Top 150 Filipino Girl Names and Their Meanings

Choosing a name for your baby girl is an important, exciting, and sometimes challenging decision. For a little inspiration, consider our list of Filipino girl names, which offers options that are meaningful, cute, unique, strong, popular, traditional, beautiful, and everything in between! The Philippines is a nation of many cultures and historical influences, and you’ll find female Filipino names in traditional languages like Tagalog and its modern equivalent, Filipino, as well as in Spanish and English. Keep reading for 150 of the best Filipino names for girls.

Filipino Naming Culture

What are female Philippine names and how do you define them? Female names from the Philippines are quite diverse, as the country’s history mixes numerous cultural, religious, and linguistic influences. Ancient names often use the Tagalog language but are considered a little old-fashioned now. As this archipelago nation was under Spanish rule for over 300 years, many names commonly used in the Philippines today are Spanish versions of Christian names. And then, the rule of the United States for nearly 50 years brought in English names and those associated with American pop culture.

As a result, male and female names from the Philippines are drawn from many languages, including traditional Filipino languages. And because it’s common in Filipino culture to assign multiple given names (and multiple nicknames), you might meet someone from the Philippines with monikers combining different languages.

Unique Filipino Naming Traditions

Besides being drawn from numerous languages, baby names in the Philippines are influenced by a few local customs. One is shortening long names into nicknames. For example, if you choose the long Filipino girls’ name Consolación for your baby, she could also go by Connie, Cons, Sol, and/or Chona. It’s very common for Filipinos to have several nicknames that are more frequently used than the name that appears on their birth certificate!

Another unique naming tradition in the Philippines is parents combining their given names into a unique moniker for their child. For example, a Filipino father named Joseph and a mother named Maria could create the name Jomari for their baby girl. Or, likewise, Elvin and Liza could combine into Elliza.

For all these reasons, Filipino naming culture is unique and offers a large range of options for your little one. Get inspired by our list of Filipino names for girls, keeping this diverse background in mind.

Popular Filipino Girl Names

What is the most common Filipino female name, you may be wondering? If you’re looking for a popular Filipino name for your baby girl, take a look at this list of the top 10 names, which offer some beautiful options in different languages.

1. Althea. This Greek name is quite popular for girls in the Philippines. And it’s a beautiful name, too. From the word althos, it means “healing.” It’s a very cute option if you’re looking for girl names starting with A.

2. Andrea. As the feminine form of the name Andrew, Andrea simply means “man,” as in a “person.” It’s a common Spanish and English name.

3. Angela. You might be able to guess that the name Angela relates to the name Angel, which, of course, means “angel.” This might be the perfect option for your little angel!

4. Isa. If you’re looking for a traditional Filipino girls’ name that's popular at the moment, consider Isa. In the Filipino language, it means “one,” so it could be a good choice for your first daughter.

5. Jasmine. Coming from the flowering plant of the same name, Jasmine is the perfect flower name for girls. If you’re a fan of Disney movies, you might not be surprised to learn that Jasmine reached its peak in popularity during the early 1990s, thanks to the film Aladdin.

6. Kristine. Put a spin on the traditional name Christine with a spelling that’s more popular in the Philippines. Christine (or in this case, Kristine) is the feminine form of Christian, a name simply meaning “a Christian.” It’s a good option if you’re looking for biblical baby names.

7. Nathalie. Nathalie is an excellent choice among French girl names, as it’s the French form of Natalie. From the Late Latin name Natalia, this moniker has the very festive and sweet meaning of “Christmas Day.”

8. Princess. In the Philippines, common words are often used as names, like Honey, Rain, and even Girlie. That’s one reason why the name Princess is a favorite for Filipino girls. As the feminine form of the name Prince, Princess is a great option for a royal baby name.

9. Samantha. Samantha is a favorite name in many countries, including the Philippines. As the feminine form of Samuel, it’s a Hebrew name meaning “God has heard” or “name of God.”

10. Sofia. This spelling is a variant of the name Sophia, another moniker popular across numerous languages and countries. As a Greek word, it means “wisdom.”

Traditional Filipino Girl Names

In the Philippines, it’s less common for girls to have super-traditional names using languages like Tagalog. Still, some of the more old-fashioned girl names are coming back into style. Here are some to think for your daughter:

11. Bernila. Spanish in origin, the name Bernila means “blessed” and comes from the German name Bernihilde.

12. Carmelita. This beautiful Filipina girls’ name means “garden” in Spanish. This might be a good option for a biblical name, as it specifically refers to the garden of Eden.

13. Christina. Similar to Kristine above, Christina is another name referring to the Christian religion. It means “follower of Christ” and is a common Filipino girls’ name.

