Top Baby Girl Names That Start With B

If you’re having a baby girl or preparing names for your little one regardless of gender, it can be quite a chore to sift through all the options, given that there are thousands of names out there! To lend a hand in the selection process, we’ve assembled our top 70 choices for baby girl names that start with the letter B. Whether you simply love the letter B, want to stick to a B theme, or are just looking for some inspiration, our list can help you narrow down your choices for baby girl names.

Popular B Names for Girls

Choosing a trendy name for your baby girl has quite a few advantages. She’ll carry a name of her time and blend in well with her generation. Luckily, these hip names just keep getting cuter! Below you’ll find the most popular B names for girls in the United States, according to recent statistics.

1. Brooklyn. Of all the B names for baby girls, this one is the most popular. It’s a modern English name that suits both girls and boys, although the spelling “Brooklynn” is a bit more feminine. Because it comes from the New York City borough, which was named after the marshy Dutch town Breukelen, Brooklyn means “marshland.”

2. Bella. Not only is Bella a very popular B name for girls, but it’s also quite pretty, as it means “beautiful.” Bella works as a great nickname if you choose to call your baby girl Isabella.

3. Brielle. Although Brielle (or Briella) is a name in its own right, it’s also the short form of Gabrielle or Gabriella. Gabrielle is the feminine form of the name Gabriel, a Hebrew name meaning “God is a strong man.”

4. Brianna. A classic that doesn’t seem to age, Brianna first came onto the scene in the 1970s. It’s actually the feminine form of the name Brian, which comes from the Celtic word meaning “hill” or “high noble.” Brian and Brianna would be a cute pair for twin names!

5. Blakely. Although this is a modern name and quite popular in the United States, Blakely actually comes from the Old English words blæc and leah, which together mean “woodland clearing.”

6. Bailey. Bailey is a classic and currently the sixth most popular girls name starting with B in the United States. It’s a gender-neutral name, although it has been more frequently used for girls since the 1980s. It’s an occupational name from the Middle English word baili, meaning “bailiff.”

7. Brynlee. This popular name combines the names Bryn and Lee. Bryn means “hill” or “mound” in Welsh, while Lee means “clearing.” A variant spelling of the name is Brinley, which was a popular surname for those living in the English town by the same name.

8. Blake. Although Blake is more common as a boy’s name that starts with B, it has recently gained popularity as a girl’s name. In fact, in 2020, it was almost more popular for girls! Blake is an Old English surname meaning “black” or “pale.” You may associate it with the actresses Blake Lively and Blake Lindsley.

9. Brooke. This popular baby girl’s name starts with B and is simply a variant of Brook. However, this spelling has been used by many well-known women, including the socialite Brooke Astor and actress Brooke Shields. Not surprisingly, Brook was a common last name given to someone living near a brook.

10. Brynn. As a variant of Bryn, Brynn is a unisex name that means “hill” or “mound” in Welsh. Although it’s a popular B name that can be used for boys and girls, the spelling with two Ns is more common for female names.


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Cute Girl Names That Start With B

There are endless options for cute and adorable girl names that start with B. It was hard to choose, but we narrowed it down to the 10 names below. These cute B girl names include old-fashioned, classic, short, and unique options.

11. Babs. Short, sweet, and cute, Babs can stand on its own, but it’s also a nickname for Barbara. Originating from the Greek name barbaros, Barbara means “foreign.” Saint Barbara is the patron saint of architects, geologists, and stonemasons.

12. Bambi. For another favorite among cute girl names that start with B, Bambi means “young girl” and comes from the Italian word bambina. In the popular children’s story, Bambi was a boy deer.

13. Bess. Bess is a very cute girl’s name, especially if you want a nickname beginning with B. Bess is actually short for Elizabeth, which means “my God is my oath” in Hebrew.

14. Biddy. Another adorable female nickname that starts with B, Biddy is short for Bridget, an Irish name meaning “exalted one.” In Irish mythology, Brighid was the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.

15. Birdie. Birdie is the perfect name if you want a cute diminutive of a more old-fashioned name. Birdie is short for both Bernice and Bertha, whose respective meanings are “bringing victory” and “bright, famous.”

