Top Baby Boy Names That Start With C

There are several reasons why you might be on the hunt for boy names that start with C. Perhaps a lot of your fun-loving guy friends have names that start with C, or maybe it’s simply your favorite letter. Some families like to have themes and choose only male names with a specific letter, like C. Regardless of your reasoning, we’re here to inspire you with more than 100 of the best baby boy names starting with C.

Popular Boy Names That Start With C

Interested in selecting one of the most popular boy names beginning with C? The following are some of the trendiest C names for boys in the United States in recent years.

1. Carter. Although it’s one of the most popular boys’ name beginning with C, it has a rather plain and literal meaning. Originating from an English surname, Carter simply means “one who uses a cart.” You may associate the name with former president Jimmy Carter.

2. Charles. When it comes to the most popular boy names—whether beginning with C or not—it’s no surprise that a classic like Charles continue to make the list. This moniker comes from the Germanic name Karl, which simply means “man.” Charles the Great may have initiated the name’s popularity in the eighth century, but it has since been a standard title for rulers across Europe.

3. Christopher. This trendy name comes from the Greek name Christophoros, which means “bearing Christ.” Famous bearers of the name include three Danish kings, the English architect Christopher Wren (who rebuilt London after the Great Fire), and the fictional character Christopher Robin from the Winnie-the-Pooh franchise.

4. Caleb. The name Caleb rose to popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s, and it’s still going strong. There are different theories regarding the name’s meaning. Some believe it comes from the Hebrew word kelev, which means “dog.” Others link it to the words kal and lev, which mean “whole” and “heart,” respectfully.

5. Christian. As one of the most popular boys name beginning with C, Christian turns up in nearly every European country and in many other regions around the world. The medieval Latin name simply means “a Christian.” You may think of the author Hans Christian Andersen, known for his famous fairy tales.

6. Cameron. Originally a Scottish surname, Cameron is another name with a plain meaning. It comes from two Gaelic words: kam meaning “crooked” and sròn meaning “nose.” Although it might not have the cutest meaning, it’s a popular and beloved moniker that many use due to its Gaelic ties.

7. Colton. Another last name used as a first name , Colton comes from an Old English moniker. There’s a bit of debate around its meaning, but many believe it was used for those who lived in a colt-breeding town.

8. Connor. This popular Irish name is a variant of Conor, which was used for numerous Irish kings throughout the centuries. It combines two ancient Irish words: con meaning “dog,” “hound,” or “wolf,” and cobar meaning “desiring.”

9. Cooper. Among modern boy names that start with C, this one is not only popular but also quite cute sounding. However, it originates from the Middle English word couper, which meant “barrel maker.” Not the cutest meaning, but still a sweet-sounding choice for your little one!

10. Carson. Despite being one of the most popular boy names beginning with C, the name Carson has unknown origins. It’s a Scottish surname, which you might associate with the legendary TV host Johnny Carson.


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Unique and Unusual Boy Names That Start With C

Perhaps you want your baby boy to stand out from the crowd with a unique name starting with C. Some parents prefer unique names , as these choices can be symbolic with interesting meanings. Choose from the following unique and unusual names that start with C for your boy.

11. Callum. As a variant of the Scottish name Calum, this unique moniker originates from the Roman name Columba, which means “dove.” Saint Columba is known for converting Scotland to Christianity in the sixth century.

12. Cairo. For an unusual baby boy name that starts with C, consider Cairo. Of course, it’s the name of the capital of Egypt, but isn’t often used as a first name. In Arabic, Cairo means “the victorious.”

13. Camden. Meaning “enclosed valley,” Camden is the surname of the English historian William Camden. It’s also the name of the popular outdoor market in London, Camden Market.

14. Chance. This unique boy name that starts with C may not be familiar to you. It comes from the Norman name Chauncey, which has unknown origins. Today, you can give it to your baby boy to bring him luck! It could also be a cute option for a middle name .

15. Channing. The name of the actor Channing Tatum, this modern moniker has unknown origins. Although you may prefer to give your baby a name with a definite meaning, Channing is still a nice choice that fits the unique and unusual category quite well!

16. Chase. A unique baby boy name that starts with C, Chase had a brief moment of popularity in the 1990s. It literally means “chase” or “hunt” and was often used as a nickname for huntsmen.