14. Dolores. This Latin moniker is one of many names associated with the Virgin Mary. If you remember from above, nicknames are quite traditional in the Philippines, and Dolores is often shortened to cute monikers like Lola and Lolita.

15. Evangeline. Another Greek name, the long and beautiful Filipino girls’ name Evangeline comes with quite a sweet meaning, “bringer of good news.”

16. Liezel. This traditional Filipino girls’ name might seem German or French at first glance, but it’s actually the Tagalog form of Elizabeth, a biblical name that is found in many cultures and countries. For example, it's one of the most popular Irish girls’ names.

17. Maria. Another traditional female name in the Philippines, Maria also follows the theme of the country’s Christian roots. Maria means “beloved” or “love.”

18. Odesa. Both traditional and with a deep meaning, this Filipino girls’ name has Greek roots and means “long journey.” Life is all about the journey, after all! Girl names that start with O aren’t all that common, but this is a good one!

19. Perlah. Meaning “pearl,” this traditional and cute baby girls’ name is Filipino but has Spanish roots. Many parents choose this name for their daughters because they believe it will bring wisdom and health.

20. Reyna. Another moniker with Spanish origins is Reyna, meaning “queen.” It's one of the most common and traditional Filipino girl names.


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More Traditional Filipino Girl Names

Still looking for historical inspiration? Here are another 10 traditional and ancient Filipino girl names:

Unique Filipino Girl Names

It’s easy to understand why many Filipino girl names are unique, considering the country’s history and innovative naming traditions! It’s even increasingly popular to create new monikers by combining two other names. So, as far as unique girl names go, these Filipino options might be just what you’re looking for.

31. Adhika. A unique, traditional, and ancient Filipino female name, Adhika comes with a beautiful meaning for your girl. It means “honorable.”

32. Bulawan. If your little girl shines and you want to use a Filipino baby name, consider Bulawan, which means “gold, golden skin.”

33. Dalisay. Dalisay is a Filipino girls’ name that’s stood the test of time. You can find someone in nearly every generation with this unique name, which means “pure.”

34. Diwata. If you like the idea of girls’ names taken from Filipina mythology, then Diwata is a good choice for you. It refers to the fairies and spirits that live in nature.

35. Himig. Unique and ancient, this Filipino female name translates to the word “tune.” It might be perfect for a musical family!

36. Hiraya. Get out the tissues! For a name with one of the sweetest meanings you can find, go with Hiraya, which means “may your dreams come true.”

37. Ligaya. Give your girl a little intellectual boost with the name Ligaya, which means “brilliance” in Filipino.

38. Luzviminda. This traditional and unique moniker is one of those combined names popular in the Philippines. It combines Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the three principal geographical divisions of the Philippines.

39. Mayumi. A sweet choice for your girl, Mayumi means “tender.”

40. Tala. Like Dalisay above, this is another unique, timeless name. It means “star.” In Filipina mythology, Tala is the goddess of the evening and morning stars.

More Unique Filipino Girl Names

Here are even more unique girl names from Filipino culture:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some interesting facts that might help you find the perfect name for your baby!

Beautiful Filipino Girl Names

Hunting for a moniker that’s just as pretty as your little one?! An adorable name is often at the top of the list for parents when searching through baby names. Whether it’s something with a beautiful meaning or one that has a lovely sound, any of these Filipino names might be perfect for your sweet baby girl.

51. Amihan. For a name with beauty and a little mystery, you might like Amihan, which means “northwest wind.”

52. Aurora. Though common in many other countries too, Aurora is quite a popular Filipino girls’ name. It means “dawn” in Latin; Aurora was the Roman goddess of the morning. A truly beautiful image and meaning!

53. Chesa. Another moniker taking you to the skies, Chesa is a beautiful Filipino girls’ name meaning “celestial.”

54. Charmaine. A favorite name in the Philippines, Charmaine simply connects to the English word “charm.” Your little gal will surely be a charmer!

55. Diwa. Diwa is an excellent option for a beautiful and traditional Filipino girls’ name, as it’s Tagalog and means “spirit, soul, essence.”

56. Elmarie. This name comes from the Afrikaans language and means “nice” or “gentle”—a perfectly beautiful option.

57. Estrellita. You might recognize this name as a diminutive of Estrella, the Spanish word for “star.” It’s also the Spanish form of Stella, a Latin name that also means “star.”

58. Flordeliza. As the Filipino Spanish form of Fleurdelys—a rare French Cajun moniker—the name Flordeliza means “flower.” If you’ve been to New Orleans, you might remember seeing the fleur de lys symbol around the city.

59. Marikit. If you’re interested in a more literal translation of the word beautiful, consider the Tagalog name Marikit, meaning “beautiful, pretty.”

