Top Baby Boy Names That Start With E

Finding the perfect name for your baby is part of the fun of becoming a parent. But with so many options out there, the search might seem a little challenging. If you’re looking for baby boy names that start with E, we’ve compiled a list of 300 names—you’ll find popular, cute, unique, biblical, old-fashioned, and more E names for boys! So, whether you like the sound of the letter or have an E name theme in your family, we hope this list inspires you.

Popular Baby Boy Names That Start With E

Choosing a popular baby name means your little one’s name will fit in well with his generation. The 10 names below were the most popular baby boy names that start with E in the United States in 2020.

1. Elijah. As the most popular boy name beginning with E, Elijah is also quite a classic. Although used in the United States for centuries, it had a spike in popularity in the 1990s and hasn’t slowed down. Elijah means “my God is Yahweh” in reference to the Hebrew god.

2. Ethan. Another classic, Ethan is also a Hebrew name. It means “solid, firm” and “enduring” and has been a staple in the United States for quite some time.

3. Ezra. Hebrew names that start with E are quite popular for baby boys! Ezra is another Hebrew name, meaning “help.”

4. Elias. A form of Elijah, the name Elias also means “my God is Yahweh,” but originates from Greek.

5. Eli. Yet another Hebrew name, Eli has two meanings. It either means “my God” or “ascension.” It’s been used in the United States for centuries but became popular again in the early 2000s.

6. Ezekiel. An ancient Hebrew name, Ezekiel means “God will strengthen” and has been used as an English given name since the sixteenth century.

7. Easton. Although this is an Old English surname, Easton wasn’t used as a given name in the United States until the 1990s, when it soared in popularity. It simply means “east town.”

8. Everett. As a given name, Everett had a popularity spike in the early twentieth century. It’s also having a spike now, which started again in the early twenty-first century. The name was derived from Everard, a German moniker meaning “brave boar.”

9. Evan. This popular boys’ name beginning with E is the Welsh form of John. It’s another U.S. staple, but didn’t find its stride until the 1980s. It means “Yahweh is gracious” in reference to the Hebrew god.

10. Emmett. Typically, feminine names are derived from masculine names, but in the case of Emmett, it’s a boys’ moniker originating from Emma, a popular girls’ name. It means “whole” or “universal.

More Popular E Boy Names

If you still need some trendy inspiration, we’ve included even more popular male names that start with E, which make up the following E letter names.


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Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With E

Perhaps you prefer a more unique name that starts with E for your baby boy. The following E boy names with unique sounds and meanings might be right for you.

21. Eben. As the short form of the name Ebenezer, Eben means “stone of help” in Hebrew. This unique baby boys name that starts with E hasn’t been used in the United States since the late nineteenth century.

22. Edison. You might recognize this name from the famous inventor Thomas Edison. This unique moniker either means “son of Eda” or “son of Adam.”

23. Elsdon. Meaning “Elli’s valley” in Old English, this moniker was originally a surname and a place name in England. (Place names come from physical places that may or may not still exist, such as historic towns, lakes, or mountain ranges.)

24. Elwin. This unique boy name is a variant of Alvin and means “old friend.” It originates from medieval Scandinavian names and hasn’t been used in the United States since the 1950s.

25. Emory. If you like the name Emery but want a unique spin on this baby boy moniker that starts with E, you could go with Emory. This Norman name comes from several Germanic elements, which have various meanings, including “ruler,” “whole, universal,” “work, labor,” and “home.”

26. Ennis. This Irish surname comes from the word inis, which means “island.” It was common in the United States until the 1920s.

27. Erle. Although a gender neutral name , Erle is slightly more common for a girl. It’s a form of Jarl, an Old Norse name that means “chieftain” or “nobleman.”

28. Ern. A short form for the name Ernest, Ern comes from a Germanic word meaning “serious.”

29. Errol. Originally a Scottish place name, Errol gained popularity from the Australian actor Errol Flynn.

30. Erskine. A rare Scottish name, Erskine means “projecting height” in Gaelic. You may recognize the name from the Irish novelist Erskine Childers.

More Unique E Boy Names

To keep the inspiration going, we’ve included even more unique baby boy names that start with the letter E.

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Cute Baby Boy Names That Start With E

It’s no doubt your little boy is a cutie, so maybe he needs a sweet name? Cute names for baby boys can be short or long, but often feature adorable sounds or fun meanings!

51. Eastmund. Although it sounds like Easton, this name is the Old English version of Esmond. It means “grace” and “protection.”

52. Eddy. Either from the name Edward or Edmund, Eddy turns these two old-fashioned monikers into a cute baby boy name that start with E. In either case, Eddy means “wealth, fortune.”

53. Egbert. Sometimes, old-fashioned names have a very cute ring to them, which is the case with Egbert. Plus, the name means “bright edge.”

54. Ellery. The name Ellery is a unisex name that comes from Hilary, which was a masculine name during the Middle Ages. The name means “cheerful.” Hilary and Ellery would be cute twin names , especially if you’re having a girl and a boy!

55. Elmo. Besides being the name of the adorable Sesame Street character, Elmo has other ties to cuteness. The name comes from Erasmus, as in Saint Erasmus (or Saint Elmo), which means “beloved.”

56. Elroy. Not only cute in sound, but the name Elroy also has interesting origins. It’s an altered form of Leroy, using the Spanish definite article el rather than the French le. The name means “the king.”

