140+ Elf Names for Girls and Boys With Meanings

Elves are mythical creatures found in folklore and fairy tales. They’re often associated with magic and possess a mysterious, ethereal beauty. If you love these enchanting creatures, get ready to delve into the magical world of elves with our list of elf names from fantasy, popular culture, or simply names that mean “elf.” We’ve got male, female, and gender-neutral elf names for you to enjoy, including wood elf names for nature lovers, and fantasy elf names, including those from the rich lore of J.R.R. Tolkien. Get ready to embark on a magical journey as you explore these mystical and charming names.

Elf Names for Girls

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of elfin charm with our list of elf names for girls. From traditional female names meaning “elf” to unique girl names inspired by the magical qualities of elves, we bring you a delightful selection that will add a hint of magic to your little girl’s identity.

1. Alara. In Turkish, this female elf name means “elvin” or “water fairy” and is the name of a beautiful water goddess in Turkish mythology. 2. Alba. This is a German name that translates directly to “elf,” making it a straightforward and charming choice for little girls. 3. Alfhild. Derived from Old Norse, Alfhild means “elf battle.” This name hails from Norse mythology, making it a perfect pick if you’re looking for a historically rooted and strong elven name for your little girl. 4. Aoibheann. This striking Irish girls’ name is pronounced Ee-van or Ay-veen and means “beautiful” and “blessed.” Aoibheann conveys a sense of grace, charm, and virtue, ideal for your little blessing. 5. Elara. This Greek name means “bright, shining one,” fitting for your little elf who is sure to radiate beauty and light. This is also the name of one of Jupiter’s moons, named after a character in Greek mythology. 6. Elfreda. Originating from Middle English, this girls’ name translates to “elf strength.” It combines a magical element with a connotation of power and resilience, suitable for a brave and strong little girl. 7. Elfie. If you want an elvish name for your baby, go simple and straightforward with this cute girls’ name. It’s a German moniker and diminutive of Elfriede and Elfreda. 8. Finella. In Irish Gaelic, this name means “fair-shouldered one” and is also the name of a fairy queen in Irish folklore. 9. Niamh. Niamh, pronounced NEEV, is a popular Irish name that means “bright” or “radiant.” In Irish mythology, Niamh is the daughter of the sea god. 10. Síofra. Here’s another Irish girls’ name, which simply means “elf” or “sprite.” This enchanting name carries a whimsical and playful aura, perfect for your little sprite.

More Elf Names for Girls

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Cool Elf Names for Boys

Rich in history and imbued with a sense of magic, elf names for boys carry unique meanings that can symbolize strength, wisdom, or nature itself. In this section, we’ll guide you through a selection of magical male elf names, perfect for your little warrior, wise sage, or adorable little sprite.

21. Ailill. Ailill is a traditional Irish name that means “elf.” It’s a simple and charming choice for your little boy. 22. Alberich. In German, Alberich is a male name that means “elf king.” It’s also linked to German mythology, where Alberich is a sorcerer dwarf, lending an interesting mythical dimension to this moniker. 23. Alf. Derived from Old Norse, this boys’ name translates to “elf.” It was also the name of a king in Norse mythology, making it an ideal pick if you’re seeking a name rooted in folklore and royalty. 24. Alfred. This Old English name means “elf counsel,” combining a magical element with a connotation of wisdom and guidance. 25. Buddy. A simple and friendly name, Buddy is recognizably linked to the endearing elf character from the movie Elf. 26. Dobby. This name immediately brings to mind the devoted house elf from the Harry Potter series, making it a perfect choice if you’re a fan of the franchise. 27. Ernie. This name is known from the small and hard-working elf character in the Keebler cookies commercials, bringing a touch of nostalgia to this endearing name. 28. Gandalf. Deriving from Old Norse, Gandalf means “wand elf.” J.R.R. Tolkien also famously used this cool elf name for the powerful wizard in his novels, making it an intriguing choice for your little one. 29. Hermey. This name is tied to the TV holiday special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, where Hermey is an elf who dreams of being a dentist. It’s a unique and memorable name option. 30. Keijo. This Finnish name translates to “elf” or “fairy,” offering a magical and wistful charm that would suit any little boy. If you’re looking for more names that mean “fairy,” check out our dedicated list.

More Elf Names for Boys

Here are even more baby boy names meaning “elf.”

