Top Baby Boy Names That Start With G

Whether it’s George, Gabriel, or Garry, there are some great boy names that start with G. You’ll find all the popular G names for boys as well as some more unusual ones here, as well as G boy names from around the world! So read on to get inspired and find the perfect name for your little boy.

Popular Boy Names That Start With G

Looking for the most popular boy names that start with G? Here are the top 10 G letter names for boys in the United States.

1. Gabriel. Coming in at no. 1 is Gabriel, which comes from the Hebrew name Gavri’el, meaning “God is my strong man.” This biblical boys’ name that starts with G appears not just in the Old and New Testaments, but also in the Quran (as Jibreel), as Gabriel is the name of the archangel who often appears as a messenger of God. Although the name has been around since the Old Testament, it was not commonly used, at least not in the English-speaking world until the end of the twentieth century. Famous Gabriels include Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez and Irish actor Gabriel Byrne.

2. Gavin. Gavin might seem like a modern name, but it’s the medieval form of Gawain (of the Green Knight fame from Arthurian mythology). The name died out in England but got a comeback in Scotland in the twentieth century. Gavin Newsom, the 40th governor of California, or British musician, Gavin Rossdale from the band Bush are examples of notable people with this name.

3. George. George is a royal baby name, having been bestowed up kings and princes throughout history. However, despite the regal connotations, it has humble roots, coming from the Greek word georgos, meaning “farmer” or “earth worker.” It became famous with Saint George, the saint who in medieval legend defeated a dragon. It became fashionable in the English-speaking world in the eighteenth century with the German-born George I taking the English throne, beginning a tradition of King Georges. Famous Georges of course include George Washington, explorer George Vancouver, writer George Orwell, and actor George Clooney.

4. Gideon. This name comes from the Hebrew word meaning “feller” or “hewer.” In the Old Testament, he was a hero and judge leading the outnumbered Israelites against the Midianites. This biblical boys' name became popular following the Protestant Reformation and among the Puritans. A group known as the Gideons (famous for distributing free Bibles) took on this name. It’s a name that’s appeared in popular culture a number of times with films and a children’s TV series, as well as a Broadway drama by Paddy Chayefsky, taking on this name.

5. Giovanni. Giovanni is the Italian form of John and has been in use in Italy since the Middle Ages. You’ll find many famous Giovannis from Italian history in particular, like Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini, Decameron writer Giovanni Boccaccio, and painter and sculptor Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini.

6. Graham. This name originates from a Scottish surname that came from a place in England called Grantham, which meant “gravelly homestead” in Old English. It traveled to Scotland in the twelfth century with Norman baron William de Graham. Famous Grahams include the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, and British author Graham Greene.

7. Grant. Grant comes from an English and Scottish surname with its origins in the Norman French word grand meaning “great” or “large.”

8. Grayson. This name likely came from an English surname that meant “son of the steward” in Middle English. It became popular as a given name in the mid-twentieth century, as it was similar to other popular names at the time like Jason or Graham. American professional basketball player Grayson Allen is a good example of someone with this name.

9. Griffin. Griffin could have a few origins. Some say it’s a Latinized form of Gruffudd, an Old Welsh name with roots in the words meaning “lord” or “prince” and “strong.” Others say it could come from the mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

10. Gunner. Gunner is a variation of the Scandinavian name Gunnar, which means “war” and “warrior.”


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Unique Boy Names That Start With G

If you are looking for a unique boy name then look no further. You’ll find some great unique and rare boy names that start with G here.

11. Galen. This name comes from the name Galenos, meaning “calm” in Greek. In the second century B.C.E., a Greco-Roman physician who contributed to anatomy and medicine bore this name—and to this day the name is sometimes given in his honor.

12. Gallagher. Gallagher is an Irish surname (famous for Liam and Noel Gallagher from the band Oasis), that’s actually an Anglicized form of Ó Gallachobhair, which has its roots in the Old Irish words gall, meaning “stranger” and cobar, “desiring.”

13. Garland. Although Garland might conjure up floral connotations, it’s from a surname meaning “triangle land” in Old English. It belonged to a person who owned a triangular-shaped piece of land.

14. Gavrel. This unusual G name for boys is the Yiddish variant of the popular Gabriel, so could be a good option if you have family coming from a Yiddish-speaking background and you’re looking for something a little different.

