Top Baby Boy Names That Start With I

Picking the perfect name for your new arrival is an exciting time! If you’re drawn to boy names beginning with I, or perhaps I names run in your family, then we’ve got the perfect list for you. From the most popular, unique, and cool names that start with I, to some old-fashioned, biblical, or cute names to help inspire you, we’ve got all the I boy names for your needs.

Popular Boy Names That Start With I

If you’re looking for a popular and common boy name that starts with the letter I, then check out the top 10 male names in the United States for 2020:

1. Isaac. This Hebrew name not only hits the top spot for boy names starting with I in the United States, but it’s also a common name choice in many other countries, such as France, England, and New Zealand. Isaac will bring joy to your life with its meaning of “laughter,” which stemmed from the Old Testament when the elderly Abraham and Sarah laughed when they found out they were having a baby. With that joyful meaning and a genius namesake in Sir Issac Newton, it’s no wonder this name is a winner.

2. Isaiah. Another popular name of Hebrew origin is Isaiah meaning “salvation of the Lord.” In the Old Testament, Isaiah is one of the most important major prophets—and the author of the Book of Isaiah.

3. Ian. This Scottish form of John meaning “God is gracious,” didn’t start to gain popularity in the United States until 1960. Some famous bearers of this name include Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, actor Ian Mckellen, and writer Ian McEwan, to name a few.

4. Ivan. Derived from Old Slavic, Ivan is a form of John meaning “God is gracious.” Six Russian rulers bore this name, including Ivan III the Great and Ivan IV the Terrible. No doubt the former will make a better namesake for your wonderful little guy.

5. Israel. In the Old Testament, Israel fights with an angel, providing the meaning of “God contends” for this name. The state of Israel took its name from the biblical figure. Now the boy’s name is gaining some traction in the United States with its modern, yet biblical vibe.

6. Ismael. This popular Spanish and Portuguese version of the biblical and Hebrew name Ishmael means “God will hear.” Not only is this name used in the Old Testament for the son of Abraham, but it was also used for the narrator of the novel Moby-Dick by author Herman Melville.

7. Iker. Although not as commonly used as it was in 2015, this sweet boy’s name that starts with the letter I is still ranked among the top 500 boy names in America, and in Spain it hit no. 41 in 2020. In Basque, Iker means “visitation.”

8. Ibrahim. Another name that is on the rise in the United States is the Arabic form of Abraham meaning “father of many.” This version is a popular I boy’s name in many countries, including the Netherlands, England, Bosnia, and France.

9. Isaias. This Latin version of our second most common boy’s name that starts with I, Isaiah, means “salvation of the Lord.” If your baby boy comes into this world like a storm, the name of the 2020 hurricane might be an apt choice.

10. Izaiah. Another popular name and variant of Isaiah is Izaiah. With its cool Z replacing the S this name gives the more traditional version a cool and modern spin.


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Unique Boy Names That Start With I

If you want your little man to stand out from the crowd and celebrate his individuality with a unique boy name , check out our list of the most unique names that start with I, from mythological to rare names that are ready for a comeback:

11. Iacchus. A unique name from Greek mythology is Iacchus meaning “to shout.” He was a minor Greek god with connections to the Eleusinian mysteries. The birth of your baby boy may make you want to “shout” with joy!

12. Ianuarius. If your little one is due in the month of January, this name might be a perfect unique choice. It’s the Ancient Roman form of Januarius, derived from the Roman god of beginnings, Janus. This name will signify the start of a new year, as well as a new life!

13. Iarlaithe. Old Irish names never fail to bring a sense of uniqueness and charm, and Iarlaithe is no different. Meaning “prince,” this was also the name of a sixth-century saint from Co. Galway, Ireland. So, honor your Irish heritage with this rare moniker.

14. Iason. If you enjoy the I boy’s name Jason, or perhaps you want to name your baby after a family member, how about choosing the unique Greek and Georgian form, Iason. Meaning “to heal,” it’s pronounced EE-A-SAWN.

15. Illiam. Another unique version of a classic name, Illiam originates in the Isle of Man and is a form of William meaning “resolute protection.” It has more of a modern ring to it than its old-fashioned counterpart and could be an interesting choice for honoring a family member, or a famous William of your choice.

16. Immanuel. Of German origin, Immanuel is a form of the Hebrew name Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us.” Eighteenth-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant was a dutiful bearer of this name.

17. Indiana. Whether you’re from the state of Indiana or you’re a fan of the adventurous archeologist Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford, this cool American boy’s name that starts with I will be a hit with your little action hero.

18. Indigo. Are you intrigued by color names? Well, this attractive name meaning “Indian dye” is the deep blue-purple color derived from a plant to use as a dye. It’s a rare gender-neutral name that feels stylish enough to enter into popularity any day now.