57. Elvis. This name is perfect if you’re a fan of Elvis Presley, the famous singer and actor! The name Elvis ultimately has unknown meanings, yet several possible origins. It could be a derivative of Alvis (“all wise”) or Elwin (“old friend”), or it could come from the feminine name Eloise, which means “healthy.”

58. Ely. As a variant spelling of Eli (one of the most popular baby boy names that start with E), Ely also means “my God” or “accension.”

59. Emery. Like the name Emory above, this cute baby boy name that starts with E is the Norman form of the German moniker Emmerich, which has many potential meanings, including “ruler,” “whole, universal,” “work,” and “home.”

60. Ernie. Another Sesame Street character, Ernie has a cute ring to it. It originates from the name Ernest, which means “serious.” You may recognize the name Ernest from the famous author, Ernest Hemingway.

More Cute E Boy Names

If the above cute boy names beginning with E didn’t quite melt your heart, here are some more to keep your search going.

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Biblical Baby Boy Names That Start With E

Biblical names can tick a lot of boxes. They’re typically unique in sound but sometimes relate to classic monikers. Plus, biblical men’s names that start with E usually offer strong or heartfelt meanings.

81. Ebenezer. This ancient Hebrew name comes from the Old Testament, as it was the title of a monument built by Samuel. It means “stone of help.”

82. Eder. Another ancient Hebrew name, Eder simply means “flock.” In the Old Testament, Eder was the son of Beriah.

83. Edom. This name comes from the ancient nation of Edom in the Old Testament, which was founded by Esau. The name means “red.”

84. Ehud. Simply meaning “one,” the name Ehud comes from the Old Testament, as Ehud was one of the biblical judges.

85. Elah. Meaning “terebinth tree” in Hebrew, the name Elah comes from the Old Testament and the fourth king of Israel. Also called “turpentine tree,” this species is native to the Mediterranean region. You might choose this baby boy name that starts with E if you’d like to combine a biblical meaning with a nature-inspired name .

86. Elam. You’ll find the name Elam throughout the Old Testament, including in reference to the Elamite peoples. The name either means “hidden” or “eternity” in Hebrew.

87. Eldad. Meaning “God has loved” in Hebrew, the name Eldad comes from the Old Testament. In the story, Eldad was an elder who prophesized with the Israelites.

88. Eleazer. This name is a variant spelling of Elzabad, which means “God has given.”

89. Elhanan. You’ll find two Old Testament characters with this name. Elhanan means “God is gracious.”

90. Ephraim. This Hebrew name means “fruitful.” In the Old Testament, Ephraim was one of the founders of the twelve tribes of Israel.

More Biblical E Boy Names

There’s no shortage of biblical baby boy names that start with E! Keep your baby-name search going with even more options below.

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Old-Fashioned and Common Baby Boy Names That Start With E

It’s always fun to meet guys with old-fashioned boy names , so here are some of our favorites that start with E.

111. Earl. The name Earl was once an aristocratic title but became common as a given name starting in the nineteenth century. The name means “nobleman, warrior.”

112. Earnest. This spelling was slightly more common than Ernest from above, but it has the same meaning of “serious.” You might recognize the spelling from the comedy The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.

113. Ed. Another short form of Edward or Edmund, the nickname Ed is slightly more old-fashioned than cute Eddy from above. The names mean “rich guard” and “rich protection,” respectively.

114. Edmund. The Old English elements ead “wealth, fortune” and mund “protection” combine to create the meaning “rich protection.” Edmund is quite a historic baby boy name that starts with E, as it was used for several kings, saints, and other famous bearers, including Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mount Everest.

115. Edric. Because the element ead means “wealth, fortune,” when you combine it with ric, meaning “ruler,” you get “wealthy ruler.” The name Edric wasn’t often used after the eleventh century but was revived a handful of times.

116. Edwin. Meaning “rich friend,” the name Edwin was used by kings and saints throughout the centuries, but it might be most recognizable from Edwin Aldrin, known as Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon.

117. Eldon. This name hit its popularity peak in the 1920s, making it quite an old-fashioned moniker. It means “sacred hill.”

118. Eldred. Derived from the Old English moniker Ealdræd, the name Eldred means “old counsel.”

119. Ellington. This old-fashioned baby boy name starting with E is an English place name, and you’ll find it in several towns across the United Kingdom. It simply means “old town.”

120. Elmer. Perhaps you’re thinking of Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny when you hear this name, but Elmer has deeper roots. It comes from the Old English moniker Æðelmær, which means “noble, famous.”

More Old-Fashioned and Common Baby Boy Names That Start With E

Old-fashioned or more common names are typically classics that work well for anyone! You could also use one of the names below as an option for middle names for boys that start with E .

Even More Baby Boy Names That Start With E

If you’re still on the hunt for baby boy names that start with E, we’ve included 100 more below. This next list mixes every category, so you’ll find classic, old-fashioned, unique, rare, common, and cute names, plus lots of international baby names , too.

And Even MORE Baby Boy Names That Start With E

Because we can’t get enough of these adorable boy names that start with E, we’ve included 60 more, which rounds off our list of 300 cute, unique, popular, international, short, old-fashioned, biblical, and more baby boy monikers!

The Bottom Line

One of the most endearing parts of becoming a parent is choosing your little one’s name, as it’s something they’ll keep forever. To make the right choice, it helps to have as many options as possible as you work to narrow down your favorites.

For baby boy names that start with E, you can see that the choices are nearly endless! You might also find inspiration within some of our other articles, including royal baby names or Spanish boy names.

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