Top Baby Boy Names That Start With M

Looking for boy names starting with M? Maybe you have a family tradition of picking M names for boys, or you just like how these names sound and feel. From popular names to biblical ones, this list of boy names starting with M is a good place to get started. Have a look at these baby boy names starting with M and their meanings to find the right one for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start With M

For the best boy names starting with M, you can’t go wrong with the top 10 M boy names in the United States. Check out these top boy names that start with M and see if you can find one that clicks for your baby boy.

1. Mason. Coming in at no. 1 is Mason, which means “stoneworker.” It was an English surname with its roots in an Old French word with a Germanic origin. As a first name, it increased in popularity in the United States from the 1980s. In 2009, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick gave their son this name in the reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, adding to its popularity.

2. Michael. Michael comes from the Hebrew name meaning “who is like God?” and was one of the archangels of the Hebrew tradition. It’s been a popular name for centuries, used for numerous saints, nine Byzantine emperors, and even rulers throughout Europe. Famous Michaels include musician Michael Jackson, basketball player Michael Jordan, and actor Michael Douglas.

3. Mateo. This is a popular form of Matthew in Spain and Croatia. There is also a similar variant in Italy, spelled Matteo.

4. Matthew. Matthew means “gift of Yahweh” in Hebrew and is the author of the first gospel in the New Testament. It’s been a name that’s been used over the centuries by historical figures like American naval officer Matthew C. Perry, who led a delegation to Japan, and American actor Matthew McConaughey.

5. Maverick. This name comes from the English word maverick, which means “independent.” It also has roots in the surname of a nineteenth-century Texas rancher who did not brand his calves. Australian tennis player, Maverick Banes and American basketball players Maverick Morgan and Maverick Rowan share this name.

6. Micah. Micah is the contracted form of Micaiah and was one of the 12 minor prophets of the Old Testament. Notable Michas include American comic book artist Micah Gunnell, American football player Micah Hyde, and Kenyan long-distance runner Micah Kogo.

7. Myles. This spelling can either be a variant of Miles, which comes from the Germanic name Milo, or from Greek, meaning “mill.” It was also used as the name of the king of Laconia in Greek mythology.

8. Milo. Milo is the old Germanic form of Miles and was used since the Middle Ages. American actor of Gilmore Girls fame Milo Ventimiglia and Tony-nominated Irish actor Milo O’Shea are examples with this name.

9. Maxwell. Maxwell, also abbreviated to Max, comes from a Scottish surname meaning “Mack’s stream.” Scottish physicist James Maxwell is an example of someone with this as a surname. Maxwell and Max have appeared in popular culture, with The Beatles song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” and the post-apocalyptic classic Mad Max.

10. Malachi. Malachi comes from the Hebrew word meaning “my messenger” or “my angel.” The name is also used for one of the 12 minor prophets from the Old Testament.


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Unique Boy Names That Start With M

If you’re looking for a unique name for a boy, you might want to try some of these unusual and uncommon boy names that start with M on for size.

11. Myrddin. This is the original Welsh form of Merlin, most likely coming from the Celtic elements meaning “sea” and “rampart” or “fort.” The name Myrddin appears in early Welsh poems as a prophet living in the Caledonian forest. Geoffrey of Monmouth adapted him into the Merlin of the Arthurian legend in the twelfth century.

12. Myron. This name means “sweet oil” or “perfume” in Greek. It was also used for the name of a Greek sculptor living in fifth century B.C.E. Many saints also bore this name.

13. Moacir. Moacir comes from the Tupi word moasy, meaning “pain” or “regret.” This is also the name of the son of Iracema in the novel by José de Alencar Iracema.

14. Manawydan. This Welsh name most likely has its origins in the Celtic root for the word “mountain.” It features in The Mabinogion, as the son of Llŷr.

15. Moana. Moana is a name used for both boys and girls in Polynesia. It means “ocean,” “wide expanse of water,” or “deep sea” in Maori and Hawaiian and is also used in Tahiti, Samoa, and Tonga. The name became famous after Disney’s 2016 film Moana.

16. Mekaisto. Mekaisto comes from the Siksika word Mí’kiai’stoowa, which means “red crow.”

17. Melqart. This name means “king of the city” in Phoenician and was used for the name of a Phoenician god worshipped in the city of Tyre.

18. Murchadh. Murchadh means “sea battle” in Old Irish and was a name used by several medieval Irish chieftains and kings.

19. Mithridates. This is the Greek form of the Persian name Mithradatha, meaning “gift of Mithra.” It was a name used by several kings of Parthia and Pontus.