19. Inigo. This intriguing and rare English name is possibly a short form of Ignatius meaning “fire.” This fiery moniker became popular in Britain in the seventeenth century due to the architect Inigo Jones. Inigo Montoya is a character in the novel The Princess Bride.

20. Innocent. Every baby enters this world full of purity and innocence, so, how about honoring that special trait with this unique name. Although it may sound unusual, this was the name of several saints and thirteen popes, making it an interesting religious option.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With I

Did those unique baby names starting with I intrigue you? Well, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Biblical Boy Names That Start With I

Are you a fan of the classic biblical names? Or perhaps you’re looking for a strong Hebrew name. Either way, check out our list of some great biblical baby names that start with I for your little boy:

31. Iachin. Starting off our biblical boy names starting with I is this form of Jachin, found in the Greek and Latin Old Testament. Meaning “he establishes” in Hebrew, Iachin is a unique and old-fashioned boy name .

32. Iacobus. If you like the popular names Jabob and James, but you’re looking for something a bit more unique, why not try Iacobus? It’s found in the Latin Old Testament and refers to the two apostles named James.

33. Iafeth. Another biblical Latin name for those looking for something rare is this form of Japheth meaning “enlarged.” Japheth was a son of Noah whose descendants were believed to have populated Europe.

34. Iakob. Here’s another form of the popular I boy’s name Jacob. This was used in both the Old and New Testaments, as well as being a Georgian form of Jacob and James. It could be an interesting way to honor a family member with either of those names.

35. Ichabod. This one is certainly an unusual-sounding name for those who don’t mind standing apart from the crowd. Meaning “no glory,” in Hebrew, Ichabod is the son of Phinehas and grandson of Eli in the Old Testament. To add to the strangeness of this name, it was used for the main character of Washington Irving’s 1820 story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

36. Iddo. If you’re looking for a short baby name from the Bible, this cool little moniker almost sounds like a modern and trendy I boy’s name. Meaning “to continue,” Iddo is the name of various characters in the Old Testament.

37. Iesus. For a spin on the New Testament’s central figure Jesus, Iesus might be a subtler choice to honor the son of God.

38. Ilai. Another short and sweet biblical boy’s name that starts with I is Ilai. Meaning “to ascend” in Hebrew, he was a man of King David in the Old Testament.

39. Ilario. This joyful Italian name will bring happiness with its meaning of “cheerful.” It’s a form of the name Hilarius, but without the obvious connection to the word hilarious. A jovial choice with a cool Italian flair.

40. Imran. The Arabic form of Amram meaning “exalted nation,” is occasionally used when referring to the father of the Virgin Mary.

More Biblical Boy Names That Start With I

Cool Boy Names That Start With I

Whether you are looking for a cool middle name for boys or a first name that has tons of street-cred with a strong meaning, you may want to consider these cool and trendy baby boy names starting with I.

51. Iago. This name of Welsh and Galician origin has a strong feel with its hard g in the middle. In Shakespeare’s Othello, Iago plays the villain who actually inspired the name of the comedic yet evil Macaw from the animated movie Aladdin. It’s about time a little man came along and added some goodness to this cool name.

52. Ianus. Pronounced YA-noos, this Ancient Roman form of Janus meaning “archway” is a cool boy’s name starting with I for a baby born in January. The month of January was named after the Roman god Janus, god of gateways and beginnings.

53. Iapetos. Meaning “to wound” in Greek, this unique name is found in Greek mythology as one of the six male Titans, son of Uranus and Gaia and father of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius. There’s a whole family of mythological names for you to explore.

54. Icarus. If Greek mythological baby names are inspiring you, this cool and unusual name belonged to the son of Daedalus who escaped from Minos’ labyrinth by using wings made from wax. However, in the famous tale, Icarus flew too close to the sun and his wings melted.

55. Ignatius. With a fun nickname like Iggy and the meaning “fire,” Ignatius seems set to light the world aflame. It was also the name of several saints throughout history if you want to give this fiery name a more classic feel.

56. Igor. If you’re looking for powerful boy names , Igor means “warrior” in Old Norse. Not only does this cool boy’s name starting with I have Russian royal namesakes, but it’s also the name of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.

57. Ilmarinen. Another mythological name, but this name from Finland. Ilmarinen was the immortal blacksmith and creator of the sky and the Sampo, a magic mill. If you have a history of blacksmiths in your family, this could be a cool I name for your baby boy.

58. Indra. This was the name of the ancient Hindu warrior and god of the sky and rain, giving this name its meaning of “possessing drops of rain.” This evocative name is great if you’re looking for a nature baby name , or a name for an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) or water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) baby.