17. Ciel. Meaning “sky” in French, this moniker isn’t typically used as a first name in France, so it would be a unique choice. Although it works for a little boy, Ciel is also an option for unique girl names .

18. Colson. This rare and ancient English surname is quite mysterious, with unknown origins and meanings. Colson comes from the Northumberland region of England.

19. Cray. Another name with unknown origins, Cray does have some Scottish ties. As a Gaelic surname found mostly in northern Scotland, Cray is the anglicized name of Mac Rath, which means “son of grace” or “son of prosperity.”

20. Crew. As an old English word for a group of people, or as a Welsh surname, Crew wasn’t typically used as a first name until the 2010s. Now with a small fan base, it’s still a unique boys’ name that starts with C.

21. Crosby. If you’re a fan of the folk-rock band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, you may like this name! In addition to being the name of band member David Crosby, the surname originates from the Old Norse words for “cross” and “farm.” It was first used in southern Scotland.

22. Cyan. You may recognize this name as the English word for the greenish-blue color. However, as a given name, Cyan originates from the Greek word kyanos of the same meaning (the greenish-blue color, cyan).

23. Cyrus. An ancient Greek name, Cyrus is associated with the words kyros meaning “young” and kyrios meaning “lord.” It’s been around for a long time in the United States but is still fairly unusual.

24. Cruz. Out of all the cute boy names that start with C, Cruz might be the winner! Imagine your little baby boy Cruz cruising around! It’s the Spanish and Portuguese word for “cross.”

More Unique and Unusual Boy Names That Start With C

Cute Boy Names That Start With C

There’s no arguing that baby boys are adorable, so perhaps yours needs a cute name that starts with C. Cute names can be rare, have special meanings, or just sound adorable when you say them. The following are some of the cutest baby boys’ names beginning with C.

35. Calvin. Calvin is a classic name, but there’s just something so cute about it! Perhaps it’s due to Bill Watterson's comic Calvin and Hobbes, or maybe it’s the meaning “bald,” which perfectly describes a cute baby! Calvin also offers the cute nickname Cal.

36. Casey. This cute boys’ name that starts with C is an old Irish surname meaning “vigilant.” In the United States, it’s a unisex name whose popularity leveled off after the 1980s.

37. Cash. You may think this name refers to money, but it actually originates from the French word casse, which means “case.” Perhaps the most famous bearer of this name was the musician Johnny Cash.

38. Cassius. Derived from the Latin word cassus, meaning “vain,” Cassius doesn’t have the cutest of meanings. However, it sounds cute rolling off the tongue, and your baby boy would share a name with Muhammad Ali, who was originally named after Cassius Clay, the American abolitionist.

39. Cayden. From the Irish surname Caden, this variant spelling means “son of Cadán.” It didn’t grow in popularity as a given name until the 1990s, mostly due to its cute -den sound, similar to other popular monikers of the time like Aidan, Hayden, and Braden.

40. Charlie. As one of the cutest baby boy names that start with C, Charlie is a nickname of Charles. You may think of the comedic actor Charlie Chaplin or from the main character of the Peanuts comic strip, Charlie Brown.

41. Chevy. Sure, it’s the name of a car company, but Chevy actually comes from the area known as Cheviot Hills in Scotland. In the poem “The Ballad of Chevy Chase,” “Chevy” refers to the hills and “chase” refers to a hunt. This poem is where the comedian Chevy Chase got his name.

42. Cinna. With an unknown meaning, Cinna is an ancient Roman name. Your baby boy would share the name with the father-in-law of Julius Caesar.

43. Clinton. This cute boys’ name that starts with a C is, not surprisingly, an English surname. It’s a place name meaning “settlement on the River Glyme.” Many bear this name, including former president Bill Clinton. Clint would be an even cuter nickname!

44. Cody. Cody had its popularity peak in the early 1990s. Like many boy names beginning with C, it’s originally a surname. It comes from the Irish surname meaning “descendant of Cuidightheach,” with Cuidightheach meaning “helpful.”

45. Cohen. As a common Jewish surname, Cohen means “priest” in Hebrew. There are many with this last name, including the late songwriter, poet, and novelist Leonard Cohen.

