Top Baby Girl Names That Start With I

There is something about baby girl names with I. Maybe it’s the poetic sound they make or how they sound so elegant and mythological. And that’s not a coincidence—so many names beginning with I come from myth, legend, and history. And many also have their roots in Italian, Greek, Old Norse, African languages like Igbo or Ibibio, which means you’ll get a cosmopolitan list to choose from. Read through our selection of I names for girls, from the most popular and beautiful names to unusual and biblical ones and more.

Popular Girl Names That Start With I

If you want to get started exploring I names for girls, then have a look at the top 10 baby girl names beginning with I in the United States: 1. Isabella. It’s easy to see why Isabella tops the charts, followed by its variants Isabelle, Isabel, Izabella, and Isabela. It was a name borne by many royals, such as Queen Isabella of Castile. The name comes from Elizabeth, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva, meaning “my God is an oath.” Since then, it’s become a popular name the world over. Actress Isabella Rossellini is one celebrity with this lovely name.

2. Isla. This girls’ name has its roots in Scotland and is a variant of Islay, an island off the west coast of Scotland (famous for its whisky). This girls’ name that starts with the letter I ranks in second for this letter of the alphabet. One celebrity with this name is Isla Fisher, an Australian actress married to Sacha Baron Cohen.

3. Ivy. Ivy, a classic name beginning with I, is a great choice if you’re looking for a name with a botanical touch. It comes from the Old English word ifig and is named for the climbing plant with small yellow flowers.

4. Iris. Iris comes from the Ancient Greek word for “rainbow” and was also the Greek goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the gods. Iris is also a name given to a beautiful blue and yellow flower and the pigmented part of the eye. It’s a lovely, colorful name for a little girl.

5. Ivanna. Coming from Ukraine, this is the feminine version of the name Ivan, the Slavic version of John—meaning “God is gracious” in the original Hebrew name. It’s certainly a name that’s passed down and changed between different languages and becoming a feminine name today, but that makes it even lovelier.

6. Ivory. Although ivory came from the tusks of the elephants in the past and was used in materials like piano keys, today, it’s more associated with an elegant shade of cream-white color. It’s a popular gender-neutral name among African Americans, and a beautiful, elegant name.

7. Irene. Derived from the Greek word Eirene, meaning “peace,” this name also belonged to the Greek goddess of peace. It’s a name that’s been popular since the Ancient Greeks, particularly among Eastern Christians and in the English-speaking world post-nineteenth century.

8. Itzayana. This name comes from Latin America and is thought to be either an elaboration of the name Itzel, coming from the Mayan word itz, meaning “dew,” “nectar,” or “fluid” or it’s a variant of a Basque name Itzal meaning “shadow” or “protection.”

9. Ila. This beautiful name comes from the Sanskrit word for “speech” or “earth.”

10. Iliana. This feminine name comes from Ilias, which is simply the Greek version of the biblical name Elijah, meaning “my God is Yahweh” in Hebrew. Today it's a popular girls’ name in Greece and Bulgaria but is gaining popularity in the United States.


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Unique Girl Names That Start With I

If you want to have your little girl stand out, then maybe you’ll want to give her a special, pretty and unique girl name beginning with I, like the ones below. 11. Idril. If you want a unique name for your little girl that’s rooted in literature, then this name in the fictional language of Sindarin is a great way to make her stand out. It means “sparkle brilliance” and was a character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion.

12. Idonea. A unique name from medieval English with its roots in Icelandic mythology. It is believed that Idonea is an Anglicized version of the Norse name Iðunn, the goddess of spring. It may also have its roots in the Latin word idonea, meaning “suitable.”

13. Inmaculada. This name means “immaculate” in Spanish and is often given to the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception. This name has numerous spellings, like the Catalan Immaculada, the Italian Immacolata, and the Portuguese Imaculada.

14. Imelda. This is the Italian and Spanish form of the name Irmhild, which means “whole,” “universal,” and “battle” in Old German.

15. India. This name comes from India, with the word stemming from the Sanskrit for “body of trembling water.” One famous literary figure with this unique name is India Wilkes in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind.