15. Gervase. Gervase is the English form of Gervasius, which comes from the Latinized form of the Germanic ger, meaning “spear.” It came to England in the Middle Ages with the Normans, but it’s become a rare name since.

16. Gilroy. This name comes from an Irish surname, either Mac Giolla Ruaidh, which means “son of the red-haired servant” or Mac Giolla Rí, “son of the king’s servant.” There is also a city in California with this name that’s famous for garlic and its garlic festival.

17. Glanville. This comes from an English surname taken from a Norman place name. It most likely meant “domain of a person named Gland” in Old French.

18. Goddard. Goddard comes from an English and French surname with its roots in the Germanic given name Godehard, meaning “god” and “hardy” or “brave.” As a surname, it’s most famous for French New Wave filmmaker Jean-Luc Goddard, so if you’re a cinema fan, maybe this is a good choice for your baby boy.

19. Goyathlay. Goyathlay means “one who yawns” in the Apache language and was the name of the Apache leader known as Geronimo, who fought the American and Mexican expansion into his territory in the nineteenth century.

20. Gutierre. This Spanish boys’ name is the Hispanic form of the name Walter, which originally comes from the Germanic name meaning “ruler of the army.”

More Unique G Names for Boys

It can be fun choosing a baby name, but it can also be a challenge. Check out this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Old-Fashioned G Boy Names

For some classic, old-fashioned boy names that start with G, have a look through this curated list of names.

31. Gael. Gael most likely comes from the ethno-linguistic term Gael, referring to the speakers of Gaelic languages. It’s used not just among English speakers, but in Brittany and in Spain. Mexican actor Gael García Bernal is perhaps the most famous example of this name.

32. Gareth. Gareth is a name that’s mostly used in Wales and England. Although it’s meaning is uncertain, it does have connections to Arthurian legends. It appears in Thomas Mallory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, where one of the Knights of the Round Table has this name. It could have Welsh origin, coming from the word gwrhyd, meaning “valor” or gwairydd, meaning “hay lord.” You’ll find many Welsh and English soccer and rugby players with this name, so if you or your family come from Wales or have a passion for sport, it could be a good name for your boy.

33. Garfield. Everyone knows the lovable “chonky” ginger cat who loves his lasagne from Jim Davis’s cartoon strip, but the name Garfield actually comes from a surname meaning “triangle field” in Old English. American president James A. Garfield had this as his surname.

34. Garnet. Garnet is a unisex name that comes from an English surname referring to a person who made hinges. It also has associations with the stone garnet, which is the birthstone for January, so could be a good choice if your little one is born that month.

35. Gene. Gene is the short form of Eugene, coming from the Greek word eugenes, meaning “well born.” Famous Genes include actors Gene Kelly, Gene Wilder, and Gene Hackman.

36. Gilbert. This name means “bright pledge,” coming from the Germanic elements. It came to England with the Normans and became common in the Middle Ages. A twelfth-century saint bore the name and founded the religious order known as the Gilbertines. Writer G.K. Chesterton was called Gilbert, and American actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried are popular examples of the name.

37. Godfrey. This comes from the Germanic name, Godafrid, which means “peace of God.” It was a common name in the Middle Ages when the Normans brought this name to England. Eleventh-century leader of the First Crusade and first ruler of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, Godfrey of Bouillon, was a noble bearer with this name.

38. Gottschalk. Gottschalk comes from the Germanic elements god meaning “god” and scalc, meaning “servant.” There was an eleventh-century prince of the Wends, now Eastern Germany, with this name.

39. Grover. Grover comes from the Old English word graf, meaning “grove of trees.” It was a surname before it became a given name, but it became popular at the end of the nineteenth century thanks to American president Grover Cleveland. There is also a character on Sesame Street called Grover.

40. Gunther. This Germanic name has its origins in Gundahar, a name derived from the elements gund, meaning “war” and hari, meaning “army” or “warrior.” It’s a name that features in the Germanic saga Nibelungenlied, as a fifth-century Burgundian King who tries to woo Icelandic queen Brühild with the help of hero Siegfried. Gunther also features in Wagner’s opera Götterdämmerung, the final part of the Ring Cycle.

More Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With G

Cool Boy Names That Start With G

Whether you are looking for cool middle names for boys or a first name with a cool factor, you may want to consider these modern baby boy names starting with G.

51. Gage. This name comes from an Old French word meaning either “measure” or “pledge”—referring to an assayer or a moneylender, respectively. It became an English surname, but then a given name. It became popular thanks to the character in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.

52. Garrick. Garrick was an English surname of French Huguenot origin, coming from the Occitan word garric, meaning “oak tree grove.”

53. Geir. This Scandinavian name comes from the Old Norse element geirr, meaning “spear.”

54. Glyn. Glyn is a cool Welsh name that means “valley” in Welsh.

55. Graeme. This variant of Graham has become popular in Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia. Scottish soccer player Graeme Souness and Scottish comedian Graeme Garden OBE are examples of this name.

56. Gray. Gray came from the English surname meaning “gray,” and was originally given to someone with gray hair or clothing.

57. Greer. This comes from a Scottish surname that originally came from the name Gregor.

58. Gregor. Gregor has its origins in the name Gregorius, rooted in the Greek word meaning “watchful” and “alert.” It’s mostly used in Scotland, Slovakia, Germany, and Slovenia. One famous example is Gregor Mendel, a Czech monk and scientist who made discoveries in genetics.

59. Gresham. Gresham means “grazing homestead” in Old English and was a surname that derived from a place name.

60. Griffith. Like with Griffin, Griffith is an Anglicized form of the Welsh name Gruffudd.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With G

International Boy Names That Start With G

If you want to give your baby boy something more cosmopolitan, you may want to pick one of these international names . From Hungary to East Africa, India to the Philippines, we’ve picked out some good boys’ names that start with G.

71. Gabor. This is the Hungarian form of Gabriel. Hungarian-Canadian physician and author, Gabor Maté is an example of a public figure with this name.

72. Gadisa. Gadisa is a name from East Africa meaning “shade” in the Oromo language.

73. Ganesh. Ganesh is a popular name in India. It comes from Ganesha, which means “lord of hordes” from the Sanskrit words gana (horde) and isha (lord). Ganesh—or Ganesha—is the Hindu god of wisdom and good luck, best depicted as a stout man with an elephant’s head.

74. Gani. Gani is a Tagalog name that’s short for Isagani, which most likely comes from the word masaganang ani, meaning “bountiful harvest.”

75. Gaston. Gaston is a French boys’ name , and you most likely heard it in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It possibly comes from a Germanic name with roots in the words gast, meaning “stranger” or “guest.” In France, it was the name of Saint Vedastus and was also borne by several counts of Foix-Béarn in the thirteenth century. Writer of Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux is another famous example of the name.

76. Ghassan. This Arabic name means “youth” and was the name of an Arabian tribe that existed until the sixth century.

77. Giannis. Giannis is the modern Greek form of John, having evolved from the ancient Greek name Ioannes, coming from the Hebrew Yochanan, meaning “God is gracious.”

78. Gonzalo. This Spanish name comes from the medieval Gundisalvus, with possible roots in the Germanic word meaning “war” and the Latin “safe.” Saint Gonzalo was a bishop in Mondoñedo in northern Spain. It’s also a name that’s common among soccer players, like Argentine player Gonzalo Abán, Spanish players Gonzalo Colsa and Gonzalo de la Fuente, Uruguayan Gonzalo ”Chory” Castro Irizábal, to name only a few (this list could go on!) So, if you’re a soccer fan, this could be a great name for your baby boy.

79. Goro. This comes from the Japanese words meaning “five” and “son.” It was most likely used as a name for the fifth son in Japan.

80. Giuseppe. Giuseppe is the Italian form of Joseph. Giuseppe Garibaldi, a military leader who united Italy in the nineteenth century and composer Giuseppe Verdi are notable examples of the name.

More International Boy Names That Start With G

Cute Boy Names That Start With G

For something cute, these baby boy names that start with the letter G are sweet and will put a smile on your face.

91. Gabino. Gabino is a cute Spanish form of Gabinus, which was a Late Latin name that may have referred to the city of Gabii in central Italy.

