Top Baby Girl Names That Start With W

Picking the perfect name for your new arrival is an exciting time! If you’re drawn to girl names beginning with W, or perhaps W names run in your family, then we’ve got the perfect list for you. Including the most popular, unique, cool, cute, and beautiful girl names that start with W, we have something for everyone.

Popular Girl Names That Start With W

If you’re looking for a popular female name that starts with the letter W, we’ve found the top 10 W names that feature in the list of top 1000 girl names for 2020: 1. Willow. Sitting at the top of our list is this sweet nature baby name, if you love names that mean nature. The willow tree symbolizes grace and elegance, giving meaning to the word willowy, perfect for a graceful little lady. This beautiful and popular name is found in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as being the choice of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith for their daughter.

2. Winter. What better name for a winter baby than this English word for the season. A fresh and cool name that is borne by actress Ariel Winter Workman.

3. Willa. This feminine form of William meaning “will” and “protection” is a fashionable name that has increased in popularity since 2010. A famous namesake is writer Willa Cather, as well as the name chosen by Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas for their baby girl. This stylish name also has a graceful touch with its association to the willow tree.

4. Wren. A newly popular name, Wren comes from the name of the small songbird. In some European countries, the wren is considered the “king of birds.” It’s a short and cute name for lovers of modern names, or avid bird watchers.

5. Wynter. This modern variation of Winter adds a unique touch to the seasonal name. Perfect for babies born during the winter months, or even a cool middle name option for girls.

6. Waverly. An English name meaning “from the brushwood meadow,” Waverly is a place name as well as a surname turned first name. You may also recognize this name from the fantasy teen sitcom The Wizards of Waverly Place, giving this name a fun touch of magic.

7. Winnie. If you want a cute and timeless name that will delight your little one, this diminutive of Winifred is reminiscent of the loveable bear Winnie-the-Pooh, as well as the children book series Winnie the Witch. Meaning “friend,” Winnie also has some more mature namesakes, such as the former wife of Nelson Mandela and Winnie Cooper from the TV show The Wonder Years.

8. Wrenley. An elaboration of the popular songbird name Wren, Wrenley adds a cool gender-neutral vibe.

9. Whitney. Originally from an English surname meaning “white island,” Whitney became popular in the 1960s thanks to actress Whitney Blake. However, singer Whitney Houston helped this name reach its peak in popularity in 1986. A powerful choice for fans of Whitney’s voice!

10. Whitley. A more unique spin on the name Whitney is Whitley, meaning “white meadow” in Old English.


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Unique Girl Names That Start With W

If you’re looking for baby name like no other, one that stands apart from the crowd, then check out our list of the most unusual and unique girl names that start with W.

11. Wallis. A unique variation of the masculine name Wallace meaning “Welshman,” Wallis was the woman whom English king Edward VIII abdicated his throne for, making this name a symbol of the strength of love.

12. Wander. This whimsical name is a unique choice for lovers of travel. It could also be used as a more unusual variation of the name Wanda. Although it’s more common as a masculine name, this name has a beautiful and evocative vibe for your little wanderer.

13. Wanessa. Wanessa is the Polish form of the classic name Vanessa that was likely created by author Jonathan Swift for his 1726 poem Cadenus and Vanessa. He dedicated this poem to his love interest Esther Vanhomrigh, by combining the first syllable of her last and first name. A century later, Vanessa was used as a genus of butterfly.

14. Wayan. A name of Balinese origin meaning “mature,” which stems from Sanskrit meaning “energy” or “age.” Wayan is traditionally given to first-born children, making it a special and unique choice for first-time parents.

15. Wednesday. “Wednesday’s child is full of woe,” but hopefully this quirky name will bring your little one lots of joy. You’ll probably recognize the name from The Addams Family macabre character Wednesday Addams, created by cartoonist Charles Addams. You could choose this unusual name for a baby born on Wednesday, or as a cool and dark name choice.

16. West. If you hail from the West of your country, this name from the English word might be a stylish and unique girl name starting with W. It’s often used as a surname and there’s something quite trendy about using a last name as a first name.