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Gender-Neutral Elven Names

These gender-neutral names are perfect if you wish to bestow upon your child a moniker that is as unique and special as they are. Carrying various meanings, each elven name holds a magical charm that intertwines the realms of fantasy and reality. 41. Albrun. This is a German name meaning “elfin brown,” perfect for a little one with elf-like features and dark hair. 42. Ariel. Originating from Hebrew, Ariel means “lion of God,” but is also familiar as the name of the elf-like magical spirit in Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. Adding to the magical vibe of this name is its connection to the main character in The Little Mermaid. 43. Aubrey. Aubrey is a form of Alberich meaning “elf ruler” in German. It’s a sweet elf name for boys and girls but has recently become a popular baby girl name. 44. Avery. In Old English, this gender-neutral means “ruler of the elves,” and is a form of Alberich and Alfred. 45. Eldar. In Tolkien’s novels, Eldar was the name of the first elves, the people of the stars. It’s also a unisex name that means “god resides” in Hebrew. 46. Ithil. Although Ithil isn’t technically a name, it is a Sindarin word for the moon. In Tolkien’s novels, the elves were born in the moonlight. If you want a name that means “moon,” Ithil encapsulates the celestial beauty and mystery of elven lore. 47. Kaelan. This Irish name means “slender,” making it perfect for a graceful and agile elf. 48. Lorien. Lorien is a character’s name and place name in Tolkien’s novels. Lorien was an elven city and a place of beauty and tranquility, meaning “land of gold.”

Wood Elf Names

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty and earthy strength of the forest with our selection of wood elf names. These names, deeply rooted in nature, tell tales of the ancient, harmonious connection between the elven folk and the wild woods. 49. Elowen. Meaning “elm tree” in Cornish, Elowen is a pretty girls’ name that evokes elven lore and the natural world. 50. Calen. In the fictional language of Sindarin, the word calen means “green,” evoking nature. It’s also a gender-neutral English name. 51. Fauna. Fauna is a female elf name that brings to mind the beauty and magic of nature. It’s the name of the Roman goddess of fertility and women. 52. Flora. Although this beautiful flower name for girls isn’t exactly an elf name, it certainly has elf and fairy-like qualities. It also belongs to the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, giving it an ethereal, nature vibe. 53. Galion. This is the name of a Wood-elf in Tolkien’s The Hobbit. 54. Legolas. This name is well-known among The Lord of the Rings fans. Legolas is a prince of the Silvan elves of Mirkwood, and his name translates to “green leaf” in Sindarin. It’s a unique elven name that evokes the beauty and grace of nature, perfect for a child who will love exploring the natural world. 55. Mirkwood. A direct reference to the region inhabited by wood elves in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Mirkwood could make for an interesting and unique name for boys and girls. 56. Nellas. In Tolkien’s novel The Silmarillion, Nellas is the name of a wood-elf who lives in the forest and loves all the creatures and the things that grow there. This name is a unique and adorable choice for nature lovers. 57. Oropher. A Sindarin name meaning “tall beech tree,” Oropher was an Elven King of the Woodland Realm in Tolkien’s novel The Silmarillion. If you like this name, explore our list of boy names starting with O. 58. Silvanus. Silvanus is a Latin name meaning “of the woods.” In Roman mythology, Silvanus is the Roman god of the forest, often portrayed as an elf-like figure. 59. Sylvie. Sylvie is the French feminine form of the Latin name Silvius, meaning “of the woods.” It’s an ethereal girls’ name that conjures images of woodland elves and fairies. Pick Silvie if you enjoy unique girl names starting with S.

