Top Baby Boy Names That Start With H

Picking the perfect name for your new arrival is an exciting time! If you’re drawn to boy names beginning with H, or perhaps H names run in your family, then we’ve got the perfect list for you. From the most popular, unique, and cool names that start with H, to some old-fashioned, biblical, or cute names to help inspire you, we’ve got all the H boy names for your needs.

Popular Boy Names That Start With H

If you’re looking for a popular and common male name that starts with the letter H, then check out the top 10 boy names in the United States for 2020:

1. Henry. Sitting on the top spot for most popular H boy’s name is the classic name, Henry. From the German name Heimirich meaning “home-ruler,” Henry is the quintessential royal baby name, having been borne by many European kings and eight kings of England, including the notorious sixteenth-century Henry VIII. This classic name still remains fresh and stylish even with its rich historical background and numerous namesakes.

2. Hudson. Originally from an English surname meaning “son of Hudde,” Hudson has climbed up the popularity ladder in recent years. This modern-sounding name has some style due to the Hudson River in New York state, named after English explorer Henry Hudson.

3. Hunter. This masculine name was used as a surname for hunters in England, giving it a strong vibe. Eccentric author and founder of the gonzo journalism movement, Hunter S. Thompson is a quirky namesake for your baby boy.

4. Harrison. Whether you’re looking for a presidential baby name, or a movie-star name, Harrison gives you both. Two American presidents bore this name; William Henry Harrison and his grandson Benjamin Harrison, before Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford popularized it as a given name. A cool and popular H boy’s name for your little action hero.

5. Hayden. Another popular H name for boys that originates from an English surname is Hayden, meaning “hay valley,” or “hay hill.” It peaked in popularity in 2006 due to its similarity to other popular names, such as the B boy’s name Branden, as well as Aiden, and Jaiden.

6. Holden. Meaning “deep valley,” Holden is a must for literature fans. In J.D. Salinger’s classic 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield is the teenage protagonist and narrator.

7. Hayes. This popular name meaning “hedged area,” is both a surname and a first name. American president Rutherford B. Hayes was a bearer of this name, making it another interesting Presidential option.

8. Hendrix. Do you want a popular name that also oozes cool rock n roll vibes? Well, Hendrix is an excellent choice if you want to honor the rock musician Jimi Hendrix. The trendy X ending adds to the name’s cool edge.

9. Hector. Originally from the Greek meaning “holding fast,” this H name for boys is an ancient hero name from the Trojan war, giving this name a sense of power and strength.

10. Harvey. Another popular name that has a powerful vibe is Harvey, from the Breton name meaning “battle worthy.” Harvey is the name of the visually impaired sixteenth-century saint who is the patron saint of the blind and healer of animals. Other famous bearers of this name include actor Harvey Keitel and civil and human rights leader Harvey Milk.


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Unique Boy Names That Start With H

If you’re looking for a name that inspires individuality and stands out from the crowd, check out our list of the most unique boy names that start with H:

11. Hale. From the Old English word healh meaning “nook,” or “retreat,” Hale is a unique and hearty name. Nathan Hale was an American spy in the Revolutionary War, giving this name a heroic feel for your little man.

12. Hammurabi. This one is certainly a unique baby boy name that starts with H. It comes from a Semitic language and was the name of the eighteenth-century B.C.E. king of Babylon who brought most of Mesopotamia under Babylonian rule. He is well known for devising the Code of Hammurabi, a set of laws.

13. Harlow. As a masculine given name, Harlow was last used briefly in 1936. However, this name meaning “rock hill” or “army hill” sounds trendy enough to be brought back into popularity. Why not give it a try for your little guy?

14. Harold. This well-known name of English and Scandinavian origins meaning “army ruler,” could easily slide into the list of old-fashioned names with its numerous royal namesakes throughout history. Even though Harold isn’t used much nowadays, its cute nicknames such as Harry give it a fresh vibe, or it could be a great vintage option if you want to name your baby after a family member.

15. Helvius. If your little guy has golden hair, this name that starts with H means “honey-yellow/blonde.” It was either a Roman cognomen or the name of a Celtic tribe who lived west of the Rhône river.

16. Herschel. This unique Yiddish H boy’s name was last featured in the Top 1000 names list in 1963, making it ripe for a comeback. It’s the diminutive of Hirsh meaning “deer,” and is also a German surname most commonly used by British-German astronomer William Herschel.