46. Cornell. This English surname comes from the given name Cornelius, meaning “horn.” In the Bible, the Roman centurion Cornelius was recorded as the very first Gentile convert to Christianity, so Cornell could be a unique spin on a biblical name for your baby boy.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With C

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With C

Old-fashioned names are excellent options if you’re looking for a classic moniker or want to name your baby after a family member. These names never seem to go completely out of style and offer an air of sophistication for your little one.

57. Callahan. Another Irish surname, Callahan means “descendant of Ceallachán.” As an Old Irish name, Ceallachán, coming from the word ceallach, means “bright headed.”

58. Campbell. This Scottish surname was used as a boys’ name in the nineteenth century. Today, it’s quite rare and old-fashioned but has been recently used as a girls’ name. It originally meant “crooked mouth,” but today, it’s a heritage name with antique vibes.

59. Carlisle. This rare name comes from a city in England that was called Luguvalium during Roman times. The name means “light” or “bright,” and would make a nice middle name that starts with C for a baby boy.

60. Carmicheal. Another old-fashioned option for a given or middle name, Carmicheal is an anglicized Scottish surname. It means “fort of Michael,” and the name Michael means “who is like God.”

61. Cecil. Although Cecil comes from a Roman name and a third-century saint, it wasn’t common as a given name until the nineteenth century. It comes from the name Cecilia, which means “blind.” Saint Cecilia was the patron saint of music and musicians.

62. Cedric. This old-fashioned boys’ name starts with C has both cute and unique vibes to it. Cedric comes from the sixth-century name Cerdic, which many believe is connected to the name Caratacos, derived from a Celtic element meaning “love.”

63. Chadwick. If you’re looking for a typical guys’ name that starts with C, Chadwick could be it. It comes from the English place name for the literal “settlement belonging to Chad.” Chad, however, originates from the Welsh word for “battle.” Perhaps you recognize the name from the late actor, Chadwick Boseman.

64. Chandler. For those wanting to pay homage to characters of 1990s TV shows, Chandler from Friends is a good one! Originating from French, Chandler is an occupational surname meaning “candle seller.”

65. Clarence. A name originally used for British royals, the moniker Clarence comes from the town of Clare in Suffolk, England. Clarence Thomas made history as the second Black Supreme Court Justice when appointed in 1991.

66. Clark. This classic boys’ name beginning with C comes from the Latin word clericus, meaning “cleric,” “scribe,” or “priest.” The “King of Hollywood,” Clark Gable, bears this name.

67. Claude. The French name for Claudius, Claude has the dated meaning of “lame, crippled.” But a famous bearer of the name is the French artist Claude Monet, known world-wide for his incredible paintings.

68. Clifford. As a place surname, Clifford simply means “ford by a cliff.” Cliff is a typical nickname and famous bearers include the actor Cliff Robertson and baseball legend Cliff Johnson.

69. Clive. Clive is a historical name in England and Wales meaning “cliff.” It was simply given to someone who lived by a cliff.

70. Clyde. This old-fashioned baby boy name that starts with C comes from the River Clyde in Scotland, although it has an unknown meaning.

71. Constantine. Meaning “steadfast” and from the Latin name Constantinus, this name was borne by the first-century Roman emperor, Constantine the Great. He’s famous for adopting Christianity and moving the Empire’s capital from Rome to Byzantium, which he renamed Constantinople after himself. Today, this is where Istanbul sits in modern Turkey.

72. Cormack. A derivative of Cormac, this old-fashioned boy name is Irish Gaelic for “raven” and “son.” Cormac was the third-century King of Ireland and the name of the American novelist Charles “Cormac” McCarthy.

73. Coy. You may recognize this English word meaning “shy, quiet.” It was a common surname for many centuries and comes from the word coi of the same meaning.

International Boy Names That Start With C

Why not give your baby an international name? Perhaps you’re from a country outside the United States or you have a specific heritage or culture you want to honor. Of course, many of the aforementioned male names that start with C have international origins; here are a few more for you to consider.

74. Cahaya. Meaning “light” in Malay and Indonesian, this would be a perfectly sweet baby boy name that starts with C.

75. Camilo. As the Spanish and Portuguese form of the Roman name Camillus, Camilo means “a youth employed in religious services.” Either the name itself or the cute nickname Milo could be an excellent choice for your son.