59. Ing. Simple, strong, and cool! Ing meaning “ancestor,” was a Germanic god of fertility and possibly the original name of the god Freyr. A name honoring the gift of fertility is something special indeed.

60. Ion. Pronounced EE-AWN this simple name will turn heads with its scientific links and Greek mythological background. In Romania, this name is used as a form of John.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With I

International Boy Names That Start With I

Whether you’re a keen traveler, or you’re looking for a name to honor your ancestry, let’s take a trip around the globe with some international baby boy names starting with I and their meanings:

71. Iacob. If your heritage lies in Romania, this Romanian form of the biblical name Jacob meaning “supplanter” might be a classic option.

72. Iakopa. Speaking of Jacob; the famous J name that keeps popping up in our lists, Iakopa is the Hawaiian form of this name. Pronounced ee-a-KO-pa, there’s something beautiful and melodic about Hawaiian boy names .

73. Ichirō. Pronounced EE-CHEE-RO, this Japanese name means “one” and “son.” Due to its meaning, this name was traditionally given to the firstborn son.

74. Ignaz. This German form of Ignatius could easily fit into the category of cool boy names that start with I due to its trendy Z ending and of course, its fiery meaning.

75. Iisakki. This Finnish name pronounced EE-sahk-kee is a form of the popular I boy’s name Issac. Meaning “he will laugh, he will rejoice” in Hebrew, Iisakki is sure to reflect the joy that your baby boy brings to your life.

76. Ikaika. Pronounced ee-KIE-ka, this is another great Hawaiian name meaning “strong” for your strong-minded little guy.

77. Ikram. If you have Arabic heritage and you honor generosity above all else, Ikram means “honor” and “to be generous.” Your baby boy is sure to give you the great gift of his unconditional love and trust.

78. Ildefonso. If you’re looking for a strong Spanish baby boy name Ildefonso gives you that with its meaning of “battle ready.” It’s also a variant of the more recognizable Spanish and Italian name Alfonso.

79. Il-Seong. This Korean name pronounced EEL-SUNG, means “sun” and “completed.” The first leader of North Korea was a bearer of this name.

80. Italus. Although this name might not have originated in Italy, in Latin it means “of Italy.” It’s actually a name from Roman mythology wherein Italus was the father of the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. An interesting and unique spin on an Italian boy name .

More International Boy Names That Start With I

If those international names inspired your wanderlust, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:

Cute Boy Names That Start With I

Your baby boy will need a name that matches how adorable he is! So, we’ve compiled a list of some short and cute boy names that start with I that will stand the test of time:

91. Iah. For lovers of astronomy, this name means “moon” in Egyptian and was the name of a moon god in Egyptian myth. A heavenly and illuminating name choice.

92. Idris. Of Welsh and Arabic origin, Idris means “enthusiastic lord” and “interpreter.” This name was relatively unknown until the emergence of the charming and cool actor Idris Elba, star of The Wire. And for a more mythical namesake, Idris Hawr was a seventh century Welsh giant.

93. Ifan. This cute baby boy name that starts with I is of Welsh origin and is the modern form of the name Ieuan, which in turn is a medieval form of the common boy’s name John. It’s sweet, strong, and timeless.

94. Ife. This adorable West African name has the equally cute meaning of “love” in the Yoruba language. It works well as both a male and female name that starts with I.

95. Iggy. If you want cute and playful, with a fiery kick, this diminutive of Ignatius might be the I name for you! For music fans, you’ll recognize this name from punk musician Iggy Pop. His popular 1986 song Real Wild Child might be a sign of things to come with this cool and hip name. Or for a more modern musician, rapper Iggy Azalea is also a bearer of this name.

96. Ike. Ike is the cute, down-to-earth diminutive of Isaac. With the joyful meaning of “laughter,” Ike is sure to make a comeback after its long hiatus. This was once the nickname of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, based on his surname.

97. Ilia. Of Georgian origin, Ilia is a form of the popular name Elijah meaning “my God is Yahweh” in Hebrew. You could also try the alternative spellings of Ilya or Iliya.

98. Ilu. This simple name may seem nothing but sweet, however, in Semitic mythology it’s a cognate of El with the grand meaning of “God,” the title often given to Semitic gods. An other-worldly I boy’s name for your strong little man.

99. Ime. Ime has both West African and Frisian origins meaning “patience” and “whole, universe.” Considering your baby boy will be the center of your universe, this name good be an apt choice.

100. Indy. If you enjoy Indiana, the cool boy’s name starting with I, then you might love this playful nickname of the hero of the Indiana Jones movies. This name also has an indie vibe, making it a cute and trendy name for your independent and unique little guy.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With I

Even More Boy Names That Start With I

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby boy names starting with I, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our unique boy names that start with J , or our French boy names .

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