Fantasy Elf Names for Girls

It’s time to enter the realm of fantasy with our selection of girl elf names, most of which are drawn from the works of the author J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien created a magical world full of elves and other beings, including the fictional Elvish languages of Sindarin and Quenya. Let’s delve into the mystical world of Middle Earth and beyond, exploring the ethereal female elf names that inhabit it. 60. Aideen. Although this beautiful Irish name has the unusual meaning of “jealousy,” it’s still enchanting thanks to its connections to Irish mythology. It’s also the name of an elf in The Witcher fantasy novel series. 61. Amarië. Meaning “blessed lady,” Amarië is the name of an elf from Tolkien’s fantasy realm. This pretty and graceful elf name is a great choice for your little girl. 62. Aredhel. With roots in the fictional language of Sindarin, Aredhel translates to “noble elf.” Aredhal was a strong elf, also known as Ar-Feiniel, “The White Lady (of the Noldor).” It's an elegant elven girls’ name with a touch of nobility. 63. Arwen. Arwen is a well-known half-elven character from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and her name, imbued with elven beauty, might be a magical pick for your baby girl. 64. Celebrían. An Elvish character from Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Celebrían translates to “silver queen.” She was the mother of Arwen and the daughter of Galadriel. 65. Eärwen. Meaning “sea maiden” in the fictional language of Quenya, Eärwen is a beautiful elven name that brings to mind images of the vast, mystical sea. If you love names that mean “ocean” or “sea,” we’ve got a whole list of them for you to check out. 66. Elanor. In Sindarin, this pretty name means “star sun,” and comes from the name of a flower. It’s also the name of Samwise Gamgee’s daughter in The Lord of the Rings. It’s a cute choice if you’re looking for a sun elf name. 67. Elbereth. Meaning “star-queen” in the fictional language of Sindarin, Elbereth was the name of a mighty queen and goddess in Tolkien’s novels. She was more commonly known as Varda. 68. Elenwë. This astral elf name means “star person” in Quenya and is the name of a golden-haired elf from some of Tolkien’s work, making it a fitting choice for your little star. 69. Galadriel. Galadriel is the name of a powerful Elf queen from Tolkien’s novels. Her name means “crowned with a radiant garland” and signifies light. If you like this name, you might enjoy our list of names that mean “light.”. 70. Idril. Speaking of light, here’s another of Tolkien’s elf names that means “sparkling brilliance,” making it a splendid name for your bright and shining little girl. 71. Lúthien. Translated as “enchantress” or “daughter of flowers” in Sindarin, Lúthien was said to be the most beautiful elf ever to have lived. It’s an enchanting name for your little flower. 72. Tauriel. Created by Peter Jackson for The Hobbit movie trilogy, Tauriel means “young woman of the forest” in Sindarin and was the name of a wood-elf.

More Fantasy Elf Names for Girls

Here are more magical elf names from the world of fantasy:

Fantasy Elf Names for Boys

Join us on a journey as we explore fantasy elf names for boys. Many of these elven names originate from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. These names reflect the ancient tongues of Sindarin and Quenya, created by Tolkien, infusing each name with magical essence. Whether you're a fan of Tolkien’s works or seeking an elf name with a touch of fantasy and enchantment, this list offers captivating choices for your little boy. 79. Aegnor. This male elf name belonged to a character in Tolkien’s novel The Silmarillion who was known for his fiery spirit. It’s a strong and evocative name for a little boy. 80. Argon. In Tolkien’s world, Argon was an elf known for his bravery. This strong and heroic elven name means “high commander.” 81. Beleg. Beleg was an elf and skilled archer in The Silmarillion. This elven name meaning “great” and “mighty” signifies strength and precision. 82. Caranthir. Known as “the dark,” Caranthir was an elf in The Silmarillion. It’s a darkly elegant name for a boy. 83. Celeborn. Another Elvish character from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is Celeborn, whose name means “silver tree.” This serene and majestic elven name would be a unique choice. 84. Celebrimbor. Celebrimbor, an elf and skilled craftsman in Tolkien's novels, created the three rings of power for the elves. Celebrimbor means “silver fist” in Sindarin and is a rare and unique boys’ name for a little one. 85. Daeron. Daeron was a minstrel and the chief loremaster of King Thingol in Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. This name would be well-suited if you have a love for music and lore. 86. Elu. Also known as Thingol or Elwë Singollo, Elu was the name of an elf King in Tolkien’s novels. This name carries the meanings “star man” and “greycloak.” It's a majestic and mystical choice for your son. 87. Elrond. An important character in Tolkien’s novels, Elrond was the Lord of Rivendell, a half-elf, and the father of Arwen. This well-known elven name carries a sense of wisdom and leadership. 88. Eöl. Another of Tolkien’s cool elf names is Eöl, known as the dark elf. It’s a name that exudes a mysterious charm. 89. Fëanor. A prominent character in The Silmarillion, Fëanor was a mighty elf, warrior, and creator of the Silmarils (three precious gems) who later became King of Noldor. His name means “spirit of fire,” making it a powerful and passionate name for a boy. Check out of list of names that mean “fire” for more fiery monikers. 90. Finarfin. In Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, this high elf name belongs to the wisest, and most gentle of heart, among the High Elves. He became the third King of Noldor after his half-brother Fëanor. This name conveys wisdom and kindness. 91. Gil-galad. Meaning “star of radiance” in Sindarin, Gil-galad was the last High King of the Noldor in Middle-earth in Tolkien’s legendarium. This high elvish name glows with elegance and a celestial aura, perfect if you want a name that means “star.”

More Fantasy Elf Names for Boys

Here are even more elvish names to inspire you:

Even More Male and Female Elf Names

The Bottom Line

Elf names hold a magical charm that is rooted in rich folklore and mystique. Whether you’re seeking traditional elf names, wood elf names, or fantasy-inspired names, we hope you discovered the perfect name for your little one, one that embodies the enchantment and wisdom inherent in these mystical beings. If you loved this list, you might also enjoy some of our other lists:

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