Top Baby Girl Names That Start With N

Picking the perfect name for your new arrival is an exciting time! If you’re drawn to names beginning with N, or perhaps N names are a family tradition, we’ve got the perfect list for you. From the most popular and beautiful girl names that start with N, to some unique and international names to inspire you, we’ve got all the N names for your needs.

Popular Girl Names That Start With N

If you’re looking for a popular and common female name that starts with the letter N, then check out the top 10 girl names in the United States for 2020:

1. Nora. Hitting the top spot is Nora. This beautiful name has both Irish and Arabic origins meaning “honor” and “light.” It’s the short form of Honora or Eleanor but is now popular as a standalone name. Not only was Nora used as a character in Henrik Ibsen’s play The Doll’s House, but it’s also the name of writer Nora Ephron, best known for creating witty romantic comedies with strong female characters, such as When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. A great name choice for the new strong female in your life! 2. Nova. When new life enters the world, what’s more perfect than a name that reflects that. Of Latin origin meaning “new,” Nova has a fresh and cool vibe, as well as adding luminosity with its astronomical ties to Nova stars. A name that will match your bright little star! 3. Natalie. If your baby girl is born during the winter holidays, Natalie meaning “Christmas day” in Latin is an apt name choice. This popular name was borne by American actress Natalie Wood who was of Russian decent, as well as actress Natalie Portman. 4. Naomi. Once primarily a Jewish name, Naomi has rose to popularity in recent years. This name of Hebrew origin meaning “pleasantness” is found in the Old Testament, so, it’s a beautiful choice if you’re looking for biblical names. Famous namesakes include model Naomi Campbell and actress Naomi Watts. 5. Navaeh. When you read this name backwards what does it spell? That’s right, heaven! This modern N girl’s name became popular after musician Sonny Sandoval gave it to his baby girl. Since 2005, Navaeh has remained in the top 100 girl names in the United States. 6. Natalia. This form of Natalie, another popular name, is of Russian origin and often used in Slavic countries. It adds a more unique twist to the name Natalie. Russian prima ballerina Natalia Makarova is a famous bearer of this name. 7. Norah. A variation of our top name, Nora, with the same meaning, “honor,” or “light.” You may recognize this name from singer Norah Jones. 8. Noelle. Another top N name for a baby girl born during the holidays. Noelle is the female version of Noel meaning “Christmas” in French. This popular name has a beautiful and festive vibe to it and is sure to get your little one on Santa’s nice list! 9. Nyla. This name is possibly of Gaelic origin, from the male name Niles and Neil meaning “champion,” or “cloud.” This unique sounding name has risen in popularity since 2001 and was the name of an Egyptian princess. 10. Nicole. Derived from the masculine name Nicholas, the patron saint of children, sailors, and merchants, Nicole is of French and Greek origin meaning “victory of the people.” It’s also the name of actress Nicole Kidman and singer Nicole Scherzinger.


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Unique Girl Names That Start With N

