Top Baby Boy Names That Start With L

Picking the perfect name for your new arrival is an exciting time! If you’re drawn to boy names beginning with L, or perhaps L names run in your family, then we’ve got the perfect list for you. From the most popular, unique, and cool names that start with L, to some old-fashioned, biblical, or cute names to help inspire you, we’ve got all the L boy names for your needs.

Popular Boy Names That Start With L

If you’re a fan of the most common and popular boy names that start with L, check out our list of the most recent top male names in the United States: 1. Liam. This Irish name has been steadily climbing the popularity ladder since 1990 and made its way to the top spot in 2017, where it remained in 2020. This short form of William meaning “resolute protector” is also a popular boy’s name that starts with L across Europe. Some famous Liams include actor Liam Neeson, musician Liam Gallagher, and actor Liam Hemsworth. 2. Lucas. Next up is this popular Latin form of Luke meaning “from Lucania,” which is currently enjoying international success as an L boy’s name. Including artists such as German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach, movie director George Lucas, soccer player Lucas Hernandez, and actor Lucas Hedges; this name has a whole range of namesakes for you to enjoy. 3. Logan. From a Scottish surname meaning “little hollow,” Logan started to rise in popularity in the 1970s partly due to the sci-fi movie Logan’s Run. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character, also known as Logan, gives this name another boost and a modern vibe. More recently, the formidable patriarch of the TV show Succession was named Logan Roy. 4. Levi. Another popular L name for boys is this trendy and energetic biblical name Levi. Meaning “joined” in Hebrew, Levi is found in the Old and New Testaments, as well as having some cool-factor due to its association with Levi Strauss jeans. 5. Luke. Luke is another popular biblical name that can stand the test of time. He was a physician who traveled with Saint Paul and was believed to have written the third Gospel of the New Testament. For fans of the Star Wars movies, Luke Skywalker was the greatest Jedi in the galaxy. 6. Leo. For your fierce baby boy, this strong yet sweet name means “lion.” This name was not only borne by various popes and kings throughout history, but it’s also the name of novelist Leo Tolstoy, the writer of War and Peace and Anna Karenina, and for stargazers, Leo is a zodiac sign and a constellation. 7. Lincoln. If you’re looking for a presidential baby name, Lincoln brings to mind Abraham Lincoln. However, it was originally from an English surname and place meaning “town by a lake.” 8. Luca. This cute Italian boy name version of Luke means “from Luciana,” a region in southern Italy. It’s a charming and playful name with some added fun due to the recent animated children’s movie Luca. 9. Landon. Meaning “long hill,” this L name for boys is originally from an English place name. If you have nostalgic memories of Little House on the Prairie, Landon was the surname of actor Michael Landon. 10. Leonardo. Leonardo has some great namesakes for your little one to aspire to, including artist and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci, mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, and more recently, actor Leonardo DiCaprio. It also has the strong meaning of “brave lion,” so your baby boy’s roar is sure to make an impact in the world.


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Unique Boy Names That Start With L

Are you looking for a name that’s a bit more unusual than the common L boy names? Perhaps you want something inspired by literature or myth. If so, check out our list of the most uncommon and unique boy names that start with L:

11. Labhrann. If you have Scottish heritage, this unique boy’s name that starts with L is the Scottish Gaelic form of Laurence meaning “from Laurentum,” an ancient Italian city. It’s both unusual and old-fashioned, making it a perfect name that you won’t hear often. 12. Lachlan. Another unique name of Scottish origin is Lachlan, from the Irish name Lochlainn meaning “Viking,” or the Irish word used for Scandinavia meaning “land of lakes.” This interesting name is evocative of nature and is a popular L boys name in Australia and New Zealand. 13. Lake. If you love nature-inspired baby names for boys, this name from the English word lake is a unique and unusual choice for a water sign baby (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and lovers of water. 14. László. Pronounced LAS-lo, this Hungarian name is a strong choice as it was the name of the brave, Christian king of Hungary from the eleventh century. It’s also a version of the Slavic name Vladislav meaning “rule” and “glory.” 15. Laverne. For a springtime baby, Laverne has often been associated with Laverna, the Roman goddess of spring. This unique gender-neutral name originally comes from a French surname meaning “alder.” 16. Leary. This laidback angelized form of the Irish name Laoghaire means “calf herder,” making it an interesting option for families with a farming background or Irish heritage. The original version can be found in Irish legend as the name of an Ulster warrior and several Irish high kings. 17. Legolas. For fans of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, you’re sure to recognize this unusual and ethereal name from the accomplished elf archer and member of the Fellowship of the Ring. In the fictional Sindarin language, Legolas means “green leaves,” making it another unique nature-inspired name. 18. Leif. Pronounced LAYF, this short name comes from Old Norse meaning “descendant.” An inspiring namesake is eleventh-century Norse explorer Leif Eriksson. It’s certainly a fun and unique name for your little adventurer. 19. Linus. From the Greek meaning “flax,” Linus is a baby name from Greek mythology. He was a poet and music teacher of Hercules, making this name a great choice for a musical family. 20. Lorne. From a Scottish place name and legendary king of Dál Riata, Loarn mac Eirc, Lorne is another name that conjures up the rugged hills of Scotland. It’s certainly a unique and strong boy’s name starting with L, with a great namesake like actor and creator of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With L