17. Hiawatha. This was the name of a Native American leader who founded the Iroquois Confederacy. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow based his epic poem The Song of Hiawatha on the fictional adventures of a Native American warrior. It’s a strong and evocative name for a baby boy.

18. Hilarius. This Ancient Roman name will instantly conjure up thoughts of comedy and laughter and its meaning of “cheerful” only adds to that. It’s certainly a unique choice for a little boy who’s sure to bring smiles to the faces of all he meets.

19. Hollis. If you’re looking for a nature-inspired name, Hollis means “holly trees” and was used for a person who lived close to a group of those trees. So, if your home is surrounded by beautiful evergreens, this name might be a great choice.

20. Honorius. If honor is a characteristic that you admire and hold in high regard, this Late Latin name literally honors that. It was the name of a Roman Emperor, as well several saints and popes. A strong and worthy H name for your baby boy.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With H

If you were inspired by those unique baby names we’ve got even more H boy names for you to enjoy:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With H

Are you a fan of vintage names with historical namesakes? Or perhaps you want to honor a grandparent with a classic H boy’s name. Either way, check out our list of old-fashioned boy names that start with H: 31. Hadrian. For history buffs, this Roman cognomen meaning “from Hadria,” is a feast. Hadria was the name of two Roman settlements, now known as Adria in northern Italy and Atri in central Italy. The Adriatic Sea was named after the Etruscan settlement of Adria. In Northern England, Hadrian’s Wall was built by Hadrian, the second century Roman emperor. It’s certainly a name rich in history. 32. Hamilton. From a Scottish and English surname meaning “treeless hill,” Hamilton is the surname of the British racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, as well as a founding father of the United States and the popular musical Hamilton based on him. So, whether Alexander is your hero, or you’re merely a fan of the musical, this name is a great vintage option. 33. Hank. Hank is one of those strong and determined old-fashioned names that is climbing back up the popularity ladder. It’s a medieval diminutive of the classic J name for boys, John, but more recently it has been used as a diminutive of Henry. Famous namesakes of this fun vintage name are musician Hank William and former baseball player Hank Aaron. 34. Harley. “Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway” with this old-school biker name. In recent years Harley has become more popular for girls, possibly due to DC Comics Harley Quinn character. Whether for boys or girls, this name certainly has some power behind it. 35. Herbert. It’s been many years since Herbert has been in the spotlight, but with vintage names such as Albert coming back into fashion, why not Herbert? Meaning “bright army,” the Normans introduced this name to England, and perhaps you can introduce it into your home. 36. Herman. Meaning “army man,” this old-fashioned boy name that starts with H is another introduced to England by the Normans. At the beginning of the 1900s, Herman was at the height of its popularity, but it’s currently sitting on the shelf. Why not honor a family member, or Herman Melville, the author of Moby-Dick with this vintage moniker? 37. Hilary. In the Middle Ages, this form of Hilarius was primarily a male name, however, it gained popularity as a female name in the 1950s. It’s certainly a vintage gender-neutral name. 38. Homer. Think less Homer Simpson and more Greek epic poet! The latter was the writer of Iliad and the Odyssey, making this name a monumental yet quirky option for your little hero. 39. Horace. Of English and French origin, this form of Horatius means “timekeeper” and is a great choice if you’re looking for a classic French boy’s name. It was last seen in the Top 1000 baby boy names in 1989, however, the name of the Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus has that vintage vibe that could work its way back into the top spots. 40. Horatio. Another variant of Horatius is this old-fashioned name with added flair due to its O ending. The British naval hero Horatio Nelson adds strength to this name due to his bravery and victory during the Battle of Trafalgar. This name is also found in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

More Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With H

If those old-fashioned boy names inspired you to bring back some of the classics, we’ve got even more for you:

Cool Boy Names That Start With H

Whether it has a cool meaning, or it’s found in mythology, these names will just add to your baby boy’s street cred. Check out our list of the coolest boy names that start with H:

51. Hadad. This name from Semitic mythology has the cool meaning of “thunder.” Hadad was the god of storms and thunder who used a bull as his symbolic animal. There’s something powerful and cool about mythological baby names. 52. Hades. Another cool boy’s name starting with H from mythology is Hades. In Greek myth, He was the king of the underworld and brother of Zeus the god of the sky. Meaning “unseen,” it’s no doubt that your little guy will bring light to this cool name. 53. Haldor. This Norwegian name stems from the Old Norse name Hallþórr meaning “Thor’s rock.” There’s something strong and trendy about these cool Scandinavian names. 54. Hamlet. When hearing this name, it’s hard not to think of Shakespeare’s prince of Denmark. Perhaps fans of the famous playwright can use this name to honor him. 55. Heath. Of English origin, this name was given to people who dwelled on a heath, evoking images of nature. It was the name of actor Heath Ledger who gave meaning to the word cool with some of his performances, namely as the Joker in The Dark Knight movie. You could also give this name a romantic and literary feel by using the version Heathcliff. This was the passionate leading man in Emily Bronte’s novel, Wuthering Heights. 56. Heimdall. Meaning “glowing home,” this boy’s name starting with H comes from Norse mythology. Heimdall was the god who guards the bridge that connects Asgard to the other worlds. He is described as all-seeing and all-hearing, as well as possessing foreknowledge. 57. Heinrich. The German form of the regal name Henry was also borne by several German kings. Its strong and unique nature makes it a cool choice for your little ruler. 58. Helios. In Greek mythology, Helios was the Greek sun god, brother of the moon goddess Selene. Perhaps both names could be cool twin baby names for a little boy and girl. 59. Herakles. From the name of the Greek goddess Hera and the Greek word meaning “glory,” Herakles was a hero from Greek and Roman myth. You may recognize him more commonly as Hercules, known for his extreme strength. 60. Hermes. The patron of travelers, writers, athletes, merchants, thieves, and orators, Hermes is found in Greek mythology as the god who served as a messenger for Zeus. He was known for his speed and good luck. This could be a cool and interesting choice for lovers of travel, or fans of the French fashion label.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With H

Whether you’re looking for a first name or a cool middle name for boys, we’ve got even more boy names starting with H to inspire you:

Biblical Boy Names That Start With H

Are you looking for a religious or Hebrew name? Or perhaps you’re inspired by classic names from the Bible. Either way, we’ve got a list of some Hebrew and biblical baby names that start with H:

71. Habakkuk. This biblical name meaning “embrace,” is found in the Old Testament. Habakkuk was one of the minor prophets and writer of the Book of Habakkuk. It’s a rare biblical name that you won’t come across often. 72. Haggai. Another minor prophet in the Old Testament, Haggai means “festive,” giving this name an uplifting feel. 73. Haniel. Meaning “grace of God” in Hebrew, Haniel brings to mind the D boy’s name, Daniel. Also known as Hananel, Anael, or Hanael, he’s believed to be one of the seven archangels in Jewish lore, and is associated with the planet Venus. 74. Haran. In Hebrew, this name has the powerful and beautiful meaning of “mountain.” Haran was the brother of Abraham and the father of Lot in the Old Testament. An H boy’s name for fans of nature and biblical names. 75. Havilah. If you come from a family of dancers, this biblical name means “to dance” in Hebrew. It has a unique and melodic sound for your little mover and shaker. 76. Heli. If you’re looking for a cute biblical name, this Latin form of Eli might hit the spot. it’s found in both the New and Old Testament and is the father of Joseph. It might be a unique alternative to the popular biblical name Eli. 77. Herod. Meaning “song of the hero” in Greek, Herod appears in the New Testament as Herod the Great and his son Herod Antipas. 78. Hezekiah. Of Hebrew origin, Hezekiah means “God gives strength.” It was the name of the powerful king of Judah in the Old Testament. This biblical name has been on the rise in popularity in recent years, and with playful nicknames such as Zeke, or Kia, it’s hard not to see why. 79. Hiram. Meaning “exalted one” in Hebrew, this was once a popular biblical name in the late 1800s, but it gradually lost momentum. In the Old Testament, Hiram was the king of Tyre, and believe it or not, this was the birth name of singer Hank Williams. 80. Hosea. This Hebrew name meaning “salvation” belonged to a biblical prophet and author of the Book of Hosea. Adding strength and fight to this name is civil rights activist Hosea Williams.