Are you looking for a rare name that will stand out from the crowd? Perhaps you’re intrigued by mythology or names with interesting meanings. Well, we’ve got some great unique girl names starting with N to help inspire you: 11. Nadine. A French variation of the Russian name Nadia meaning “hope.” This unique name isn’t heard often, but perhaps you could bring new hope to it by giving it to your baby girl. 12. Naenia. If you’re looking for a unique name with a cool and somewhat dark twist, then Naenia might be for you. With its origins lying in Roman mythology, Naenia, meaning “incantation,” was the goddess of funerals. 13. Nanna. If you’re expecting your little one to be daring and brave, then this name of Scandinavian origin means just that. Nanna is the name of a goddess in Norse mythology, making this name less “grandmother” and more “daring.” 14. Narcissa. This feminine form of Narcissus is of Greek origin from the name of the flower, also known as the daffodil. This could be a unique spin on the usual flower names for girls. 15. Neasa. For those of you who enjoy the uniqueness and romanticism of mythological baby names, this Irish name gives you that. In Irish legend, Neasa, the mother of Conchobar displayed strength and determination by placing her son on the throne and guiding him to become a respected ruler. This fearless woman was originally named Assa meaning “gentle;” however, due to her strong and vengeful nature, it was changed to Neasa meaning “not gentle.” 16. Nellie. This unique name with an old-fashioned vibe is a diminutive of names containing el, such as Helen and the classic E name for girls, Eleanor. An inspiring namesake is nineteenth-century investigative journalist Nellie Bly. A pioneer in her field, Nellie Bly went undercover in an insane asylum to uncover the poor treatment of the patients. This name hasn’t seen much action since the 1950s, making this cute yet strong vintage name ripe for a comeback. 17. Nephele. In Greek mythology, Nephele was a Greek goddess who was created from a cloud by Zeus. She was also the mother of centaurs. This enchanting name is a unique choice for your little dreamer or an air sign (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius) baby. 18. Niamh. Niamh is a name of Irish Gaelic origin meaning “bright.” Pronounced NEEV, in Irish myth, she was known as golden-haired Niamh and daughter of the King of the Land of Youth. This name is popular in Ireland and the United Kingdom, but it’s a much more unique choice in the United States for your golden-haired princess. You may even enjoy the variation of Neve, borne by actress Neve Campbell. 19. Nigella. Meaning “black” in Latin, this feminine form of Nigel is a rare girl’s name starting with N. It is most notably the name of the glamorous British TV chef Nigella Lawson who was named after her father. 20. Nyssa. This was the name of an ancient town in Asia Minor (present-day Turkey) where fourth-century Saint Gregory was bishop. For botanical lovers, Nyssa is also the genus name of a deciduous tree known as Tupelo.

More Unique Girl Names That Start With N

If you can’t get enough of these N girl names and unique baby names, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Biblical Girl Names That Start With N

If you’re inspired by classic names with a biblical background, or you’re looking for a religious or Hebrew name for your baby girl, we’ve got some great biblical names starting with N for you to choose from:

30. Naamah. Meaning “pleasant,” this name of Ancient Hebrew origin is found in the Old Testament. Naamah was the daughter of Lamach and a wife of Solomon. A great biblical choice for your pleasant little lady. 31. Nahal. This Hebrew name meaning “stream” could be an interesting n girl name for a water sign baby (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). 32. Nava. A unique name of Hebrew origin meaning “beautiful,” Nava has a cool, trendy sound to it, perhaps it could be revived to become a modern baby girl name starting with n. 33. Nili. This Hebrew name has an interesting origin; it comes from an acronym of Netzach Yisrael Lo Yishaker meaning “the eternity of Israel will not lie,” a phrase that is also found in the Old Testament. Not only is Nili a great Hebrew name, but it’s also a cute-sounding choice. 34. Nitzan. Another unique Hebrew name meaning “flower bud.” A beautiful choice for your blossoming little flower. 35. Noah. Noah is a popular biblical name with different meanings for female and male. The female version means “motion” and is found in the Old Testament as daughter of Zelophehad. Whereas the male Noah means “rest” and is well known as the builder of the ark during the Great Flood. This is a great gender-neutral name. 36. Noam. Another unisex Hebrew name meaning “pleasantness” is Noam. This is a popular name choice in Israel but is more unique for the United States. A famous namesake is “the father of modern linguistics” and social activist Noam Chomsky. 37. Noga. Noga is the modern and feminine version of the Hebrew name Nogah meaning “brightness.” In the Old Testament, Nogah is the song of King David. This name could be a great choice for your bright ray of sunshine! 38. Noya. A popular Israeli name meaning “beauty” in Hebrew. It’s a cute name choice with an apt meaning for your baby girl. 39. Nurit. If you’re looking for a Hebrew name that’s reminiscent of nature, then Nurit meaning “buttercup flower” is a sweet choice.