If you were a fan of those unusual boy names that start with L, we’ve got even more unique baby names for you to enjoy:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With L

If the classic, old-fashioned boy names are your thing, or you want a name that honors a grandparent, we’ve got a lovely list of old-timey boy names starting with L:

31. Laird. Of Scottish origin, Laird means “landowner” and was a title given to owners of large estates. This strong and vintage name has some Scottish charm for your little man.

32. Lambert. This German name last ranked in the Top 1000 boy names in the United States in 1941, which definitely makes it vintage. Meaning “land” and “bright,” Lambert was the name of a martyred seventh-century bishop of Maastricht. A more modern namesake is singer Adam Lambert.

33. Lamont. Peaking in popularity in 1972, Lamont is from a Scottish surname which was derived from Old Norse meaning “law man.” It was also found in the 1970s sitcom Sanford and Sons.

34. Larry. In 1949, this diminutive of Laurence reached the top 10 list of baby boy names in the United States. It may remind you of an older family member, or the comedian and creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David. However, your little cutie will add some youth to this fun classic name.

35. Laurence. You’ve seen the playful diminutive Larry, now here’s the more formal and mature version. Meaning “from Laurentum,” Laurence, also spelled Lawrence, is a popular Christian name that has been used by many saints throughout history and was also borne by British actor Sir Laurence Olivier. This wholesome name also has the fun nicknames of Laurie or Lawrie.

36. Leonard. This old-fashioned boy’s name that starts with L peaked in popularity in the 1920s and was brought to England by the Normans. It has the fun and strong meaning of “brave lion” which is sure to delight your little guy. A famous bearer of this name is singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.

37. Lester. If you are from the city of Leicester in England, this would have been your name, once upon a time. The city name originally came from the name of a river combined with “camp.” It hasn’t been seen on the top boy’s name list since 1999, so perhaps you could help Lester have a comeback.

38. Lionel. Whether you’re a fan of the soccer player Lionel Messi, or the singer Lionel Richie, this old-fashioned name may be a great choice for you baby boy. It’s a French diminutive of Leon meaning “young lion” and even appears in Arthurian legend, giving it a romantic and medieval vibe.

39. Ludwig. Most recognizable as the name of German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, this name could be an interesting choice for a musical family. From German origins, Ludwig means “famous battle,” and was the name of several kings and Roman emperors, making it a strong and commanding choice.

40. Luther. This German name meaning “people’s army” has an array of determined and outstanding namesakes, such as civil rights hero Martin Luther King, Jr. and theologian and leader of the protestant revolution Martin Luther. And for something a bit lighter for music lovers, it’s the name of singer Luther Vandross. It’s an old-fashioned L boy’s name with a lot of strength and tenacity.

More Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With L

Cool Boy Names That Start With L

Are you looking for a modern and trendy name that fits your hip lifestyle? Perhaps you’re looking to honor your favorite musician, movie character, or sportsperson. Whatever the reason, we’ve got a list of some cool boy names that start with L for your little guy:

51. Lance. Meaning “land” in Germanic, a lance is also a type of medieval weapon, giving this a strong and fun feel for a little boy. If you want to honor your favorite boyband, Lance Bass was a member of ‘N Sync.

52. Lancelot. Although this name may feel a little outdated or unusual, Lancelot adds a dash of romance and knightly bravery with its namesake from Arthurian legend. It’s sure to charm everyone and you’ve also got the option of Lance as a short form.

53. Leander. This boy’s name that starts with L is both rare and cool due to its meaning of “lion man” and its connection to Greek mythology. In the tragic and romantic Greek legend, Leander swam across Hellespont every night to meet his beloved goddess Hero.

54. Lear. If you’re a lover of literature, especially Shakespeare, then you’ll recognize this short and strong name from the play King Lear. It’s also a form of the name Leir which belonged to an early British king or Llŷr who was a sea god in Welsh legend. You’ll have plenty of cool tales about this name to let your baby boy’s imagination run wild.