76. Can. This short boys’ name beginning with C has two meanings. In Turkish it means “soul” or “life.” But deriving from the Persian word jan, it means “darling” or “sweetheart.”

77. Casimir. Despite being a French name, Casimir (often spelled with a K) and its variants are found all over Europe. It originates from two Slavic elements, kaziti and miru. You may prefer the meaning of miru, “peace” or “world,” over kaziti, “destroy.”

78. Cesar. The name means “hairy,” and you’ll probably think of the ancient Roman ruler Julius Caesar. Perhaps you associate the name with César Chávez, a famous South American labor organizer.

79. Chandra. This cute unisex name means “moon” or “to shine” in Hindi, Nepali, and Sanskrit.

80. Chetan. In Sanskrit, the name Chetan has very beautiful meanings. It means “visible,” “conscious,” and “soul.”

81. Chi. In western Africa, this unisex name means “god, spiritual being.” The word is used to refer to an individual’s personal spiritual guardian.

82. Claus. This German name is short for Nicholas, a Greek name meaning “victory of the people.” Of course, Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children and the precursor of Santa Claus.

83. Cosimo. This Italian boy name is a form of Cosmas, meaning “order, decency.” Your baby boy would share the name with members of the famous Medici family, the rulers of fifteenth-century Florence during the Renaissance.

84. Costas. This boys’ name that starts with C is quite popular in Greece, more commonly spelled as Kostas. It’s short for Konstantinos and goes back to Constantine the Great, so it also means “steadfast.”

85. Cristiano. As the Italian and Portuguese version of Christian, Cristiano also means “a Christian.” A modern famous bearer of the name is the legendary football (soccer) player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Strong Boy Names That Start With C

Are you looking for guy names that start with C and have strong or powerful meanings? Some of the other names on this list have meanings that suggest strength, courage, or power, and we’ve added a few more for your consideration.

86. Carver. The meaning of this brawny boys’ name is exactly as it seems: “wood carver.” It’s a strong name with occupational and artisanal origins.

87. Cas. This nickname comes from Casper, which originates from the Dutch form of Jasper. If you want a strong meaning from your baby boy, you may like this one, as it means “treasurer” in Hebrew.

88. Chester. An English surname for those coming from the town of Chester, which is an ancient Roman settlement. It means “fortress.”

89. Cleo. Although a short form of the girls’ name Cleopatra, Cleo also refers to Cleon, a Greek male name that starts with C. As it’s derived from the Greek word kleos, Cleon means “glory.” Cleon and Cleopatra could be a cute option for boy and girl twin names!

90. Coby. A unisex diminutive of Jacob, Coby comes from the biblical name meaning “holder of the heel” or “supplanter.” It may also mean “may God protect.”

91. Conrad. This ancient Germanic name is the perfect option for a strong baby boy name beginning with C. It means “brave counsel” and was a common choice for German rulers in the Middle Ages.

92. Conway. Another English surname, this one comes from the River Conwy, which means “holy water” in Welsh.

93. Craig. This simple, classic name refers to crags in nature. Therefore, your strong baby boy would have a name evoking tall, jagged rocks.

94. Cuthbert. A rare Old English name meaning “bright” and “famous,” it’s the perfect powerful name for your baby boy. The sixth-century Saint Cuthbert healed with miracles. Bert could be a cute nickname for Cuthbert!

95. Cyril. This Greek name is possibly the strongest of the boy names that start with C. From the word kyrios, Cyril means “lord” and was often used in the Greek Bible to refer to God.

Even More Boy Names That Start With C

To keep the inspiration going, we’ve compiled even more of our favorite C names for boys!

The Bottom Line

Choosing a name for your little one is a fun and meaningful part of becoming a parent, but that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy process! If you’re looking for baby boy names that start with C, we hope this list offers a bit of inspiration.

Luckily, we have lots of resources to make the process even easier for you. If you’re still on the fence regarding which letter to choose, we have lists of baby boy A names and several boy B names, too.

Or, if you’d rather choose from a theme, consider our list of royal baby names or names inspired by nature .

Good luck, and happy naming!

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