92. Geordie. This is an adorable diminutive of George.

93. Germain. This is the French form of Germanus, which comes from the word “brother” in Latin. There were several early saints with this name, and even a trendy district in Paris called Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

94. Gyuri. This Hungarian name is a diminutive of the name György, the Hungarian form of George.

95. Gili. Gili means “my joy” in Hebrew, and a prefect name if your little boy brings you joy.

96. Goodwin. This comes from an English surname that was derived from a given name Godwine, which means “friend of god” in Old English.

97. Gordie. This is a sweet diminutive of Gordon. One notable person with this name is Canadian hockey star Gordie Howe.

98. Gotzon. Gotzon is a name from the northern part of Spain that means “angel” in Basque.

99. Guda. Coming from the Arabic meaning “goodness” or “excellence.” Guda sometimes gets transcribed as Juda from the original Arabic, as it comes from the word jada, meaning “to be excellent.”

100. Gus. Gus is usually the short form of Augustus or Angus, but it can also be a diminutive of Constantine in the Greek expatriate community.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With G

Short Boy Names That Start With G

Sometimes you just want to keep things short and sweet, so have a look at these short baby names and see if you can find the right fit for your little one.

111. Gabe. This is a short form of the popular name Gabriel.

112. Gal. Gal is a short name that has two different origins, it can either be the unisex Hebrew name meaning “wave” or the Slovene form of Gallus, which comes from the Latin word for “rooster.” Israeli actress Gal Gadot being a famous person who has this name.

113. Gaz. Gazi is often used as a diminutive for Gary or Gareth.

114. Gib. Gib is a medieval diminutive for Gilbert.

115. Gigi. In Italy, Gigi is a diminutive of Luigi, or any other names ending with gi. It can be used for both boys and girls, like with the model Gigi Hadid for girls.

116. Gil. Gil has a few different origin stories. It could be short for Gilbert in an English-speaking country, the Portuguese or Spanish form of Giles, or a Hebrew name meaning “joy” or “happiness.” It’s a truly cosmopolitan name!

117. Gino. Gino is the Italian short form for all boys’ names that end with gino.

118. Gio. This is a Georgian name that’s a short form of Giorgi, which is the Georgian form of George.

119. Glen. This is a variant of the Glenn.

120. Grier. This name comes from a Scottish surname that has its roots in the name Gregor.

More Short Boy Names That Start With G

Strong and Powerful Boy Names That Start With G

There are many strong and powerful G boy names, so take a look at this list inspired by German, Norse, and Roman mythology for some great ideas.

131. Gandalf. Everyone knows and love Gandalf, the wizard in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Although it came to popular knowledge through Tolkien, it has some roots in Norse Mythology. Tolkien was a linguist and loved old languages, so the fact Gandalf means “wand elf” in Old Norse should be no surprise. In fact, there is even a thirteenth-century Scandinavian manuscript that’s part of the Poetic Edda, in the Völuspá, Gandálfr is the name of a dwarf.

132. Gebhard. This Germanic name comes from the elements geb, meaning “gift” and hard, meaning “brave” or “hardy.” Tenth-century bishop of Constance Saint Gebhard is a notable example of this name.

133. Gerfried. This name comes from the Germanic elements meaning “spear” and “peace.”

134. Gervais. This is a French form of Gervasius, a Latinized form of a Germanic name meaning “spear.” It’s also a surname, like with British comedian Ricky Gervais.

135. Giovi. This name is the Sicilian form of Jupiter, the supreme god in Roman mythology.

136. Godwine. Godwine comes from the Old English words god and wine, the latter meaning “friend”—so the name means “friend of God.” This name belonged to a powerful eleventh-century Earl of Wessex, the father of King Harold II of England.

137. Govad. Govad means “wind” in Persian and was also the name of an angel associated with the wind in the Zoroastrian religion.

138. Gudmund. This name comes from an Old Norse name rooted in the words meaning “god” and “protection.”

139. Gunne. This is the short form of an Old Norse names that begin with gunnr, which mean “war.”

140. Gwil. Gwil is the Welsh short form of Gwilym, which is Welsh for William.

More Strong and Powerful Boy Names That Start With G

Even More Boy Names That Start With G

The Bottom Line

If your heart is set on a boy name that start with G for your new arrival, we hope our list helped you expand options. Keep the baby-naming party going with more letters by name with boy names that start with H . Or perhaps you want to find some more international names, like Hawaiian boy names , Mexican baby names or more Italian boy names .

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