55. LeBron. It’s hard to get much cooler than naming your little man after your favorite sports star and this name would certainly give him some serious cool factor! This modern L boy’s name of unknown meaning is best known from its bearer basketball superstar LeBron James. Your baby boy will be flying high with this cool name!

56. Legend. From the English word for a traditional story about the past, or a hero and extremely famous person. Legend has recently had a massive boost in popularity in the United States, perhaps due to singer John Legend. It’s a big name to live up to and perhaps your baby boy can achieve that!

57. Lennon. Do you want to honor your musical hero? Singer and member of the Beatles John Lennon would make a legendary namesake for your little boy. This name is originally from an Irish surname meaning “lover,” but it’s now a cool and modern boy’s name that starts with L; “Imagine” where it could take your little guy!

58. Leonidas. With the cool meaning of “lion,” Leonidas has plenty of roar! One of Sparta's most famous warriors and kings bore this name. He sacrificed his life to defend his army during battle. This strong Greek name is on the rise in popularity and it’s not hard to see why!

59. Leopold. This regal and powerful boy name meaning “bold people” was popular among German royalty, as well as three kings of Belgium. James Joyce also used the name Leopold Bloom for the main character in his 1922 novel Ulysses.

60. Loki. From Norse mythology or more recently, the Marvel cinematic universe, Loki is the shape-shifting god of mischief. It’s definitely a playful name that might work well as a cool and cute middle name for boys for your mischievous little man.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With L

Biblical Boy Names That Start With L

Are you looking for a classic and traditional name from the bible? Or perhaps, you are looking for a name to honor your Hebrew background. Either way, we’ve found some great boy names that start with L in the bible:

71. Laban. First up is this sweet Hebrew name meaning “white.” It can be found in the Old Testament as the father of Rachel and Leah.

72. Lael. This short name has a trendy feel that could work well in the modern world. Meaning “belonging to God” in Hebrew, Lael was the father of Eliasaph in the Old Testament.

73. Lamech. Pronounced LAY-mik, this unusual name means “strong,” or “low” in Hebrew and is the name of two characters in the Old Testament. In Genesis, Lamech is both the descendant of Cain, as well as Noah’s father and a descendant of Seth.

74. Lazarus. With its trendy Z, Lazarus is ready to be raised from the dead. This Greek form of Eleazar meaning “God is my helper,” is found in the Bible as the brother of Mary and Martha, who Jesus restored to life.

75. Lebanah. Lebanah is a variant Laban, another of our L boy names found in the Bible. It means “white” in Hebrew and is sometimes a word used as a poetic name for the moon.

76. Lehi. This short and sweet name has quite a modern feel with some biblical background. Not only is it used in the Book of Mormon, but it also comes from a place name in the Old Testament meaning “jawbone.” This meaning came about when Samson used the jawbone of a donkey to defeat 1000 warriors, making Lehi a heroic name for your strong baby boy.

77. Lemuel. Meaning “devoted to God,” Lemuel not only sounds a bit like Samuel, but it also has the cute nickname Lem. In Proverbs, it’s used as the name of a king and is also a son of Lehi and Sariah in the Book of Mormon. And if you’re looking for a great bedtime story to read your baby boy, Lemuel is the name of the hero and narrator of Johnathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels.

78. Lot. This short and simple boy name beginning with L is found both in the Bible and in Arthurian legend. In Hebrew, it means “veil” and is found in the Old Testament. It may also be a short version of the Scottish place name Lothian.

79. Lucifer. Although this name may be associated with the rebellious angel who was cast out of heaven and into hell, it’s possible that your joyous baby boy can bring a lightness to this name that literally means “light-bearer.” This name is also used to refer to the morning star, Venus, making it an L boy’s name that is ready for reinvention!

80. Lucius. Here’s another bright name that means “light” for your shining star of a boy. It’s an Ancient Roman name that was not only used by many prominent Romans and in the Bible but was also used in several Shakespeare plays, by three popes, and even as a character in Harry Potter.

More Biblical Boy Names That Start With L

If you enjoyed those biblical baby names , we’ve got even more for you:

Cute Boy Names That Start With L

If you want a name that’s as sweet as your baby boy, look no further than these adorably short boy names that start with L and their super cute meanings:

91. Laci. Pronounced LAW-tsee, this sweet Hungarian moniker is a diminutive of Laszlo, which itself is the Hungarian form of Vladislav meaning “rule,” or “glory.” It can be used as a cute nickname or a given name in its own right.

92. Lacy. Both a feminine and masculine name, Lacy is derived from the name of a town in Normandy. It used to be more common as a boy’s name but became popular as a girl’s name in 1975, leaving the masculine Lacy far behind. However, with the rise of gender-neutral names, your little boy could pioneer Lacy.