More Biblical Boy Names That Start With H

Cute Boy Names That Start With H

There’s nothing cuter than your new baby boy, therefore, you need a name to match! Check out our list of cute and short baby names starting with H for your baby boy:

91. Habib. Let’s start with a cute name with an even cuter meaning. Of Arabic origin, Habib means “beloved” or “darling,” and is often an endearing term used for loved ones. 92. Hans. This German name used to be the short form of Johannes but is now used independently. If you’re a lover of fairy tale baby names, this is the king of them due to its namesake in the famous Danish writer of fairy tales, Hans Christian Anderson. Another bearer of this name was painter Hans Holbein, known for painting the portrait of King Henry VIII. 93. Happy. If you want a name that reflects the joy that your newborn brings into your life, Happy from the English word happy is a cute yet unusual choice. Perhaps it could be a great middle name option. 94. Harper. This used to be a surname given to a person who played or made harps, so, if you’re a musical family, it might be a cute choice. A famous bearer of this melodic name was author Harper Lee, the writer of To Kill a Mockingbird. 95. Harry. Whether you want to honor the boy wizard of the same name, the British royal prince, or President Harry S. Truman, this cute name has it all. It’s a cute diminutive of the popular name H boy’s name Henry and is one of the top boy’s names in the United Kingdom. 96. Hero. This short name has a big meaning! However, it still retains its cuteness for a strong little man. In Greek mythology, Hero was the name of a female, but it works well as a powerfully sweet gender-neutral name. 97. Hob. Hob is so sweet-sounding that it’s hard to resist. It’s the medieval short form of Robert meaning “bright fame,” and would make an adorable nickname for the more serious and classic R name for boys. 98. Hubert. Although Hubert has an old-fashioned feel, its meaning of “bright heart” gives it an adorable vibe for you big-hearted little guy. This was the name of an eighth-century bishop and patron saint of hunters. Hubert also offers the cute and fun nicknames Bert, Bertie, or Hugh. 99. Hugh. Pronounced HYOO, this name means “heart, mind, spirit” and was common in Medieval England. Theactors Hugh Jackman and Hugh Grant add a romantic leading man vibe to this name and of course, not forgetting the businessman, Hugh Hefner. 100. Hugo. This Latinized form of Hugh is enjoying popularity across Europe with its playful O ending. The French writer of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Misérables, Victor Hugo bore this as his surname. The luxury fashion company Hugo Boss adds style to this cute and energizing name.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With H

If you were won over by those cute male names that start with H, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:

International Boy Names That Start With H

Whether you’re a keen traveler, or you have ancestry from a different country, check out our list of the best international guy names that start with H.

111. Hà. Let’s start off in the beautiful country of Vietnam, with this short and sweet name. Meaning “river,” Hà could be an adorable option for a water sign baby (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) and if you have Vietnamese ancestry. 112. Hagen. Of German origin, Hagen means “enclosure.” It’s a name that’s found in the German myth The Nibelungenlied, giving this name a mythical feel. The name might also have you craving the ice cream with a similar name. 113. Haidar. This boy’s name starting with H is of Arabic origin. Its meanings of “lion,” and “warrior” make it a powerful boy’s name for your fierce little boy. 114. Håkon. Pronounced HO-kuwn, this popular Norwegian name means “high son.” In Norway it was commonly used among royalty, making it a unique regal choice for your baby boy. 115. Hamza. Of Arabic origin, Hamza means “strong.” It’s also a popular Turkish and Bosnian name choice for boys. In The Story of Hamza, it was the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s legendary uncle. A strong Arabic name choice. 116. Hemi. This Maori name is a form of the classic English and biblical name James. It has a cute vibe with its I ending and would make a unique alternative when honoring a family member named James. 117. Hernando. If you’re looking for a Spanish baby boy name to honor your Spanish ancestry or love for the country, Hernando is the medieval Spanish form of Fernando. The meanings of “adventurer” and “explorer” give this name a fun and worldly feel for lovers of globe-trotting. 118. Huangdi. Meaning “yellow” and “emperor,” Huangdi was the name of the Yellow Emperor in Chinese mythology. He was a deity regarded as the creator of Chinese culture. An inspirational namesake for those with Chinese ancestry. 119. Hunor. Originating in Hungary, this name is derived from the term Hun, used for the nomadic people from Central Asia who came to Europe in the fourth century. In Hungarian legend, Hunor and Magor were the ancestors of the Huns and the Magyars. 120. Hywel. We’ve been around the world and now we land in Wales with this Old Welsh name meaning “well-seen.” This name was borne by Welsh king Hywel the Good who was known for establishing laws. There’s something sweet and romantic about Welsh names, so why not give this one a try?

More International Boy Names That Start With H

If you enjoyed taking a trip around the world with those international names, we’ve got even more names and countries to inspire you:

Even More Boy Names That Start With H

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby boy names starting with H, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our boy names that start with I and our unique boy names. Now is a good time, whether you are early in your pregnancy or getting ready to pack your hospital bag, to download the Pampers Club app so you can get rewards and discounts for your diapers.

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