20. Mago. Mago has its roots in Phoenician, likely meaning “shield.” It was a name used by three kings of Carthage and also by the brother of Hannibal Barca.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With M

It can be fun but overwhelming when choosing a baby name. Let’s help you find that perfect name! Watch this video for some exciting facts to help you pick a great name for your baby boy.

Biblical Boy Names That Start with M

If you’re looking for M letter names for a boy that stands the test of time, you can’t go wrong with biblical baby names. These biblical boy names that start with M should hopefully inspire you. 31. Madai. This name means “Medes” in Hebrew and was the name for the son of Japheth in the Old Testament. Madai was the ancestor of the Medes, an ancient people related to the Persians.

32. Mahlah. Mahlah is used both as a male and female name in the Old Testament. It most likely has its roots in the Hebrew word challah, meaning “sick” or “weak.”

33. Manasseh. This name was used for the oldest son of Joseph and Asenath in the Old Testament. It means “causing to forget” in Hebrew.

34. Mark. Mark likely comes from the Latin Marcus, with roots in the name for the Roman god Mars. Saint Mark was the author of the second gospel of the New Testament, and also became the patron saint of Venice. Mark is a name that also features in literature, with King Mark, the husband of Iseult and uncle to Tristan in The Romance of Tristan and Iseult by Joseph Bedier and Gottfried von Strassburg’s Tristan. Famous Marks include American author Mark Twain (who was actually born Samuel Clemens, but chose the name for himself), Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and actor Mark Wahlberg.

35. Matthias. Matthias is a variant of Matthew and appears in the New Testament as the apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot. It’s a name that’s also been used for the Kings of Hungary, including Renaissance king Mattias I.

36. Medad. This name means “love” in Hebrew and was used in the Old Testament for one of the elders who prophesizes in the camp of the Israelites after the flight from Egypt.

37. Meshach. This name has its roots in Akkadian and likely means “who is what Aku is?” in which Aku is the name of a Babylonian god of the moon. This is used as the Babylonian name of Mishael, a man saved by God in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament.

38. Micaiah. Macaiah means “who is like Yahweh?” in Hebrew and is used for both men and women. It’s the full name for Micah, a prophet in the Book of Judges in the Old Testament.

39. Mordecai. Mordecai means “servant of Marduk” in Persian and appears in the Book of Esther in the Old Testament. Mordecai is Esther’s foster father.

40. Moses. Moses is the main figure in the Book of Exodus in the Old Testament. The name could come from the Egyptian word for “son” or “deliver” or “drew out” in Hebrew. Moses is responsible for taking the enslaved Jews from Egypt to the Promised Land, with the parting of the Red Sea and receiving the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai being key parts of his story. It’s a name that’s still popular to this day, especially among Jews.

More Biblical Boy Names That Start With M

Cool Boy Names That Start With M

Whether you’re hunting for gender-neutral names ord some cool an cute middle names for boys, these boy names starting with M are bound to have that cool factor you’re looking for.

51. Michelangelo. This name combines Michael and Angelo, which refer to the archangel Michael. Of course, this name became popular thanks to Renaissance painter and sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti famed for his statue of David and the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo also had its appearance in popular culture with the children’s cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other famous Michelangelos include Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni.

52. Mictlantecuhtli. Mictlantecuhtli means “lord of Mictlan” in Nahuatl and was a ruler of the underworld in Aztec mythology.

53. Menes. This is the Greek form of the ancient Egyptian name mnj, which has its roots in the word meaning “to endure.” Menes was a king in ancient Egypt who united Egypt’s Upper and Lower kingdoms around 3000 B.C.E.

54. Mustafa. Mustafa means “the chosen one” in Arabic and is an epithet of Muhammad. It was a name borne by four Ottoman sultans, and Mustafa Kemal, known as Atatürk, who founded modern Turkey.

55. Menander. This name is the Latinized form of Menandros, which means “to stay” or “to last,” and was used by a fourth-century B.C.E. Greek dramatist and a second-century B.C.E. Indo-Greek king.

56. Manuel. Manuel is a short form of Emmanuel, which means “God is with us,” and is a popular name in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries. It was also a name used in Byzantium by its emperors and in the Iberian Peninsula in the thirteenth century by several kings and princes, including the last king of Portugal. Mexican fashion designer Manuel Cuevas, and soccer players Argentinian Manuel Lanzini and Italian Manuel Locatelli are modern-day bearers of the name.

57. Marius. Marius comes from a Roman family that either has its roots in Mars, the name for the Roman god of war or the Latin word maris, meaning “male.” One of the most popular examples of the name in popular culture is Marius Pontmercy in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables and the musical of the same name.