17. Wilda. From a German surname meaning “to strive,” Wilda may also be a variation of the word wild. Let’s hope your little lady isn’t as wild as this name suggests!

18. Wilhelmina. If you’re looking for a unique and royal baby name, Wilhelmina was a queen of the Netherlands. She reigned through both World Wars and the Dutch economic crisis and was also known for her astute business knowledge. A fantastic namesake with cute nicknames such as Wil and Mina for your little queen.

19. Windsor. Sticking with the royal theme, Windsor has been the surname of the British royal family since 1917. In Old English it means “riverbank with a windlass.” Windsor has a refined and feminine feel, but you can try out a more relaxed nickname with our popular name Winnie.

20. Wisdom. An especially unique and rare baby girl name starting with W is this modern virtue name meaning “wise.” If you value this quality above all else, this name could make an interesting choice.

More Unique Girl Names That Start With W

If you were awed and intrigued by those unique baby names starting with W, we’ve got even more for you:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Cool and Strong W Girl Names

A strong and cool name can come in many forms; from superhero inspired names to powerful meanings and namesakes. Check out our list of the coolest girl names starting with W for your little warrior: 31. Wakanda. If you want to honor your love of Marvel Comics, Wakanda is the fictional country in Black Panther. This super name also comes from the Native American, Sioux words Wakan Tanka, meaning “sacred and divine.”

32. Walburga. The future ruler of your household will need a cool name that reflects her strong nature and this name of German origin meaning “ruler of the fortress” does just that.

33. Wanda. Another one for the superhero fans, Wanda Maximoff is the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Comics, giving this once Slavic and German old-fashioned girl’s name a cool vibe. In Polish legend, Wanda was the daughter of King Krak, the founder of Krakow.

34. Warrior. It’s hard not to think of strength when you hear this powerful W girl name used for those engaged in battle, ultimately from the word “war.” It could be a cool middle name for your little warrior, and perhaps she will live up to her name by fighting for causes that are close to her heart.

35. Washti. This variant of Vashti is a cool biblical baby name for a strong-minded little female. In the Old Testament, Washti (Vashti) was a strong-willed queen who refused to obey her husband’s orders.

36. Werethekau. Greek mythology names evoke images of strength and beauty, and this name from Egyptian mythology meaning “great enchantress” personifies that. Werethekau was an Egyptian goddess with supernatural powers dedicated to protection.

37. Wiktoria. This Polish form of the classic name Victoria meaning “victory,” is borne by the Roman goddess of victory, lending strength and power to this name. Whereas, its royal namesake, the long-reigning Queen Victoria lends a refined and regal touch.

38. Winifred. A beautifully vintage name meaning “friend of peace.” Winifred was a seventh-century Welsh saint who was martyred by a spurned prince. It’s believed that a healing spring arose where her fallen body lay. Some fun nicknames include the cute and playful Winnie or Freddie.

39. Won-a-pa-lei. If you want a highly unique yet cool name for your little adventurer, Won-a-pa-lei, meaning “girl with the long black hair,” is the protagonist in the children’s novel Island of the Blue Dolphins. She’s a young girl who becomes stranded on an island. This will be an intriguing story for your daughter to delight in over the years.

40. Wulfrun. Meaning “wolf,” and “mystery,” this Anglo-Saxon name is certainly a cool and interesting W name for girls. Did you know that the often-feared wolf is actually a symbol of loyalty and family, with a touch of wildness of course!

More Cool and Strong Girl Names That Start With W

We’ve got even more baby girl names that start with W:

Cute Girl Names That Start With W

Do you want a name as sweet as your baby girl? Well, check out our list of cute girl names that start with W to find one that makes you smile: 51. Wayna. This cute girl’s name that starts with W is the feminine form of Wayne. Perhaps you want to name your baby after a family member, such as Grandpa Wayne, or even pay tribute to the actor John Wayne.

52. Weena. An unusual, yet somewhat cute sounding name is Weena. This name could be used as a short form of Josephina, or other names with the -ina endings. George Orwell used the name Weena as the love interest in The Time Machine.

