning “life of Zeus.” The queen of Palmyra, who had the name Queen of the East in the third century after she expanded her queendom into Roman territory after defeating the Emperor Aurelian. Her name could also be a Greek approximation of her native Aramaic name.

93. Zéphyrine. This French girls’ name is the French feminine form of Zephyrinus, coming from the Greek word for the “west wind.”

94. Zinnia. Zinnia is the name of a flower that got its name from a German botanist Johann Zinn.

95. Zoraida. Zoraida is a Spanish name that perhaps comes from the Arabic word meaning “enchanting” or “dawn.” A twelfth-century saint that converted to Christianity from Islam in Spain bore this name, and it also featured in Cervantes’s Don Quixote, where Zoraida was a beautiful Moorish woman who came from Algiers, converts to Christianity, and eloped with a Spanish officer.

96. Zubaida. This name is used among Urdu and Arabic speakers, and means “elite,” “prime,” or “cream” in Arabic. Zubaida was also the name belonging to a ninth-century woman who was the wife of Harun al-Rashid, the Abbasid caliph featured in The 1001 Nights.

97. Zsóka. Zsóka is a Hungarian name that’s a diminutive of Erzsébet, the Hungarian form of Elizabeth, but today it’s a standalone name.

98. Zosime. This name has its roots in ancient Greece and is the feminine form of Zosimos, which means “viable” or “likely to survive.”

99. Zorica. Zorica is a Serbian, Croatian, and North Macedonian diminutive of Zora, which means “dawn” or “aurora” in South and West Slavic languages.

100. Zlata. This name is used across most Slavic language countries, like the Balkans, Russia, Czechia, and Slovakia. It’s the feminine form of Zlatan, meaning “golden.”

More Beautiful Girl Names That Start With Z

Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With Z

Some names sound cute, others are lovely diminutives other pretty names, here are some of the cutest and prettiest names that start with Z. 111. Zala. This Slovene name is a diminutive of Rozalija.

112. Zane. Although Zane is usually a boys’ name in English-speaking countries, in Latvia it’s a form of Susanna.

113. Zita. Zita is used all across Europe, including Portugal, Italy,Germany, the Baltics, Czechia, and Slovakia. It means “little girl” in Tuscan Italian and was the name of a thirteenth-century saint who was the patron saint of servants. It’s also used in Hungary, but it’s a diminutive of Felicitás, coming from the Latin “good luck” or “fortune.” Zita of Bourbon-Parma, the Princess of Parma and the last Empress-Consort of Austria-Hungary is a famous example of this name.

114. Zrinka. This Croatian girls’ name most likely comes from a village in Croatia named Zrin. It’s also possible that it comes from the name of a noble family, Zrinski, who came from the region.

115. Zula. Zula can either be a Polish diminutive of Zuzanna, or a name that may have relations to the Zulu tribe in Africa, which has been in used in English since the nineteenth century.

116. Zhenya. Zhenya is a Russian and Bulgarian diminutive of the names Yevgeniya and Evgeniya, respectively. Both names have roots in the Greek word eugenes, meaning “well born.”

117. Zhannochka. Zhannochka is the diminutive of Zhanna, the Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarussian form of Jeanne.

118. Zenzi. This is a cute German name that comes from Kreszenz, the German form of Crescentia, coming from the Latin word crescere, “to grow.”

119. Zelma. If you’re looking for a different way to spell Selma, you might want to switch an S for a Z.

120. Zélie. This is the short form of Azélie. Nineteenth century saint Marie-Azélie Guérin went by the the name Zélie.

More Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With Z

The Bottom Line

If you want to keep the baby-naming party going with more letters by name, maybe head back up to the top of the alphabet to the girl names that start with A. Need more ideas? How about some Italian girl names, Spanish baby girl names, or Hawaiian girl names. Whether you are far along in your pregnancy and packing your hospital bag, or you’re just figuring out your due date, now is the best time to download the Pampers Club app so you can get rewards and discounts for the packs of diapers you buy.

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