93. Lal. Simply meaning “boy” in Hindi, Lal is as short and sweet as they come. It also has the fun meaning of “playful” in Sanskrit, making it apt for a lively baby boy.

94. Lan. In Chinese, this evocative name means “mountain mist,” which gives it a dreamy nature-inspired vibe. It has origins in Vietnam, with the meaning “orchid,” adding to the natural feeling of this beautiful little name.

95. Lari. This Finnish name adds a unique and modern twist to the old-fashioned name, Larry, with its playful I ending. It’s also a diminutive of the formal Laurence or the unusual Hilarius, meaning “laurel” and “cheerful.”

96. Leon. We have plenty of names in our lists with the cute cognate leo, and this name may be one of the sweetest and most contemporary options. Meaning “lion,” Leon is a popular L name for boys across Europe and is on the rise in the United States.

97. Lewis. Meaning “renowned warrior,” this medieval form of Louis has some wonderful namesakes from the world of literature, including Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and C.S. Lewis, the author of the Chronicles of Narnia. That’ll give you plenty of bedtime stories to read your budding storyteller!

98. Lex. This one-syllable name with its modern X ending is the short form of Alexander meaning “defender of men” in Greek. It even sounds trendy enough to make it into the list of cool boy names that start with L.

99. Lleu. Lleu is the Welsh form of Lugus meaning “brightness.” In Welsh mythology, Lleu Llaw Gyffes is a warrior and magician who becomes the king of Gwynedd. You could also consider the variant Llew, which is a short form of the Welsh name Llewelyn meaning “lion.” Either choice is an adorable moniker for your bright baby boy.

100. Louis. You can pronounce this French baby boy name LOO-ee or LOO-is, it’s up to you. It’s an adorable yet regal name that was borne by no less than eighteen kings of France, including Louis XIV who is the longest-reigning monarch in European history, reigning for 72 years! This name is certainly a steadfast name for you little king.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With L

If you were won over by those cute and short baby names that start with L, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:

Longest Boy Names That Start With L

There’s something intriguing and elegant about long names, plus, they provide you with an array of options for nicknames. If you’re looking for a unique and long baby name that starts with L, we’ve got some of the longest for you to enjoy:

111. Lalawethika. Let’s kick off these long L boy names with this Indigenous American name that means “he makes noise” in the Shawnee language. The Shawnee leader Tenskwatawa often used this name for himself. Hopefully, your baby boy will make the right kind of noise with this long and strong name.

112. Laurentinus. If you enjoy the name Laurence but it isn’t quite long enough for you, why not try Laurentinus? This cool Roman cognomen was used by the third century martyred saint of Carthage.

113. Lawrence. Lawrence has become a more popular variant of Laurence meaning “from Laurentum,” a city in ancient Italy. A couple of famous bearers include the author and poet D. H. Lawrence and renowned British Intelligence Officer T. E. Lawrence who inspired the movie Lawrence of Arabia.

114. Lemminkäinen. Here we have the longest boy’s name that starts with L that we could find! In Finnish mythology, he was a handsome hero of the Kalevala. It is told in one tale that he was restored to life by his mother, making this name a symbol of the special bond between mother and son.

115. Leukippos. From Ancient Greek, this name means “white horse” and can be found in Greek mythology, as well as being the name of a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher who was the first to develop a theory of atomism. This makes an unusual yet interesting name for your budding philosopher.

116. Lisandro. Are you looking for a long Spanish baby boy name ? Well, this version of Lysander meaning “liberator” has some Spanish charm and flair, whilst remaining a unique option for a baby boy.

117. Llewelyn. This Welsh name meaning “lion” is also a variant of the Llywelyn which possibly means “strong” and “leader.” There’s something romantic and evocative about Welsh names and with a cute diminutive like Llew, you’re on to a winner!

118. Lochlainn. Of Irish origin, this boy name starting with L means “land of the Vikings,” or “land of lakes,” which comes from the Old Irish name for Scandinavia. It conjures up images of crystal-clear lakes, giving it a pure nature vibe.

119. Loherangrin. This form of Lohengrin comes from Arthurian romance and is ultimately derived from the German name for the region of Lorraine in France. German poet Wolfram von Eschenbach used this name in his thirteenth-century poem Parzival.

120. Longinus. It may not be the longest L boy’s name on the list, but it does have the Latin meaning of “long,” which certainly scores it some points. It’s a Roman cognomen that was borne by a Roman soldier-turned-saint, who pierced Jesus’ side and afterward converted to Christianity.

Even More Boy Names That Start With L

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby boy names starting with L, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our boy names that start with M , or our top twin baby names if you’re expecting double the fun.

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