53. Wei. Pronounced WAY, this cute one-syllable girl’s name means “small,” or “fern” in Chinese. It’s too sweet to resist!

54. Wenna. This sweet name is the Early Cornish version of another cute girl’s name, Gwen meaning “fair” and “blessed.” So, whether you decide on the W version or the G girl’s name you’re sure to be onto a winner.

55. Wendy. It’s hard to get much cuter than fairy tale names and this magical moniker not only sounds cute but is also a character in J.M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan. Your little girl will delight in imagining herself going on adventures like Wendy and Peter.

56. Wera. Wera is the Polish form of Vera meaning “true.” The more common version of Vera is found in Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace and was also the name of the popular British singer during the Second World War, Vera Lynn. Fashion designer Vera Wang and actress Vera Farmiga add some style to the name.

57. Wil. The adorably short Wil can be used as a name in its own right, or as a nickname for names beginning with Wil, such as Wilma, Wilhelmina, or Wilfreda.

58. Wilma. As equally cute as Wil, Wilma will have you humming The Flintstone’s theme song for days, as it’s the name of Fred Flintstone’s wife. This adds a fun edge to this somewhat vintage cutie.

59. Wiola. Whether you’re won over by flower names, you’re a musician, or even an avid literature fan, this Polish form of Viola has it all! From the purple flower “violet,” this name is a musical instrument, as well as the protagonist in Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. Influential actress Viola Davis adds to the strength of this versatile name.

60. Wyatt. Although this is more commonly a male name, cute celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis used the name Wyatt for their baby girl. Why not add to the popularity of this adorable unisex name?

More Cute Girl Names That Start With W

If you were won over by those cute and short baby names, we’ve got even more for you:

Beautiful Girl Names That Start With W

Whether you’re looking for a name with a pretty and delicate meaning, or perhaps a name inspired by the beauty of nature, we’ve got some of the most beautiful W names for girls: 71. Wakana. This dreamy Japanese name has a meaning that evokes peace and beauty, from wa meaning “harmony,” and kana meaning “play music.”

72. Wave. Imagine the beauty and sublime power of waves crashing to the shore. This name could be a unique choice for surfers and lovers of the sea, or even for water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) babies.

73. Weronika. Weronika is the Polish form of the classic name Veronica. She was the patron saint of photographers, due to the name’s Latin meaning “true image”. It’s believed that Veronica was the woman who wiped the face of Jesus and found his image miraculously imprinted on her cloth.

74. Wesleya. This feminine form of Wesley has the nature-inspired meaning of “western meadow.” The ending of leya adds a pretty touch to this name and could be used as a sweet nickname.

75. Wikolia. A melodic Hawaiian girl’s name that comes from the name Victoria. This unique and tropical version adds a new depth of beauty to the classic version.

76. Winona. If you’re looking for a special name for your firstborn baby girl, Winona simply means “firstborn daughter” in the Native American, Dakota language. A famous namesake is actress Winona Ryder.

77. Wioletta. Wioletta is the Polish form of the beautiful purple flower name, Violet. The etta ending adds a pretty and elegant vibe to the name. In the opera La Traviata, the heroine is named Violetta, giving this name a dramatically romantic feel.

78. Wirenth. If you’re a fan of fantasy and the beauty of mythical creatures, Wirenth is the name of the golden dragon queen in Anne McCaffrey’s novel series Dragonriders of Pern. It’s certainly a unique yet beautiful female name that starts with W.

79. Wisteria. If you’re looking for a flower name for girls that’s rarer than the usual Rose, Daisy, or Lily, perhaps Wisteria will set your little one apart from the crowd. The wisteria is a graceful, purple or blue flower that’s perfect for your blooming baby girl.

80. Wynnflæd. This attractive W girl name simply means “joy” and “beauty” in Old English. Two traits that your baby girl is sure to bring to the world.

More Beautiful Girl Names That Start With W

We’ve got even more of these irresistible baby girl names that start with W:

Even More Girl Names That Start With W

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby girl names starting with W, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our unique girl names that start with X, or 1000 baby girl names to inspire you.

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