16. Blossom. Although Blossom was the title and main character of a popular 1990s sitcom, the name comes from the Old English word blóstm, which of course means “blossom.” The name wasn’t regularly used until the nineteenth century.

17. Bree. As one of the cutest baby girl names that start with B, Bree is the Anglicized name for the Irish Brígh (pronounced the same), meaning “high power.” But you can also adopt it as a nickname for Brianna or Gabriella. Brianna comes from the name Brian, which means “high, noble,” while Gabriella comes from Gabriel, meaning “God is strong.”

18. Britt. It’s easy to assume that Britt is short for Britney, but it actually comes from the Scandinavian name Birgitta, which originates from Bridget. As you may remember from above, Bridget means “exalted one.” Fun fact: Birgitta of Sweden was the patron saint of Europe.

19. Buffy. Another cute girl’s name starting with B, Buffy had a brief burst of popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. Although now associated with the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it’s another diminutive of Elizabeth, so it means “God is my oath.”

20. Bunny. As you may have already noticed, many girls’ names beginning with B are shortened versions of longer or more old-fashioned names. Bunny, for example, is a diminutive of Bernice, like the name Birdie. Bernice means “bringing victory.

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Old-Fashioned B Names for Girls

Although some old-fashioned monikers sneak into other categories on this list, we’ve found 10 names that start with B, all giving us those sweet old lady vibes. Old-fashioned names are excellent options if you want to name your baby after a family member. Plus, they always seem to swing back into popularity.

21. Babette. As mentioned above, there are lots of female names starting with B that are diminutives or variants of other names. Babette can be a diminutive for either Elizabeth or Barbara. Elizabeth means “God is my oath,” whereas Barbara comes from the Greek name meaning “foreign.”

22. Belinda. Not only is Belinda an old-fashioned choice, but it’s also a gentle, sweet name. Many believe it’s a combination of the Italian word bella (meaning “beautiful”) and the Germanic word lind (meaning “soft, tender”).

23. Berenice. The name Bernice is a shortened form of Berenice. It means “bringing victory” and is a great option for an international name.

24. Bernadette. As the French feminine version of the name Bernard, Bernadette means “bear” and “brave.” It’s one of the cutest old lady names that start with B, in our opinion!

25. Blanche. Among girls’ names beginning with B, this one has a decidedly old-fashioned air. Blanche was originally a medieval French nickname meaning “white, fair.” You may recall the character Blanche DuBois from the celebrated play and movie A Streetcar Named Desire.

26. Blythe. This rare, unisex name originates from Old English, meaning “cheerful.” It’s a great option for boys or girls.

27. Braidy. Another rare, English name, Braidy is a variant of the more common spelling, Brady. It’s an Irish last name, Ó Brádaigh, which comes from the name Brádach, meaning “large-chested.”

28. Bridget. From the list of cute baby girl names that start with B, we already know that Bridget is an Irish name meaning “exalted one.” Saint Brigid is the patron saint of Ireland, and this name could be a nice option if you have Irish ancestry.

29. Britannia. This name is quite old-fashioned and comes from the Latin word for the British Isles. It first appeared as a given name in the eighteenth century. If you’ve seen British currency, you may recognize Britannia as the female Roman figure that graces some coins.

30. Bronte. As a rare unisex name, Bronte comes from the Irish last name Ó Proinntigh. The Irish name Proinnteach means “bestower” in Gaelic. You may associate this name with the nineteenth century novelists Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë.

Unique Girl Names That Start With B

Sometimes, you just want a name that stands out from the crowd, and in that case, you need some choices for unique girl names that start with B! Some on our list are certainly unique baby names, whereas others might remind you of those old-fashioned titles from above.

31. Bea. For girls’ names beginning with B, Bea is a short name that would make a great middle name. Although found throughout Europe, it’s both an English and Hungarian name, short for Beatrix and Beáta, respectively. Beatrix means “voyager, traveler” and Beáta means “blessed.”

32. Bee. The name Bee is another short form of Beatrix, which originates from the Late Latin name Viator, meaning “voyager, traveler.” In the nineteenth century, the spelling shifted to Beatrice, although Beatrix Potter (the creator of Peter Rabbit) and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands both kept the original spelling.