16. Iesha. This lovely and unique name is a modern variant of Aisha, meaning “alive” in Arabic.

17. Ilaria. Ilaria is the Italian name for Hillary, coming from Hilarius, which means “cheerful” in Latin. So, this is a perfect name for a little, giggly girl who puts everyone in a cheerful mood.

18. Ishtar. This ancient name goes back to the Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonians, as Ishtar was the goddess of love, war, and fertility. Although the meaning is unknown, it’s certainly a name with plenty of history and mythology attached to it, and you can be sure it’ll make your little girl appear even more unique.

19. Iphigenia. This Ancient Greek name became famous with Euripides’s plays Iphigenia in Aulis and Iphigenia in Taurus. One legend has it that she was saved and magically transported to the city of Taurus. The name comes from the Greek words iphios, meaning “strong” and genes meaning “born.”

20. Iracema. If you would like a beautiful indigenous American name, then Iracema is a lovely choice. It means “honey lips” in the Tupi language. Fun fact: The name is also an anagram of America.

More Unique Girl Names That Start With I

It’s a lot of fun choosing a baby name, but it’s a huge responsibility. If you need a little help, watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Beautiful I Girl Names

Whether you want a mythological baby name or a beautiful-sounding name that begins with I, we collected a list of names that don’t just sound beautiful but have a beautiful story or meaning behind them. 31. Ianthe. This lovely name belonged to an ocean nymph in Greek mythology and came from the Greek words for ion, meaning “violet” and anthos “flower.” It’s not just a name that sounds beautiful but also has a lovely meaning and mythology behind it.

32. Iara. Iara means “lady of the water” in Tupi. According to Brazilian folklore, Iara was a beautiful river nymph who lured men into the water.

33. Idalia. Born from the Germanic words idal, meaning “work” or “labor,” Idalia likely comes from Ancient Germanic. However, some believe it came from the Greek goddess Aphrodite, as her city of Idalion on Cyrpus was the center of her cult. Either way, it’s a beautiful name.

34. Imogen. Some say Shakespeare came up with the name Imogen for a princess in his play Cymbeline. He had based her on the legendary character Innogen, but her name—at least according to legend—was misprinted and never corrected. Innogen, the name Shakespeare was inspired by, most likely came from the Gaelic word inghean, meaning “maiden.” Today it’s a popular name in Britain and Australia.

35. Ignacia. A Spanish name that’s the feminine for Ignatius, which apparently has its roots with the Etruscans before being adopted by the Romans as a family name. The name Ignatius was popular as a boy’s name—with several saints bearing this name—with Ignacia being the girl’s version. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful name, so perfect for a pretty baby girl.

36. Igraine. Igraine is the Latinized form of Eigyr, a Welsh name whose meaning is unknown. Igraine has become a timeless name thanks to the Arthurian legend, where she was King Arthur and Morgan le Fay’s mother. It’s a beautiful and mythological name that will surely stand the test of time.

37. Isolde. This name is popular for the legend of Tristan and Isolde, appearing in the thirteenth-century poem Tristan by Gottfried von Strassburg and then later immortalized by Richard Wagner in his opera Tristan und Isolde. Isolde is the German version of Iseult, which, although it’s believed to have Celtic roots, is made up of German words for “ice,” “iron,” and “battle.” Isolde was an Irish princess betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall, but after drinking a love potion, she fell in love with his nephew Tristan. It’s a love story as famous as Romeo and Juliet, making it a beautiful and romantic name.

38. Ileana. Ileana is most likely a Romanian variant of the name Elena, which comes from Helen. Ileana was a princess kidnapped by monsters and then rescued by a heroic knight in Romanian folk tales.

39. Inanna. An ancient name that most likely means “lady of the heavens” in Sumerian. Inanna was also the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and war. It’s a unique and beautiful name that goes back to the dawn of civilization.

40. Indira. A beautiful name that quite literally means “beauty” in Sanskrit. It’s another name for the goddess Lakshmi, and made famous by Indira Gandhi, India’s first female prime minister.