58. Merlin. Merlin has its roots in the Welsh Myrddin, with this form most likely coming from Geoffrey of Monmouth in his twelfth-century chronicle. Of course, Merlin is famous for the Arthurian legends, with Merlin being the magician and counselor to King Arthur.

59. Mordred. Mordred is another name with roots in Arthurian mythology, likely coming from the Welsh name Medraut, whose meaning is unknown, or the Latin moderatus, meaning “controlled” or “moderated.” Mordred was Arthur’s illegitimate son in some variants of the legend.

60. Math. This Welsh name has its root in the word meaning “bear.” It features in the Welsh legend The Mabinogion, where Math ap Mathonwy was a king of Gwynedd and a magician.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With M

Modern Boy Names Starting With M

If you want some M names for boys with a more contemporary feel, then look at these modern baby boy names starting with M for some ideas, like last names as first names and more!

71. Mackenzie. This name comes from a Scottish surname with roots in the Old Irish word for “handsome” or “fair.” Like many modern names, it can be used for both boys and girls. It’s more common for boys in the United Kingdom, but in the United States, it’s gained popularity for girls, thanks to American actress Mackenzie Phillips.

72. Macaulay. This name has its roots in the Gaelic family name meaning “son of Amhalghaidh.” It became popular as a boys’ name after child actor Macaulay Culkin rose to fame with the Home Alone movies.

73. Madison. Madison comes from an English surname meaning “son of Maud” and is used for both boys and girls (although it only became popular as a feminine name after the 1984 movie Splash). It’s also famous thanks to James Madison, one of the authors of the American constitution and the fourth president of the United States.

74. Maikel. This modern name is a contemporary Dutch and Spanish variation of the name Michael, based on the English pronunciation.

75. Marley. Marley comes from an English surname meaning “pleasant wood” or “boundary wood” in Old English, as it was based on a place name. Jamaican musician Bob Marley is a famous example of this used as a surname. Marley & Me, a 2008 film starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, also helped popularize the name (even though it was the dog’s name).

76. Maxi. Maxi is used in Spain for a short form of Maximiliano and in Germany for Maximilian, along with the feminine Maximiliane.

77. Maddox. Maddox comes from the Welsh surname meaning “son of Madoc,” but became a well-known first name after actress Angelina Jolie gave this name to her adopted son in 2002.

78. McKinley. McKinley was a Scottish surname that came from the Anglicized form of Mac Fhionnlaigh, which has roots in the Old Irish words “white” or “fair” and “warrior.” The twenty-fifth president of the United States, William McKinley is an example. But since the nineteenth century it became used as a given name for boys, and since the 1990s for girls.

79. Memphis. This cool name actually has roots in Ancient Egypt, meaning “enduring beauty” in Egyptian. However, it’s also the name of a city in Tennessee that was home to legendary musicians like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Today it’s a popular given name, so if you are looking for a music name that evokes musical legends for your little boy, Memphis could be a good choice!

80. Montana. Montana is also the name of an American state, which gets its name from the Latin word for “mountainous.”

More Modern Boy Names That Start With M

Cute Boy Names That Start With M

From diminutives to nicknames with sweet meanings, have a look at these cute baby boy names starting with M for something adorable for your little one.

91. Manny. Manny is a cute diminutive for Emmanuel or Manuel.

92. Marty. This name is often used as a nickname for Martin, like Marty McFly in the iconic time-traveling movie trilogy Back to the Future.

93. Matty. Matty comes from Matthew and has been used as a name for many soccer players, like English soccer player Matty Hughes or Matty Lund.

94. Merry. Merry has its roots in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel Lord of the Rings, as the hobbit Meriadoc, but Merry is the nickname he goes by. It also has its roots in Tolkien’s fictional language in the hobbit language of Kali, meaning “jolly.”

95. Mickey. Mickey is the diminutive form of Michael and became famous for Disney’s Mickey Mouse. American baseball player Mickey Mantel is another notable example of this name.

96. Misi. This name is pronounced “mishi” and is a diminutive form of Mihály, the Hungarian form of Michael.

97. Mario. Mario has its roots in the name Marius and is a popular name in Spain and Italy. It gained fame from the Nintendo videogame featuring the mustachioed Italian plumber, Mario. Other famous Marios include American racecar driver Mario Andretti, and Canadian hockey player Mario Lemieux.

98. Moisey. This is the Russian form of Moses.

99. Mungo. Mungo is a Scottish name with an uncertain meaning, but it could come from a Brythonic phrase meaning “my dear” and was used as a nickname for a sixth-century saint, Saint Kentigern.

100. Masami. This Japanese name has its roots in the word masa, which means “become,” “right,” or “proper,” and is combined with the word mi, meaning “beautiful.”