33. Bellamy. This name certainly deserves a spot on the list of unique girls names beginning with B. It combines the Old French words bel and ami to mean “beautiful friend.”

34. Blessing. Although Blessing has Old English origins (meaning “blessing,” of course), the name is far more common in Nigeria and Zimbabwe. In the United States, it was briefly used for baby girls’ names starting with the letter B in 2019.

35. Braelyn. This name is a modern English name, so its meaning is unknown. It does include the common suffix lyn, which is the Welsh word for “lake.”

36. Brenna. Although you could argue that Brenna isn’t that unusual, or even unique, it comes from two names that aren’t used very often. Brenna is a variant of Brenda and the feminine version of Brennan. Brenda means “sword” and Brennan means “rain.”

37. Bria. You can use Bria as a unique short form of any name with Bri in it, such as Gabriella or Brianna. Gabriella comes from the name Gabriel, which means “God is strong.” Brianna comes from the name Brian, which means “hill.”

38. Briony. Briony is a rare English name that had a small peak in popularity in the 1990s in England and Wales. It’s a variant of Bryony, the name for a vine used as medicine. It comes from the Greek word bryo, meaning “to swell.”

39. Bristol. This name comes directly from the city of Bristol in southwest England. It means “the site of the bridge.”

40. Burgundy. Another place name, Burgundy comes from the region in France famous for its red wine.

Biblical B Letter Names for Girls

Biblical names offer a nice combination of unique and old-fashioned. For baby girl names that start with B, these biblical options are all rare with beautiful sounds and unique meanings.

41. Bashemath. This ancient Hebrew name means “fragrance” and is pronounced BASH-a-meth. Bashemath is one of the wives of Esau in the Old Testament.

42. Bathsheba. Meaning “daughter of the oath” in Hebrew, Bathsheba was the mother of Solomon. It’s pronounced bath-SHEE-ba.

43. Beulah. Pronounced BYOO-leh, this name means “married” in Hebrew. It’s used in the Old Testament to refer to the land of Israel.

44. Bilhah. Another ancient Hebrew name, Bilhah is pronounced BILL-ha and means “bashful.” In the Old Testament, Bilhah is the handmaid of Jacob and Rachel and the mother of Dan and Naphtali.

45. Bithiah. Bithiah means “daughter of Yahweh,” the Hebrew God, and is pronounced BITH-ee-a. In the Old Testament, Bithiah is the daughter of Pharaoh who drew Moses from the Nile.

Classic Baby Girl Names That Start With B

Classic names are those that have staying power. A true classic never seems to go out of style, and is a staple that works through the ages and generations.

46. Barbara. Chances are you know a Barbara from nearly every generation, as it’s a true classic. And as you’ve read above, there are plenty of fun nicknames and spelling variants for Barbara, such as Babs, Babette, and Barbra, as in the one-and-only Barbra Streisand. Barbara comes from the Greek name barbaros meaning “foreign.”

47. Becca. Becca comes from the classic name Rebecca and has several variants, such as Becky, Beckah, and Reba. It has stood the test of time in the United States, with several peaks throughout the decades. It comes from a Hebrew word meaning “join” or “tie.”

48. Beth. The name Beth can come from either Elizabeth or Bethany, both classic girl names that start with the letter B. Elizabeth means “my God is an oath” and Bethany means “house of figs.” Because Elizabeth has so many variants and diminutives across the world, it’s an excellent choice for girl middle names that start with B.

49. Betsy. Betsy is still another diminutive of Elizabeth. Despite starting with an E, Elizabeth has proven to be a gold mine for female names beginning with B! And, once again, Elizabeth means “my God is an oath.” Famous Betsys include Betsy Ross, who, according to legend, helped design and create the first flag of the United States.

50. Betty. This list is turning into names derived from Elizabeth because we have yet another one! Betty is also a diminutive of Elizabeth, so it means “my God is an oath.” A well-known bearer of the name was Betty White, a comedic actress who played Rose on The Golden Girls.

51. Beverly. Although far more common as a girls name starting with B, Beverly was first a boys name. It’s a surname from the English city, meaning “beaver stream.”