More Beautiful Girl Names That Start With I

Cool Girl Names That Start With I

These names will hopefully inspire you to find a name that’s slightly different or has a cool factor. Including names for Egyptian and Mayan goddesses, and names that just sound cool, check out these girl names beginning with I. 51. Iolanthe. By combining the Greek words iole, meaning violet, and anthos, meaning “flower,” you get this variant of the name Yolanda. One of its first popular uses was in the Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera Iolanthe.

52. Iona. Iona comes from the name of a small island in Scotland, where Saint Columba founded a monastery. It’s become a cool girls’ name today due to it being unusual and different.

53. Ida. From the German word for “work” or “labor,” Ida came to England with the Normans. It became unpopular in the Middle Ages and died out, until there was a revival of the name in the nineteenth century with Alfred Tennyson’s poem The Princess, which became a play by Gilbert and Sullivan called Princess Ida. It’s a name that was almost lost to the sands of time but made a comeback. That’s pretty cool in our book!

54. Isaura. A name that’s used in Portugal and Spain, Isaura means “from Isauria” in Latin, which was a region in Asia Minor (today’s Turkey).

55. Iset. Try something a little different with this cool name that’s a reconstructed Egyptian form of the goddess Isis’s name.

56. Isadora. This is the feminine spelling of the name Isidoros, which means “gift of Isis.” It’s certainly a cool and unusual name, but it was made famous by dancer Isadora Duncan.

57. Iulia. If you want to try something a bit different, why not go for the Ancient Roman spelling of the name Julia?

58. Ixchel. Ixchel was the Mayan goddess of the earth, moon, and medicine and was often depicted with a snake in her hair and crossbones embroidered on her skirt. The name in Mayan means “rainbow lady.”

59. Izanami. In Japanese mythology, Izanami was a creator goddess. Her name means “female who invites,” so it could be a cool name for a popular girl.

60. Ilithyia. This name stems from the Greek word eilethyia, meaning “the readycomer.” Ilithyia was also the Greek goddess of childbirth and midwifery. The name itself sounds pretty cool and rolls off the tongue nicely.

61. Ildikó. This Hungarian name likely comes from the name Hilda, but what is even cooler is that it was the name borne by one of the wives of Attila the Hun.

More Cool Girl Names That Start With I

International Girl Names That Start With the Letter I

If you’re looking for inspiration for an international baby name for a little girl starting with the letter I, we have a great list here for you. From Spanish baby girl names and Italian girl names to Scandinavian and even Arabic girl names, we found a great list of international girl names that begin with I. 72. Imma. This is a popular shortened version of Immacolata or Immaculada, in both Italy and Catalunya.

73. Imriška. If you’re looking for a Slovak girls’ name that starts with I, then this feminine form of Emmerich is a good choice. The name comes from the German and is likely to be made up of words meaning “home” and “ruler.”

74. Indrani. This name belonged to the Hindu goddess of jealousy and beauty. It means “queen of Indra” in Sanskrit.

75. Inés. The Spanish form of Agnes, which comes from the Greek word meaning “chaste.” There are also different spellings without the accent, Ines, which are popular in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia.

76. Inga. This feminine version of Inge is popular throughout Scandinavia and the Baltics. It refers to the Germanic god Ing, which comes from the Germanic word “ancestor.”

77. Ingeborg. Another name with connections to the god Ing. It’s an Old Norse name that combines Ing with the word bjorg, meaning “help,” “save,” or “rescue.”

78. Ingrid. Meaning “ing is beautiful” in Old Norse, it combines the god Ing with the word for “beautiful.” Ingrid became a popular and famous name after the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman.

79. Iolanda. This spelling of Yolanda is used in Italy, Portugal, Romania, and Catalunya. It comes from the Latin word for “violet.”

80. Ivona. This form of Yvonne is particularly popular in Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, and North Macedonia. The name has its roots in the Germanic word iv, which means “yew.”

81. Iekika. If you want a lovely Hawaiian girls’ name, you may want to try Iekika, which is the Hawaiian form of Jessica.

More International Girl Names That Start With the Letter I

Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With I

Perhaps you’re looking for a name as cute and pretty as your little girl. From adorable diminutives to names with cute meanings, you’ll be sure to find some inspiration here for naming your baby girl. 92. Izzy. This is a cute diminutive of the name Isabel, Isabella, Isadora, or any other name that has a similar sound.

93. Ibolya. A cute flower name for girls, Ibolya—pronounced Ee-boy-lya—means “violet” in Hungarian and is a pretty name for a sweet little girl.

94. Inja. If you want a cute Slovenian name, Inja is the short name for any of the Slovenian names ending with -ina, but you can use it as a cute name for your little girl.

95. Ieva. This pretty name from the Baltic States is the Lithuanian and Latvian form of Eve and is also the word for a type of cherry tree. So, if your little girl has cheeks like ripe cherries, this could be an adorable name for her, especially if you have any family ties to the Baltics.

96. Ina. There are many names that can be shortened to Ina. This is a popular diminutive name all across Central Europe and Scandinavia, but it’s pretty sweet by itself. Former White House employee and TV host of the Food Network program, The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten is a public figure with this name.

97. Ifeoma. Coming from West Africa, Ifeoma means “good thing” in Igbo, which is a sweet and cute meaning for a lovely name.

98. Ihab. Ihab is Arabic for “gift,” so this could be a cute name, especially if your family has roots in the Middle East. Your little one is a gift, so why not name her after the word gift?

99. Ihsan. Ihsan is an adorable name, but it also means “charity” in Arabic.

100. Ildi. This is the diminutive for the Hungarian name Ildikó and a pretty cute name that’s slightly different. Although it comes from the word “battle,” if your little one is feisty, she can be cute and a force to be reckoned with.

101. Ili. Another sweet Hungarian diminutive, Ili is the short version of Ilona, if you’re looking for more short and sweet names.

More Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With I

Biblical Girl Names That Start With I

Looking for a biblical name starting with I? From Hebrew names to Greek or Latin variants of them, we collected a list to help you get started. 112. Iael. This name comes from the Greek Old Testament, and is a form of Jael, which in Hebrew means “ibex” or “mountain goat.” In the Bible, it belongs to the wife of Heber the Kenite.

113. Iahel. Like Iael, this is the Latin name for Jael from the Old Testament.

114. Iscah. Iscah comes from the Hebrew name Yiskah, meaning “to behold.” In the Old Testament, she was Abraham’s niece, although she only gets a fleeting mention. Fun fact: This is the basis of the name Jessica!

115. Ivah. This Ancient Hebrew name gets a mention in the Old Testament, but it’s a district in Babylon and not a person. We still think it sounds pretty.

116. Iezabel. This is the Greek form of the name Jezebel, which some translations say means “where is the prince?” Jezebel in the Bible was married to Ahab, King of Israel.

117. Ioanna. The Greek form of Joanna, which is the feminine form of John, a name that appears in the Bible a couple of times, first with John the Baptist, and then with one of the apostles of Jesus. The name itself means “God is gracious,” from the Hebrew.

118. Ioudith. This is the Greek version of the name Judith, which in Hebrew meant “Jewish woman.” Judith in the Old Testament was one of the Hittite wives of Esau and is the main character in the apocryphal Book of Judith. She is immortalized in art and literature for having killed the invading Assyrian commander Holofernes in his sleep.

119. Iounia. A New Testament name that’s the Greek form of Junia, the feminine form of Junius. It was the name of an early Christian mentioned in the Bible, but there is still some debate on whether this is a man or a woman.

120. Izevel. This name is the Ancient Hebrew form of the name Jezebel.

121. Isebel. While Isebel is the German version of Jezebel.

The Bottom Line

Want to keep the baby-naming party going? Then maybe you’ll want to check out girl names that start with J or try some French girl names. If you’re early into your pregnancy, you can see when your little one is due with our due date calculator, or if you’re expecting your new arrival soon, then pack your hospital bag. In the meantime, why not download the Pampers Club app to help you save more on diapers!

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