More Cute M Names for Boys

Short Boy Names That Start With M

For the best short baby names, check out these M boy names that are one-syllable long. Let’s pick something short and sweet!

111. Mack. Mack can be a shortened form of names beginning with Mac or Mc, or has its roots in the medieval short form for Magnus.

112. Mads. Mads is the Danish short form of Mathias. Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is the most notable figure with this name.

113. Marc. Marc is the French, Catalan, and Welsh form of Mark or Marcus. American fashion designer Marc Jacobs and American singer-songwriter Marc Anthony are famous examples.

114. Mars. This name could have its roots in the Latin word for “male,” and in Roman mythology, Mars was the god of war—based on the Greek god Ares. It’s also the name used for the fourth planet in the solar system.

115. Merle. Merle means “blackbird” in French, but it could also be a variant of the name Merrill for boys, which means “pleasant hill,” or Muriel for girls. It’s a very common name in Estonia, although the connection to the English use of Merle is unknown.

116. Minh. Minh means “bright” in Sino-Vietnamese. It’s perhaps best known for communist revolutionary Ho Chi Minh.

117. Mo. For boys, Mo is usually the short form of Maurice or Morris.

118. Moss. Moss is the medieval form of Moses. Character Maurice Moss in the British sitcom The IT Crowd, played by Richard Ayoade, simply went by the name Moss.

119. Mu. Mu is a Chinese name meaning “admire” or “desire” but could also mean “tree” or “wood.”

120. Min. Min is used in China and Korea, coming from the character meaning either “quick,” “clever,” and “sharp” or “people” and “citizens.”

More Short M Boy Names

Strong Boy Names That Start With M

If you’re looking for powerful boy names, then you may love these strong names that start with M for boys! Including Roman emperors and gods, Welsh mythology, Scandinavian kings, and more, here are the top strong boy names that start with M.

131. Mabon. This Welsh name comes from Maponos, which means “great son.” In Welsh legend Culhwch and Olwen, Mabon is the prisoner freed by Arthur’s warriors to help hunt the great boar Trwyth.

132. Macario. This Spanish name comes from the Greek name Makarios, which has its roots in the Greek word “bless” or “happy” and was used as the name of several early saints.

133. Macbeth. This may not be a name you want to use if you’re about to go on stage, but this Scottish name means “son of life,” implying holiness. Of course, it was used in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, which was based on the life of a real-life Scottish king in the eleventh century.

134. Macsen. This is the Welsh form of Maximus, a Roman family name meaning “greatest.” Magnus Maximus—known as Macsen Wledig in Welsh—was a fourth-century coruler of the Western Roman Empire and was the founder of several royal lineages. The medieval Welsh tale The Dream of Macsen features this name for the title character.

135. Magnus. Magnus means “great” in Late Latin and was borne by a seventh-century saint. It mostly gained popularity in Scandinavia after the eleventh century following the Norwegian king Magnus I. It’s a name that’s been used for seven Norwegian kings and three kings of Sweden.

136. Mahatma. Mahatma means “great soul” in Sanskrit, and was made famous by Mohandas Karamchand, better known by the world as nonviolent freedom activist Mahatma Gandhi.

137. Martin. Martin has its roots in the Roman name Martinus, which comes from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars. There have been several famous Martins in history and in popular culture. The theologian who began the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, German philosopher Martin Heidegger, and American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. are some of the most notable. Other Martins include filmmaker Martin Scorsese, actors Martin Sheen and Martin Freeman.

138. Malcolm. Malcolm comes from the Scottish Gaelic name meaning “disciple of Saint Columba.” It was a name borne by four Scottish kings, including the king featured in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Civil rights leader Malcolm X is another notable figure with this name.

139. Marcus. Marcus also has its origins in the name for the Roman god Mars and was a popular given name in Roman times. There were many famous Romans with this name, like first century B.C.E. statesman and orator Marcus Tullius Cicero, first century B.C.E politician and lover of Cleopatra, Marcus Antonius, and second century emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius. However, Marcus has been surpassed by the biblical name Mark these days.

140. Muhammad. Muhammad means “praised” or “commendable” in Arabic. This name is most famous for the Prophet Muhammad who founded Islam in the seventh century. It’s a name that’s used all over the Muslim world, and comes in a variety of spellings, like Mohammed or Muhammed. Famous bearers of the name include the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and American boxer Muhammad Ali.

More Strong Boy Names That Start With M

Even More Boy Names Starting With M

The Bottom Line

Let’s keep the baby-naming party going with more names by the letter, maybe moving on to the next in line with boy names that start with N. Or if you’re looking for something more cosmopolitan, then maybe pick something a little international, like Hawaiian boy names, French baby boy names, and Italian boy names.

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