International Girl Names That Start With N

Whether you’re looking for a name to honor your ancestry, or you’re a seasoned traveler inspired by different countries and cultures, we’ve got plenty of beautiful and unique international girl names starting with N:

40. Na. A short and sweet name of Chinese origin meaning “graceful,” Na is perfect for a little girl who is full of grace and elegance. 41. Nabila. This feminine form of Nabil is an Arabic name meaning “noble.” If your heritage hails from an Arabic-speaking country, this strong and honorable Arabic girl name might be a great choice for you. 42. Nada. A name hailing from both Arabic and Slavic parts of the world. In Arabic, Nada means “generosity” or “dew,” and in Slavic it means “hope.” Both are beautiful and inspiring meanings for this lovely name. 43. Nadia. Similar to Nada, Nadia is a more well-known and popular choice with its origins lying in Russia. Its meaning of “hope” is reinforced by the inspiring namesake Romanian Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci. At the young age of 14, she was the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect 10 in the Olympic games. 44. Naja. If your baby girl has a big brother, this Greenlandic name has the perfect meaning of “boy’s younger sister.” Naja became a popular name in Denmark due to writer B.S. Ingemann’s 1842 novel Kunnuk and Naja, or the Greenlanders. 45. Nālani. If you love names that are evocative of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and tranquility, then Nālani meaning “the heavens” gives you just that. It’s a Hawaiian girl’s name that sounds just as heavenly as its meaning. 46. Nana. This international name spans the globe; as the Greek and biblical name Ioanna, the Japanese name meaning “greens,” and the Hawaiian name meaning “spring.” Nana is a cute name often used when referring to a grandmother; however, it has the potential to be a fun vintage name for a baby girl. 47. Natsuko. This name of Japanese origin meaning “summer child” is perfect for a baby born during the summer months. It’s a Japanese name that will bring sunshine into your life. 48. Nerina. An Italian girl name that is potentially derived from the Greek name Nereida meaning “sea nymphs.” Nerina can be found in Torquato Tasso’s 1573 play Aminta, as well as Giacomo Leopardi’s 1829 poem Le Ricordanze. 49. Nicolette. From the French girl’s name Nicole meaning “victory of the people,” Nicolette adds some flair to the name. You could also choose the Italian version Nicoletta, or some cool nicknames such as Nico or Nicci. 50. Nnenne. In Igbo, from Western Africa, Nnenne means “mother’s mother.” Interestingly, this beautiful name is often given to a child who is believed to be the reincarnation of their maternal grandmother.

More International Girl Names That Start With N

There are so many amazing international names to choose from, so we’ve got even more N girl names from around the world:

Beautiful Girl Names That Start With N

Do you want a name that reflects the beauty of your baby girl? Whether it’s a nature inspired name or the name of a goddess, we’ve got a list of the most pretty and beautiful girl names that start with N:

63. Nancy. This beautiful old-fashioned N girl name was originally a medieval diminutive of Annis, before becoming a diminutive of Ann, the classic A girl’s name. It became a name in its own right in the eighteenth century. You may recognize this name from the fictional girl detective Nancy Drew, or a character from the musical Oliver Twist. Frank Sinatra also dedicated the song “Nancy With the Laughing Face” to his daughter. 64. Nerissa. Derived from the name of the Greek sea god Nereus who fathered the sea sprites, also known as nereis. Shakespeare used this name in his play The Merchant of Venice, for the confidante and lady-in-waiting of Portia. 65. Natasha. Natasha comes from the Russian name Natalya meaning “Christmas day,” making it a beautiful choice for a Wintertime baby. This name peaked in popularity in the 1980s, but it still has a classic vibe that could feel fresh today. Fans of literature might recognize it from Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace, or perhaps you’re more familiar with The Avengers heroine Natasha Romanoff. 66. Nefertari. If you’re looking for a name that is evocative of beauty, this Ancient Egyptian name meaning “the most beautiful” hits the nail on the head. Nefertari was also a highly educated and diplomatic Egyptian queen and wife of Ramesees II. A beautiful meaning for your strong little queen. 67. Nimue. With a name inspired by Arthurian legend, it’s hard not to think of beauty and magic. Nimue is known as Lady of the Lake and is found in various stories. She is known for being a sorceress and enchanting Merlin. 68. Nisha. This name of Hindi origin means “night” in Sanskrit. Perhaps a pretty choice for night-owls or lovers of the night sky. 69. Nizhoni. From the Navajo, Native American meaning “beautiful,” Nizhoni is a unique and elegant girl name starting with N. 70. Noelia. The name Noelia is of Spanish origin and is the female version of the French masculine name Noël meaning “Christmas.” This pretty version is another interesting choice for a baby born during the holidays. 71. Nuala. This beautiful Irish name pronounced NOO-lah is the short form of Fionnuala meaning “white shoulders.” In the Irish legend Children of Lir, this was the name of one of the children who was transformed into a swan for 900 years. It’s an elegant name choice evoking grace and beauty. 72. Nyx. A short name with a trendy vibe, Nyx meaning “night” comes from the name of the powerful Greek goddess of the night who was believed to be from the dawn of creation. This is a name denoting strength and perfect for lovers of cosmology or astronomy.

More Beautiful Girl Names That Start With N

Short and Cute Girl Names That Start With N

If you want a short name that packs a punch, or perhaps matches the cuteness of your little lady, check out this list of short and cute girl names that start with N. 83. Nala. A name of African origin with unknown meaning. This short name has added cuteness as the friend and wife of Simba in The Lion King. A great choice for fans of the classic animated movie. 84. Nan. This diminutive of Ann or Nancy has that cute old-fashioned vibe that feels ready for a comeback. It’s hard to beat a strong one-syllable girl name. 85. Neo. When you hear this name, you may think of The Matrix character played by Keanu Reeves; however, in the South African language of Tswana, this unisex name means “gift,” or in Greek “new.” So, whether you’re a fan of the movie or not, your little girl will certainly be a gift. 86. Nessa. A short form of the name Vanessa, which is a genus of the brush-footed butterfly, it carries beauty and the symbolism of hope and change. 87. Nettie. Nettie is a diminutive of names ending in ette or etta , such as Annette, Jeanette, or Henrietta. It’s a charming and vintage name that might be a nice choice if you’re considering naming your baby after a family member. 88. Nia. In the East African Swahili, Nia means “purpose,” but it’s also the Welsh form of the Irish name Niamh. This short and energetic girl name starting with N is a less common alternative to the popular girl name starting with M, Mia. 89. Nila. For a baby girl with deep, dark blue eyes, Nila meaning “dark blue” in Sanskrit could be a sweet choice. This short name is unique yet feels quite modern. 90. Nina. This name of Russian origin is a cute short form of names ending in nina. It’s a well-known name around the world and commonly used in Spain and Russia. Nina is also a Babylonian goddess of the oceans and an Incan goddess of fire. A famous namesake of this name is singer Nina Simone . 91. Nita. Often a diminutive of names ending in nita, such as Anita, this cute name means “bear” in Native American Choctaw language. Perhaps your baby girl will be as fierce and as cute as a bear cub. 92. Nona. Meaning “ninth” in Latin, Nona is the Roman goddess of pregnancy. So, as you wait for your little one to arrive, why not choose a name that honors those important nine months that allowed your baby to grow and flourish inside the womb.

More Short and Cute Girl Names That Start With N

If these cute and short baby names leave you wanting more, keep on reading:

Even More Girl Names That Start With N

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby girl names starting with N, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going with even more letters, check out our girl names that start with O, or if you’re expecting double the fun, take a look at our top names for twins. Now is a good time, whether you are early in your pregnancy or getting ready to pack your hospital bag, to download the Pampers Club app so you can get rewarded for all your diapers and wipes purchases.

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