52. Bonnie. Bonnie seems like it should be a nickname, but it’s a name of its own. From the Scottish word bonnie, it means “pretty.” It grew in popularity after the movie Gone With the Wind came out; In the story, Bonnie was Scarlett and Rhett’s daughter.

53. Brenda. This is the feminine version of two male names, the Old Norse name Brandr and the Irish name Brendan. The former means “sword,” whereas the latter means “prince.”

54. Britney. A variant of Brittany, the name Britney comes from the region in northwest France. It was used as a given name in the United States in the 1970s and then had a dramatic surge in popularity, becoming one of the top three girls names of all time! It had another spike in the late 1990s, thanks in part to pop star Britney Spears.

International B Letter Names for Girls

Perhaps you want to honor your heritage, culture, or language with a name that’s not English. We’ve collected names from languages around the world to offer you more inspiration in your hunt for baby girl names that start with the letter B.

55. Bahija. Pronounced ba-HEE-jah, this Arabic name simply means “happy,” so it’s perfect for a little baby!

56. Bala. This Hindu name means “young” in Sanskrit, so, again, it’s perfect for a sweet little baby girl or boy. Bala was a Hindu goddess.

57. Baran. Meaning “rain,” Baran is a popular girl’s name in Persian. However, it’s more common as a boy’s name in Kurdish and Turkish.

58. Beata. You’ll find Beata in several European cultures, but most prominently in Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Denmark. It’s pronounced bay-AH-ta and comes from the Latin word beatus, meaning “blessed.” Remember that Bea is a common nickname for the Hungarian version, Beáta.

59. Beileag. Pronounced BYE-lee, this name is the Scottish form of Isabel, which is, you guessed it, a variant of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is an oath.” You’ll find many important Isabels throughout history, including two Spanish queens. Isabel is more common than Elizabeth in Spain, Portugal, and France.

60. Belén. This old-fashioned name comes from Spain and is the Spanish word for Bethlehem, the town where King David and Jesus were born. It’s pronounced bell-EHN and in Hebrew, it means “house of bread.”

61. Benoîte. Pronounced ben-OYNT, this old-fashioned French name is the feminine version of Benedict, which means “blessed.”

62. Bianca. If you like the name Blanche for girl names that start with B but want something that sounds less old-fashioned, consider Bianca. It’s the Italian and Romanian version of Blanche, although you’ll find this name in several other European cultures. Shakespeare used the name Bianca in two of his plays, and it means “fair, white.”

63. Bibiana. Pronounced BEE-bya-na, this Spanish/Italian name has deep roots. It comes from the Late Roman name Vivianus, derived from the Latin vivus meaning “alive.” Saint Bibiana (also known as Viviana) was a fourth century martyr.

64. Bluma. You can probably guess what this Yiddish name (pronounced BLOO-mah) means. That’s right—it means “flower,” as in a blooming flower.

65. Bo. In Wu Chinese, the name Bo (波) is pronounced like the “bow” of a ship and means “wave.”

66. Boglárka. The Hungarian name Boglárka has one of the cutest nicknames for girls—Bogi (pronounced BO-gee). It also has a very sweet meaning as “buttercup flower” or “ornament.”

67. Bonolo. If you want to give your baby girl a name with a meaning to live up to, try the South African name Bonolo, which means “ease” in Sotho. With any luck she’ll be an easy baby! It’s pronounced BAHN-oh-lo, so you could even use the nickname Bonnie.

68. Bora. For baby girl names that start with B, this one comes from two places. In Albania, the name means “snow.” But it’s also a Korean name (보라) and means “purple.”

69. Briallen. This tops the lists of both cute and unique baby girl names with the letter B. It’s Welsh and means “primrose,” and there are a few options for pronunciation. You can pronounce Briallen as bree-A-lin, BRAY-lin, or the more traditional way, bree-A-shehn.

70. Brígh. We already covered this meaning above with the name Bree, but you can also go with the traditional Irish spelling of Brígh. It means “high power.”

The Bottom Line

With so many names out there, it might seem overwhelming to choose just one (or two, for a middle name) for your baby. We hope our list of the best baby girl names starting with the letter B helps narrow down your choices! If you need more inspiration, keep the alphabet going with girl names that start with the letter C and girl names inspired by flowers, plus lots more!

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