60. Rizalina. This pretty nameis the feminine form of the Filipino boys’ name Rizalino, a diminutive of Rizal, meaning “green field” or “rice field.”

More Beautiful Filipino Girl Names

Here are 10 more beautiful Filipino names for girls to consider:

Cute Filipino Girl Names

There are so many cute options when it comes to Filipino names, and it was a challenge to narrow this portion of the list! But here you’ll find some very cute Filipino girls names to consider. Whether you're interested in short baby names with cute sounds or options with adorable meanings, you might also have a hard time picking your favorites.

71. Cherry. Pronounced CHER-ee or SHER-ee, this cute baby girl name is a popular Filipino option and simply refers to the cherry fruit.

72. Cielo. In Spanish, the word cielo means “sky,” and as a name, it comes from María del Cielo, "Mary of the Sky.” You could also connect the moniker to Araceli, a Spanish name meaning “altar of the sky.” Either way, it’s pretty cute!

73. Dulce. Both a cute and sweet Filipino girls’ name, this is simply the Spanish word dulce, meaning “sweet” or “candy.”

74. Elenita. As a Filipino diminutive of Elena, this name is a form of Helen, which means “torch” or “light.” And your cute daughter will surely be the light of your life!

75. Fortuna. In Latin, the name Fortuna means “luck,” and in Roman mythology, Fortuna was the personification of luck. What a great name to give your baby girl!

76. Gemma. This cute Filipino girls’ name comes with a meaning that might be easy to guess. Gemma is the medieval Italian nickname meaning “gem, precious stone.”

77. Hazel. If you’d like a Filipino American girls’ name, you might like Hazel. It’s a cute American name from the English word for the light color or tree, and it’s very popular in the Philippines. It’s also quite a cute country girl name!

78. Mirasol. In Filipino Spanish, the name Mirasol has the cute meaning of “sunflower.”

79. Rosaflor. Rosaflor is another great example of combining two names. In this case, you have Rosa, meaning “rose,” and Flor, meaning “flower.”

80. Tea. A very cute Filipino girls’ name, Tea (sometimes spelled Thea) is the short form of Dorotha or Theodora. Both names mean “gift of God.”

More Cute Filipino Girl Names

Check out even more cute Filipino girl names below:

Strong Filipino Girl Names

If you’re looking for girl names that convey a sense of strength in their sound or meanings, you may prefer the offerings in this list of strong and bold Filipino monikers. With meanings like “hero,” “esteemed,” and “heart," these names are hard not to love.

91. Bayani. Though more commonly used for boys, Bayani also works for any gender. And if you choose the name Bayani, a traditional Tagalog moniker, then you have a little “hero” on your hands.

92. Concepción. If you’re looking for a Spanish girls’ name, you might like Concepción. It’s simply the Spanish word for “conception,” referring to the Conception of the Virgin Mary.

93. Gabby. As a diminutive of Gabrielle, the French feminine form of Gabriel, Gabby means “God is my strong man.”

94. Guadalupe. This name comes from a Spanish title for the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, meaning “Our Lady of Guadalupe.” It’s also a place name meaning “valley” or “river.” This is also a popular Mexican baby name for girls.

95. Honorata. As the feminine form of Honoratus, a Late Latin name, Honorata is quite the strong option, as it means “esteemed, distinguished.”

96. Leilani. A Hawaiian girls’ name, Leilani means “heavenly flowers” or “royal child.” Either definition of this Filipino girls’ name could be a strong choice.

97. Lotlot. Adorable and strong, this is the Filipino diminutive of Charlotte, which comes from the name Charles, meaning “man,” as in a person or humankind.

98. Miriam. The popular Filipino girls’ name Miriam, which is the Hebrew form of Mary, means “beloved” or “love.” You could also opt for the Arabic girls’ name spelling of Mariam.

99. Nilda. As the short form of Brunilda, Nilda is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the German name Brünhild, which means “armor, protection” and “battle.”

100. Pia. This is the feminine form of Pius, a name borne by 12 popes. Of course, it means “pious, dutiful.” Cute and strong, this is a favorite among girls’ names that start with P.

More Strong Filipino Girl Names

Here are 10 more strong Filipino girl names for you to peruse:

Even More Filipino Girl Names

With such unique, beautiful, and traditional options, we had to keep the list going! If you need even more inspiration, here are 40 more Filipino girl names, including one of our favorite one-syllable girls’ names, Luz.

The Bottom Line

We hope our list of Filipino girl names has inspired you or helped narrow down your list of potential baby names! Whether you prefer something traditional, a popular moniker, or just a beautiful meaning for your baby girl, any of these Filipino names can get the job done.

If you still need a little more inspiration, we have lots of lists to help! Check out our picks of Asian girl names, or get more specific with the following options: